Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I will be back in a moment

It has been sometimes i didn't update this blog. I have been very busy lately doing my training for Kinabalu Mountain. I will be climbing the mountain again on the 18th of OCT this year. Therefore i am currently so busy doing my intensive training, jogging at least 5KM daily except on Sunday and Saturday are my days off. Lots of stories and photos will be published soon. I hope to find a little slot of my life (LOL!) to update this blog before climbing Kinabalu mountain.

Lots of sadness and happiness in the last few months. I will share the story when Dr.Jungle is back from the city and back into his beautiful thick jungle. Take care and bye for now folks. Sorry for my very late update.

See you again and stay tuned xxx
Dr.Jungle :-)

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