Tuesday, 28 October 2008

It was my happening week end

I just so happy......happy...happy.....happy...lastly i met my all my nices in KL and Penang. Thanks God.

We had gathering at KLCC and it was really wonderful moment. After almost a year we didnt meet, lastly last week we met togather. It was really difficult to find our free time. Yeah...i had planned it last months but sadly we can't meet because everybody busy with studies. After tried hard lastly we met at KLCC. It was really fun. Well...u know i didn't meet them for almost a year and lastly we met. We had loud laugh. So many things we've chatted.

No time to wash...so i took them to the Laundary

Look..can't wait for dinner or final project presentation...pink shirt with pink tie...hehehe

I hate to wash these things...thats why i sent them to the laundary

Argh...i'm so tired..i'm sleepy..i just submit my thesis to my supervisior. So, she will check it and i have to meet her tommrow. Just in case if she ask me to any some corrections (certain! she will ask to do some..i guess). So i was too tired last night, in fact now i'm tired. I didnt sleep since last night and now i'm writing this post. Huhuhu...crazy!!!! life..what the "Fish"???? I really need some rest later. Mmmm....So since i was very..very tired like crazy...i took all my dirty chlotes to the laundary last nigt. And...happy news...lastly i have PINK long sleeve. LOL! My nieces ask me to buy them actually because they said its so nice....

Monday, 27 October 2008

Currently at KL sentral meeting some friends

Sleepy..so i ordered nescafe ice

Hello Guys, I'm sleepy and now at KL sentral. Meeting with some friends. I went to bed at 6 am this morning and i have to get up at 8 am. Just 2 hours slept huh? Gosh....am still tired. Even yesterday i went to Serdang gathering with my nieces. So nice..after long time we haven't met lastly yesterday we met and have "a loud laugh". So happy....Dont know when we could meet again. My niece who studying in penang just took the bus just now. Another two nieces just gone to their collage just now as well...my other niece will leave to Damansara later (also studying)...Miss them all..wish i could meet them next time. Now i'm at KL sentral so sleepy with my little laptop + camera and MP3 player. Waiting some other friends will be comming soon. Now "hidupku ibarat gembala kambing" LOL...

Friday, 24 October 2008

I'm so tired

Its me...so tired with my thesis...thats my friend charles. Charles in the red shirt
Guys, i just got back this evening. So i'm so tired. Actually i met eight respondent regarding to my thesis. Very..very tiring actually. I stayed at my niece's place and that night i went to bed at 6 am and i got up at 1.30 pm. I thought i can get back to shah alam before afternoon. Fuhhhh......its ok. The most important thing is i can get respondents. Now i got it and now i'm busy analyzing the result. Tired...tired....

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Lets Eat.

Lets eat guys
I'm off to KL. Just eat this meal.
Don't shy just eat it.

I've test my system and 8 more to go

Hi friends, to all bloggers. How is life? Hope life is ok. My life is so terrible at this moment u know. I have to go many places to test my system. I've done some improvement as April said. Actually i will be off to KL and Serdang tonight. Coz i need to meet another 5 respondent regarding to my system. Huuuu...hope i have enough energy. I think i have coz i went to bed at 7 o'clock in the morning and got up at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I feel that was my real rest. So nice!!!! Now my enegry is 70% recovered. However i need 100 plus. Later i will buy one. I'll be back tommrow morning. Hopefully i can finish chapter 5 and 6 before monday.

OK, yesterday i met April at Kenanga 3 (where she staying). So as she said on her blog...between the reality and illusion. I knew her from her blog and she knew me frm the same way. Hahahahaha....now she met me and I met her. O ya, thanks so much to her and her friends. They are so nice..Thanks once more time for being my respondents. We chat so many things from campus life to politics to economy, etc....hahahah...also about TOEFL. April...sorry because i really not sure where is kuala penyu (She shock like monkey coz i did not know where is kuala penyu..heheheh). I will buy a sabah map....hahahaha

OK guys, i will be off to Serdang and KL tonight, so just leave me message ya. Will be back tmrw.

