Monday, 31 January 2011

Message of the year

After being through a very sad, hectic, challenging year (last year), I managed to find a very very meaningful message to myself. I love this and always love it.

Take your time to read it.....think about it and you will feel the message in it.

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for

Sunday, 30 January 2011

My niece's blog

Guys here is my niece's blog...have a look yeah? He..he....What can i say? she is a first class student. I think she told me her current CGPA = 3.75 (I said what??? proud...proud...). A simple girl she's genius!!!!! Link

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Proud Andrik

Proud Andrik..Yeah this song so meaningful to myself. Being someone who has struggled in my life and still struggling looking for a better life.
No worries!!! Life is full of that just follow it as long as it makes you happy

Friday, 28 January 2011

Good money 3 days ago!!!!

What can i say? This screen shot was taken about 3 days ago from my computer. At least USD 2000 in only half day!!! Not even half day actually because the market started breaking at 6 -sih in the morning UK's time. My friends in Malaysia are very happy and had party. Wow!!!!!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Linopot rice

What can i say? Well, I miss Linopot Rice so much. They cooked the rice and just after you've cooked the rice put the rice immediately in the 'tarap' leaves. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then you can start to open the leave and the smell gonna be really nice...arghhh..missing this so much..Actually my friend tagged me this picture on facebook. So i copied it and put it on my blog :)...I really like reminds me about my hometown where i can get it easily :)

p/s: Driving up to Scotland...climbing mountain again :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WikiJob helps graduate students

I have been "messing around" (LOL) with wikiJob and i still don't know how the heck i found this site but most probably is from Uncle google. This site is very very interesting and helps lots of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Really good site. They give you some hints and tips about interview questions for different areas. I think the most interesting about this site is it gives you the list of company who is currently hiring recent graduated students.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2011's Mission

Hello everybody, i am back again with this blog. I am struggling to update this at the moment because i don't know what to update. I have been very busy applying jobs and i have received probably 3 rejections email so far saying that they can't take my application any further. Well, of the reasons is A level result. I didn't take A level when i was in Malaysia. What for? if you have a degree why do you still want to see A level? Silly Bitch!!!!

OK..ok...i am upset at the moment but i am very excited to know that 5 sisters mountains gonna be my 2011's mission. Yeah you are right!!!! My tummy is upset in the past 2 weeks. I thought it was a bug tummy. Well, sometimes i thought it was an appendic because the pain was right under my right tummy (not in the tummy.)....Arghh..but luckily i feel much better today. Mmm..i hope it's not something bad....

I hope to climb these five mountain in a day in Summer...really like it so much xxxxxx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

My Final ROAST!

This is how my final ROAST! looks like. Please visit to see it live..

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Best address Plaques

Holla...I have just finished my final exam and I went to Elle house with a group of friends played snooker. Wow..great! Anyway, when i got back from Elle house just now, I actually received a few email from my friends in USA asking me to write things about this website. I don't really know this website but he managed to send the address at the bottom of his email. The website is called Just Address Plaques.

Then I realised that actually I have been to this website before but for some reasons I don't know why I could not remember. Anyway, If you guys are looking for a address plaque then this site probably one of the best available sites on the internet at the moment. I've heard my friends have ordered their address plates from this website and they are really happy because not only cheaper compared to some other websites but they are very high quality.

My friends have address plaques about 3 years ago and they are still using it now. This means that the plaques from this website is actually long lasting and you don't have to worry about replacing your address plaques within 2 or 3 years. Therefore I would really recommend this site if you are looking for address plaques for your house.



Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Check this out and i am sure you will like it very much :)
No more photoshop installation

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Elle Bar house on Campus

Together with friends we went to Elle bar house on campus and chit chat there about so many things and we didn't realize that time gone very fast. We missed the whole afternoon from doing revision. We suppose to do revision but we can't do it because it was just so much things on our minds. At last we decided to have drinks (LOL!!! joking we didn't have alcohol drinks..just cokes).
Don't worry because it was last week now we are working very hard like machines:)

Best car reviews site?

