Friday, 27 August 2010

Today is a wonderful life

This picture was taken on gaya street when i was there looking the market

I found some peace last night......yeah....that's how my life today. I have just got up and the sun is shinning exactly how i feel today. is so colourful today. Mmm...loving it. Yesterday i went to shopping and i bought a few things. Since i realised that i am moving out from where i used to stay in England i need few things for this comming winter.

Mmmm....I need to buy something else for the car that i drive, need fetch my nephew at Giant, also need to pick up my nieces and nephew in Ranau before heading up to Kota Marudu for the Good bye party.

The next day am planning go to the beach. Yes..i love beaches!!!!!! Then the night will be the party time. Would love it. Today gonna be busy day for me...but before that i am updating my blog before off to "work".

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Take a break...BBQ time

Mmmm...lovely when you put some lemon on it...well..even better..and don't forget the chilies

Yeah...i always having a BBQ party or even just to do BBQ. After along and tiring week, last monday we had this BBQ and of course fish and some vegetables. Lovely eating them with plain rice and also rambutans. Put some lemon gravy on it with chilies. Wow...really really lovely.

Nabawan's Small tamu (Market)

Lovely chickens

If i not mistaken they sold 1 kg = RM12
in KK they sold 1 kg = RM28. This means we bought it very cheap

It looks like a buffalo

Let's continue my journey to a small town called Nabawan. Nabawan is another division of sabah which is located at south Sabah. This considered as a rural division in Sabah but the good thing is the road going through the area is very good. From Keningau town to Nabawan it takes another 1 hour 30 minutes. We got up at 5 am in the morning and departed down to Nabawan at 5.30 am. We arrived at there about 7 o'clock. SO many unusual things were in the market.

Our one and half hours journey to Nabawan really worth because dad and mom bought fresh meat of deer (i forgot the name in it vanisent? memory is bad at the moment). See the pictures above and enjoy 'em. Mmmm....lovely meat yeah? even the chickens, they look interesting.

I was hoping to see a big python and some other animals but it was pity because they were not there. Never mind, next time!!!
Just arrived and waiting my niece

I am drunk can tell from my eyes..

This steamed Talapia was lovely. Loved it so mcuh

I'm back..i'm back...sorry for my long delayed. Mmmm...I was f*ing busy with many sort of things. But now am back as normal but only today. That's why i have time to update my blog. OK..OK...let's continue my journey to Keningau....that day i drove my sister's van and it was tiring. Ah.....anyway....we dropped by at a chinese restaurant and had lovely dishes. An hour later a friend of my niece came to our table and ordered 6 bottles of Tiger Beer. Oh man!!!!! It was really mad!!!!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mom and Dad


After 4 hours non stop drive and at last my niece managed to find us, we went to a restaurant and guess what??? of course time to have something. BEFORE I DISPLAY WHAT WE HAD. Let's have a look what's my mom and dad had to eat. Hehehehe..of course the very very good one...Noodles soup..mmmmm....delicious soup!!!!! Here is a picture of mom and dad can't wait to eat. Dad is pouring the black ketchup into his fish noodles soup and mom is waiting her turn. Mmm..missing keningau again.

p/s: Hell... I wasn't drunk but almost drunk when i was here..thanks God i managed to drive the car back.

Interesting picture for Merdeka month

I really like this picture

Mmmmm..i am updating my blog using one of the pictures were taken when i was in Keningau town.We we waiting my niece who was going to fetch us at one of the parking spaces. I didn't know the town very well so that is why we just parked the van that i drove next to the yellow building. Well, we never been there and we didn't know about the place but my niece who works with the Inland Revenue in keningau managed to find where we were.

