Sunday, 30 May 2010

To all Kadus around the world

Don't drink too much!! LOL!


I almost forgotten enjoying myself too much..LOL!

Friday, 28 May 2010

What do you think of this?

i am dillemma....two loves in my heart..which one shall i choose? am too worried to hurt one of me plssss....i never thought two loves coamme together at the same am speechless when one of them says i love you..with a great doubt i replied i love you too..when the other one says would u be with me lips trembled and says ..yes i would...i need a hand xxxxxxx


P/S: Isn't nice? yes it is...:)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

American Idol 8 final performances

Here i am updating their performances

1st round...
Lee : 8.9/10
Crystal : 9/10
Lee missed 0.1 point to chase crystal..

2nd round...

Lee: 9/10
Crystal: 9.5/10
Crystal nailed the song..what can i say?
3rd round
Lee: 8.5/10
Crystal: 9.5/10
Crystal blew lee away from the competation..
Based on tonight's performance the winner is Crystal...but the result says.....the winner is

American Idol 8 final

Who will be the next american idol??

American idol is on the air and i am watching it. After my 4 days tiring days (but i enjoyed it) i deserve to enjoy tonight's! I don't care and mins who will be the next american idol but maybe crystal deserves more. This is based on their previous performances. But of course for tonight's winner should be based on tonight's performances. Lee or crystal? we will see who will be the next american idol. Hopefully my prediction is correct!!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Shopping time???

This is nice..

Mmmm..i got a confirmtion email from the cheif programmer yesterday..and i have a meeting on tuesday 1st of june. ready for it even though i'm not. LOL! I just hope i can handle this smaller project..anyway..not to worry...just to make sure i am aware of it. Today i fancy to do some shopping..gosh..but i have no money..let me see the pounds against the ringgit first. If i can get surplus money. If i have surplus i will spend it otherwise i won't. OK folks, my friends are ready so i must leave u guys now...bye xx

Ahhh...BTW, i've just got my exam result last night and the first module's mark has released and i've got 84%. It means i've got A1 = so happy...really happy...hahahahaha...

Monday, 24 May 2010

Am so tired.......really tired

Who is this guy? lol!

Wow..what a lovely day today. It was quite hot here and i liked it very much. But i am extreemly tired and i really need a nice bath and shower. Tmrw i would like to get up very very late..maybe about 10 ish? or 11 ish? lol!..
I got an email from the cheif programmer today and got to go to heathrow in tuesday at 11 am. Mmmm.....really look after that. I need to do my revision for!

I feel Fresher and enegretic

An ready for anything!! seems like a lovely day again today. I just hope that i am going to enjoy it again. Well, we're going to climb the hills! Mmmm..when i got up this morning i felt fresher and even now i feel energetic again after my long walk, sun tanned and it was tiring yesterday. I had my simple dinner last night and i went to bed about 11 pm. What?? 11 pm? very unusual..really..i usually will have go to bed about 2 or 3 am. But because i was very tired last night i went to bed about 11 pm. Well...nevermind..i got up about 8 am this morning and had my shower and everything and now on my friend's laptop updating my blog while my friends are getting ready for today's activities.

Anyway..anyway...i logged into my forex account today and it seems like the market is just still droppping down which is good for my Ringgit (RM) because i can get more value in pounds. YES!!! But not really a good idea for my forex because i see one position has been opened up above and am not sure how it will do unless the pounds recovered. Anyway..seeems like headging is the way to safe it.

OK..OK...i gotta go now and seems like all are ready. Take care folks and bye x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tiring weekend but i enjoyed it

I need very hot latte to re-energise me

Hey guys, how is everything? I hope for those my friends in the UK enjoyed the hot weather this weekend and for those my friends in Malaysia had a great weekend. Well, I had my sun tanned today and it was really nice. Now i know why most caucasians will take off their chlotes when they come to hot countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Exactly same thing happened to me. After i have been trapped for five months in the winter here in the UK, i had my sun tanned and it was the first time i ever done in my life. But i love it and honestly it was very unusual to do it at the first time. But there you go, i am desperate for a heat and really need hot weather. Yesterday and today was really a great day and the hottest days so far. Huh..i feel so happy and of course i am exausted! I had a long walked and layed down under the sun. LOL!!!! extreemly unbelieveable when i was doing it this afternoon. Tommrrow, i should be doing something!

At the same time i am still waiting a project to be assigned by Orbix company but i haven't received one yet. But i've got an email form the director today says that they are still finialising the projects and still in the process to select particular tasks to be assigned to me. Mmmm...should be by next week and on thursday or friday i should be going to the company and have some discussions with the project manager, cheif programmer and operational director. Can't wait to have a meeting with them.

Anyway folks, time for me to have my dinner and i am so hungry after my long walk today. It was hot so i bet i burnt a lot of calories...hahahahahaha...take care folks and bye for now x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Two different people are in love

The art of two different people but i never understood

Last night i was in the laying on the bed and i've got a message from my friend in malaysia and telling me something about the person. Telling me that the person has someone and happier now. Well, i wish the person is happier now and i wish that he is better than me and if he doesn't i am always here. My feeling was brusting last night..huh...what a life. So sad isn't? Anyway..that's how life goes and all those things should make you even stronger to go ahead to the next step of your life.