What is chrysler? Well I don't really know but guess what? uncle google is very helpful to us. i googled it and i saw lots of pictures of cars. Then i know what is chrysler. It was a bit embarrassing actully because a friend of mine asked me that questions last week. Anyway, I don't know how did i know this website but most probably one of my friends send me this link. This particular website is a very good website for car buyers. They reviewed so many cars and if you are still very uncertain what sort of car that you would like to buy then i would recommend to visit this website.

Next is if you are looking for Cadillac Sts Luxury then it is advisable to take a look this cars' reviews first then make your final decision. It is very important to read its reviews because it will give you the first impression about the car. Luxary cars do not mean have high quality because sometimes when we talk about cars, we usually take the consideration of its reliability first. But as i said before once again don't take my words but take a look the reviews contributed by previous owners or even current owners.

Now let's talk about Buick Lucerne Super. OK, ok i know all these names are very weird and probably you never heard these names before. I have admit that I didn't know these cars before my friend who is very much into cars asked me to find informtion about them last week. Another name which i find a little bit weired is Acura Tl. This is a very interesting car but all i can say is why don't you find it out by yourself? Because you not only able to find more info about this car but you will like the website. So much facts, reviews and infomation about cars on the site.


I have been very busy lately with my final exam but i still manage to find few country clubs because my brother in low who plays glof asked me last week to do so. I did it just yesterday and finsd this website is very useful. My first impression about their website was WOW. Really nice, clean and everything is very well organised. OK, but the most impotant is about the club. I usedto play glof (it was just for fun) years ago and after that i stopped because it hurts me so much.

But my brother in low is really good playing golf. So i found ANCAL COUNTRY CLUB a place for you to have a relaxing weekend, holidays or even a party. Even myself i can't believe this kind of country club exist on this earth. I looked through each of the pictures and properties and they were all breath taking. I love all the houses and the prices are so resonable as well compared to London. For thise who are looking for a place either to buy or to rent why don't you try this Ancala Real Estate?

Having a rest with a creamed hot chocolate

Yeah..ok..ok. i know the hot chocolate is very very tempting LOL! anyway i am so tired at the moment and having a hot chocolate with white creamed on it. Wow..lovely jubbly!!!! In two days time i got final exam and guess what? after that i will be free for a week then back to school again. The scariest thing is that I haven't got the time to think about my final project yet and it will start very very soon. I think i will die!!!! gonna concetrate my final exam first then i will think about my final project seriously. updating my blog LOL! I know i know, i should not be and i should be studying but for goodness sake i need a break.

Monday, 17 January 2011

ROAST project is submitted


X^=(h7*H1-%@6!) *(9-&/12%%)+(#H+#D+$!-GJK)


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Yeah i got back my money


Saturday, 15 January 2011

The BIG ?

Yeah the big ? is on my mind at the moment. It has been weeks I've been thinking about my MSc final project and still could not make up my mind what shall i do. Mmmmmm...
I need some help

What am i going to do today?
You know the answer

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Naughtiness

This isn't naughty but my niece who took this picture should be blamed

Now this is naughty on the stage

Well, what can i say? Beyonce..yeah everybody wants to see her in flesh. I can't but i can still touch her...LOL!!!! I'm joking. I am currently very busy with my final exam and project submission. Even though i have done my project but i don't know somehow why i still feel a bit nervous. I need to do more especially the sample final exam. Arghhhh...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I miss Mom and dad ;(

Back to Sabah a beautiful part of borneo island this picture was taken about 2 years ago when i was still slim and looks younger but now i think i look older and maybe fatter (Oh No!!). I spoke with mom 2 days ago and she was very happy but didn't speak to dad because he was doing the laundry? Serious?? always does it for mom he..he...he....Everything goes well back in Sabah and i can't wait to do a party with them again. Really miss my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc. Mmmm..can't wait to finish my master in May this year then i will be starting to find a job here in London. I hope! Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

On beach sprint training

Yeah it's me running (sprint) on the beach testing my ability to run on the beach. This picture was taken in 2010 back in August not far from where my house. I love this beach so much and it's so clear and very very big and long beach. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy that time so the beach does not really looks good. Can't wait to go back again to do this fast sprint on beach. I don't think you can do it here in the UK because even in summer the seas are very cold. Having said that, I love UK espacially London :)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I want my money back!!!!!