This month is Merdeka Month and we are all busy putting on Malaysia flags or even our states flag. I did mine Malaysia flag and Sabah flag on the car that i drive. But when i was waiting my niece i found that view on the car's Ariel. Then i noticed there was a housefly on top of it. I quickly took my camera and took the picture of the fly. And there you go.....What do you think?

p/s: Going back to England soon..mmmmm

Saturday, 21 August 2010

I've missed something

It was me after my 18KMs hiking in East coast Wales

I missed something. You want to know what? I might have to give a miss to some of my plans such as going to Manukan island, to waterfall, sandakan, tawau and some other places. Why? because the fucking weather has changed recently in Sabah. It has been raining for the last 2 days and tomorrow is another rainy day here in Sabah. Tomorrow is sunday and my plan is going to water world near kota kinabalu. I hope the weather will be fine. I'm going back to England in 1 and half weeks time. I am tired at the moment because too much enjoying myself. Next week i am going to north Sabah and there will be another party at there. Of course and i do hope it's gonna be the greatest party this year before leaving Malaysia on the 2nd of Sept. My belly is getting bigger and now i hate my belly. I thought i will lose some weight in Sabah. But i didn't but gain another kilo. This is terrible. I think i didn't have enough abdomen exercise...ha..ha..haa

P/s: I'm not a superman but I will never be let down again. You did it once but will never be twice.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Happy faces of my family after climbing Kinabalu

Happy faces
My brother in low
I am so tired. I had only 3 hours rest last night and got up at 7 am this morning. tired. Before am off for a while here are our happy faces after the climbing. Every body was happy and we celebrated it with those pictures...hahahahahaha...

At the moment, we are still planning for Manukan Island trip. This is a fantastic island but it seems like i don't have time to do this trip. Mmmm..i must do it. I love i was born on the island as well. hehehehehe....bye for now and am off to bed.

Soon, i will update my journey to Papar, Keningau, Nabawan and Beaufort...

Happy faces of my family after climbing Kinabalu

I am so tired. I had only 3 hours rest last night and got up at 7 am this morning. tired. Before am off for a while here are our happy faces after the climbing. Every body was happy and we celebrated it with those pictures...hahahahahaha...

At the moment, we are still planning for Manukan Island trip. This is a fantastic island but it seems like i don't have time to do this trip. Mmmm..i must do it. I love i was born on the island as well. hehehehehe....bye for now and am off to bed.

Soon, i will update my journey to Papar, Keningau, Nabawan and Beaufort...

The beauty of Kinabalu view from Perkasa hotel in Kundasang

This is a view of Kinabalu Mountain from the hotel where we stayed before we climbed it. It was a fantastic hotel with this view. It seems like getting up in the morning and welcomed with a fantastic view of Kinabalu mountain.

p/s: It has been a few times pounds try to go up from the market but it always fail. Mmmm....

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort and Spa

Going to check in
Picking up a song
Enjoy first

I did it accurately


Billiard time

Where we had our dinner

My little nephew

Hiyasssss, I am updating my blog from my bed and it was a long and tiring week for me when every single day was an enjoyment and tiring. Loved my week but of course it was a tiring week but i didn't care because that is one of the reasons i come back to Sabah. Previously the name is perkasa hotel but they changed it now to Mount Kinabalu heritage resort and Spa. Not the best hotel I ever stayed but for the price we paid RM380 (suit room and inc. breakfast and dinner for two) it was reasonably good. Well, we stayed at this hotel because the next morning we were going to climb the mountain. Some of them did it before and dome never. So it was an exciting experience for those who never did it before. We had dinner at the hotel and some of them went out to kundasang and bought even nice meal for a cheaper price. After dinner we took a break for 30 minutes and we had party at the hotel's club.

We were the first group came to the pub and we did so much things such as darting, billiard-ing (lolz), karaoke-ing, dancing and drinking (non alcohol...we preferred canes of cokes instead of beer). REMEMBER THE NEXT MORNING WE NEED TO CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN. Enjoy some of the pictures were taken that time..