Monday, 20 October 2008

I'm a lucky visitor

If you notice i'm the 2008 th visitor for April blog yesterday.
Huhuhu this year is 2008 and i'm the 2008th visitor .
Now i'm looking for 20008, 200008..and so on.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Thanks to 100 plus

This is a "man" who boosts my energy

Hello guys, i just got back last night around 11 pm. I am so tired. Very..very tired u know. I had very..very...fun time in KL and Serdang (at my nieces). I went to KL city about 3 pm afternoon last friday and met some friends at Istana Hotel. We had a very late lunch at there. After that, we went to BB plaza and Pavilion (I hate these places actually). Nothing to do actually and i didn't buy anything because the prices are very expensive. Sorry...i can't afford. LOL! Then that night we spend to *Tuttttttttttttt* (sorry sensored). Just to cuci mata and having fun at there. Late night i got back at shah alam. Actually i was too tired but i wonder to myself because after went to the night club and got back i still can finish one chapter of my final project (it was 30 pages). So i went to bed at 7 o'clock in the morning. I got up early saturday about 11 am. My nieces rang me and invited me go to their place. And i said "OK..no problem!!". So i took the train from Shah alam to KL sentral and from KL sentral to Serdang. Excellent..we had a small party at there, even though just 4 peoples (but doesn't metter). Huuuu....we went around Serdang (not too much to see actually) with my niece's car. Until very late night, as usual we went to *tutttttttttttt *(sorry..again sensored). Got back around 2 o'clock. I stayed with my nieces. So sunday morning, as usual we spent too much time around serdang...just cuci mata and waste some money actually. Yes..really we were wasting some money by doing something very useless (bagus kalau kaya banyak duit..LOL)..huuu..so at night time we went to karaoke center but before that we went to bowling center (yes sia menang lawan diorang). Huhuhuhu...so lastly i got back at shah alam flat number 41 about 11.30 pm. Huuuu...so tired.....BUT THANKS TO 100 PLUS. 100 PLUS is a booster. Gives me more energy....now i'm writing this post about 4.44am. I will be in bed soon. I just finish another parts of my research project.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

OK guys...Lets go with me

YES...I'M So Tension...My thesis submission date is almost there..But i can'f push my brain anymore...so the solution is.....tonight i'm going to the night club in KL. Lets GO Bebe....Forget everything....Fuck It!!!!


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Popular keywords hit my blog

how come huh?
Hahahaha..i feel funny. I logged into my nuffnang account just now and i click the keyword link. So i saw this and i feel like is my blog popular for sexs? LOL. Can't believe it. Actually many other keywords but i cut it and just display for first four most popular keywords hit my blog. FYI, since my unique visitor decreased under 100 (for the 2 days), if you typed my name "andrik" google lists my blog number two. Last week google list my blog number one. Now they list me number two..Damn...shitt...
Look..i print screen frm mozzila. My blog is ranked listed number 2 by google (drop already). Last week it was number one when my unique visitor almost 200 per day.

But yahoo still list me as number one tough! Hehehe...wait and see next week ya. O ya..my unique visitor is increasing since my last post. Good...good..

Arghhhhh...what happened to my blog???

My lowest unique visitors

Argh....so tension! I did notice my unique visitors on 12 of OCT and 13 of OCT is under 100. That is so..so..unbeliveable. Now i'm worried about it. isk..isk...isk....Usually my unique visitor is almost 200 per day. But dua days ago...my unique visitor is only 70 and 81. Ohhhhhh..Nooo...(cry)....

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Kesilapan soalan peperiksaan PMR

Click the picture to see larger view

Keliru mencari jawapan yang tepat

OK guys, I had meeting with my supervisior today and after finished my discussion with her i went to seksyen 2 and had my lunch at there. So i bought this newspaper (kosmo) and read it page to page. So....after finished my foods, i continue my reading and i saw very intresting title "Keliru mencari jawapan yang tepat". You can click the pictures above and hopefully u can read it.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Funny error on my friend's PC (Solved)

OK guys, any of you have suggestions? or an idea? what are the posibble causes of this error. Two days ago, my friend started up his PC and he laughed loudly and he said "Andrik meh sini jap". And i replied "pesal?"...and he said "jap ler..tengok nie..pelik giler..lucu plak tuh". OK, the i went to his bedroom and he said "tengok PC aku nie". So i looked at his monitor and i read message. You kow what next? I looked at him and i laughed lodly. Hahhahaha..no lah..actually its a bit funny because i never get such error before. I mean maybe something wrong with his motherboard (I guess). But how come microsoft can display such a message? Funny..really..as a user we can't detect and doesn't have any clue. Huuuuu.....another funny day in my life. Wants to google it but....lazy lah.

