Thursday, 30 September 2010

Blogs of the week contest

Hello guys, as appreciation for the visitors of this blog. I am doing blogs of the week contest. How it works? it's so simple because what you need to do is to visit my blog and if the number of visit of your blog is in top five then your blog will be advertised on my blog for a week just like the picture above. I will calculate the number of visit by the first day of the week which is Monday. So...those who want his/her blog to be advertised then do visit my blog. You might want to link/follow my blog first so i can track your visits easily.

Luca lucas hits my blog and his popularity

Luca lucas is a person who used to be very popular for just a week or two. His name hits my blog from different search engines for 611 times. Wow...just within a week. He was (and i hope he is still) very popular. I bet he this key word hits another thousands blog on the internet. Followed by ugliest women...shall i say Luca lucas is the ugliest women in the world? even though he is a man. For those who don't know who Luca lucas is...just google it and you will see what he did to sabahan and to sabah. His identity has been found and will be taking to the jail. Huh..i hope so and i wonder what happened to him at the moment. Is he in Johor? oversea? somewhere in Malaysia? Ran away? or JAIL? to know more about this guy....he is really fucking freak!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I'm back to school - boring


Luca luca's apology (Mr.Sehat's aplogy)

I woke up a bit late today. Yes i did! It was 9 am, i had my shower, shave, this and that. I straight away went to the kitchen and made a cup of latte. Well, my usual drink as i love latte so much just like cappuccino. Anyway, serve mr.sehat right for being rude to sabahan. I can accept his apology of course but i think it is better if his apology is verbally instead of writing on latter. OK..ok....that's one of the examples to all people especially in Malaysia not to mess up with sabahan or you will get something back.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

White rice and your diet

I have read this link and here is my short and simple review about this article. Overall, the writer did make a comparison with other foods such as pasta and bread with rice explaining that rice is still the best. In fact, it does say shortly why white rice is the best cryohydrate in a weight loss diet. However, it does not clarify how white rice as being hypo-allergenic, easily assimilated, and energetically neutral of the grains can be the best cryohydrate in diet. Someone who is on diet I guess wants to know about these facts more and how they benefits to human’s body.

In addition, the fourth paragraph the writer suggests not having too much rice as it is not a good idea. In my opinion, the writer should write this down in the first paragraph because the reader might feels cheated by this article after all the nice things about rice explained in the first paragraph. In fact the first paragraph says you can have it all day and every day but the fourth paragraph says it is not a good idea having rice too much.

Moreover the article supposes to concentrate on the benefits of rice in diet instead of including a few unnecessary things the story of people in china fed with rice. I don’t think this is something that the writer should include in the article. Other than that, there is no conclusion in this article to emphasis one more time about how good white rice is in diet.

My trip to Scotland

Very tidy and clean
Lovely city
the street in Edinburgh

Me in front of the castle

Love this one

For those who have been to Scotland especially in Edinburgh then i's sure you know have seen all those pictures. But for those who haven't..then here is the time to take a look some parts of the city. Ha..ha...ha...a friend of mine told me that this city is older than Cardiff and London and yes i agree with him. I can tell the truth from the buildings ages. I felt like i went back to 500 years ago when i was there. But the city was really clean and hardly you can litters/rubbish. I wish KL is like that. Anyway..i was in Scotland last week and actually was going to climb a mountain however due to bad weather condition, i had to cancel it. I arrived at the basement about 10 am and it was so misty, raining, windy and cold. My friend did not recommend to climb the mountain because it was too dangerous. least i've seen Edinburgh city and it was really lovely. I had fantastic 4 months holiday and now i am busy with my study. It starts today and my brain and body is still on holiday. I should get my ass off to the class soon..hahahahaha...

Monday, 27 September 2010

Do Malay women masturbate?

From my previous post about masturbate with cucumber. I searched more and more about this because it's so popular especially in Malaysia. Huh...i am quite surprised with google's popularity about this topic. are some and few things..what i call as embarrassing people.

The topic is

Perempuan Melayu Melancap Tak????

and here are some replies....

