Thursday, 30 April 2009

Misi selamatkan ratu soul negara


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Windows 7 will Release very soon!!!!!

Windows 7 with 768,000,000 hits on the net shows the popularity of this product. Windows 7 is a next operationg system produced by Microsoft. After received millions of complains frm Window Vista, Microsoft takes 3 years to rebuild a new operation system which is claimed by Bill gates more reliable and powerful than the previous windows. In fact, the graphic display is nicer and smoother. 

Windows 7 includes a number of new features, such as advances in touch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disks, improved performance on multi-core processors,improved boot performance (wow...i love this part), and kernel improvements [Source].

Well, we will see how powerful this operation system is and how good this operationg system. As far as i concern, their previous operating system is very, very SUCK!!!! I mean the Vista one. My I have two laptops. My first laptop running Windows Vista which is so SHIT!!! and my second laptop is running Windows XP which is far, far better than Vista. And my PC defenately running XP. I can't wait to test this operating system though!!!!!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Most popular female sabahan singers

Most popular is Linda...

Who can deny marsha's beauty????

Who knows? she might be the most popular next week?

Not bad for this small girl...salute to her...

I am so tired and i really have no idea to blog. However before i went to my bed let me tell you the most popular Sabahan female artist. I list down some of them.

1. Linda nanuwil 6 240, 000 hits (wow...unbeliveable)
2. Marsha Londoh 1 620,000 hits (wow...what a suprise...!!!)
3. Valvet af 1 540,000 hits (malatops bah si valvet...)
4. Stacy af 948,000 hits (Good job stacy....)
5. Ayu one in a million 337,000 hits
6. Candy af5 176, 000 hits
7. Jo anna rampas 107,000 hits
8. Clarice john matha 103,000

By the way...Linda is great. Jo anna rampas in just about few weeks her popularity already 1 hundred thousand something. Just imagine within a year??? maybe one million? who knows? Congrates to Marsha still the most popular among the top eight. Followed by Valvet the powerful voice and Stacy the rock and roll not bad though!!!!

I've checked Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi af, and other artists. They are not as popular as what i thought!!! (on the net). Even Siti Nurhaliza is about 1 960,000 (i would expect it might be at least 10 millions)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

AF7 - Konsert 7 -

Huh...i'm back again. I had a very..very busy day today. I been around Penang just for shopping. In fact, this month if i not mistaken i spent about RM1000 just for my chlotes. Actually it is not necessary but since most of the shopping complex are having what can you say? SHOPING lah!!!! Just imagine if you spent every RM150, they will give you rebate for RM10. So i spent about almost RM1000 just for chlotes, tie, belt, pants, etc. So i got rebate about RM120. Yoooo.....thats money men!!!!!! the way i have to stop shopping until the end of this year. Welll, i missed again the AF concert tonight. I totally missed the concert. I was very very tired and i went to bed and i thought i can get up at 9.30 pm. way...i got up about 3 o'clock!!!! FKUC OFO!!! It shows, AF doesn't have the aura anymore. Anyway....letas talk about the performances.....before that Aril has been eliminated!!!!!pity!!!!

It was really very very good song and very touching song. About her, i can say she delivered the song successfully. Tempo and picth wasn't that good. But her low notes seems like sometimes sounds a bit weak. In fact sometimes not so clear. I like the two versions of the song. Both versions are very, very good though. 6.5/10

I neverheard this song before. For me it was a bit messy performance from him. In fcact, the song doesn't show his vocal. For me this kind of song just more to talking and mumbling instead of singing. But yeah...its all right, i just don't think this kind of song able to show his ability in singing. 6/10

First word she sang was really horrible. It doesn't sounds very good for me. In fact, in my opinion i really don't think it was good enough performance. Lots of things need to be improve. Nothing special on her singing. Just a photocopy performance. Moreover...some parts of the song she sang it flatly!!!!! sorry dude....she should go!!! Tak merdu lah...teruk tul....4/10

It was really a risk taken by her because it was a big song. Eh..her teeth has been repaired???? she looks beautiful already...huhuhu!!! I just love the vocal it was really good from her. Singing this song is not easy i swear i'm true!!! But i don't really think the gimic is necessary.....But it shows the feeling though. Which is very good. 7/10

When i saw the title of the song...i thought it was without you by mariah cery...if so..i would say...mampus lah kau!!!! lucky it wasn't! But what can i say? it was boring performance!!!!!! Argh...i just don't understand why he still in this competation @ academy!!!!! 3/10

Wow...what a song??? but one part of it he sounds a bit tercicir lah...hehehe! The energy was there and the fun-ness also there. The communication with the audiance also very good but vocally it wasn't so great...its just ordinary...5/10

It was pity when i been informaed by my friend he is eliminated. I just cannot believe it. Well, the vocal is so unique and i love the performance. Even though it wasn't powerful but at least it was a hapenning performance from him. It was good to see him having fun on the stage. Well, good performance though...why he eliminated???? 6/10

OK...its 5.30 already...time for me to sleep...huhuhu...

