Friday, 27 February 2009

Review OIAM 3 - Top 11-

OK, are you ready to read my comments about last night's OIAM 3 performance? First fo all, i don't like most of their performances. In fact, some of them look very DULL fashion. Sorry guys, but most of them choose very bored songs. I was expecting something very interesting willl happen last night's concert. But it wasn't. Too bad because it was really dissapointing concert. Huhuhu.....just wasting 2 hours of my life. Anyway...Ayu was eliminated last night. Suprised????? NO AT ALL!!!!

It wasn't an excellent performance last night from here. In fact the entrence was a bit pitchy. Actually first contestent usually has the problem in delivering a good momentum on stage. Anyway....her performance was done!!!! the music arrangement was good. Her Vocal is still maintain, one thing i like about her is she tries to sing a song different from the original singer. It was great. But when we talk about her perrformance last night, its just all right. Since she was the immunity holder last week, i thought she will blew me away again this week. But i was wrong.
3.5 stars/5 stars

This BIG girl's turns. Mmmmm...what can i say???? last week she blew me and nailed the song prefectly. But her last night's performance was very DULL!!! Nothing special at all. Why did she choose this song??? it was horrible and not intresting at all. The style, performance and vocal was empty.
2 stars/5 stars

One of the best performances that night. It was really good. He choose the right song for his vocal. Just playing guitar, it was really great and he hits all those note prefectly. I love it and I really do like it. By recording his performance and convert it to mp3 its enough to sell his voice outside there ithout go to studio and record it. Excellent vocal from him.
4 stars/ 5 stars

OMG...his performance was really boring. Seriously, he picked the worng song again. Maybe he has the voice but he doesn't kow how to show it? Or he prefers to pick a song what he like instead of what he can do??? Welllll...its really bored performance from him, in fact he looks DULL and it was soooo...pitchy...sorry guys
2 stars/ 5 stars

I think her performance was really "slumber"...very rileks, simple but intresting. But i think this song is toooo...easy and tooo easy listening. As a result she can't show her ability in competing Simon. Simon's song is more difficult and he hits it prefectly. I'm not going to say Amylea's performance wasn't good. It was great but she picks an easy listening song which is not really shows her ability.
4 stars/ 5 stars

This cartoon turns ya! I do not understand why some bloggers put he in bottom 3. I thing his performance was good. He has the look and he has the voice as well. He delivered the song greatly. Mmmmm...did paul said some voters did not like his facial expression? Yes..i think so...this is what i called "pretending" or maybe "dibuat-buat". Compering with Esther, she has the natural feeling in delivering a song. But this guy expressed the song trough feeling and sometimes the feeling wasn't there...the facial expression sometimes annoyed me. But vocally it was good.
3.5 stars / 5 stars

First of all, i love this song. But i still feel she delivered the song just all right. It wasn't bad but there is something empty in it. But actually i still like the way she sang the song and its good. But i still couldn't find special in her performance last night.
3 stars/ 5 stars

Good job Tom!!!! and shall i add Jerry? only comment is his diction was really bad. He is Malay but he can't pronounce it correctly. Not sure if he sings an english song...can he pronounce the words correctly???? we will see, however the vocal was great though..
3.5 stars/ 5 stars

Ouch....the worst performance last night. Sorry to his fans but he wasn't singing instead of screaming like siging competation. SO bad from him. I thought he was unwell??? but why did he screamed like being a rude to the audiences....heheheh...OIAM is not a screaming competation...sorry
2 stars / 5 stars

Good tried from her, but it doesn't work for me. Ohhhhhh....i am very dissapointed!!! seriously, she sang a very big song. Actually this song is too big for her...she can't even sing it nicely. Mmmmm....sorry...but i still like because she has a very great vocal...just not good enough for this song.
3 stars/ 5 stars

She got good comments from the judges. Yes..she delivered the song greatly. But i still didin't fing her originality in singing the song. It was great...but its like photocopy...i like to see her originality...however, in the furst stanza of the song, it was really modofied nicely.
3.5 stars/5 stars

Amylea won the immunity??? what do you think? my opinion, Simon deserve it more...but She also actually did a grewat job. Congratezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

My ranking
1. Simon 2. Amylea 3. Esther 4. Rizu 5. Fify 6. Tomok 7. Pija 8. Anith 9. Han 10. Nine 11. Aweera

You know what to do!!!!! vote your fav. contestents now!!!!

