Monday, 30 June 2008

Want go to gym later!!

OMG...sometimes i was thinking....maybe I shouldn't go for a long vacation otherwise i will get fat! Its true friend, now my weight toped up 2 KG. Really hate it actually. Even my last night dinner i went to the E&O hotel for buffet and I ate so much. By the end of my dinner I did realized I'm too full and I need go to toilet. I went to the toilet and lastly i feel better. So here are some of my photos last night's dinner. After post this one i want go to the gym. To burn some fat loh!! I really can feel my body is heavier now. Anywhere to all of you happy Monday!

Delicious food!

Wah....but i'm getting fat!

The gambling ship is coming.

Yeah sunset again babe..


Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunset in Penang

What a lazy Sunday today? I'm not in a mood to go anywhere...just sit and laying down on my bed. Thinking something impossible and longing something. Just quite Sunday for me today. Tonight I will go to E&O hotel again to have my dinner. Actually still not sure but I would like to go.Mmmm....later i just want to eat banana and mango juice for my lunch. Simple! because i will have my big buffet dinner later.So i took my camera and preview all the pictures taken. So i did realized some of them haven't post yet. So here are some of them. These pictures taken from Lone pine hotel.

Wonderful sunset..view from the Lone Pine hotel

Para shoot..

Very beautiful..

Going down..

and down again..

Friday, 27 June 2008

Simple but wonderful evening

Well....i still had my dinner in the Lone Pine bungalow at Batu Ferringi tonight. Because I like the food at there. Very healthy actually. And so I'm sleepy i have to go to bed now..i haven't decided yet what to do tomorrow..maybe want to go somewhere in....botanical garden?? not sure yet..

Stir beef...5 stars

mmm...chicken and vegetables...5 stars also..

Just steamed usual..

Dinner in the E&O hotel - Part 2-

Wah...i'm so tired today..i want go to bed soon. But i need to update my blog first. know i just want to upload some of my pictures here. Especially the foods that I had in the E&O hotel last night. So as usual, they served very wonderful foods at there. Most of the foods are very nice and rated 5 stars by me. here are them..

The scenery nice..about 6. 45 pm

My dessert

Also desert...beautiful isn't?


Nah..its me...

My belly bigger

Because of chocolate

Because of chocolate! you know i love chocolate so much. Even though i know i'm getting fat but chocolate is very important and i just can't control myself to eat chocolate. Because they are very yummy and delicious and sweet. I went to eedany blog just now and i saw she has chocolate also. So i quickly, turn on my camera and connect it with this laptop. Lastly i git it and now here are my chocolate. Heheeheh...ok...enjoy my want some? hehehhe

This is the container of my chocolate..hehe

Yummmyyyy...multi loh....yum..yum..yum..


Wah....can't wait to eat them all... you want some?


Thursday, 26 June 2008

My dinner tonight..hehehe -Part 1-

So i had my dinner tonight in the E&O hotel. As of my favorite hotels in penang. Next time i would like to try in Rasa Sayang Hotel at Batu Feringgi. Tu pun kalau ada duit..heheh..hopefully i can afford it. Otherwise i just have my meal in the hawker center. Well.actually I don't mind as long as it is filling. Otherwise i will hungry. So it was a wonderful dinner of course and love the foods. Really delicious bah!

Chinese soup..
my rate 3.8 stars

Don't remember what is this...but they are really fantastic!
my rate 5 stars

my rate 4 stars

Some beef + chicken or what ever...
my rate 4.5 stars

Nah....its me..fat already!!!

What a wonderful butterfly

You know last night, i had my dinner in the Lone Pine bungalow. So after I finished my dinner, you know this beautiful butterfly "look around" on my table. So i just get feeling that something wrong with this butterfly. So i went to "him/her" (ntah pempuan atau lelaki butterfly nie) and took photos. I touched the butterfly and lastly i did realized his wing broken.

So pity..

I had my dinner last night

Last night I had my dinner in the Lone pine Bungalow. So i just had a very simple but very nice evening. I love the meals even though it is simple but it was really nice. So guys what i had? ok here you go..hehehehehe

Sizzling Chicken

Chicken Clay pot
RM 25

Steamed rice RM 1

So thats all....of course i enjoyed my dinner so much..hehehe...with the beach sceneries and the nice!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Art gallery at Old Railway station in KL

So before i went on in the bus, I decided to have a look in the Art gallery building just next to the NICE executive terminal bus. So firstly i thought nobody allowed to take pictures in there. But after about 10 minutes look around, i didn't found any notice "camera is not allowed". Actually i been this place many times but i i'm not keen to take all those painting. So lastly I went to the counter and ask the security to guard whether i could take a photo for the paintings or not. And she said yes i could here are them....

nice and cooling painting

Europe based

And this is siti wan kembang....ish....lawa kah???
lawa lagi nenek sy..

and this is where the painter does his work

mmmm....kampung style lah..

Looks...nice isn't?

if i not mistaken I've seen this before...

Wish i could be here someday...hehehe

This one also nice....
Actually there are more pictures on my memory card but can't upload them all...

In the bus to penang

Wow...after long time busy and busy again with my studies, lastly i decided go to Penang for my vacation. Actually i came up in penang with NICE executive bus and will going back to KL by plane of course. Because based on my experience, every time i'm going back to KL in the week end the traffic was so bad and the bus took almost 7 hours to KL. That is why i decided to buy ticket from Penang to KL last Sunday. So here is some of my pictures in the bus...hehehehe...i prefer this bus because they serve food, additional service such as pillow and blanket, you can charge you hand phone in the bus (they got the socket), got TVs and the seats also very comfortable.

here you are.....

you see they got the TV...i tak watch pun...i prefer to sleep..hehe

They do serve a simple meal...

How to find virus on you hard disk I'm back again. Now i want to write about what i've done with my PC last night. After i know the name of the virus, lastly i find where is the virus having party. I like to use the word having party because when the virus is successful to enter our PC's security system, of course they are happy and having party. The most happy is of course the creator of the virus. So here are some tips for you on how to find virus on hard disk.

Here is it..searching data.exe on my hard disk.


This is what we call registry. Go to start choose run and type registry and this pop up window will appear.

Since I already know the name of the virus...just type the name of the virus. Data.exe!Remember click keys, values and data

New virus found on my hard disk..called data.exe!

Remember registry is a DNA for your operating system (such as window xp)..that is why most hacker and virus attacks your registry first!!! Once your DNA taken away by the virus and hacker...its time for your to say bye bye to your computer.

Found again!! data.exe!!

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