If u can read...it says Magic Error

OK..u can look closely here...

Magic error? any idea?

OK the problem is solved..the problem actually because there is a software has been installed and doesn't compatible with Window operting system.

Open house ...thanks for my friends

OK guys, now i'm a bit free after struggling and put so much effort on my system development. I can say so far i have completed the prototype of my system called e-commerce generator. However, still not confirm yet until the test result this week. So..maybe this week i will test my system and lets see the final result. If everything is OK (means no error)...means 100% completed. So..last saturday i went to my friends' flat (we all students so just rent the flat actually) and ate at there. As usual, i ate so much i guess. Hahahahah.....so i save at least RM10 last saturday. Usually my expenses for food is around RM5-RM10 (never cook at home so busy. Just go to hawker center and buy what ever i want.). Thanks Nana, Nor, Yus, Ruzilla and also ana for the open hiuse. Maybe i should call Open flat since it is flat not a house. LOL!


ok..ni lah yang buat open house..

They are my classmates

wow..ala.ala vege..gitew..

mmm.....simple but delicious...trust me..

Ops..me in blue...just got up...struggling my system development

Friday, 10 October 2008

Pantun 18sx

OK guys, if you think this pantun is stupid or i am stupid because posting this pantun, please get out of here NOW!!! Do not left me a crap message by saying "Jaga tingkah laku when blogging" or "ingat sorga" or what ever(based on my experience). Because you can't control me and you can't do anything to me. Yes, i am stupid that is why i write these pantun. I like pantun because i was ex pemantun when i was in high school era. In fact, i am one of the fastest make pantun. When i was pemantun at school i can write pantun not more then 10 seconds that time. But now, i can't do it anymore. Kena banyak buat exersice bah tuh..just like when u are learning mathematics and programming. Oh...when i talk about my high school era...so many memories. Menang kalah semua ada as debater, pemidato, penyajak and also pemantun and forum-er...wow....rinduuuu..........and one of my worst performances is when i was 13 years old and i forgot what is the second stanza of my poem when i on the stage. Shit.....bikin malu bah! I turun pentas and terus went to the toilet because the audiences laughed at me. And my best memories are when i nomited by the judges as the best debater, penyajak and also pemidato. OMG...ala ala celebrity masa tuh terima hadiah..sekali gus...Anyway..stop about it..now let me present you my 18sx pantuns....jeng...jeng...jeng...

kukata mari kau kata tak mahu
kukata mengapa kau kata tak panjang
kalau gunungmu sebesar limau
jangan didamba galah yang panjang

bukan didamba galah yang panjang
tapi gunungku mahal harganya
gunung bukan sebarang gunung
sebesar limau baru putingnya

egomu memang sukar dipukal
jual mahal siang dan malam
kalau galahmu panjang sejengkal
usha mencari perigi yang dalam

memang egoku sukar dipukal
kujual mahal ada maknanya
walau galahku panjang sejengkal
tapi galahku bertahan lamanya

Pantun yang membayangkan lelaki:
jinak jinak burung merpati
jinak lagi burung sendiri
burung merpati ditangkap lari
burung sendiri ditangkap berdiri

Thursday, 9 October 2008

My PC is break down

Mmmm....something wrong with my PC. I dont know what happened. Virus? mmm..can't be. I suspect only two things might cause this problem. First is maybe my operating system corrupted or maybe something wrong with my hardware. Maybe one of the wires didn't work properly. Or maybe by Hard disk? Mmmm...i dont think so. So i feel upset now..because my system that i'm developing doesn't works properly in Windows Vista. It works byt if i run my system on Windows xp it is better. I need to repair my PC as soon as possible. I need to test my system in bothe platform (Vista and XP)....Another tiring day....Now i test my system on my laptop and 95% works. Another 5% because Vista did not support PHP winrar source code. Means i have to modify the source code.

