Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eh..blogspot also got adsense???

Can't you see google adsense on the pic? I don't know when it starts but after published my previous post few minutes just now, i saw this ads. As far as i concern blogger is a collaboration with google. Not sure why blogger developers put this adsense here. Do you think they also want to earn some money? Napa....baru jah letak iklan...why not 2 or 3 years ago? or masa blogger launch..konpius

Walk walk in penang - LOL!-

Suda pakai baju mau pi kerja nie..tiba2 member SMS..uii....mari kita pi jalan2. Sia pun apa lagi..buka trus baju uniform pi tukar nie t-shirt...sluar nda payah tukar...LOL!

Gara-gara malas mau pi kerja yang ari satu...sia pi cakap MC konon..skali tinguk jalan2 pula meronda..@ walk-walk. My english friend in Moto addicated with this work "walk-walk". Kalau dia tanya what is your plan this week end atau kalau dia tanya where would you like to go tommrow...senang jah kami jawab. We replied.."walk-walk" @ jalan-jalan. Now he knows what we mean if we say to for walk-walk. LOL!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson king of pop dead at age 50


When i was going to work just now, my friend switch the TV and went to BBC channel. So when i was busy doing my breakfast, i've heard a reporter from L.A says Micheal Jackson dies. And i said to my friend ..."what???? Michael Jackson dies????" and he replied "Yes...schocked news". About five minutes later, BBC confirmed his death. Well, i sat on the sofa and watch the news and here are few intresting facts i found about him.

1. He died because of heart attack
2. He does not have enough cash for his concert tour (i never knew this..i thought he has billions dollar of cash money)
3. He has skin cancer
4. He has nails cancer
5. He dead few days before his concert tour starts.

Mmmm..intresting isn't? Hehehe...Well, millions of his fans crying for him. If you watch BBC new now..you can see the world keep talking about him.

p.s siapa sangka orang yang disangka banyak duit sebenarnya tak lah banyak sangat. LOL!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Flexible display is a new intresting technology

Flexible technology...allow your TV screen as thin as a paper and you can bend it just like a paper..very flexible !!!

Wow..its been few days i could not update my blog. Well, the unlimited "bizzziiii" -"ness". I just finished all what i suppose to do. Huh...very tiring actually. Well, not physically but mentally. I sat infront my my laptop and solving the tool's problems and upper management requested some changes and then additional features for this tool. Huh...what the HE77? I hope i have sometimes have my rest this week.

So yesterday i was busy dealing with the application, i got an email from someone requesting an urgent software engineer to prove his studies/ research. Well, actually he tried to propose a new technology to Motorola Penang about flexible display technology. Wow...sounds intresting. Well, it is! But i do not have enough time to make my research about this technology.

However, i do understand his intention, he wanted to add additional screen on walkie talkie. But since the walkie talkie is quite small (not really!!!), there is no enough space to put additional screen. So by applying flexible display technology, you can put the screen anyway you want on the device.Just imagine the pic above, the screen become like a paper and you can stick it anyway you like. The concept is what this guy trying to do.

However, leak of expertise is another problem. That is why he sent an email to all software engineers, so he hopes someone will come for help (help??? no way!!!! bayar ler!!!)

This technology coukld be applied on your mobile phone especially iPhone. So just imagine, your iPhone and laptop.....will became lighter.

p/s...well, its not really very new technology but still considered as new because currently this technology is still under testing version. But it has been implement on TV in the US.

Flexible display is a new intresting technology

Wow..its been few days i could not update my blog. Well, the unlimited "bizzziiii" -"ness". I just finished all what i suppose to do. Huh...very tiring actually. Well, not physically but mentally. I sat infront my my laptop and solving the tool's problems and upper management request some changes and they

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Produa Kancil or Perodua Nippa? one of the worst cars!!

This is the design of Perodua Nippa sells in the UK

Well, ladies and gentlemen ..... hehehehe...sadly i would like inform to all my malaysians friends that our car called Produa kancil or in UK (seriously i never knew this car is sold in the UK, but it is..this car is available in the UK)...is one of the worst cars in the world. Accourding to the resource seven cars deserved to be scrapped is one of them Perodua Nippa which is well known Perodua kancil in Malaysia. BTW here is the website for this car in the UK. On the other hand, however they give a nice compliment this car is very cheap which is only about 2000 pound sterling to 4500 pound sterling. Probably the cheapest car in the world!!!

P/S: Schoked: because i never knew this small car is available in the UK

What is Donned? or What Donned means?