Friday, 24 April 2009

OIAM3 - Top 3 - was really entertaining tonight to see all the top 3 contastents showed their weapons on stage. I can say it was really, really very good!!! I do enjoy all the performances from the contastents. In fact, it was the greatest concert i've ever seen in Malaysia reality TV show. The quality is almost like American Idol. The only down side, was the sound system is not as good as AI's sound system. Maybe they have to work on it next time.

Well, the top 3 concert, Nine has been eliminated and it was really what i've expected in the previous week. Well, i'm sure his fan will be very sad on his elimination. But what to do? he is gone. Anyway guys...lets talk about their performances.

It was energetic and very entertaining performances from him. The good thing about him is he really knows on how to tackle the judges and also the audiances. He knows how to entertain people. Which is very, very important to be a good entertainer. However, he still have to work on his vocal side. The vocal is good but it wasn't great. In fact, in my opinion his vocal is so much and sounds very very regular. What i mean is the vocal is not so unique. However, in the terms of style, energy, personality and appreance he has a complete packege. The only thing is his vocal side which is very, very important as a singer. For example he was very entertaining in the first song but the vocal not as good as before. Overall performances i would like to give him 8.8/10

I really have nothing to say about this girl. I just like and love her so much. It was really a perfect performances from her. I expected she will sang or will get those songs because both of these songs really show her ability in singing and entertaining people. For example in the first song, its really show her vocal side which is very good and she delivered it excellently. The second song shows her ability in entertaining people. It was really fun and very very entertaining. Even though the enegry not as good as the two guys but vocally, she really delivered it successfully!!!! Overall perfoamnces i would like to give her 9/10

Well, i would expect Amylea in the top 3. But no doubt at all Aweera also deserve it. I just like the way his singing especially when he hit the very..very high notes. It was really incredible. For me it was unique though. Even though sometimes sounds like screeming but tonight it wasn't screaming. It was really a wonderfull. He looks like a star and in the terms of package he has it. However i am worried his vocal range because seems like he only has upper side of vocal range. Seems like he can't sing a song if most of the notes are lower. To be a professional singer, dynamic is very very important. Without dynamic...people will get bored easily. Anyway....he looks condifent as well tonight and it was really good for him. Overall performances i would like to give him 8.5/10

Anyway...what do you think about the new OIAM's strategy? Do you think 2 or 3 contastents should go to final? mmmm..personally i prefer only two and each of them must sing 3 songs. Hehehehe....

Mmmmm...i gotta go now to watch American Idol elimination. I know i'm late already....bubye.....catch later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most popular video on youtube and available in Malaysia!!!!

I just doing nothing in the office today. Except in the morning. I come to the office about 8.40 am. Straight to my office, and started up my laptop. So i started doing my report. I know this is the MUST thing i have to do because every friday i have to report to my manager for what i've done from monday until thursday. After that, i checked the tools i've developed and i did realized, sometihng wrong on it. So i repaired them. I finished about 11.30 am.

So i wanted to drink...good lah because i took a cane drink with me when i left home. So lastly, after drank my drink i messing around. While i went here and there, my friend asked we..." u know what is the most popular video on youtube?" great he could think about it. So i was searching on the net, the most popular video on youtube so far...lastly i found it and it was Avril with her hits number one single titled "Girlfriend". However, this video is not available in Malaysia.

I got the feeling this is the original version/ official video from Avril. Or maybe not suitable to be view in Malaysia. The second most popular video on youtube which is the most popular video in 2007 on youtube is "Evolution Dance"

Evolution Dance is a video performed by Laipply. Laipply is a comedian and motivational speaker from Cleveland, Ohio.  The video shows him dancing a six-minute routine encompassing 32 songs spanning more than 50 years of music and dance. In many ways this is your typical YouTube video - a funny, goofy, short and clever vidPublish Posteo, in this case uploaded by and starring a professional comedian.  But there are tens of thousands of similar videos on YouTube, uploaded by enthusiastic amateurs. [source]

Here is the link to view his video 

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Pirate Bay is the world's largest bittorrent tracker. But?????

First of all, i was watching BBC news last two night. It was quite late. But I still wanted to watch the news because it was quite intresting. So what i caught on that news was about The Pirate Bay. Have you ever know this site? For your information The pirate bay is the world's largest bittorret. From this site, you can find find and download movies, songs, softwares, games, etc. There are lots of thing you could download from this site.

Wow!!!!! it is very can simply download whatever source you want. I've test to download one of my favourite movies and it worked!!!!! After i saw the news on BBC news, i logged into my laptop and browsed to their website. I tried one "underworld 3". Amazzzzzzziiiinnnngggggggggg!!!!!!!!! i downloaded the movies less than a minute!!! I really cannot believe it. I tried to download David's Archuleta new album. Just simply key in his name and press enter. Within less than a can download all David's Archuleta songs. Just amazingggg...

