Thursday, 11 March 2010

I made a dish from Sabah

yummmyyyy...isn't delicious?


Hiya, how is everyone? I am doing well here and feeling better. Hehehe, i am waiting the American Idol to be on air in 30 minutes time. Now i am updating my blog on this table in the office and proudly i can tell you all that I made a dish from Sabah. Even though the taste wasn't exactly the same because some of the ingredients are not available here but at least it made me feel better as I miss this dish so much. I wish I could get some bambangan, bosou and tuhau in the UK.

Huhuhu..anyway, tmrw I've got a test and so far I have read what I suppose to read and I do hope I can do my best again. Amen!!! huh...I was looking for some pictures were taken when I was in Sabah and I miss my parents, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, and other relatives. I miss my family so much. I miss my friends as well and I do miss the sun so much. I hate cold and I hate winter. I like England but when its weather is hot or at least 15 degrees. Huh....

Anyway..I am here now and life has to go..I must get what I want. I do not want to dissapoint anyone.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Shall I say welcome "Spring"

Well, well, well, isn't easy. I am a bit confused to myself between here or there. Both are nice and very very still very very confused!!!!! I just feel so speechless, sad, miserable and sometimes i wish i could cut myself to two parts and give each of them. Huh...yesterday i was walking on the garden and i saw flowers and they were si beautiful. As beautiful as their hearts!!!! I could not resist myself and switched on my camera and took some pictures of them. I still not sure whether what i'm going to do is the right decision or not. I could not afford to break their hearts beause i knew how it feels being a broken heart. Arghhhhhhhhh............

Anyway...looks like Spring is comming soon (am still waiting though) and hopefully spring brings me a bit happiness. Hopefully summer will bring a big change to me. I'm getting exausted with life and i do hope i will keep standing on my foot and keep walking until i found the light that i'm looking for.

P/s: I Love 'em i greedy???

Monday, 8 March 2010

Keputusan akhir Raja Lawak 4

Pemenang : Kecik
Tempat Kedua : Idlan
Ketiga : Alex

I just can watch from youtube and i didn't watch all the episodes. lol!!!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

This is what i call something to be proud with!!!!!

Oh...this afternoon i wrote a quick post about my test and before i left the class i managed to access
my university email and checked my fourth test mark.


Rasa happy sangat...yalah...semua students are very clever dalam kelas tuh. Kalau pelajar-pelajar mat salleh lagi...semualah terror terror...tidak kurang pelajar-pelajar dari india. I am the only student from Malaysia dan markah tertinggi lagi so proud of myself....this week end mau pi shopping dulu..beli barang barang dapur....

OK lah, tonight is American Idol and am going to watch it!!!!!!!!

Just a quick post

I am currently waiting the next class and sttting on this wooden chair. After i finished checking my facebook, replied a few emails, now i've got this very little time to update my tiring and cold. Well, so far i've got 3 tests and i failed 2 of them and it was very very fustrating. We have 8 tests in total and 6 will be counted 60% for this subject. I have failed two of them and i could not afford to fail for the next test anymore. This means i must pass all the 5 tests otherwise i will be crying :((

Anyway..finished the 4th test this morning and it suppose to be okey for me and i do hope God will help me and He saw my strive and effort in that test. Amen.....

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring is getting very very close..but....

I don't know...but i've seen flowers are everywhere today and some of them are blooming with some snow drops. It feels wiired when the weather is getting better but your feeling is still one step at the back. Isn't wired? yeah...i thought so!!! But i think i know the answer. When someone is missing you and you missing someone as well, you feel so wanted and you really appreaciate yourself as who you are. Life isn't easy and it's really though, that's why some poeple commited suicide just because they could not cope with it. Life is something that you never know what would happen one step ahead. For me, it's like the stock market or when you are playing forex. You never know what next but you could plan for it. But again, you never know what you've planned would happen or not. Because life is chaotic.....

Sometimes.....we don't really know how much we love someone until he/she left you. Yeah...really...maybe you thought he/she is just a small part of your life until when the person gone, then you realised that you have lost something very valuable in your life.

Sometimes, it's too late to regrate and you feel so down for the rest of your life. It makes you miserable and feel really down. I had the experience and i know someone who's having this at the moment. Shall i say sorry? I don't life is here now and if possible i would not want to think about it. It doesn't mean i'm cruel...but i want to be my own space and hope that one day i wish i have the second chance to be in love again.

After a long conversation on phone this evening, i felt so sad when everything was revealed. I never thought it would be that matter and never expected this is the end. It was very sad and it was really unbelieveable. I am weak, i am terrified, i feel so damn shit!!!! Sometimes when life stops being polite, you have to be rough to fight it.

P/S: Where shall I go? how should i hide? what shall i do?

Budget...budget...just noodles

Just noodles ya!!! You know student's life. I have to be poor again (excuse me?? i mean poorer). I was wondering since when i became a rich men. LOL!!! Mind you..even though it was just noodles but it was really really delicious. I mixed it up with some vegetables and chicken. I felt so satisfied with the taste so full. Nevermind and i don't mind eating noodles as long as i like it. It wasn't my first time but i've been eating noodles since when i was 7 years old.

Different story..i am floowing American Idol and so far i never missed it since it was aired early last month. My life is getting busier and i feel more and more depress, but thanks God that i am still standing on my foot. I hope i will keep standing until i finish my Master degree. It's only 1.5 years = 18 months and I have gone through 2 months of it.

OK..ok...stop moaning!!!! It's time for me to get back to my reading as i have test this comming friday so to all my firneds please wish me luck.

Bubye and see you again in my next post....

P/S: Everyday is a hard day for me but i wish i still be able to stand until the day that i am waiting for is there....

Shall I say good bye to the winter?

Ceh!!! Look at me...i posed infont the camera just exactlly like a grumpy men. He..he..he..he. The picture was taken about 3 weeks ago before i went to the class. I thought the snow has gone that time and when i got up that morning i saw white everywhere and i felt so fed up again. I don't like the snow anyway!!!! I like warm weather with high humudity. It reminds me the weather at Kinabalu Mountain. Huh....I miss my hometown so much. I miss Sabah, Penang and of course Malaysia. I can't wait to go back there and enjoy the sunshine. At the same time i am really looking forward this comming summer. Anyway, it's march and Spring is comming actually. In fact, i saw flowers are blooming this morning and the England is becomming colourful.

Anyway...i arrived at the campus then i was going back to home and here is the picture was taken when i was on the university bus. It was snowing again since 8 am until about 2 pm. Wow...laster of that night i saw thick snow all over the place.

P/S: Huh...hope no more snow until the next winter....:))

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