Seroiusly, yesterday i got an email from someone and unknown. I guess he/she is HACKER!! Well, not sure but i just a bit wonder how he/she can access Motorola network and broke the firewall and he sent about three spam mails yesterday. As far as i concern there is no other way for someone to send you a junk email if your network is a private access. The only way is to access the private network illegally, means, you have to break the password to access it. After you break the password you need to get authorization which means you have to find any "dead" machine in Motorola and simply (its not simple!!!) take the "dead" machine's MAC address. After that, you need to apply the MAC address into your machine. Not that only, you have to remember every about 30 mins or a hour (depends on the company's network security) , there will be an automatic program to re-autenticate to make sure all the accessers have permission to access the network. Well, some of you might don't understand this but WHATEVER....lets go back to the title of this post. Donned means....................

Wakakaka!!! how funny and idiot the sender...all Motorolans got this email.
They keep talking about this yesterday....

BTW i am currently addicated with Nikki's AI1 song titled Belasmu...its really a wonderful song and Nikki's vocal very very much like an international singer.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Three Surprised results this year?

You agree or not..its really up to you. But here are my three suprised results this year. Well, this is juts my opinion and i really not sure in your point of view wether you suprise it or not.

First of all, I am suprised why Esther did not win OIAM 3 this year. Because if we look back she has quite a lot of fans especially in sabah and sarawak. Well, in east Malaysia also quite number of fans actually. Well, Paul moss and Syafinaz said they thought Esther deserves the title OIAM 3. Unfortunately..she wasn't!!

Second, after OIAM 3 landed.....AI8 grand finale was coming. Most people around the world especially in Asia, thought Adam Lambert wll win the title AI8. Unfortunetly he did not. Why? well, i not sure..maybe because of his sexual orientation and i've head from CNN said the votes have been planned!!!! For God shake!!!

After AI8 landed...next grand finale was BGT. Brition Got Talents. I am one of the fans this show. Susan boyle created a fenomena when she blew all the judges with her beautiful voice. Susan Boyle was on TV and all over the world knew her. The world assume she might be the winner this year. However, she ended up as 2nd runner up.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Sipadan Island current Ranking is 4th place


Wow...i did realise yesterday that Sipadan Island is currently in the 4th place. If i not mistaken last ranking it was in 13th place. So i browsed the site yesterday i was a bit schoked + happy when i saw the ranking gone up 4th place. For those who hasn't vote yet...PLEASE (BEGGING...) DO VOTE FOR THIS ISLAND to be new 7 wonders in island category.

Intresting facts that you might want to know
1. Sarimah and her laki dah cerai? LOL!!! u know...mat salleh beb!!!
2. Adam Lambert confessed himself as a gay and admit he loves criss allen.
3.  Miss california fired by American Boss - Donald Trump - 

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bleeding Love male version

Bleeding love male version sang by Jesse McCartney, the writer of this song. Originally sang by Leona Lewis. I never knew this is the face of the writer of this song.

My comments;
1. I think this version is better from the original one. But for clubbing purpose, of course Leona's version is better.
2. This version is good especially for a laid back person. But it doesn't show the strength of this song and it doesn't show the strength of the singer. But i still like it though.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mozzila Firefox 3.5 is the fastest internet browser ever!!!!

Well, the only one thing I can say is YES ITS REALLY FAST. In fact, the fastest internet browser so far. I have 3 laptops and i use IE6, IE7, IE8, Mozzila firefox 2.0, mozzila firefox 3.0, mozzila firefox 3.5, I'm using google chormo as well, and so far this is the fastest internet browser ever!!!!! So i would strongly reommend to all blogger to use it. You won't regeret it!!!! You will amazed with the speed!!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

When Tuhau, Bosou and Bambangan landed in Penang

A chicken. Bought it from tesco..hehehe

Nah...this is what i call three in one. Bosou + bambangan + tuhau. Ndah kamu jeles kah?

Wah..my dinner was very very tasty tonight. As i said before my family brought some traditional foods from sabah for me. Mungkin lain sikit sebab sia lupa pi beli nasi sana hawker centre. But nevermind...buli juga sia makan tuh tuhau. Uishhh...sedap bah gaman makan. Tambah2 lagi apartment sia nie tepi pantai...ada angin2 nie..nah....mcm makan bosou sama tuhau di tepi sawah padi bah. Heheheh...siok bah...gembira sia bila dapat makan nie makanan. Sia makan sikit2 takut sia abis. Bulan nie diorang mau datang lagi di sini, so buli lah sia minta bawa diorang ujung bulan. Heheheh

Friday, 5 June 2009

Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Runtuh

It shows..malaysia made is "for today but not for tommrow"

Well, today i would like to blog about "Made in Malaysia". No doubt Malaysia is one of the countries in the world who has establised and well known by many countries. Back to 20 years ago, just few countries knew Malaysia. If you ask do they know Malaysia? They probably answer what was that? or something like never heard that name before. But now we have KL tower (one of the highest towers in the world), we have twin towers ( which is one of the highest twin towers in the world) , We have F1 Sepang which is one of the best rallys in the world, we have KLIA which is one of the most expensive and modern airports in the world, we have Midvelly shopping centre which is the biggest shopping complex in South East Asia, we have Kinabalu mountain which is one of the higest mountains in the world, we have Penang Bridge which is one of the longest bridges in the world. But, lets think back??? who was the architecs and engineers were involved in developing all those things? They were from West!!!! Right??? 