Telling you this, how if there are two very different people are falling in love but one of them too scared to have the relationship? Maybe until the right moment, then it will bring too much meaning for the other person. The first person is far away came to the second person's place. Very different culture, very different ages, very different background...almost everything is different but the first person likes the second person. Unfortunetly, it seem like it will never works.

These two very different peopele are so scared to have such a relationship because they have been hurt before. Both are so cautious for the next relationship as they dob't want to be hurt again. Well..well.well...isn't crazy? am going to do something intresting actually. I didn't plan it but it came last minute to me so i just will do it. Hehehehe...shall i say i like to go for climbing? yeah.. i like to do that. At the same time i am still waiting for the company to assign to me a project. I am s0 excited for it because it is very important to my CV later when i'm going to apply for a job. Well, next next i should have a meeting with the company to i gotta go to Heathrow.

Well, the weather is lovely today and thanks God for the hot weather. I am going to enjoy it!!! yeah....mmm...ok folks am going out now and get ready..:) bye x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just my silly thoughts tonight

It was two days i have been very very busy..went here and there..meeting friends, interview, call conference, many things happened this week. Even on my mind, it's so crowded. Life, love, money, friends, study, week i should be going to the company again. Maybe to meet up the client and maybe will have a few discussions. I hope i can do my best for this first company i'm working with in the UK. This is very important to me when i graduated from my master degree. I really hope to be able to work here in the UK because the money is so good. Well, u know's not being money minded but who can live without money? I don't believe it when someone says money is not important and they said money can't make u happy. Well. u can't buy love with money but i'm sure u can make people happy with money.

Second thought was about falling in love with someone. Just imagine..two different people falling in love each other but the first one is a rich one and the second one is just an average person. The rich one loves the average one but the average one feels so small when they were meeting each other. Do you think it will work? It doesn't work i guess....

Anyway, my third thought was about my future..i am so concern about my future..who doesn't? unless u just want to live like the others. I want to have a good standard of living and i want to have my own properties, cars, love and all the things that in my dream. Sometimes i am thinking whether what i'm doing now is really worth for what i have invested or not. Whether it will change my standard of life or not. I don't know...i just hope when i'm doing now is something valuable.

Huh..guys, a lot of things on my mind at the moment and i just hope as the time goes, all those questions will be answered. Anyway..i am missing someone very very much and i really do miss this perosn. It makes me so down and a bit sad. I didn't hear from this person for about a few months. It's killing me softly...

Take care guys, am out now and will write again soon....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Last minute

Argh...this is what i call last minute.....i have to rush go to London and take the Picidilly line heading up to Hutton cross station for the interview...wish me luck!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Recent i look chubby?

Visiting a friend and updating my blog from the nearest cyber cafe while my other friends are checking their is my recent pic..i look a bit chubby. When i was chatting with sister in malaysia on skype she said i look chubby and i MUST lose 3 KGs to look in shape. Freaking hell!!!!! I hope i can do that this comming summer. Hahahaha....ok guys, off again and will be back to my p;ace on monday evening (tmrw.). Still enjoying myself here..:) Bye for out!

P/S: Malaysia lost against to was sucks..the performance was really sucks...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Come on oxford!!! let's champagne!!!!

Folks!!! just jump to the train to Oxford last friday. It was a last minute thought anyway. So tonight gonna have a great time (I hope). Went to shopping (bought a few lol!) and looked around the town. Mmm...lovely..really. I loveed it and i just wish that one day i'm going to do my PhD in Oxford University. Anyway..i am rushing now and i got to go now..take care folks and enjoy your week end. Take care and will update tmrw about the lady gaga's night! Bye x

Friday, 14 May 2010

It's 6.30 in the morning and i still can't sleep

But why my pillow is wet?'s 6.30 in the morning and i can see the sun rise lighting my window but my eyes are still very fresh since last night. Very very wired because i thought i should be tired but i didn't feel tired at all. Mmm...i was chatting with my sister in Malaysia until about 3 am and was thinking go to bed but i just cannot closed my eyes.

I've been searching a part time job. Mmm...thanks God i found a few. But i didn't apply yet. Next week i have to go to middlesex for an interview. Yeah!!!! I hope i will get it as i want it badly. I can't do nothing for 4 months. I want to do something productive. money??? Well, i can but once u open a have to wait for a few days or a day if u are lucky. Within a few days..what am i going to do? just sit and watching the market? BORING!!!!! I am trading a few accounts at the moment anyway. Other than one is managed by a friend in KL.

Anyway..what i've done? Updated my CV..hehehehe...yeah..something very very important. Even though just a small effort but a huge value to myself.

BTW, my sister wants to buy my flight tickets from KL-London..but I refused. Why??? because i want to travel to europe..yeahh!!!!

p/s: this week wend i need to be away from this red sofa...hahahahaha..

