Sunday, 5 April 2009

AF is more popular in Brunei than in Malaysia?

You believe it or not Akademi Fantasia is more popular in Brunei than in Malaysia. In fact, the Google popularity in Brunei is twice compared in Malaysia. Wow....Astro still allow brunei to vote the students? Once again I used google trends to check the popularity of AF and the chart shows that most of the users came from Brunei, followed by Hong Kong and lastly Singapore.
And distribution based on City Kota Baharu is the most (nie kelantan kan??? LOL..nampak sangat hipokrit...any concert in kelantan will be banned but....kalau tengok popularity...dari kelantan yang paling ramai...hipokrit!!!!). O ya, followed by Kota Kinabalu (wow...memang popular plak AF nie in Sabah). Thirdly is Sarawak and followed by Brunei. Kalau tengok from KL, not even listed in top 10. Well, no wonder most students from KL usually keluar awal...because no one bother to watch..*LOL*


nor harshela mohd arshad said...

the most popular cities means what? yang paling byk pengundi ker? hoho..

kalo ikut pengundi, kat kelantan jalan cket je kedai topup.. makcik jual nasi lemak pon ade jual topup.. mmg byk sgt kedai topup kat kelantan.. so, no wonder la..:D

Natasha said...

they have nothing better to do than watching AF... like people in KL.. they have more entertainment so they dont bother watching typical story of AF! lol... just my 2 cents...

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