I don't really know how it works, But as far as i concerned, The pirate bay is like google search engine. In fact, i would say the search engine has been built, such a very, very sophisticted and intelligent way. Why did i say so? well, you can try by yourself. It is very, very fast search engines. I been to many pirate sites and usually if you want to download a movie, it took about 2 - 24 hours (depends on your internet speed). But pirate bay, will do in less than a minute to download movie.

However, because of their crime (internet crime), the owners of this site have been to the jailed for a year and each of them. Moreover, each of them have to pay $905,000. Wowow!!!!!!

Here are the owner of this site;

Fredrik Neij (born April 27, 1978) alias ‘TiAMO’

Peter Sunde (born September 13, 1978) alias ‘brokep’

Carl Lundström (born April 13, 1960)

Gottfrid Svartholm (October 17, 1984) alias ‘Anakata’

Saturday, 18 April 2009

AF7 konsert 6

I missed the concert tonight. U know why? because i really don't think i have to watch it and I really don't think they are talented. I'm sorry to say but most of them are not very talented. In fact i would say they are "saki baki" of OIAM 3. However, some of them are quite talented actually. But need to polish more.......anyway...lets go to my comments. For your informantion, my comments are based on what i've watched from youtube. Before that, Qhaud terkeluar. So...who cares???? he should leave at the second or third concert...

Seems like a bit pitchy for me. In fact the early parts of the song really did not work. Banyak bahagian yang sumbang. I like the part dia jatuhkan badan because he was taking a risk menyanyi dengan kepala dibawah. But vocally seems like very week for this kind of song. I really don't think his voice is suit enough for this kind of music. 5/ 10

Banyak part yang suara hafiz tenggelam and very picthy. Oh....what the heck???? i thought he will rock the stage. Unfortunately, he did not and failed. It was energetic but...vocally...very...very week especially the lower parts of the song. Seems like he tried to pick up at the chorus part but...not really work....poor guy!!!!! Just entertaining but as i said the vocal hancusss....5/10

Oh......Bahagian awal lagu tuh sangat teruk. Especially when he pronounced the word "arora". Langsung tidak bermelodi...huhuhu......banyak flat plak tuh. Chorus part a bit okey and looks entertining. Well, as usual...the vocal still need to improve. The song is rock but his voice wasn't u know what i meant. 4/10

Vocally improve banyak, but i think its too late to improve. But the other side he looks like main syok sendiri. 5/10

Updating....stay tuned!!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

oiam 3 - Top 4 -

Sorry pics are not so nice...i just captured used my diginal camera

A good bye performance from Amylea

Wow...what a suprised???? i thought amylea will go to the next round!!! But she did not make it tonight. The only girl contastent is Esther. All girls have gone. Another four boys. Who will be eliminated next week? uhhh...i really hope nine will be eliminatde next week. He is getting too ordinary week by week. In fact his concert tonight was very ordinary. Anyway, i thought her fans are not strong enough to vote her to the next round. I really hope she will at least in top 3. After that i do not mind what will happen. Unfortunately, she failed and Amylea has been eliminated tonight. Huhuhuhuhu...all rite guys, lets go to my comments regarding to the contastents' performances.

He shows different characters on stage tonight by singing a soft and rileks song. He made it in trying to show his different sides. However, since he was the first contastent, syafinaz was right when she said a bit bored. Sorry guys!!!!! In fact, he picked up a very simple and ordinary song. There is nothing so special on his performance. Actually he choose this song too late. He should pick this song at the second or third concert. Not at this stage. Overall performance i give him 7/10.

Lets go to tomok. I love his performance, but the thing is he did the same thing for almost 5 weeks in a row and all are about the same. Except there was one part of his performance when he sang the slow song. Why don't he challanged himself to sing a sentimental song? He really rock the stage tonight and he looks great and he knows how to communicate and how to make a crowed. It was energetic and dynamic performance. I noticed he is off some of the bit especially the kerana kau song. Overall i would like to give him 9/10 because i felt like i was in the concert..huhuhuhu

I like the opening though. It was terribly fantastic. It really shows her vocal by singing the one night only. However, i noticed one problem with Esther is when she tried to hit the high notes, seems like her vocal seems like a bit "drown". She has to works on it otherwise people will think she cannot reach high notes or if the band is too loud, it will be problem to listen her voice. Anyway...i love the drama actually, it was quite funny when the picture she held was Paul Moss!!!!! She had fun with Paul Moss anyway....hehehe. I like the drama on the stage and her performance tonight was really amazing. Overall i would like to give her 9/10

About this guy??? sorry but most of his 4 minutes time he spent it just talking with the audiances. I knew it was in concert theme. BUT don't forget to show your voice because at the same time this is a singing competation. I think he failed in vocal side. But he did a great job in making his performance looks like a concert. Huhuhuhu...bagus....bagus...another failure was, he just sang some part of the song and he keep reperting it. Seems like cover link because he forgot the lyrics. Anyway.....the performance really looks and feels like ina concert but in the vocal side he did not make a great job. Overall performance i would like to give him 8/10

So who will be eliminated neex week? I would guess Nine. Maybe Tomok, Esther and Aweera go to the top 3. But really don't know because oiam 3 in unpredictable.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Susan Boyle got ugly face with a fantastic vocal

She is gifted with a fantastic voice

I am speechless!!!!! My friend who is currently in the UK went to the show and when i was chatting with him 2 nights ago, he sent me this link and asked me to watch it. He just said "Andrik, look at this...she is so ulgy but still wanted to go for the audition."

