Friday, 30 July 2010

The fucking lovely dish

Fucking lovely...bloody delicious..

Back again this afternoon. I have been so busy teaching my niece and nephew mathematics because next week is BB's PMR trial and Adk's planned test. Every night i have to go to their house to teach them few chapters. MMmm....Adk's has another 1 chapter to go so he is all right i guess but BB's has another 20 chapters to go..what!!!!! I just hope she can finish it before her trial. Anyway..last night I had dinner at their place and guess of the most wonderful dishes i ever had..and will be always missed..."BAMBANGAN AND IKAN MASIN"!!!!! Fucking fantastic...I said to my sister i will miss this one.......there were a few dishes last night, got chicken, fish, sausages, and some vegetables but...i liked the most...the fucking gorgeous BAMBANGAN AND IKAN MASIN!!!!! Did put some chilies and the Kasturi lemon...hell!!! it was heaven!!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Am not sad i just feel disappointed

Updating from yunon coffee shop i suddenly feel sad and a bit the same time i feel so nervous. many things on my mind. But i just cannot answer each of them. Sometimes i asked myself shall i or shouldn't i...but yes but no but's confusing. I just let it the song says life is like a roller coaster and don't fight it but just follow it. Mmmm...i better go now...

Monday, 26 July 2010

It's a lonely day

Hey you..yeah you..yes...U. I am having a lonely day. Very lonely...missing someone..I just had my lunch..only noodles..i just not in mood to cook something special for myself or even to anyone. All i want to do is to sleep..sleep..sleep...and sleep...I am fucking on my own. Nobody here...everybody has gone..what am i going to do in my bedroom? Oh shitt!!!!! Took a picture of my hair gels, my deodorants, perfumes and some other things....that's it for today....i'm off..don't know what to car, don't like TV..just a laptop with me..mmmm.......byeee xxxxxxx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I will miss all these dishes when i go back to England

missed this a lot when i was in england

i missed this as well..ikan bakar

wow..this is lovely

hehehe..this one is with ikan bilis

And this of course..the chicken sweet and sour.

Hello back again in my very boring story (as u know) but i know some people might like it. Anyway, you like it or not it's up to you because this is my blog and this is my territory and i can and will do anything i like....but some of you guys don't like it..i bet u will say ..showing off or what ever...but so what...ha..ha..ha..

I love cooking. I still remember my first time did cooking when i was 10 years old and was disaster..but as the time went by..i've improved my skills until when i was 13 years old my sister taught me a proper way to cook. I did enjoy it very much.

When i was 16 years old..i can cook properly without worrying too much about how the taste of my food. Well..well..well...a huge improvement actually. Since i came from the UK, i've been cooking for my family not only lunch but dinner.

Here are some pictures of dishes i've cooked for them...yummyyyyyy...i love them all..none of them disappoint my fmily..they all loved my sounds like i am blowing my own trumpet..if i didn't who else????

Dalit Beach Tuaran

It's me..
Lovely beach..


we did enjoy it very much

Yesterday sisters, brother, nephews and nieces (of course me) went to pantai dalit beach tuaran not far from mimpian jadi beach. After church we cooked at home and took the food to the beach. Not far from parents' place..just about 15-20 mins by car.

Anyway..initially we could not access the beach (we can't access the private beach own by the rasa ria resort)..we had to go through all possible paths to access the beach. At last we managed to find one and we drove the car through the path going on the beach. Wow....what a wonderful time we had! The beach was clean and the sand was white...very quite and very beautiful even though the weather wasn't very good because it was cloudy but the temperature managed to reach 28 degrees celcius..hehehehe

Next week we will go to another beach and we will enjoy it as much as we did like dalit beach...

Friday, 23 July 2010

Mee tuaran and nasi Campur 1B

Chicken, eggs, rice and vage

Tuaran noodles @mee tuaran

I did some shopping today in tuaran town and for the first time this year i had my mee tuaran or Tuaran noodles. It was fantastico amazzzing!! Hell...i almost asked for my second plate but since i have to control myself, i decided not to proceed to second order. hehehehe..After that i went to UiTM where my nephew does his banking studies.Drove to the University or well known as "University Tanpa Sampah" (University without rubbish >> leteral translation) and pick him up. Then we poped up to 1B for dinner and we had nasi campur. Wow..not bad but of course mee tuaran is still the number one. I love the soup, i love the chillies, love the noodles, chicken, bla..bla...i love every single ingredient in it. fantastic-co!!! He..he..he..

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tamu tamparuli @ Tamparuli's Market are the kuih kacang, kuih pisang, kuih sapi and some other kiuh..sorry forgot the name..
The fucking durians..most british don't like durians because the of the smell..they say very sting!!!LOL!!!

Love difficult to get fresh watermelons in England

Fresh fish..they look so yummy..i bought a kilo of fish for the price of RM20

Nah..these are some vege..