Another BuLL ShiT EmaiLs

First of all, are you ready for the most expensive reality TV's show in Malaysia? Yeah...One In a Million. In about 30 minutes the most expensive reality TV's show will starts. Before that, I opened my first yahoo's email. So what i got??? Look at that, Mished reminder service. How many of them??? 10 mails? Oh...FUCK!!!!! Actually i feel so upset with the mails. I saw 10 mails in my inbox, but when i opened it, it shows all the spam emails. Because i was waiting an email from someone and hoping it. But??? those shit mails came into my inbox and made suprised to me. I do not know who missed me so much. Once is enough, no need to spam me 10 times. I really feel upset with it.

Ader plak keywords "saya malu gigi jongang"...I bet he/she must be jongang...LOL

OK friends, stop about it. Now lets see the keywords hit my blog this week. First of all, i would like to say the impact of OIAM 3 is very very strong. Just look at my keywords dashboard and almost 100 "OIAM" keyword hits my blog via google. And????? another keyword....issssssssssssss.......BERMUDA shows how popular this keyword.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Another bad experiences story

Kalau sekali tengok mcm kat oversea jah...tup-tup kat Langkawi jer pun..tapi Over the sea juga lah..hehehe

aRGH....first of all, i am really full because i just got back from hotel had my dinner.
As usual every thursday, if i'm not too tired or lazy i will got to a place and treat myself
there with nice foods. Tonight the foods were nice though. Secondly i am extreemly tired today. I was so busy extending the defect management tool in the office and i still have a lot to do. So i will continue it tommrow. Anyway, i still go to the hotel becausei already promised my friend to go there and have dinner.

When I opened my 'wired' folder titled pictures in Langkawi. So i looked each of the pictures and lastly i saw this picture which i think seems like i was in Germen or maybe in France or somewhere in oversea. Well, i still remember i went to Langkawi with my friend, this area is full with westerners and most of them own a ship. You can see the ships behind me own my westerners. So i can say this place is visited by rich man. Anyway, so we decided to have dinner at this place and its worth bloody RM50 for just 2 meals. We just had chicken and potato. Oh!!! shit!! Bloody expensive. That is my very bad experience when i was in Langkawi last year and second one is my friend forgot to switch off the car's lights and when we got back the batery was flat. So??? We have to buat muka 5 sen and ask the brother-brother at there tuk cas batery kereta kami...mimang bikin malu!!! tapi tahan-tahan jah kami!!

Monday, 23 February 2009

One of the best films I ever seen

Hollllaaaaa...i was so busy today. O ya, for your information last week end i went to night market at Batu Ferenggi. So i bought 3 films. They are Slumdog Millionaire, the transporter III and also the Australia. Among these 3 DVDs i bought. I would like you all to see Slumdog Millionaire. This film is very very good. The story is very straight to the point and you can easily to understand it. The plot of the story is very interesting. I rated this film 5 stars. WOW!!! I can promise it is worth to buy this film. This film is about how a Slumdog (or a very poor boy) >> teringat plak pasal si ayu yang pernah kena cop sebagai underdog from sabah masa OIAM 2 dulu. OK..OK back to the story of this film. Its all about how a very poor boy wants to be a millionaire. He is very lucky because all the questions he knows the answers because the questions were all about his life since she was a boy. Ha has a very terrible life but he managed to be a millionaire. Wow!!! how lucky this boy. When i was browsing CNN website in the office and also yahoo news, i saw this films won eight OSCAR awards..such as best pictures, best director, best story, etc. So guys..what are you waiting for? go to the nearest CD shop and buy one. You will impress how indian made this film and how interesting this film is...A MUST SEE FILM!!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Only to guys, want to make your "tool" bigger and longer?