So i clicked the link and watch it. Initially, i said to myself ...oh..what an ugly women?? Huhu..i'm so curel. In fact, the judges also seems like did not care and hopeless with her. Most of the audiances also felt like..."don't believe it " or something like "she can't do it".

But this morning, i was watching BBC news and she was on TV. And I said Its Susan Boyle from British got talent!!!!! Just imagine, in just few days, her video on youtube increased to 6 millions. Wow....cannot believe it!!!!! I am browsing it now and its 12.1 millions viewers.

I cannot believe it when she sang the song. It was really wonderful and unbeliveable!!!! Maybe she doesn't has a complete package since she doesn't have a great look. But she really do have a complete great vocal. I cannot believe it when she reached all those high notes on the song easily. It was completly wonderful and perfect.

So guys, i think you all should watch this. Give me feed back about Susan Boyle!!! My opinion...she is great and really deserve to the next round. What do you think? Watch this link!!!

For your information, Susan boyle is from England and i knew her from British Got talent reality show!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Most popular Internet Browser

Which one do you prefer? IE? Mozilla Firefox? Chrome? Safari or Opera?

Have you ever think about this question? What is the most popular Internet Browser? As far as i concern, I knew just a few internet browser and they are internet ex. But after searching on the internet, i found another internet browsers such as chrome (by google) and Opera. w3school listed the popularity of internet browser on the net every month.

If you look onto the shot screen, internet explorer used to be the most popular internet browser. However Recently, since Mozilla Firefox invented, now this internet browser is the most popular when 46.5% of the internet browser using it in last month followed by IE7 which is 24.9%.

Thanks for the info by w3schools.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pakiring Vs Lima Ribu - Which one is the original?

I was busy searching a Kadus Song on youtube this evening. I don't really remember the title of the song. But something like "Sumandak kisorundung topurak" (gadis berskap putih...begitu kah tuh dalam bahasa melayu? maybe lah!!). Actually i not so sure the title of the song. In fact, the singer also i forgot. At last i managed to found it after i tried and error using few keys such as; sumandak (gadis)+ sorundung (skap)+ topurak(putih) + kadazan songs and some other words. However, before i found the video clip, i managed to found other clips which i think i need to make comparison which one is the original.

Well here are the links.

1.Pakiring by Khominie group from Philippines

2. Lima ribu from Sabah

Just wonder...the melody is almost similar, if i not mistaken 98%. The only different is, Pakiring's tempo is faster and catchy. The lima ribu one is slower. What do you think? which is the original? heheheheh...

By the you know???? here is demographics distribution for sabah.
* Kadazan-Dusun: 17.8%
* Bajau: 13.4%
* Malay: 11.5%
* Murut: 3.3%
* Other bumiputra: 14.6%
* Chinese: 9.6%
* Other non-bumiputra: 4.8%
* Non-Malaysian citizen: 25% >> what the hell?????? nie mesti indonesian and filifino rite??? shit!!! banyak bah tuh...25% beb!!!


Sunday, 12 April 2009

keputusan ABPBH 2008 - Genting highland-

  1. Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular —> Aznil Haji Nawawi
  2. Pengacara TV Wanita Popular —> Fara Fauzana
  3. Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular —>Faizal Ismail
  4. Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular —>Fara Fauzana
  5. Artis Nasyid Popular —> Rabbani
  6. Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular —> Nabil Raja Lawak
  7. Artis Komedi Wanita Popular —-> Noorkhiriah
  8. Artis Baru Lelaki Popular —> Nabil Lagi..Hehehe
  9. Artis Baru Wanita Popular - –>Stacy
  10. Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular –> Rosyam Nor
  11. Pelakon TV Wanita Popular –> Dynas @ Dynaz
  12. Penyanyi Berkumpulan Duo Popular —> Meet Uncle Hussain
  13. Penyanyi Lelaki Popular —> Mawi
  14. Penyanyi Wanita Popular –>Siti Nurhaliza
  15. Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular —> Que Haidar
  16. Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular —> Maya Karin
  17. Anugerah Pencapaian Sepanjang Hayat —> Jamal Abdillah
  18. Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular: Nabil Raja Lawak

Tahniah to Stacy!!! last she got it. She deserves for it though!!!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ulasan Akademi Fantasia 7 - konesrt 5-

All right, first of all, i missed the first two performances. Wow....because i was fallen asleep on the seaty. Shit!!!!! I did realized when the clock hanging on the wall showed 9.45 pm. So i went to bathroom and wash my face and made a cup of nescafee. Huh...i am so tired tonight because i went to many places just because to do this and that...bla...bla...bla...So i will do my review tmrw morning about the other two performances.