I went to Tamparuli market a few days ago..i took many pictures but i am so lazy to upload all of them. Only five pictures ya!!! I am lazy because the internet connection is quite slow. I am updating my blog from my parents' house and i am using broadband..hehehehehe..celcom bebs!!! but sometimes the connection is very dissapointing!!! Anyway...once again i did nothing today..but tmrw i have something exciting that i really looking forword...
p/s: i injured my knee painful

Tamparuli chinese mee soup

Or british called it noodle soup..he..he..he..last wednesday i went to a small town called tamprauli not far from where my parents live. I drove to the town early in the morning about 7 am. It took about 15 minutes to the town as my parents' house is between tuaran and tamparuli. The first thing i did was i went to the market and i played "tikam tikam"..if you are pure sabahan u should know it. Then i went to my favourite noodle soup...(we called it ah hing mee sup he..he..)..and as usual the quality is still the same...100% exactly the same..he..he..and ah hing mee soup probably one of the best noodles soup i ever had...BTW i am comparing the quality 10-15 years ago...i used to eat this every wednesday..hehehehe
p/s: Am stilll enjoying myself in sabah..yeah...yeah...

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yesterday was different - my new face - LOL!

Just got up..still on bed

Yesterday was very different..i suddenly banged by a huge holly shit of boring-ness. I shoud be enjoying my holiday but yesterday was just bloody shit of my life. Look at my face I have just got up from my fucking sleep and my eyes look sleepy..hehehehe. My brain was empty and i could not make up my mind to do anything. So i got up about 10.30 am and wasting my time on facebook, reading others' blogs, browsed these and that. I didn't realised the time passed by and it was 3 PM!!!!! I had my shower and went to bed again..and slept until 6 was crazy up at and had my shower at 7 pm. Huh!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

On Malaysia airlines' plane update

Argh..i was so busy today..i was so busy doing nothing hehehehehe...I did nothing...LOLZ!!! Anyway..when i was on the plane from KL to Sabah I flew with Malaysia Airlines and as usual the girls are all fantastic not like the stewardess work with Airasia (not all but most of them)....i was given options beef murtabak or chicken satay with rice. I choose murtabak was nice but i wasn't in a mood tht i could not finish it and i left the chocolate. Well, actually i gave the chocolate to the girl who sat next to me.

Opssss..bestnya banjir


Best main banjir...

tebalik perahu nie...nasib baik kamera ndak masuk air

It's been a few days i left my blog because i am enjoying myself with my nieces, sisters, brother, mom, dad, nephews, dogs and cats (kalau ada karabau..mau main karabau lagi bah)...hehehehe..I have been out most of the time except yesterday because i was bloody fucking tired. I had my full day what i did was played in the rain and swimming in the reminds me about my childhood..i still like to do all those things that i used to do..
today i am going to 1B..going to meet my nephew there and will have latte..hehehhe..i love latte...

Opssss..bestnya banjir

It's been a few days i left my blog because i am enjoying myself with my nieces, sisters, brother, mom, dad,

Friday, 16 July 2010

Bosou and tuhau susah dilepaskan..hehehehe

Shopping at Warisan square...and having a break at starbucks at the moment..

Wow..bosou...sedap bah nie... can i resist them?

Feel happier at the moment..he..he..he..when i was in KL i had those tow...tuhau and also bosou..very very nice and i loved 'em very much. Now i am in sabah and i have just finished my first round shopping. Later am going to CP and off to 1B..he..he..he..owhh...I LOVE SABAH SO MUCH>>>Bought something from quicksilver, Padini and Espirit..what's next??? mmmmmm Nike???

My nephew and the pounds

Leaving him in KL

lovely money..hehehe money..must be funny

Ha..ha..ha..when I arrived in KL about 2 days ago he was waiting me in front of the international arrival hall. Once he saw me..she shouted my name “UNCLE KENG!!!!” and ran towards me giving me a hug. First question he asked me was “how’s their money? Have you take some?” LOLZ!!!!! That was very funny and I replied to him “Yes..will show you in the car.” So we went to his sister’s car and he started to drive. When he was driving I showed him the pounds and he was laughing. He doesn’t look good...and I said why??? He replied the money is ugly..hehehehehehe. But at last he said I know they are expensive. When we arrived at home the first thing he did was taking the pictures of the money and him...ha...ha...ha...

KLIA Update

Just KFC because that's what they wanted..

A big hug to her before leaving

And my BIG nephew..

Hello everybody..I am back in Sabah and yesterday my sister picked me up from the airport back to Tuaran. niece and nephew took me to the airport form her place in Serdang. I stayed with them for 2 days 1 night because I was bloody tired with the journey from London to KL. Anyway..I am currently having my cold latte at starbucks. Yummmyyyy....the hot weather and the cold yummy latte makes me feel happier of life. I’m posting some pictures taken yesterday at KLIA with my niece and nephew. I spent my few pounds for them for their hospitality when i was with them. He..he..he..