Monday, 16 August 2010

Kinabalu Trip Part four - 6th shelter


It was tiring but it was fun..this is my team

The last two were struggling to reach it on time
but they managed
my little niece

I believe i can fly

This is the last post for my kinabalu trip. As i said before i went to Kinabalu mountain again and it was my second time this year. My team managed to reach the 6th shelter on time even though 3 of them were struggling to reach it on time. But so proud of them. Ranging ages were from 10 to 14 years old and we managed to overtook all the group. YES!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I CALL SATISFACTION.

p/s: Planning to go to waterfall in Keningau...mmm..but...shall i go to manukan island first???

Kinabalu Trip Part four - Climbing the mountain 2

My team

Yeah...reaching KM by KM

Early journey

He is taking a deep breath

We are enjoying

Happy faces..(not so happy lol!)

Hello everybody..I am back again with my laptop. I really missed my laptop. I was in Hotel perkasa in Ranau for a day and a night and another day in Ranau stayed with my sister. I went to mount kinabalu again for my third climbing. It was really nice except for the very wet weather. It was raining and a challenge for my team. But I managed to reach the sixth shelter and the other members of the team managed to reach 5th shelter. Congratulations to the team. We didn't go to the top again because all rooms were fully booked until sept. I can't do it in Sept as my flight going back to London is on the 2nd of sept. Mmm...never mind because i am planning to do it again next year.

Here are some pictures when we were on the way going to the sixth shelter. was really fun and we had a great time together with my nieces and nephews. It was tiring but what can you say? we really enjoyed it. If you are Malaysian and never climbed this mountain yet please do it because i will say it's worth and the view was fantastic from the top. All i can say is if you are fit enough for it..then go for it. But if you are not fit enough please do not do because there were many tourists died there.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kinabalu Trip Part four - Climbing the mountain 1

Chocolate bebs!!

they want to go again

they were strong..

All the climbers and yes..included my little nephew 1.5 years old

Washing my palm after our morning exercise

That's my sister's car (well known as mini bus in sabah) which i drove

Oh...2 weeks to go and there are so many activities/plans that still on in my schedule. I know i can't do them all but will try to make it as many as i can. It's so hot here and updating my blog at 11.22 am. In england 11.22 it not very hot but Sabah at the moment reaches 38 degrees Celsius. Wow...i should be moan about this and should be thankful because England will be frozen again in November. OK..ok...back to my post about the starting point from my sister's house to Timpohon shelter. Timpohon shelter is where the starting point to climb the mountain. This means, Timhopon shelter is the gate where our climbing begun.

So we drove down to Kundasang and heading to Sabah park. We started the climb at 10 am and i did buy a few bars of chocolate and canes of 100 plus. I didn't know why i was still hungry that last i did buy noodles at the gate. It was bloody expensive but because i was hungry..i just bought it and ate it all in just a few seconds. Ha..ha..ha..ha..
Enjoy some of the pictures......

p/s: sometimes i wonder how much i need to eat before my body will be fully energized.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Kinabalu Trip Part three - Random pictures

And that's me..

My 14 years old climber

my 13 years old climber

Proud of 10 years old climber
Anggur beracun plak yang dia pi makan

It's me again updating my blog in part three kinabalu trip. Ha..ha..ha..ha..Hundreds of pictures were taken during the trip and here are only about a small percentage of the total pictures. We dropped by at Sinurambi restaurant just to have a break. At there we had some funny pictures but my niece and nephews would not allow me to publish their funny pictures on my blog. LOLZZZ!!!! Anyway...the restaurant has a fantastic view of the mountain and from there the mountain looked fucking beautiful. The only problem that time was you can't really see the summit because the cloud was really thick..

Kinabalu trip part two - Pekan Nabalu

Tall, short, shorter lolzzzz

Gaya jah lebih

The little town is so nice :)

Uncle in the middle with my nephews


I am updating my blog from Secret Recipe at 1Borneo at the moment and on my own. I went to Sabah park today for my next climb to Kinabalu mountain. I lost my may in KK but at last I managed to find my way. Mmmm....I had my chicken rice CP at for that price it was bloody good. Now updating my blog part two at Pekan Nabalu. Well...well...well...before we off to Ranau town we dropped by at Pekan Nabalu just to some pictures. And here they are.....

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