Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tayahan Sambal tumis

Tayahan is a type of grass which grows on peddy fields. Basically they are soft like kangkung. So last night dad went to peddy field and picked some of them. The next day i was thinking what to cook for lunch. After almost an hour thinking what to cook lastly i decided to cook tayahan with sambal tumis. The sambal i mixed with a tomato and onions. was really nice. I never tried it before but my try and error trial worked well LOL! Honestly it tasted like kangkung..mmmm really nice and i would love to make it again.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Pictures of kerbau LOL!

Here i was testing my 18-200 tamron lens LOL! I don't know what to shot. At last i decided to take pictures of buffaloes. I had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach where the buffaloes were that time. It wasn't that far but the good thing was you can take good pictures of them. There were about 15 buffaloes that time but more were coming when i was taking pictures. It was really good. I now realised that 18-200 mm tamron lens are suitable taking animal pictures for long distance. I bet it would be better if i had the tripod. Ohhh!!! I wish i had once. Nevermind i will buy it slowly. I had replied an email from Canon asking them to repair my 18-55mm lens with the price of RM157..huh!!! Now i am thinking to buy a wide lens for a wedding ceremony. Wow!!!! Would love to have one! Gezzz

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beware of a new virus on facebook

Here i found on my inbox from someone from my facebook network. Take a look and beware guyssss...

VIRUS BARU KAT FB !(copypaste)
1.virus tersebut tersebar melalui IM dimana dia bermula dengan chat"hi. how are you?"
2.kemudian korang reply pd chat tersebut,dia akan hantar"Wanna laugh?:)"
3.slps korang reply,dia akan menghantar"It is you on the video ?)want to see?)"
4. lepas tu , dia akan hantar satu LINK & bg link agr dwnld adobe flash tp sebenarnya virus yg didownload cause pc shutdown n restart

P/s: It sounds like a very dangerous virus because it will shut down your machine while you machine is rebooting :-(

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy engagement day to my beloved niece

Noo...not her...she's next :-)
This one who got engaged
A lovely kissed from her fiance

It has been a very busy weekend for my family because last saturday my niece was engaged with her bf (well it's already her fiance). From tuaran i had to drive to Beaufort for her engagement day. It took about 3 hours drive even though it wasn't a peak time but the road was packed with cars..i mean congested. I don't know why but i guess too many cars were going to Beaufort that time. In fact, almost along the way we were stuck. Oh no!!! it was a terrible journey but the ceremony was really good and went smoothly. After the ceremony we went to a funfair on town and we won 70 canes of cokes..LOL!!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The 18sx home made sex toy

I went online on my facebook few weeks ago when i was waiting for my next flight going back to sabah in KL from London. I was at LCCT that time and checking my facebook account. Few minutes later i saw one of my friends posted this picture on his wall and it appeared on my RSS feed. Initially, I didn't know what was it then i saw all the comments under the picture then eventually i realised it's an ass or a fenny. Anyone would like to guess what's gonna be in the last blanked section?

Climbing snowy mountain in Scotland

It's so beautiful!!!

The show is getting thicker
That's me on top of the mountain
It's me trying to have a sit

It has been almost three weeks since i had my run and it has been about a month since i climbed the last mountain in Wales. It was Cader Idris mountain ohhh!!!!!!! Now i am in Sabah and the first week was terrible because i stayed at home the whole week. It was a a boring week for me but i needed a rest anyway. Arghhh!!! here are some pictures of me in Scotland again. Yup Scotland again because Scotland has so many mountains and most of them are just stunning!!!! I climbed the mountain last winter and it was very tiring and i remembered my toe bled because of the shoes i wore didn't fit my feet. I had to suffer for it and it was painful especially when i was having my shower. I will post more pictures especially my journey climbing up and down of this mountain. They called it Von Vorlich mountain

Monday, 25 July 2011

My 18-55mm Lens was broken

Sadly because my 18-55mm lens was broken. I did notice the problem when i was still in the UK. It didn't work properly i don't kow why because the camera is always looked after by me. But it was still working until yesterday it didn't work at all and it was very sad. That's the only lens i have and since i didn't work i can't take any pictures. Then i had to buy a new lens and the guy in the shop suggested to me to buy 18-200mm tamron which is much better of course. I decided to buy it and spent RM850 for it maybe it's a bit cheaper in KL? or even in the UK? mm..i can't do anything about it because i have no choice. I had to buy a new one!!!!

p/s: was very sad when i know my lens didn't work anymore...had to spend another rm850 for my new Tamron lens.

