Saturday 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day: It's Over Just Before It Came

Hey it's Valentine's those who have the plan to celebrate it then go on. For those who don't have the plan then or maybe just not in a position to celebrate it..perhaps best to say we are in the same boat? Somebody used to say this to me before "It's over just before it came "...Adele is indeed correct in this when she said sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead!Therefore here I am writing...

Everything I know about love and pain
I learn from you..
I thought you were my only one as you used to say
I thought you were my last as we have promised
You've showed me lurve as well as lust
You've showed me happiness as well as sadness
You gave me hope as well as rope

I wish I've built a lego house
So if there was a mistake I can just destroy and rebuild it 
But it wasn't cuz I've build a concrete house...

Thank you for the permanent scars
They are all open and bleeding
If it wasn't because of you
I wouldn't have had the plan to take away my life
But you've made me to plan for it
..and I have planned for it
..I've come too far in it
..I've tried to carry on walking
..But it's getting too heavy
..I'm just too tired to walk through it
..When the right time comes it's time to go
..It's all set up, all ready just waiting for the time
Thank you for breaking my heart into pieces
Thank you making it bleeding
Thank you for making me cry
But the most important is
Thank you for the memory that hurt me the most
....and will be forever remembered .....

Jungle Boy,
..........still not sure why does it have to be me, but somebody has to be in it and it seems to be me

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