But before that, i thought Adibah did a great job in judgung the students. The datuk one, oh...very annoyed!!!!!!! Sorry beb!!!! if you all realized she gave all good comments to the students. Ceh!!!!


Qaud and heliza
It was a bit picthy performance. he looks a bit nervous and the interaction with the pathner also very wired. Tidak ada interaksi yang baik. Interaksi terlalu kakuh. Lots need to learn. Heliza also very sumbang. LOL.
Malu dowh!!!!
4/10 (oiam3 level 1/10)

Hafiz and Mila 7/10 (oiam3 level 4/10)
OMG... drama looks very funny. the vocals were very syncronize and match. Some of the lines were flat. The expression and feel were there. The connection was there. very good. Dynamic also very good. Not his best performance but better than last week.

Claudia and vince
The song doesn't show her real capability in singing. The melody of the song is very straight to the point. There is no "wow" part of the song. Claudia was good but a bit week espacially her low notes. But the syncronization with the song and the pathner are very good. level of confidence, the interaction and movement with the audiance were very good. she did not put enough power especially her high notes.
7.5/10 (oiam3 level 4.5/10)

Aishah and Alif
The low notes are very week. Wow..the girl were screaming when Alif touched Aishah. Her flasseto notes not strong enough. The performance with Alif were good though. Especially when so many girls love him. Overall it was all right. Did not really impress me.
Vocal control was okay. 7/10 (oiam3 level 4/10)

Yazid and Yazir
very entertaining and very energetic performance. Vocally, still need to improve too much. What a funny gimic. Overall i give him 5/10 (oiam3 level 2/10)

Aril and Marsha
Vocally very good. Very smooth and husky. The drama is very entertaining. It was very romantic and touching performance from her. Penghayatan and feeling very good. I thought it was best couple and duet tonight. Wow...i like it so much!!!! i give him 8/10 (oiam3 level 5/10)

Sidi dan zahid
Zahid push his vocal too much. Sidi needs to improve his vocal. Some parts of the song a bit pitchy. No feeling and his vocal is very straight to the point and no dynamic on his vocal. I did not hear uniqueness on his vocal and there is no so special on it. I give him 4.5/10 (oiam3 level 1.5/10)

Sidi has been eliminated..and i do not care because he deserves the elimination. LOL!!!! vocal hancus and x sedap langsung.

And my weekly ranking..jeng...jeng...jeng.....heheheh
1. Aril 2. Claudia 3. Aishah 4. Hafiz 5. Yazid 6. Sidi 7. Qaud (I HAVEN'T MAKE MY REVIEW FOR THE TWO FIRST TWO STUDENTS..I MISSED IT..I WILL MAKE IT TMRW..)

Friday, 10 April 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 5 - full updated

Wow...elimination will be very soon. Malaysian will be get so excited to watch the most expensive reality TV show in Malaysia. usual i put OIAM 3 as one of the most important events in my Diary *LOL*!!!!! In fact, i went off earlier this evening. Other than i do not want to miss the show, also because i wanted to avoid the traffic. As usual, traffic in Penang is so bad especially on Friday. If you off about 6 o'clock..For God sake!!! you will be trap in the middle of the traffic. Huhuhuhu...thats why usually on friday i will go to the office earlier so i can go out about 5 O'clcok.

The show will begin in less than 30 minutes. I am writing this post just to ready all my comments regarding to the contastents' performances tonight. And also who will be eliminated. I am so excited to watch the concert. But i felt a bit dissappointed when i knew they going to sing Dato' sheila majid. I am not her fan so most of her songs are not my cup of coffee!!! sorry....

Guys...i'm back...heheheeh...lets go straight to my comments. But before that, Simon has been eliminated...i was expecting Nine. But its all right...

Vocally, it was a great performance and also the voice projection also great. But it wasn't amazing...maybe because the song. Even though she modified the song nicely but there is something missing on her performance. The feeling wasn't there and shall i say repetation style???? Well..that is what i felt. Overall i give her 8/10

After Amylea performed, i was expecting Nine will nail the song. Unfortunenatly, he did not nail the song. In fact, for me it was a bit clumsy!!!!!! His low notes were so week and need to improve. No rendiation at all, no feeling and it was another messy performance. But energetic performance though. Overall i give him score 7/10

I thought, his second best performance so far. The gemilang of course the best from him. But his performance this week was one of the best. Very control, he nailed all the high notes, he looks so easy singing the song and very rileks. But his flasseto not so good. Overall i give him score 8.5/10

To be honest i really can say bad things and good things about her performance tonight. All right, let me say the good things first.
1. The rendiations were beautiful
2. Dynamic was great
3. Vocal control was excellent
4. The accapella version was beautiful
5. The soul and feeling were fantastic
Now let me say the bad things
1. It was overdone @ over modified arrangement. Until i did not familiar with the song.
2. She strached her vocal too much...she doesn't looks rileks on stage
3. The melody was too soft and very jazzzyyyyyyyyyyy....made me felt a bit boring.