Oh let me know what do you think...those replies changed my perception about malay girls???

rosmah mansor wrote:
Melancap ni memanglah nikmat tapi batang lagi best.Kadang2 batang melayu ni cepat pancut sebab tu i melancap lg lepas main...batang negro besar tapi bau ketiak dia tak tahan pulak

liana wrote:
aku pon stem gak bila dgr crita2 mcm ni..smpai basah kkadang bila aku tgk crita lucah..mmber kt opis aku tu slalu ushar kt aku..nafsu aku ni kuat sbb aku ni jd gro..ketagih sampai skang..tlg aku..........

fadhilah wrote:
Terus terang Fad katakan..Fad memang melancap juga bila suami Fad seorang tentera pergi kursus atau latihan.Fad sunyi sangat..ada sesiapa yg pandai ghairahkan Fad tel Fad k..0125443373 dn 0129795466

siti wrote:
aku melancap pkai timun jer......
best oooooo

Sunday, 26 September 2010

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

I lost this song for 5 years and at last i managed to find this song on Youtube and i don't know i just suddenly managed to recall the title of this song. Don't you think it is so nice if we have the ability to turn back the time? Then i am sure there is no imperfect in this world. If this is the case then i am sure everything i do gonna be prefect. Yeah? Because all the mistake we've done can be corrected then the result would be perfect!!!!! In technology we can turn back the time especially in computer because it has UNDO utility but not in human's world. I mean in the reality. Once you've done it means you did it.

All i can say in my very post today is.....if i could turn back the hands of time i never felt the feeling of broken hearted. And of course my heart will never be stabbed.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Melancap guna timun - masturbate with cucumber

I got this idea after reading this blog, Well not me being naughty eh. It's just a part of like being someone who called as a man. Not necessarily for men but even for women could take this as a part of your life. I hope you all know what i mean. Mmmm....I have been reading that blog for a week now and i thought the write was a girl but actually it's a man. Lolzzz...

Anyway..back to the title of this post..i googled it. Not that because i want to do it...just a matter of curiosity. So i found few websites about "Melancap guna timun (masturbate with cucumber)". In fact the popularity level on google is quite high. So for those who like to take a look this simple and easy page please click here. what do you think? Have you ever think about it? Especially for guys!!!!! I never thought about it...seriously. Huh..what the heck huh???

Based on the article/ post, you will get maximum satisfaction ejaculation. I have no idea and i have no comment about this...but after finished reading the post i laughed to my friend. LOLZZ!!!! It seems like...say good bye to girls.....and say welcome to cucumber...

p/s: no girls no hurts???

Cnicht Mountain, mission accomplished

It was windy, rainy and misty

I believe i can fly

My course will start next in a few days time and i am trying to utilize my few days to enjoy myself or at least doing my hobby. I knew how busy myself would be next week. Huh..i knew exactly what am i going to do. But never mind because i will finish my master next year in june and not long to go. Then i should be start thinking what am i going to do. PHD or a Job. Well....let's do my master first. I did climb this mountain this today and i feel a bit exhausted now updating my blog. The path or track was not difficult but the weather was terrible. It was misty, windy and heavy rain but i did enjoy it and i did like it. For those who want to do mountain climbing i recommend this is one of my top ten choice in Wales.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Picture of Oxford University

We loved Oxford University

I don't really have enough time to publish many pictures of my niece and her friends' vacation in London and Paris. Well, i will publish more pictures soon as i am so busy at the moment. I have just finished climbing a mountain in Wales this afternoon and it was really cold up there. In fact, the wind was very strong blowing and it was heavy rain. But i managed to reach the top and get down back lol!. is a picture of me and my girls when we were in Oxford. Wow...lovely city to visit of course and never regret it. I love the old buildings and the gardens in Oxford. I love the people in the University because they welcomed us just like we are a part of the staffs. Oppsss...i need to go to bed now as tmrw is another journey..i am going to Scotland tmrw. See u folks xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The unbeatable Bambangan of Sabah in London