I started uo my PC yesterday and i can't access my window

Sorry...my room is too messy..u know my busy semester

Look...it says NTLDR is missing...i will try to google it to find the causees.

I am currently busy like crazy

Something like this...my current condition..

Yes..thats is my current situation or condition. I am busy like crazy..i have to complete my System called "e-commerce template generator" version 2.0. Huuu..last night i went to bed at 6 am in the morning and also got up about 11 am this morning. As usual i skipped my lunch again today. I am so busy like crazy. I never feel like this before and i think i am dying. In fact, i need to test my system next week. So this means, i must complete it this week. I just finished my home based test just now..and now i really force myself to update my blog. As usual i have to stay up again tonight..so will be in bed at 5 or 6 am again. Huuu.....o ya, i just received an email from IBM to confirm the agreement regarding to my professional certificate. So i accepted the agreement and the course will be run from 24th of NOV until 23rd of DEC. O yeah..i can't wait.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Blogs of the week

Holllaaaa....i just got up at 8 am. First of all, let me tell you something. Yesterday was my very...very tiring day. In fact it was raining and i really not in mood to go to class. But after think and rethink...lastly i managed go to class. My classses from 12 pm until 7 pm (direct....non stop bah). And i got back home at 7.30 pm. So i went to bed (extremly tired) and i thought i can get up at 10.30 pm. Lastly..when i got up this morning it was 8 o'clock (oh.......i had a very good sleep..LOL)..OK..so its time for me to update my blog and time for me to promote your blogs. So here is the list of bloggers that often visited my blog.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Today my mood is ???? ..................


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Having fun with my hair..LOL

First of all, So what? this is my blog..i can do and i can post anything i want. Yes, that will be my answer if somebody send me and say the blog is stupid or over or whatever. As long as i'm happy, i will do what ever i like. So..to all readers, if you think this post is over or maybe whats the point...just GET OUT OF HERE. Otherwise, this is what i've done today. Huuuu...i dont know. I just feel blur and i do not have an idea what shall i post. So..when i was having my shower today, suddenly my brain says.."why dont you snap your head with your hair and post them on your blog? LOL". So..i went to my room and took my camera and snap it. Actually my intention is to snap the hair not to snap other parts of my body. Huhuhuhu....

Sorry..i have no idea to write...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Happy Birthday to Me !!!!!!

Its My Birthday Today 4th of OCT
YAHOOOOO.......I'm getting Older..

In fact Nit dedicated me this song titled Home..Thanks s much to Nit

Friday, 3 October 2008

I was so busy with my project friday's afternoon..

Yeasss.....i was so busy today (friday) with my project..i thought i as dying and i thought my brain has been stuck within source codes. LOL...over? yes..something like that. I think so. You know why? because i did realize my supervisior sent me an email and she said she is not satisfy with my system. Not all...but there are certain function she wants me to change to be more fancy so my system could looks more powerful. Fuhhh....ambik ko!!!!! i just converted my system to Object Oriented Programming method and now its time for me to do what she wants. I have to change the layout, icons arrangements, template...etc....oh..yeah...FYI..i've eaten so much chocolate when i'm doing programming...

Kan....almost finish...

Huuu...tmrw...will continue to do it

Ops....just rambling snap

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Blogs of the week

Huuuu......happy raya day to all my friends. Me? just in my little room and i'm going out later. Somewhere i can get fresh air..LOL. So boring in my room. All my friends have gone to their hometwon. So here is the result for blogs of the week. Huuu....jeng...jeng...jeng...who is the most "hardworking (can i use this word as paling rajin??)" bloggers have visited my blog? Hehehe...so i should advertise their blog lah. Thanks so much because became a regular "customer" of my "kadai kupi" LOL.






Please do visit their blog. As usual..the more your traffic from your blog to my blog the higher your ranking.

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