And how are the architecs and engineers involved in constructing Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal? Huh? From malaysia rite???? So???? what can be proud something made by Malaysian? NOTHING!!!!! Thats what my english friends said to me today; "Thats typical Malaysian. They do something for today not for tommrow!!!" Wow...exectly!!!!! correct and i agreed with them. Maybe its not over if i say "Made in Malaysia = Made in China ". From what i've heard. Its actually because the contractor took some of the money and minimized the resources so they can save a lot of money. Means, if the goverment give them RM10 millions, they took 3 millions into their pocket and another RM7 millions for the development. Well, of course they can do...but maybe the materials have been used to develop it what we called "second or maybe third class already". Think abbout it. One of the proves show "made in malaysia" is still doubtable!

Becareful with One borneo shopping complex!!! because my firend's brother was one of the architects involved in developing the place. And he said one borneo shopping complex doesn't stay longer. They used very cheap materials to construct the place. Wow...scary huh???

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Current Mode is Hinava

Yummm...yum.....i don't know but suddenly i feel wanted to eat hinava. Oh shit!!! i really forgot to ask my family to bring some from sabah last week. I asked them to bring some Jinaruk, Bosou, Salted fish, chili and Tuhau. And they did! which is very good for me. Awwwww...i tell you when i was at the hotel, i ate like i never eat anything for almost a week. It was very very tasty. But one thing i forgot was Hinava. Now i am not busy as i complated another tool today after a few days strugling on it. Hehehe. Lepas siap tool, i checked my email and got emails and one of them was from my friend which is in Germany. And he asked me what is the popular food in Sabah. And i wrote back he must try Tuhau and also Hinava. WHAT????? HINAVA???? exectly! now i realise that i missed it when i was in KL because i did not ask my family to bring some for me. Huhuhu..."crying now"!!! I have Tuhau but don't have Hinava. But never mind because my sister and her family will be comming in Penang this month so i could ask them to take some for me. Huhuhu!!!!! Well, even though i've been almost 6 years here in peninsular malaysia, but i never forgot my root and my originality. As long as i eat Tuhau, Hinava, Jeruk bambangan and Bosou, it shows i am produly still a KADUS.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Software Engineering Graduation Day

its me and with my classmates...proudly...

More with my classmaes. The most right and the scap with blue colour is couple

From left, nana (ratu gelak), dja (excellent programmer), ana (the humble girl), nor (excellent in designing) and ujie (ratu diet)

Ops...they all kalau depan camera..memang..posing mcm model..

the very hot couple in my class...huhuhuhu

I told them to get ready

My very best friend hafiz beside me

And who this girl? its shiela..first class degree beb!!!! now doing her master. She got upset when she knew i refused my master degree...sorry girl because i did not keep my promise.

My Degree Graduation day

Oh...its been 2 weeks i did not update my blog. First of all, the first week i was so busy. Well, when my manager knew i will be out of office on the 28th and 29th of May, he asks me many things to do. So i have no choice, what i've done i have to finished all the tasks assigned to me. So, since i was very tired i really don't have time to update my blog bah. I got back from work i just had my shower and dinner and went to bed and sleep. Huh.....and the worst thing was he gave me last minute project. OMG!!!! but i explained to him i could not finish it until june because i have to be in KL for my graduation day. Lucky my manager is understanable person. Otherwise....memang begaduh lah!!!

My nieces and nephew having bath in the swimming pool

Me with my younger nieces at KLCC park

Yeah..it brother and sister. Do we look similar?

Me again..huhuhu...

Yeah...so many isn't? So glad they came far from sabah just for my graduation day...

Well, my mom and dad. Thanks God for the healthy given to them.

Anyway, my family came to KL last week for 4 days 3 nights. So memang just like almost 10 years never meet, sedangkan baru tahun lepas berjumpa. Huhuhu....And the good thing is they brought me ikan masin, bosou, tuhau, lada gorang campur bawang and junaruk bambangan. What the heck??? very very tasty. Huh.....I ate berpingan-pingan. Mmmm..we stayed in KL and it was three rooms hotel. I mean its like an apartment with 3 bedrooms. But i thought still a bit cram....if u know what i mean. Because we were 12 all togather. I think I have to find the the 4 bedrooms. Mmmmm.....some of them have to sleep on the sofa. What a pity but they don't care especially my nieces and nephews. They are ROCK!!!!! Love them.

It was a long and tiring days for me. I got back to Penang about 6 am and i had my dinner and went to bed. Monday morning, i thought i should take some more rest. I had jet leg. Huh....Even now, i am writing this post, i still a bit tired since last week. Wish i have one week leave.

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