The night after
The night before

The unbeatable bambangan and and very eat with a nice dish makes you want to eat all the time. The is the power of bambangan. It encourages you to just eat and eat. But i love bambangan that is why i made the effort to take some bambangan from sabah before i get back to England. I managed to bring some with me even though i took the risk to put them in my suitcases. Wow....i was so worried the container might breaks and stain my shirts. But everything was safe and fine. Last night i had bambangan as a part of my meal and when i got up this morning i had rice and boiled egg as breakfast (i know it's very unusual for breakfast) and of course bambangan. I love bambangan and always love it. I grew up with bambangan and 15 years ago when i'm hungry i used to eat rice and only bambangan because we were poor. Long story how bosou, bambangan and tuhau becomes a part of my life. I always love it!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Street entertainers at London eye

Big hands gold man

How to spell it?? Cally Chaplin???

The scary silver lady

Hey..we went up to Big Ben and crossed the river through the bridge (pardon i forgot the name of the bridge). Went to London eye but we didn't go up but passed it by and we found those beautiful street entertainer. One pound each they put into their coin basket. Three acts means three pounds have been donated. Well, it was all right because first time to see those kind of act. But the most important is the act and of course the pictures because its mean so much to them the pictures. We did a lot of walk during the first day and they were exhausted. Ha...ha...ha...but they did enjoy it very much of course.

Man!!! at he time you are reading this post i am in Scotland doing some climbing and will be back to London in a few days time. I can't wait the course to start as my brain needs something to digest. Huuuuu.....going to bed now folks and see u again very soon. Bye xx

a chicken wing gets hot when you turn it on

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My girls a.k.a spice girls

London here we come
We are the chicky girls
Spice girls lost their way in London?? LOL!!!

I have been so busy taking my girls around London, Oxford and Paris. was really exciting but tiring. I have been spending most of my time with those three girls. Those pictures were taken during their first day in London. After those pictures have been taken i called them as spice girls. Hahahahaha...or London's top poser...don't' forget my London's top poser coming soon. Gosh!!! I wish i did not do that but i have done it and i have to post it here as requested by my niece. The pictures were taken in woolwich arsenal where they stayed for about 8 days in London. The first day aced their legs terribly and they had blisters on their foot. sleepy and need to get some rest now. Tmrw is another long journey...............

Monday, 20 September 2010

Tuhau arrived in London

New one brought by my niece last week.hehehehe

Lovly tuhau landed in London

I remember when i was in Penang, i wrote a post about tuhau and bosou landed in Penang. Well, that was long time ago when i still working with a multinational company Motorola. Not really long time because it was last!!!! Anyway..i feel so proud of myself because i managed to bring this delicious dish of sabah to a great big city of London. You know what..i knew they cabin crews would not allow me to bring this "smelly" dish with me on passengers' cabin that's why i put it in my luggage. The risk was if my container plastic did break, all my t-shirts will get dirty and i have to wash them all. The stain might be stay permanently and i do not want my "expensive" shirts will get dirty. Ha...ha..ha....i don't really have expensive was a joke.

Anyway...this is very hot dish of Sabah and of course i love it. I never thought my british friend dare enough to eat it. It was not as much as i had but he can take it. Wow....what a surprise huh? I've asked my niece who came visited me for a week in London and she brought me another bottle of tuhau. Wow......blastinggggg my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wonderful view of Paris on top of Eiffel tower

Hello everybody..i am back from Paris a few days ago but i didn't have the time to upload those pictures straight on my blog. What i did was i uploaded them on my facebook. For those who have added me on facebook i am sure you have seen those pictures. But for those who have not seen them can see 'em now. Paris is really nice and a lovely city. When i was there....thousands of tourists visiting Paris and we were just a few of them. It costs 13 euro to get up on top of the tower. We paid the price but we got one of the most best views in our life so far. We just love it and i can tell the views were breath taking!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Picture of Paris

We really enjoyed Paris and it was really a fabulous place to visit

What can i say? My few days holiday in Paris was really nice and i really enjoyed it. We were all five together with a friend of mine Bob who speaks french and it made our journey easier and less hustles. Thanks to Bob!!! We had a wonderful journey in with TGV train. The train ran 320 km/j and it was really fast. We had a wonderful seafood dinner in Calais as well. Ohh....what a journey. Eiffel tower blasted my perception about Paris and it does blew my head away. i know why Paris is always one of the most popular countries in the world. So many attractions in Paris and tourists come the from all over the world. Apart from we had to pay 70 cents for a toilet and they refused to speak english...we love Paris so much. Anyway....nothing more to say but i will revisit Paris again.....Add me on your facebook friends list so you can see all my pictures when i was in Paris.