Overall..i thought, she must be very..very becareful when wants to re-arrange the melody especially for a popular song. Because a popular song..if you wanted to beautify it again, means you are taking a risk. Either EXCELLENT or BULLSHIT!!!! Overall performance i give her 8/10

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE JUDGES SAID IT WAS GREAT. For me it was another repetation types of performance. He made the same thing for four weeks in row now. I had enough from him. He should try something now. It was expected performance from him and he did not WOW me. Sorry......i know it was creative by modifying the song to be a bit rocky...but as i said it was expected and repetation performance. Overall i give him 7.5/10

OK, My weekly ranking
1. Aweera (i just like to see his rilek-ness in delivering the song..and he nailed all the high notes)
2. Esther (i like the rendiation, voice control and the accapella trial but DO NOT OVER MODIFIED especially a popular song)
3.Amylea (it was good from her but i would expect more!!)
5. Nine (It was messy performance but energetic)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My blog displayed on

Credit to

About 3 days ago, i blog about the AF's popularity. On my blog i did mentioned about AF's popularity in Brunei is twice compared here in Malaysia. This evening, i was googling "andrik mcvean" and i found my name appeared on On that site, the write said "AF is more popular in Brunei than in Malaysia? To be Proud or Shame of?"! *LOL* never thought they read my blog. But i'm happy though, at least somebody read my blog...:D

The most popular state in Malaysia??? Which State???

Sometimes i asked myself. Which state is the most popular in Malaysia? Even if my friends asked me, i really don't know. Very difficult to say. But what i've done today in the office, i used google hits and trends to check the popularity of each state in Malaysia. Lastly, i made a conclusion (this is based on google result) SABAH IS THE MOST POPULAR STATE IN MALAYSIA. Don't believe it? Of course it is not proven yet!!! but GOOGLE (which is the most
popular search engine in the world) captured data (traffic) around the world, counted them and as a result sabah too far popular compared to the other states. Just look at the pictures below. I made comparisons among states in Malaysia.

sabah (blue), penang (red), sarawak (orange), johor (green)

sabah (blue), pahang (red), selangor (orange), kuala lumpur (green)

sabah (blue), terengganu (red), perak (orange), kelantan (green)

For this one, i used google search engine to trace the number of hits.

Total hits (Summary)

1. Sabah - 50,600,000 (the winner!!! is sabahhhhhhhh...with 50 millions hits!!)
2. Kuala Lumpur- 25,600,000
3. Penang - 12,900,000
4. Selangor - 12,500,000
5. Johor - 12,100,000
6. Perak - 10,200,000
7. Sarawak - 7,520,000
8. Terengganu - 7,440,000
9. Kedah - 6,990,000
10. Melaka-6,490,000
11. Kelantan - 6,490,000
12. Pahang - 5,450,000
13. Perlis - 4,400,000
14. Negeri Sembilan - 3,230,000
15. Labuan - 2,410,000

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Earth quake in Italy kills over 150

Map of L'Aquila, Italy
Here is the summary for the earth quake in Italy;

Tragedy location - Centered near L'Aquila about 70 miles northeast of Rome
Time - 3.22
AM before dawn Monday
Magnitude - 6.3 Richter Scale
Dead - 150 people
Injured - 1,500 people
Homeless - 100,000 people
damaged or destroyed buildings - 10,000 to 15,000 buildings

Monday, 6 April 2009

AirAsia wins the World's Best Low Cost Airline

When i got checked my email last night, i received an email from airasia mentioning about their award being World's Best Low Cost Airlines. Congratulations to AirAsia for the award. At least another award to a company from Malaysia. Keep it up!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

AF is more popular in Brunei than in Malaysia?

You believe it or not Akademi Fantasia is more popular in Brunei than in Malaysia. In fact, the Google popularity in Brunei is twice compared in Malaysia. Wow....Astro still allow brunei to vote the students? Once again I used google trends to check the popularity of AF and the chart shows that most of the users came from Brunei, followed by Hong Kong and lastly Singapore.
And distribution based on City Kota Baharu is the most (nie kelantan kan??? LOL..nampak sangat hipokrit...any concert in kelantan will be banned but....kalau tengok popularity...dari kelantan yang paling ramai...hipokrit!!!!). O ya, followed by Kota Kinabalu (wow...memang popular plak AF nie in Sabah). Thirdly is Sarawak and followed by Brunei. Kalau tengok from KL, not even listed in top 10. Well, no wonder most students from KL usually keluar awal...because no one bother to watch..*LOL*

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ulasan Akademi Fantasia 7 - konesrt 4-

