Saturday, 31 January 2009

Simpang Mangayau - tips of Borneo-

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you all are having a nice week end. What I've done during my week end? I spent most of my town in Georgetown. Tried to shop but can';t afford anything and i just can window shopping. Hehehe..all right lets talk about what i've done again in sabah last time. After a few places i been in sabah. Lastly i decided want to go to the tips of Borneo which quite away from where i live. However my sister lives in Kota Marudu and I stayed at there for 2 nights. Otherwise i will be too tired to drive the Produa Rusa. Actually i been this place before but still poor that time. So last time i was there (and my parents and sisters and children) it was so much changed. One thing i can't forgot is the beach is so clean. And i can say the cleanest beach i ever been in my life. The beach rated 5 stars by me..hehehe

cewwaahhh...its me..

thats my second assistant hehe...catching the fish

crossing the line

Must take a picture here..otherwise your visit is incomplete

My first assistant..

Nice weather and also beach

Its me..buried under the sand by my nieces

Clean water and freshing

it was happening time


dont u think the beach is so nice?

nah...we were having lunch (3

paling nakal...they can't wait to swim in the see

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dalit Beach Tuaran

As usual, i haven't finish yet to post some of my pictures when i was in Sabah.
I have a lot of things to share with all my blogger friends. After i went to Lok Kawi, the next day i went to Dalit Beach tuaran and its about 30 mins drive from my parents house. As usual, we had a very good time together with my nieces, nephews and also with my sisters. We cook at home and took the foods on the beach and we had our very late lunch on the beach. It was tiring day actually because we lost the way to the beach. Lastly we have no choice and my sister ask the villagers area that place so we got the direction. The beach was so clean compared to the beach around KK. Even tanjung Likas and Tanjung Aru, the beaches a bit polluted already. Compared to the beaches in Tuaran, it was so nice and so clean. So guys, here are some of my funny and good time when i was on the beach. we all timbun the sand on him and we he changed a girl but has a dick..LOL

LOL..its good my little nephew said

LOL..matilah my nephew at the bottom

I was so happy that time...

Oh...its nice

Its me and my sister also jump like me..nice pic isn't?

Yeah...very nice clean.

And its me..gatal suda tuh badan mau

My nephew..the photographer

I drive this car to the beach..

P/s: I missed the NIOSH's course today and I have attend it again next week. BTW i am so excited to start my job on monday. hehehe...i'm off to georgetown now..bye..see u later

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lastly I accept this job after I refused four jobs

As promised, lastly i accept this job after i refused four jobs before. Here are the job i refused before;

1. PHP and MySQL programmer > Middlesex, UK (refused becuase of family did not agree)
2. Database admin with DELL > Cyberjaya, KL (Refused because They want me to work as soon as possible and i haven't completed my IBM professional certificate that time)
3. Software Specialist > KL (Refused because they wanted to send me for training in KL and i really dont think i can cope with the busyness in KL)
4. Software Developer > Penang (I refused because this is not really my first priority )
5. Software Engineer > Penang (accepted because this is what i really want and what i admire in my career)

Hi Andrik,
Mr. Cheah has confirmed your employment as Software Engineer with Axis Team Merit. Your commencement date is on 2nd Feb 09. Please report to work at 9am, contact Mr. Cheah at 012-503xxxx when you reach Motorola Mayang Mall. Your basic salary is RM2xxx + Allowance RMxxx = RMxxxx (cukup makan lah...and better than my friends work in KL).
Please be informed that you have to attend National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on 29th January 2009 at 9am, arranged by Axis Team Merit. You must attend the course before start work. Here are the information needed to NIOSH:
1. I/c photocopy
2.1 copy of photograph
3. RM75 (keep the receipt)
Once you complete the course, kindly drop by to Motorola Mayang Mall, contact Mr. Cheah to sign for your contract. Kindly submit information as below to Mr. Cheah:
1. Ic photocopy - 2copies,
2. Photograph - 2copies
3. Maybank account number
4. EPF number
Please find the attached of NIOSH map for your reference.
Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 012-473 xxxx.
Thanks& regards,

P/S: Some of the info is p&c . By the way ,Where is NOISH in Penang???? anyone know??

Monday, 26 January 2009

I am back to my blog..hehehe - Lok Kawi Wild Park- are you all guys? long time not see ya!!! Hehehe...first of all i could not update my blog because i was in Sabah and I really dont want to see my blog because i wanted to spend all my time with my family. I missed them a lot. What i've done when i was in Sabah, i drove from one place to another places. was really wonderful time. I had a very sweet, intresting, wonderful, happy, etc (or whatever) time when i was in Sabah last time. In fact I celebrated last year's x'mas with all my family and it was really nice. So let me post some of my pictures here when i was in sabah. First is Lok Kawi Wild Park.

Wah...its my something to the ostrich..(jari dia kana gigit..LOL)

Thats what we call as memerang (bukan bongol kah nie dalam bahasa dusun?)


Oh yeah..this is ular sawa (python)..masih kecil lagi nie

And this is orang cute..tapi dia tumbuk tuh pelancung dari india..hancur kamera tu pelancung india..ganas juga tau..

Those elepents are so rouge..

Oh..thats my assistant (anak buah yang rajin tul ikut2 sia jalan2 pusing sabah)

And its me..kaki jalan we are..

My brother in laws

And my sisters..hehehe

My next post is about my job offer and also my trip to Dalit Beach

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I am enjoying my time at Sabah

Hello friends, I am enjoying my time at Sabah. I been to many nice places in Sabah and i had the pictures. But I forgot to bring my camera at this moment. So I could not upload my pictures here. I will try to upload them tmrw. OK guys, bye...

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