Taking a break i'm tired

Since i came to Sabah last week there are so many things are happening. It started with the fu***ng Celcom broadband problem then followed by my camera's lens problem, then got to go to Sabah Medical Cantre. Yesterday i wanted to terminate my celcom brodband but they refused it because i didn't bring the plastic boradband cover and also the resit. I felt like i wanted to slap the account manager because she didn't explain it to me. I was very upset because i have to drive back to KK for about 30 minutes from where i live. Then i have to think about my flight back to London. I need to plan about my Kinabalu mountain trip as well. Oh Gosh!!!! there are so many things....last saturday guess what?? was my niece's engagement day and i have to be her photography and i have to incharge the kitchen as well. Mummy mia!!!!!!! i think i will be naked!!!!! so tiring! so it's time for me to take a break. I went to Jesselton point few days ago with my sister and few pictures were taken.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ben Vorlich Mountain, Scotland

I will post the other pictures of mine later. I am a bit exhausted from my niece's engagement day. Here ae some of my pictures when i was there climbing the mountain. The pictures were taken back in winter and it was freezing cold that time but i did enjoy it very much. There were so much fun there with my friends. What i like the most is the scenary it looked so calm and so peaceful. Mmmm...but its downside is it was freezing cold. I didn't have enough tools when i there but i still managed to climb the mountain and stayed on top less than 2 minutes. The weather was terrible and we hardly can see the path going down. In fact i sliped but managed save muself using the axe ice. Gezzzzz...Thanks God!

My Jaco a.k.a monkey friend

Just had his swim
Jaco is walking to the stream where he usually have his swim
Now he is waiting for his banana
Jaco is adorable even i know some people don't like monkeys
Jaco is a lovely monkey

Jako is my nephew's friend. My nephew is 8 years old and Jaco is always with him at home. The funny thing is the fact that jack is unlike the other monkeys you may have know because Jaco is the only monkey that can swim and also can have a bath even a shower. His furs are very smooth because he takes his bath every day and sometimes twice a day. Here are some collections of Jaco's pictures.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Today i am a chef for my niece's engagement day

My niece who has just finished her study last month is having a big day today which is her engagement day. Therefore i will be busy today doing the cooking in the kitchen. I am not an expert cooker but i started cooking when i was 9 or maybe 10 years old (masak telur and meggie LOL!). Got to go bloggers fellow...sorry i can't do blogwalking today......bubye :-)

My menus that i have planned..
asam pedas, asam manis, masak sos tomato, masa sos cili, masak kicap, rendang, masak kenthucky, masak sos tiram.....mmmmmmm it should be delicious :-)

Her engagement day about 150 people will be attending...OMG!!!!! i find it a lot for an engagement day.

The cute owls

A friend of mine who is curretly doing his PhD in Genatic is obsessed with Ownls. yeah!!! he is!!! He loves Owls so much maybe i should say his is owl-holics LOL! When i was in the UK (currently on holiday in sabah) i managed to go to one of the owls shows in England. Not far from where i used to are some collections of the pictures...:)

p/s: I love owls!!! Especially in the day the night time maybe they are a little bit scary.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Two most meaningful pictures of mine

Here are my tow most meaningful pictures among thousands of pictures on my hard drive. The left side as you can see is my graduation for my diploma in computer science and then the right side is my graduation day during my bachelor degree. Then now i am waiting excitedly for my master's ceremony in the UK.Then hopefully y PhD next.

A poem I created on the flight from London

I created this poem when I was on the plane from London going back to Malaysia. It was about 12 hours 30 minutes journey and it was very tiring of course. Oh!!!!! I feel like it was a month journey. But anyway, here is what I've created when I was on the plane. This poem is about someone who's regretted for falling in love with him/her

Bagaimana harus ku katakan yang aku teguh berdiri di atas kakiku sedangkan

beribu jejarum yang terpaku di tempat ku berdiri

Bagaimana kau tergamak melihatku terbiar terdampar dalam cinta palsu mu

lalu kau hancurkan segala impian ku untuk ingin bersama mu

Mengapa harus ku jatuh cinta padamu

Mencintai dirimu adalah kesilapan terbesar yang pernah ku lakukan

Bagaimana kau tergamak melukai diri ini lalu kau pecahkan dan hancurkan

cinta tulus yang ku berikan pada mu

Tapi kini ku sedar yang mendekati dirimu ibarat mendekati

lebah yang hanya mahukan madu manis lalu dibuang

p/s: this time the plane was shaking going through the thick clouds on was unpleseant..

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The most difficult subjects in Computer Science course

Anyone want to do this subject?