Apakah yang dimaksudkan transformasi di akademi fantasia 7? mungkin tranformasi baru saja bermula pada minggu yang konsert yang keempat ini. Namun segalanya berubah apabila antara pelajar yang paling berbakat tersingkir keluar. Namun itulah hakikatnya yang cuba diketengahkan oleh Pihak akademi fantasia apabila gimik lebih penting berbanding bakat. Sekali lagi saya membuat perbandingan antara OIAM 3 dan AF7, jarak kualiti diantara dua rancangan realiti yang popular ini bagaikan langit dengan dasar laut. Rubisa dan Zizi merupakan antara pelajar yang mempunyi bakat yang sangat besar, namun begitu, pengundi di seluruh Malaysia terlalu buta untuk menilai bakat seseorang. Situasi ini pernah berlaku pada peserta yang bernama idayu, apabila peserta AF4 ini terkeluar pada minggu yang kelima. (* why my ulasan very skema???? LOL*)

OK guys, let start my review about persembahan para pelajar malam tadi...

nice song selection. The eyes were sexy and the voice also sounds rock. The gaya and style were there. Very nice attitude in singing the song.Vocally it was good and very control.
Score: 7/10

First note a bit pitchy. After that, it was great and the song selection also very nice. The movement also nice even though not so sharp. Considering him as AF 7 student instead of OIAM 3,he did a good job (if he is in the OIAM 3...i will give him score 5/ 10). His score is 7/ 10

The vocal sounds very weak and very..very pitchy. In fact...most part of the song sounds sumbang...and flasseto note very..very horrible (sudahlah very...horrible just imagine how bad his singing.). Most part of the song pun tidak sampai...adoi!!!!! Considering him as AF7 contastent, his score is 4 /10

He sounds very pitchy and most of the notes he did not hit it sharply. A bit bored and most of the part a bit sumbang. However chorus part of the song he did quite good actually.
Score: 6 / 10

Very good drama on the stage and the performance was intresting as well. The rockers style was there. The voice also quite good even though sedikit terganggu dengan her movement.
Score: 7/10

Good voice control. The feeling was there, voice projection was good as well. Great vocal. It is not easy to sing this song but she did it very good.She is able to sang and held the high notes of the song consistently eben though she looks struggling. Considering the song's difficulities. Score: 7.5/10

Oh Gosh!!! this guy should be OUT this week. He ruined CT's beautiful song. He doesn't have the package to be an artist. He look ugly with his messy hair, even his voice also very..very horrible. The drama on the stage made me wnnna puke. If i were the girl pegang-pegang tangan dia..OMG...i'm gonna Die!!! Very flat!!!no rendiation and no dynamic!!!

The performance was fun and entertaining. The communication with the audiance was great. Vocally it was good but still need to be improve especially at the lower notes. His lower note sounds a bit weak and sometimes flat. Overall i give him 7/10

It was a feeling performance and it was really very good. The vocal, the feeling, the face expression, dynamic, vocal range wow....everything were there.The vocal was great...i love it. Score: 8/ 10

OMG...even already his second time performance he still forgot the lyrics? thats really horrible. If the vocal is great doesn't metter lah. Nie plak..vocal pun cukup-cukup makan jer. Nasib baik lah it wasn't a pitchy performance. It was alright anyway...just the early part memang problem. Score: 5.5/10

Her eyes were sexy..rite? LOL!!! but she has a bit problem especially at the lower notes. But for the higer notes she did a great job. It was a fun and intresting performance. The audiances had fun though.
Score: 7.5/10

My weekly ranking:
1. Claudia 2. Rubisa 3. Aishah 4. Zizi 5. Isma 6. Akim 7. Aril 8. Hafiz 9. Qhaud 10. 11. Sidi 12. Yazid

Pelajar yang terkeluar di konsert ke-4 AF 7 ialah Rubisa dan Zizi

Friday, 3 April 2009

OIAM3 - Top 6-

Wow....elimination is comming very very soon....who will be eliminated tonight? and who will be immunied tonight? I was thinking and spending my time for almost a week to wait concert in top 6. I was a bit dissapointed last week when only 2 or 3 of the contastents did a great job. The rest just like OK level and not wow - ing me....I hope tonight they will blow me away....*LOL*. Last night's OIAM3 diaries showed Rizu was winning the vote result followed by aweera. Esther fall from 1st place to 3rd place. Same to Amylea when she also fall from 2nd place to 4th place. Simon and Nine were in the bottom two. But who will be eliminated tonight?

Biasanya peserta yang terakhir nie jarang tersingkir. Usually yang jadi mangsa ialah yang second last or third last. And they are either Simon and Amylea. Esther in the middle...but we will see....what malaysian have done tonight!!!!!

OK, Rizu just left us and it was very sad. Yes..the result actually is a little bit suprised because i was expecting either one of the contastents in bottom three will be voted out tonight. But my prediction was far..far away. Huh???? amazing isn't??? i never thought Rizu will be eliminated based on his peroformance and also the voting result last night. He was in the 1st place but just within 24 hours, everything could changed. Bye Rizu, you are the weakess link.