Yeah i managed to get back my 23 pounds from pcTool. Why? Because about 2 weeks before i purchased this virus remover online hoping that it will remove the virus from my laptop and my friend's laptop. Well, I have no doubt about its ability to remove and block viruses attacks but the problem was it slowed down both of our laptop. Since i do lots of programming + debugging, i need a fast laptop. I was unhappy because my laptop took ages to run and debug my program. I can't i decided to get back my money from them. The customer service was very helpful and i managed to get back my money. Yahoooo...i better check my paypal first to make sure the money is already in. :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Window flower boxes

What’s up guys! I am back again and today is really busy and a very hectic weekend for me because I have been spending my time in the library. As you know or i told you before i guess i am in the middle of my final exam so i don’t really have much time to blog. But i am taking a rest at the moment with a cup of coffee and writing my review with a website called windows box planters. Basically if you are very much into gardening either indoor or outdoor i really think this website is something very interesting for you especially if you are looking for window boxes planters. There are so many different designs and sizes available with different prices. I googled about this website just wanted to know the reviews and ratings from different customers and all i can say is they are all fairly good and rated as 4.5 stars out of 5 starts by their customers.

One of the most interesting about this company is they offer low prices to most of their products online. In fact, i like the fact that they will return your money if you were not satisfied with the products you’ve bought from them. I find this return policy is one of the strengths and really good. Try to google window boxes or window flower boxes and you will find so many of them on the internet. However, to find the right ones in the terms of quality and prices, I would like to recommend windows box Planters Company or website. Please visit their website to get to know more info about them.

Where to take your cars?

Hello everybody, I think it has been ages I didn’t look at my blog and now it’s time for me to have a little rest of my study and time for me to blog again. All the posts you’ve seen before were auto posts which I did about a month before. I am currently on final exam and kind of very busy actually. However, I would like to make a review about repair pal website. This website is very interesting because the main business is about car repair. In general all type of cars’ problems. When my friend car had its water pump problem about a month ago he went to repairpal website to get it repaired. He told me that they were very good and really knows what they were doing. Similar story of my brother in low who went to this company for his van as well. His van had timing belt problem and he could not work out how to repair it. It sounds very simple but you actually need a tool to do it. Anyway, he is very pleased with the service and also their final work on his van.

For those who live in Houston and looking for Houston auto repair, I would like to recommend this website as one of the best available on the internet. You guys can visit their website first and look at things that you may need to know before meeting them in flesh. Other than that, they also do ford expedition which is very interesting to know. Well i don’t know much about this but if you can visit their website to know more about this expedition. See you again guys. Bye :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

AJL 25 final @ akhir results

Here you go guys......
AJL 25 final the results

Champion: Ana Rafani

1st Runner up: Meet uncle hussien and Black

2nd Runner Up: Hafiz

The best Performance: Faizal Tahir

The best Vocal: Hafiz

Comment: ??? Mmmmmm.....rubbish results except the best performance

AJL 25 final my predictions

I have just finished watching all the performances and here are my predictions.

Top 3 I would expect Faizal Tahir, Adira and Stacy

The best performance I would expect either Adira or Faizal Tahir

The best Vocal I would expect either Black or Adira

I wouldn't surprise if the results gonna be completely different ...

Stacy, Faizal Tahir AJL 25 final @ akhir

Yeah..really best performances from them . I just love them so much. I like stacy and i like Faizal Tahir as well. After watching all the performances I would say my predictions gonna be faizal tahir, stacy and adira gonna be in the top 3. I don't know who's gonna be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd and i don't care anyway. For the best performance i would predict either adira or faizal tahir gonna be the winner. For the best vocal i would say either Black or Adira gonna be the winner.