When I was cleaning up my bedroom the other day, I found these books in my book rack. How to program C++ and C++ the beginner guide. OMG!!!! In just a second I said oh shitt!!! Guess why? Because this is the most difficult subject in computer science. Honestly I never heard someone said C++ programming is easy. It's difficult especially the syntax. Arghhh...i remembered in the first semester I struggled to learn C++ and just managed to get C+ wheres all the other subjects I got either A or A-. It shows how difficult this subject was. Until now I have programmed several programming languages such as PHP, ASP classic, ASP.NET, JAVA, JavaScript and C++ I still put C++ is the most difficult programming language. Here are two books that I used to study with to improve my C++ skills. Eventually I managed to understand using C++ but now I just remember very little because I do more web based programming now.

My sister lost the broadband dongle..arghhhh!!!!

For some reasons I don't know how the heck my sister managed to lose the celcom dongle.'s so frustrating because now we can't get online anymore. This post you reading now is auto publish and I uploaded this from the cybercafe. I just hope we can get a new one as soon as possible. Oh!! so frustrating living the world without an internet. Bye for now and I hope to replace it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My bedroom in Sabah

I know it's pink..when i got back mum already put the pink sheet..what can i do?

Well, well, well after saying good bye to my room in England, it's time to say hai to my bedroom in sabah. ha..ha..ha.It has been almost a year since I slept in my bedroom. I missed it so much then the first thing I did when I came home was cleaning up my bedroom as it was so dusty and it was so untidy. I remembered cleaned up my room before I left it last year but I bet my nephews or nieces came in and left it a bit messy. It wasn't very messy but it was just a little bit untidy but I still don't like it. It took me about almost 10 hours to tidy clean up my bedroom. was tiring though but I must say I enjoyed it very much!!!! So here are some pictures of my bedroom in sabah. LOL!!! It's not luxury like some other people because my parents are not come from rich background families. But still be thankful for what I have. Once I finished my study then I will build my own house with my own design...i will make sure my house has a swimming pool yipieeeee!!!!

The most memorable songs in my life with millions of memories

Here I revealed two most memorable songs with full of memories and tears. Well, the person I loved use to say this “Every time i've heard the songs played on the CD you left in the car, it always reminds me about you and I wonder if one you would come back to me”. That's really sad and I always remember the songs. The songs are somebody’s me and hero both my Enrique Iglisias. Mmmm...sometimes I try not to play these songs on my MP3 player or even on my laptop. Sometimes I even wanted to delete them but I just cannot delete the songs because they mean so much to me. I left the CD in the car and left the CD there and the person that I used to love sometimes text me that the songs always brings tears. I still love but maybe it's time to say that I have someone else now.

1. Somebody's

2. Hero

Both by Enrique Iglisias

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My first meal in Sabah is Mee tuaran

For almost a year I have been longing this very special dish which is available in Sabah only. We called it Mee sup or noodles soup. After they took me at the airport, we went to Tuaran and it was a new restaurant owned by “mat salleh” or “orang putih”. I was a bit surprised because last year when I was here the restaurant wasn't there yet. Anyway, the first thing I ordered was “Chicken mee sup” and rice. I know this is typical dusun sabahan but guess what..i don't care because that was what I wanted and I have been thinking about it when I was in the UK. lovely!! Take a look at the picture of mee sup!!!! is mee Tuaran!!!

P/s: Just google it if you would like to see how Mee Tuaran looks like :) wasso fu***g delicious!!!

Good bye to my bedroom in England

My room back in England

All were packed

I should have posted this before I left England but I was very busy I didn't have time to update my blog. All I did was auto publish posts which I typed before. Anyway here was my bedroom in England and there are so many memories here. In this little room, I did my assignments, my projects, I studied here and I made so many things here. So much memory as well as tears. This bedroom is much better than my bedroom I had at UiTM. Well no comparison at all but I must say that I have no regret studied in UiTM. Good bye to this bedroom and it was very sad leaving this it but what can I say? Nothing but good bye and I hope to find a new better bedroom when I come back in September.

Monday, 18 July 2011

My journey from London to KL then to KK

Dinner when i was on board

Sedap because i was hungry LOLZ!

Just a little summary for what happened in my journey from London to KL. I arrived at Stansted airport about 1 PM (very early) and my flight departed from London at 5.25PM. I had to stay few hours before I checked in for my flight. I felt waiting few hours was a very long time for me. I had my sandwiches I made before I left my friend's house. The lucky thing was I was one of the few people who managed to check in early just after the counters opened. Thanks God! Otherwise I had to be on the queue for another hour. My luggage was overweighted and and I had to pay 20 pounds for the 2kgs. From LCCT to Sabah I had to pay another RM60 (RM30 per kg), it was bloody expensive honestly!!!! It was RM10 per kg but now they charge even more. Sometimes I hate Airasia but I had no choice because I have considered everything and total cost Airasia was cheaper.

Then an hour before the plane departed, I went through the security checked and I had to leave all my gel and cream things such as hair gel, tooth paste and sun protector cream (I do not need this but just in case if I went to the beach which I have planned).