Can't you see it?

Hi guys, this is my other yahoo mail account. Its been almost a month i didn't log in into this account. So i logged into my third email this afternoon and o got hundreds of emails. And only a few of the emails are valid. The rest of the emails were other name is spam. After look into all the emails i found that six of the emails are about how to make your (only for guys) tool larger and bigger. Well, the emails just contain a link. When i clicked the link, it redirects me to the website which is offering a phills or products to enlarge guys' tool. LOL!!!! I just wondering because i never thought and never registered my email except in forums website. Huh....Huh...silly emails actually. This is not the first time i received actually. But lastly i think i better post it on my blog.....have you experienced like this?

If you read the subject of the emails it says like "size is possible", "never big enough for her", "her biggest suprise" and so baca sendiri ler.....lucu banget dong!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 12-

Berikut adalah ulasan persembahan pelajar minggu pertama.

Last night, kita telahpun melihat setiap persembahan para pelajar. Each of them shows their talent and capability in singing. They show to malaysians that they deserve to be place in top 12. But, honestly this session is the most exciting because all the contestent are very talented and ada gaya yang tersendiri. Last night ut was a wonderful performances by the the contestents. However, some of them did their job just good (not great enough).

-persembahan yang bertenaga
-she is young but her performance is the most energetic (energizer tatanium kot)
-she has a good attitide on the stage and vocally is quite good actually.
-she can maintain her performance even though the song is "acquire" her to make movements
-3.5 stars / 5 stars

-her performance was as what i was classy and nice
-but her face expression is not so good
-penguasaan pentas was good and vocally it was great!!!!
-she is like a time booommmm!!!
-4 stars/5 stars

-this performance what i called simple but excellent.
-the voice was was husky...but the husky was sexy...(not like rockers)
-with the guitar he performed it excelently and one more time i admire his vocal
-4.5 stars/5 stars

-the tone was too big and a bit tawar lah suara dia..
-i know she can hit the top note!!!! but mcm dier hit dengan terpaksa...
-in fact, vocally a bit pitchy especially in the begining part of the song
-but i like the part she hits the higer note of the song even though not prefect
-3.5 stars/5 stars

-another contestent who has a big..big voice....but this is too big
-the bigness caused she can't really hit the lower part of the song (mcm x sampai pun ada)
- When she hits the high was ok...but i think still need to be fact suara mcm x keluar bila hit the high note
- a bit picthy especially at the lower parts
-3 stars/5 stars

-the face expression was a bit funny...sorry..for me it was like a clown..i know he has the look tough
-OK, i know his performance was good and the vocal was good as well
-but he is not defenatly one of the best last night. Like Han, pija and also simon can beat him.
-but the performance was good, and not picthy
-4 stars/ 5 stars

-this is rock kapak..the only contestent who really has the soual of rock
-other contestents said they like rock but i can't see the rock-ness in theirself. Just pretending
-but this guy is pure fact the voice is really rockers
-the performance was energetic and stage control was good
-4 stars / 5 stars

-the juara mentor shows her talent and her belang again.
-since the mentor 3 years ago..she is very good...and even last night's performance also very good
-it not easy to song M.U.H. It was a female version instead of male version and it was very good
-she hits all the high notes easily and fluently and it was great
-In fact, stage contraol also very good..maybe the the gesture needs improvements
-4.5 stars/10 stars

-OK, his performance is a little bit bored..sorry folks..that is what i felt
-Not really intresting like the other contestents
-it was mpty for fact the performance is just like a band boy's performance
-i was expecting a star's performance..but it wasn't
-but the vocal is not picthy...kawalan suara bagus..tapi as i said..x menarik
-3 stars/5 stars

-satu lagi persembahan yang cukup bertenaga dari para peserta
-vocal yang agak besar but powerful and more natuaral compared to the other 2 contestents
-as the judge said it was a simple song but she made it like a powerful song..
- i like her performance so was really great..especially when she was hitting the higher part of the song
-4.5 stars/ 5 stars