Now lets talk about the contastents' performances tonight. O ya before that, no more immunity??? what i've read on this blog was true. Let start the review.

First of all, i must say his performance was just about the same. SAME FORMULA????? by singing female song and twist the song to be rock song and the music arrangement is almost the same? I do not mind he did it but i do mind for tonight because he did the same thing for 3rd times already. For me its kind of trying to doing the same thing every week. Vocally, it was good and the performance of course it was really good. Singing Rihana song and modified the music arrangement was really creative but please don't do the same thing again next week. Otherwise Malaysian will get bored with it. Try something new plaese....
I give him 4 stars / 5 stars

She did a realy great job tonight. Vocally it was very strong and clear. Very good voice projection and the the communication with the audiance also very good. Music arrangement was really creative and she delivered the song greatly. Voice control also very good but her flasseto note a bit weak. Overall performance i give 4.5 stars / 5 stars

First of all, i just want to be honest i don't really like the song and for me the song is a bit bored. But the she did a great job in modifying the song and it sounds great (even though the begining part of the song a bit bored). She is so creative and the voice sounds very, very great. Maybe its not over if i said her voice still not available in Malaysia. I really can wait for her album. The performance was great as well, with the rose and was really intresting and fun. I give her 4.5 stars / 5 stars

For me he picked a very nice song and i like the song. So far his best performance!!!! he improved so much when he picked the song. But sometimes i thought the song is quite easy and doesn't show his vocal range. The song is very straight to the point and i did not see any part of the song to push him to strach his vocal. But the performance on the stage is really great. I give him 4 stars / 5 stars

What can i say? It was a photocopy performance!!!! It was great because he can sing the song but it was a DULL performance and doesn't show his creative-ness!!! I give him 3 stars / 5 stars

Forgetable performance from him. It wasn't very good but vocally it was great. Very nice husky voice but the performance on stage was empty and nothing special. Its just like standing on the stage and singing and thats it. SO i give him 3.5 stars / 5 stars

OK, my weekly ranking is
1. Amylea 2. Esther 3. Tomok 4. Nine 5. Simon 6. Aweera

Thursday, 2 April 2009

American Idol top 9

First of all, i have to be honest and say that American Idol is not as good as I expected tonight. What a pity huh? In fact, only two or three of the contastents did a great job. The rest is just local level. Secondly, this is my first time blogging and doing my review regarding to American Idol contastents. Thirdly...i am doing experiment ...*LOL* OK guys, let me start.

I missed half of his perofrmance because i got back from my dinner about 9.40 PM. But based on his half peroformance, i thought he has a strong ballad instrument. The vocal is very clear, good communication with the audiance and good vocal projection. Even though, it wasn't his best performance but i just like it. So i give him 7.5/10

It was so romantic from him. With the piano, it was really soft and beautiful. Very touching performance, with his disability i can see the feeling was there. Voice projection is very good and the flasseto also very nice. The song is just suit with him and he did a great job in delivering the song. I give him 8/10

The begining of his performance it was a bit pitchy especially the low notes. Sorry i have to say this but it was true. In fact, i have to agree with Simon because his voice sounds unnutural. He picked the worng song and a bit shakky actually. Its just a little bit bored performance from him. I give him 7/ 10

Megan * eliminated *
I just don't like her rendiation and the vibrato. Sounds like mumbling for me. Sorry to her fan. But that was what i felt. A bit bored and the song doesn't show her vocal range and sounds like an easy song. I give her 7/10

Vocally, it was an excellent performance from him. Yeah!!! i like the vocal, the feeling was there and he sang the song with his own style. It was really different from the original version. Congrates!!! i give him 8/10

Very good music arrangement and vocally it was excellent and she has a unique husky voice. I like the first stanza of the song because it sound very different and shows her real voice. But what a dress???? the drees looks like she is a clown rocker. I give her 8/ 10

I just have to say, I like her vocal. It was really clear and very strong. She hit the high notes easily and the voice projection also excellent. She can hold the high notes easily as well. I love it.
I give her 8/10

Kris *My Favourite *
Very clear vocal and good voice projection as well. Other than that, it was really a creative performace. I am sure a lot of girls voting him because he is cute. Lucky him....he has a great vocal he worth to be voted. I give him 8/ 10

Adam *My Favourite *
He always blew me away in every performance. He born to be creative and knows how to beautify the song. He knows how to tackle the judges and American. He know what he is doing and knows how to pick a sing. He has a great vocal and very creative! It was great performance from him. I give him 8.5/ 10

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

American Idol is very popular in Malaysia

First of all, American Idol is very popular in Philippines. Just look the trends and charts (i used google trends) below show most American Idol keywords hits come from Philipines, followed by United States and singapore. And if you look Malaysia, google counted and ranked Malaysia in top 5. That means, American Idol is very popular in Malaysia. In fact, third in Asia and fifth around the globe.

Malaysia Ranked number 5

Google trends shows the popularity of American Idol in years.

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