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Am back in Malaysia

Yeah after my 12 hours 40 minutes flight from London to KL, at last airasia X plane landed at LCCT and I went out of my plane energy-less but at the same time I felt so excited to meet my niece and nephew at the international arrival hall. Once I grabbed my luggage I went out of the stupid hall quickly..ha..ha..ha..My niece saw me going out of the stupid hall and she shouted my name and ran towards me. She hugged me!! Oh...missed them so much.

Anyway..I arrived about 7.14 am and we went to Serdang straight away. Last night we cooked at home and I felt so good....because thanks God, at last I had my TUHAU, BOSOU AND BAMBANGAN. And one more thing...of course the good so nice lah. Loved them so much!!!! I am going to take TUHAU,BAMBANGAN AND BOSOU to the UK in Sept.

OK guys, I need to get ready for my flight at 3 pm today to sabah. Really missing my family there...hehehehehe....yes..malam nie makan bosou, tuhau and bambangan lagi....yahooooooooo!!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Last day shopping in London

love me nicely

3 shirts

French the shirts there..

Yeah..tmrw I am going back to Malaysia. My flight is 11.30 am from stanstead London and will be arriving in KL about 7.30 in the morning. Yeah..I am so excited to meet my nieces, nephew, sisters, brother and parents of course. Today what did I do? You again. Last day shopping before off to Malaysia. I will be staying at my niece's place in KL and stay there for a couple of days and then off to Sabah. Yeah....yeah...yeah...I really cannot wait to go back.
Today I went to Covent Garden and did my last summer sale shopping there. Guess what??? I spent more money again. He..he..he..he..But not for my family but for myself. I didn't want to buy but there was a great sale up to 75% and all the shirts there were very cheap. Well, I mean very cheap for London standard. I just wanted to do window shopping but I just cannot resist it and took my debot card and 'zarppppppppp' it. I went to french connection shop..hehehehe..resonable prices after discount and i didn't want to miss the chance....I was wondering if sabah is having a great sale at the moment? if it does..i want to do more shopping in Sabah..hehehehehe...

p/s: what am i going to wear tmrw from London to KL? lolz!!!! too many options.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My pound sterling burnt like a candle because of those

too much..

for gosh sake...too much..excluded teddies and shirts

I am watching football at the moment between Spain and Holland. It's additional 30 minutes since therewas no goal in the first half and second half. Hahahahaha...Just a quick post of me to let u guys know that I have spend my thick pounds to buy all those things to my family. Ha..ha..ha..I hope they will like it otherwise I will take them to the chairity shop (ada kah chairity shop di sabah? LOL!)..Anyway...what you see are excluded the 4 teddy bears and the shirts I bought. Huhuhuhu...I love shopping...;) I have 6 sisters so 6 handbags should be prepared for them (nasib baik bukan 10 kan??? mati lah!!!). Excluded my nieces and nephews...I bought a lot of t-shirts for Harrods to them...I haven't counted them yet but if i not mistaken they are about 25 t-shirts all together...

Anyway..i better go now..i want to watch the football..bye ya....xxxx

Friday, 9 July 2010

Another handbag for my sister

I don't know she would like it or not

If she doesn't like it then the other sister will get two

We canceled Black mountain today because the weather is miserable so we decided to go back to London. We were waiting until 12 PM hoping that the weather will get better but it didn't. In fact it was windy and cloudy and not very good weather to climb mountain. Then we decided to do some a result I bought another handbag for my sister. I have five handbags now and one more to go..hehehehe..probably the last handbag I will buy at Harrods tmrw. Yeah..tmrw and sunday I'm going to Harrods again for the last day of summer sale. Then I have one day to pack up and prepare my long journey to KL on tuesday.

Now heading back to London..OK..OK..I better go now..the car has been started and my car's horn is blowing for me...he..he...he...bye xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

4th mountain in the UK


Still long way to go

Still in a good condition

Fresh water

Very nice view..

I was fucking tired

Getting ready..

I managed to do it!! yesss

This is what i call satisfication

Another history for me today when I completed my 4th mountain in the UK. What an achievement and something that I really can be proud with. You can see those pictures above and More pictures on my Facebook. You can see all the pictures from the first mountain to the 4th mountain I've climbed. I really enjoy it and if the weather is good tmrw, we going to climb the 5th mountain in the UK. Wow...I cannot wait..but I feel something wrong with my left leg today. I am going to bed now and I hope it will recover by tmrw morning. I really hope to be able to climb the Black mountain because it looks facinating. The only dissapointment is the weather was not very good and some of the pictures were dark. But nevermind...I hope tmrw the weather gonna be fine so I can take more beautiful pictures. Hehehehehe..OK folks am going to bed now it's 11 PM here in the UK and I am extreemly tired. We have to get up tmrw morning for the 5th mountain. If the weather is not very good we can't do the climbing because it's gonna be very cold and very misty so you could slip and fall down.....huuuu...dangerous.... Am off to bed now..bye......xxxxx

P/s: Ndak sabar mau balik Sabah....tapi stay di KL dulu tempat anak buah for 2 days

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