I feel jealous

This picture is taken from nuffnang and please click the picture to enlarge

I feel so jealous ....well...of course i am not. But i feel so proud of them because of the effort and their blogs, popularity. Wowo...what the heck. For those who can read Malay i am sure will surprised about how people make online income from just doing blogging. This is really nice and amazing. Some bloggers in Malaysia for example could earn up to RM10k a month which is 2000 pounds a month. Not too bad if you live in the UK but you are incredibly have a very good income if you live in Malaysia. Well, i know blogging is not easy but at least you have the freedom of working. I mean you can update your blog anytime and anywhere without worrying being "snatched" by your Boss. Nuffnang really opened the chance of working from home with your hobby in Malaysia and of course thanks to Nuffnang!!!!

Cheers and am off to do a mountain in Wales this week end.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

There are a few facts about love that you must know

1. You don't know you love someone until you lost it

2. Love does not come if you don't strive looking for it

3. Love is killing

4. Love bring happiness and sorrow

5. Love is true but at the same time love is lie

6. Love brings your life to another world

7. Love is powerful

8. Love has nothing or something

9. Love caused something will happen either pain or hapiness

10. Love is either like a honey or poisons

Let me know which one do you like??????

France's Introduction!!!!!!

Lovely prawn and i put it on my glass of wine

Hi folks, i am still in France and updating my blog from the hotel where i am staying at the moment. Huh..what a tiring day huh???? This is my introduction of France. Ha...ha...ha....Tonight i had a lovely dinner at a seafood restaurant somewhere in Calais. I had lovely seafood and smoked salmon with a glass of white wine. Huh...lovely but i think the wine was a bit strong because i had a glass and i felt a bit funny after that. Mmm....maybe it was me being funny i mean because i was tired. Anyway...see you again soon..and am off again to bed...tmrw is another long journey to be created.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spiderman lost his way on the road in london

That's the spiderman trying to promote his pizza

Hi there i am back with a picture which i taken on our back from Oxford. It was rush hour and we were on our way driving back to London. It was so funny how this guy was trying to promote his pizza. He has to wear a spiderman custom to get the drivers' attention or who ever passed by this road. So many weird things could happen in UK huh? My previous post was about two different pieces of house on two different lorries. But this one is about this guy who is trying to promote his pizza to the folks on the road.
BTW, i am still in Paris at the time you are reading this post. Enjoying myself in Paris and of course the effiel tower (did i spell it corrently?)......i will be back in a few days time to London...bye folks..stay in touch with me with more pictures from London....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ready made house in the UK

Hi there, i am in Paris at the moment while the post is published. I took these pictures when we were on our way going to Oxford. Ha..ha...ha...i was just speechless when i saw this house on a lorry. Wow..what a huge different from what i've seen before. My God!!! But they look so interesting so beautiful as well. Well...this is many wired things and i would like to see more in england. I am in Paris at the moment enjoying myself with my niece and her friends. Well....see you again when i get back from Paris and more pictures will be uploaded....

Monday, 13 September 2010

Thinking for my PHD in computational biology

Standing in front of the department of computer science
I have been thinking to futher my study in computational biology and i have been searching for the best university and suprevisior for my PHD. Then at last i found Aberswyth university might be one of the best in computational biology. Mmmm..before i was off to Malaysia i had the chance to meet up with Prof.Chris and had a short discussion about the field. Well...i am very young and it was really a deep conversation about computational biology. I thought it's gonna be a simple light conversation. But what do you expect when you are meeting with a professor??????? Blastttt my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