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Am on my own tonight

On my own

Mmmmm...I am getting on my own. Will contact my friends tonight as i can't be on my own. I like to be with friends and having party (lol..). Not to have party all the time though..i like to be on my own as well sometimes. But, this week is a bit quite for me. Market is bounching from 140.35 to 135.85, so no indication at all to buy or sell. Well, 2 positions left since last week. One is making money and second is losing money. Am still waiting one of the posistions will be closed. Huh...a friend tonight is leaving for Wales. Going out first for a dinner and drive him to the train station.

Then?? I will on my own....mmmmm...what am i going to do this week end? Well, meeing a few friends i hope or go to somewhere i hope. Where? I don't know...i have no idea..i will think the destination tonight and tmrw.

What shall i do tonight?
OK, OK..he is ready now and time to go for a dinner to a Chinese restaurant..bye folks!

P/S: Malaysia won over denmark..yeahhh.....but can Malaysia beats the great wall of China ?? we will see...but my earlier prediction is NO.

I am getting on my own

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The hurt is so bad and i can't take it any longer

Loving someone who wants to be your friend..what do u feel?

I am back again after a long boring day. Well, not really boring, but it was me so fussy...I hope i could find a part time job as soon as possible. Mmmm....i can't just sit and do nothing or mess around with my laptop. It's horrible..i like to do any job that i can work from home :)

So i am free and i can do my work from anywhere. Mmmm...i should do some research about my master's thesis/dissertation but i just not in mood to squeeze my brian at the moment. Well, if i do programming job in have to squeeze my brain to solve but not to find originality. Finding disseratation's title means finding something original (for me).

Well, well...i don't know...but suddenly i feel so sad and missing someone very much today. Yeah, i know very wired but...what to do. I was trying to forget it because i knew it's not gonna happen but..the more i try to forget heart breaking even how could i resist it?I've got this feeling since this afternoon and now about 11.30 pm UK time, it's getting worse. I want to see, i want to tell, i want to hold, i want to hug, i want to (sorry i am a bit naughty).

Anyway..i hope tmrw i will be able go to the gym and move my fatt!!!!

Hafiz Hashim was SHIT!!!! Thomas Cup

Japan vs Malaysia (3-2)

Kenichi Tago vs Lee Chong Wei
12-21, 13-21

Noriyasu Hirata/Hirokatsu Hashimoto vs Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong
13-21, 17-21

Sho Sasaki vs Wong Choong Hann
21-17, 21-18

Kenichi Hayakawa/Kenta Kazuno vs Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari/Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif
21-15, 21-12

Shoji Sato vs Mohd Hafiz Hashim
21-10, 14-21, 21-18.

JAPAN WON OVER MALAYSIA (Fucking shitt!!!!) Who's fault? Mohd Hafiz..really a stupid.

My lover is my bestfriend

Wow..what a night and what a day!! I went to bed at 3.30 am last night and got up a few minutes before 9 am. Well, well, well 5.5 hours sleep..that's fine!!! no problem. I have to wash the dishes first and then plan for rest of the day. Great time last night!!! laughing, smiling lol!!! (joking..don't be naughty).

Anyway my lover is my bestfriend. Reminds me about song by James Blunt titles Good bye My Lover. The song says, good bye my lover, good bye my have been the one, you have been the one for me!!!!!! :(

Reminds me about my first gf...she was mt best friend when i was 16. I still keep in touch and she is still my friend even though she is no longer my gf. But now is different as i have my own life...sorry :). Am happy with my life :)

Mmmm..this week i should meet up with a few friends (after 13th May) and have lunch and coffee..or maybe just a social night :)..Bless!!! (i got this from i can't wait. OK..ok...i need to get my shower now and get ready....

P/s: I got the feeling last night was a good night and tonight goona be a good night too..:) awww!!!

Monday, 10 May 2010

I am on my 4 months holiday

Am sorry but i'm not

Guys, I have been so busy for about 3 months with my study. Lots of of effort and work and it was really hardwork. I hope when i get my result maybe by the end of this month it will be with flying colours. I always want my result to be excellent!!!! fingers crossed!!!! I have just submitted my last coursework this evening after i finalised it. Huh...thanks God i managed to go through this first semester. Some of my friends are still struggling with the assignment (I bet!!) but i have done mine and i am happy with it. Hopefully everything will be good.

Anyway....5 PM today was the official date and time I took off my mind from my study. I don't want to think about it anymore at the moment. I have enough!!! yeah...with the horrible whether and the obstacles i've been through are enough for me to say...IT WASN'T EASY!!!.

Now, i just want to take everything easy before 28th of SEPT where i have to work hard again for my second semester. Well, i am on my 4 months holiday and hopefully i can do something productive. I am looking for a part time programmer or work with any retailer companies in london or somewhere near where i live.

Here are things that i wanted to do during my 4 months holiday
1. Visit france, italy, holland, spain, scotland, poland
2. Go back to Malaysia for a few weeks
3. Part time job
4. Do some research about my master's final project
5. Do some research about my PhD (hopefully can start this within next year)
6. Visits as many places as i can in the UK

Well, basiclly i want to do something productive........

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