The flight departed exactly at 5.25 PM from Stansted leaving England. I remembered when the plane was on France it was a bit shaky and also when we were on India. It was frightening but thanks God everything went smooth. I had two meals which were Chicken rice and also Bariyani Rice. They were nice but not excellent. Then we landed at LCCT about 1 PM (25 minutes early). In KL I had to stay for another 5 hours. It was so boring and I wish I took the 5.30PM flight because the 6.30PM flight was delayed. was so frustrating!!!! We landed KK at 9.30 PM and I was exhausted. Arghhh!!!! It was so tiring and I bet probably the longest journey I had in my life so far. It was about 24 hours journey...and I was so tired. My family was waiting me already that time and they were so happy as I was.

I am back from blogging....

Hello all friends, dudes and babies (LOL!!!). I am back. I was offline for 6 days and i felt like the world was in 80s or even in 90s. But now i am back even though i can't get online as much as when i was in the UK. I have bought my own broadband last week but i don't know why for some reasons celcom's broad bands do not work anymore. It used to work and there was no problem at all but my sister complained since couple of months ago celcom started having this problem. Everytime i try to connect to the internet using my dongle it says error 619 connection could not be established..bla..bla...bla...bla.....

Because of this problem i have to go to the nearest town which take 10 - 15 minutes drive to Tuaran town cantre. Mmmmm..this is annoying but at least i can get online. That's the main thing because i need to update my blog and i also need to keep in touch with my supervisor and my friends of course.

Now i need to find out what are the causes of error 619: Connection could not be established.

p/s: I was 6 days at home with mum and dad doing i need to plan what sort of activities i wanna do while in Sabah. I have planned for kinabalu mountain (the 5th already), going to visits island, waterfall, jungle tracking, shopping, beaches, hot spring poring, and many more...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ain't they cute???

I forgot the name but they look like lama but not lama

This is very hairy goat

Look at the horns, aren't they strange?

And i never seen black sheep before..

In Britian, every county has its own shows and actually in a year there are so many shows along the year. Well, show is like a "Pameran" in Malaysia but i don't think we have this sort of shows. Maybe we have i bet it wasn't an interesting as what they do here.I think the shows here are more viarity and more fun. Well, of course it's more costly tho but i just think that malaysia should have a little bit different shows not like the typical shows they do every year.
In Britian the shows are ranging from the farm to the modern technology and kids and adults could experience so much things about life and what had happened previously.One of my favourites is animals show because i can see so many animals which i never seen in flesh before. Here are some of the pictures....

My Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland

The main was about 6pm this time

It was cold when i was visiting this city

The city is very clean and well arranged not like KL, so dirty!

I think this is the church

Street entertainers

As you can see even in the small road it still look clean

Expensive to do shopping tho

Edinburgh's back street

I like this..i forgot the name but it looks like a temple isn't it?

Here are some of the pictures were taken when i was in Edinburgh when i was in Scotland. If England has London, Wales with its Cardiff and France with Paris..then Scotland with Edinburgh. A lovely city to visit when coming to the UK. Most of the buildings are ancient and very old. They are hundreds years but still look well. If you go to this city you will feel like you are in in 1920 ish city because everything is so old here. It reminds me about typical English movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring. The buildings look like in the movies. This city is very clean but it's a bit expensive. I remember i went to a Thai restaurant and ordered a duck dish with steamed rice. I paid about 20 pounds (RM 100) for that simple dinner and i walked out from the restaurant with hungry stomach. Anyone have been to Scotland before????

Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm on the plane going back to Malaysia from London

With Airasia plane i am at the moment on the air flying going back to Sabah one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. Missing the Kinabalu Mountain, missing the food, missing the beaches, missing the cities and the most important is missing my family and i hope God will bless my journey to Sabah. See you all bloggers in KL! :-)

I Ramas Buah Dada Britney Spears and I liked it

Everybody know her
Oppsss..this is very lucah LOL!

Beyonce - Did i spell it correctly?

The blone girl..LOL!

Oppssssss...aku teramas buah dada nya LOL!

Perghhhh.......what a topic eh??? LOL!!!! In London madame tussauds is very popular and to enter this place is bloody difficult because so many visitors every day. They do have it in Thailand tho but not in Malaysia. They are all fake of course but they look exactly the same with the real ones. So if you want to see you favorite actors or actress in flesh you just need to visit madame tussauds and everything look so real. So many waxed actors and actress there and also all the well known people in the world such as Barack Obama, Hitler, etc. Such a pity because Malaysia does not have this kind of tourist attraction. Go to Bangkok and you will know what i mean. Those pictures were taken last summer (maybe end of summer or early autumn) with my niece and her friends who came here for 10 days vocation. We had so much fun and it was really good for them as they enjoyed it so much.

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