They were 8 years ago

With some of my classmates

We really had fun this time

Really love the memories

These pictures were taken about 8 years ago and i managed to get them by a friend of mine. She scanned and posted them on facebook. Gosh!!! I just don't believe what i saw. Really nice to see those pictures. Love them all. This time was after our SPM examination and we decided to go to one of the nearest beaches from sschool. We had party at there and had loads of memories on the beach. Friends and I were very naughty because we should not swim in the sea but we did. Ha..ha...ha...ha...We shared hapiness and sadness from winning to losing. But we were one that time. Until this time we went out and created our own path in life. But....because of Facebook, we managed to get in touch. We always have the plan for our reunion party but never had the chance to do it. Maybe one day...I was not the best student among them but i was one of the top 5 students in my batch. But i lost my way when i was 18 when i didn't get an offer to matriculation and all my friends went there. I still think my application didn't arrived at the department that it supposed to be. It was very sad of me but at last i managed to go to the university and now i am doing my Master degree in software engineering. When i'm chatting with my friends on skype, fb or MSN/YM..they always proud for what i have achieved. There you go....i never thought i could speak english before but i am in London now. It's not prefect but my last semester's result was A1. Something to be proud with.

Varieties vegetables of Kundasang

Look at that...they are so yummy

Kundasang is very well known in Sabah because this place is the biggest vegetables plantation in Sabah. When i was on holiday in Malaysia last month i had the chance to buy some fresh vegetables there.

I miss those vegetables so much. Am not sure if i can get them here in England or even in the UK. Maybe some of tomatoes and potatoes. Not sure about the others. But when i was on my way going to north sabah for the good bye party my sister texted me to buy some vegetables in Kundasang. So i did buy some vegetables and they were so fresh and really really nice. Loved 'em all.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Overnight at Concorde hotel KLIA

My nephew. He came after he finished his job at 7 am. He rushed to the hotel and we had breakfast then took me to the airport.

In the morning i was going to the airport. You can see i am tired here.


I didn't sleep well that time. I had 1.5 hours

Those pictures were taken when i was staying at KLIA for my next journey to London. I was really tired that time. I could stay overnight at the airport but i was so tired and i realised there were few valuable things with me that time and i didn't want to take the risk. I stayed at Concorde Inn KLIA and not far from the airport. My niece and nephew can't take me at the airport to their flat in Serdang because they were working at night shift that time. So..that's why i decided to stay overnight at this hotel. It was okay but for the price i've piad i think it was a bit expensive. Mmmm...because for the price i've paid i had better accomodation. But what to say? Anything near by airports are expensive. The hotel does not impressed me :(

UK's garden - how to make jam?

See...the jam is on the way..lolz!!!

The final products

Ain't they lovely?

A few days ago I had the chance to help a friend of mine to pick up some tomatoes, green gage and damson from his garden. He showed to me how to make jam from green gage and damson. So what i did was i helped him to pick those fruits from its trees.I had no idea how to make jam until he showed to me. It was so easy but you need to control and watch the fire otherwise you will burn the jam and it doesn't smell nice or taste nice. I did enjoy it so much. It was fun except seeding process. Seeding process is taking out the seeds from its fuits. The seeds caused bitterness and you don't want a bitter jam.

Friday, 10 September 2010

More about Luca Lucas and the truth of him

Take a look how stupid he is

He has just showed his stupidity

I got these from this blog and it's very interesting for what he replied to Luca Lucas' comments against Sabahan or even Sabah. This fucking Luca Lucas really want to be sent to the 7th hell. Guys, here is the truth of Luca Lucas. BTW here is my previous post about him.

Mohammed Saufee Bin Sehat (Luca Lucas)


More about fucking Luca Lucas

That is Luca Lucas. The guy in yellow shirt

More about this fucking guy Luca Lucas. Based on his appearance he doesn't look like Sabahan but i might be wrong. But it does not matter weather he is Sabahan or Non he should not insult Sabah the Land Below the Wind. For those who missed my previous post about him please click this link . He should not be living in Malaysia because of what he said or commented on about Sabah. What a shame of him yeah? He thought he is safe by deactivated his profile on facebook. SERVE YOU RIGHT FUCKING LUCA LUCAS!!!!!

Your occupation, employer, location and your real name have been known!!!

P/s: Credit to this blog

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