Adira, Faizal Tahir AJL 25 final @ akhir

Faizal's Tahir performance was good. As usual the vocal and the performance was really good I really like it Yeah....The performance is very simple but very meaningful. Anyway Adira is performing at the moent and this song is my prediction to be in the top 3. The best performance so far!!!!!!!!!

Hafiz AJL 25 final @ akhir

Hafiz is performing so far and i've missed few performances because i was in the shower. Anyway..the gimmick of his performance was really good. I thought he was really collapsed on the stage. But it was not..but i don't know maybe something wrong with my ears or whatever..I didn't like the song LOL!

Tomok AJL 25 Final @ Ahkir

Tomok is performaing so far and the vocal is good but why is it he is performing and dancing? I am sorry but i am keen on his vocal more than his danging performance. The thing is he will be never be able to beat stacy's dancing. So if i were him i would concentrate the vocal more. Sorry tomok but your performance especially your background dancing is not interesting at all. Still wonder why don't you just stick with the strength of your vocal.

Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 Akhir

Hello Guys, I think i am back again and just updating to you guy that i am at the moment is watching AJL (Anugerah Juaga Lagu 25 Akhir) from the UK live online from At the moment Yuna is performing and i am not so keen with her song but the softness of her song could kills you. Yeah it is!!! Smoth, sweet and shaky LOL! My first comment is i have been very dissapointed because there were so many faults since i've been watching it in the past 2 hours. I bet the management for this AJL gonna have a serious post Moterm. Whatever is it, Yuna has just finished her performance but sorry to say it does not make feel like "that's what i want" or something like that. Whatever!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

My Model's results

Oh yeah!!!! I think I have been struggling to find these results for two days non stop. I can't even get a nice peaceful nights. Oh was 48 hours or maybe more to find the exact answers that i was looking for. The first few hours i was trying to model it i thought i got the answers. I didn't actually. Oh Shit!!!! After struggling squeezing my brain for 48 hours at last i managed to find the right answers. Yahoooo...this assignment has been submitted about weeks ago. Can't remember exactly when but it was in DEC 2010. Good buy 2010...there are so many memories in that year. So much pains, so much starting my new life now xxxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It was a winter shopping

It was not really a shopping but just messing around London. Yeah messing around London. This time it was about 6pm if i not mistaken. bit it looks dark here. And you can see all the X'mas lights are on. So beautiful. So i took a change to walk around London at this time just wanted to get out of my study sometimes. Wow...cold that time i enjoyed it very much. Now i can't wait this coming summer :)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The wrong modelling results

Here are my initial modelling results I've got and when i got this result i thought i was right and i felt so happy that time. Yeah it was really funny until the lecturer commented on it and there was something wrong with it especially the equations from one level to another level. Oh my God i was furious that time. I think about 2 nights before the submission i squeezed my brain and managed to get the correct results. Huhhhh..thanks God for that. I will post later the correct results. :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

For someone that i used to love before

With this song i would like to wish happy new year and this song is very special for you. I am still hurt but all i want to say is i am sorry if it was my fault and i hope you will be happier without me. It was really now to know you...take care and sometimes my the blood is still bleeding xxxx

I always remember you

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Love Olly Murs singles

I managed to buy his singles thinking of me and also Sophie

As my new life in 2011 I managed to buy his new singles titles Thinking of me and Sophie. I love those songs and i keep playing those songs. The sad thing at the moment is i lost my MP3 player so i can't play it when am not with my laptop. But i wish to buy MP3 player one day. I miss my MP3 player very much and i really want it back. It's s white sony and i really miss it terribly. I feel empty without my mp3 player. I want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

It's 01.01.2011 and happy new year to all

I have bought my 2011's diary
This gonna be my first entry in 2011

Yeah it's 01.01.2011 and it's a new year. I would like to take this opportunity to all my readers wishing you happy new year and God bless :)

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