The song has been totally modified by her. This song really different versions. Her vocal was excellent
-but i dont like the part she pulling the mic to far (mcm tengelam suara)
-The performance was excelent and was perfect
-what else i can say? she sang the song differently..just exactly her own song
-the true feling was there. Paul was correct..other singers just sing and show the face expression..but this girl is different
-4.5 stars/5 stars

-maybe some bloggers don't like him. I also dont like him..but for me he sang the song last night dramatically..hohoho...
-in fact sengau pun x i think it was great from him
-4 stars/ 5

Esther telah menerima imiunity pada persembahan minggu pertama. Ini bermakna beliau mendapatpersembahan terbaik. Tahniah untuk Esther...berikut adalah pilihan penulis

1. Esther 2. Pija 3. Han 4. Simon 5. Amelya 6. Rizu 7. Tomok 8. Aweera 9. Anith 10. Ayu 11. Nine 12. Fify

Friday, 20 February 2009

OIAM 3 will starts tonight

First of all is about OIAM 3. As i said before, I already put OIAM 3 as my favourite channel and alredy listed in my dairy. Huhuhu.....i was waiting for a week and lastly tonight is the first episode for this reality TV's show. After top 80 and narrowed to top 40 and to top 20. Lastlly top 12, which is only the best and the very talented contestents will be choosen. Yay!!! i am still in the office and i really excited to go back. Will have my shower, my dinner and prepare myself for the very popular and the most expensive reality TV's show.

So you all, for those who love this show do not forget to vote your favourite contestents.......bybye....i am leaving now..!!!!

The best online loans -2-

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The best online loans -1-

I’ve checked so many websites for a few weeks. I was looking for any website which is offering an online loan. However, none of them I can trust and none of them offer a good package. In the last few days, I found quite a few websites which is offering an online loan. My first recommendation is Pacific advance which is very good in several aspects. Firstly, the website is very easy to navigate. The interface is so simple and this means it is convenient for users. In fact, the website provides clear explanation in when you apply loan via their website. If you are looking for a cash advance on the internet this is the correct choice and this is strongly recommended by me. In fact, I recommend this site to my friend. If your loan range is from USD 100 to USD 2500 you can easily apply for it. Who is eligible? Oh! As long as you are not resident of Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, W Virginia or Nevada you can apply for it. Even if you are an Asian you can apply for it. Just fill in the online form, submit it and within 24 hours they will call you for confirmation and they will transfer the money.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Prefer money instead of LOVE

If you were given a choice money or love. What do you think would be your answer? Do you think you will choose money? Or maybe do you think you will choose a love? Or maybe both? Or maybe none of them? Well, you can see my pool on the right side of my blog. So far the vote says money.

Well, if i were given a choice money or love. I will consider how much the person able to pay me instead of love. Let say RM100k? OK fine i would like to consider. Yeah..i always think money is so important. I did not say love is not important...BUT if i were given a choice weater money or love i will defenately pick the money. It does mean i am "mata duitan?". NO...i have my own point why i prefer money instead of love. I NEVER USE SOMEONE JUST TO GET MONEY FROM HIM OR HER. For example wanted to be her lover or his friend just because to get money from him/her. I never steal someone else's money. are correct I am so greedy for money but I WILL USE MY EFFORT IN DOING SOMETHING and be paid in return. I was in the bakery shop last sunday and i was reading Star newspaper. I saw the article titled MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU A HAPPINESS. So i was reading this article. It was very intresting. However, after I finished read it, i come out with my conclusion. OF COURSE MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU A HAPPINESS BUT MONEY CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY!!! (Am i correct? I think so). Love can't buy a love because love is unmeasured thing. How are you gioing to buy a love? RM100 per kilo? How are you going measure it? Just like your feeling. So as a conclusion, anything invisible and inmeasurable si un-buy-able (or maybe priceless).

Just imagine your life without money and your life without love. Lets say without love first. In my personal opinion in this era of life, if you do not have love but you have a lot of money you still can be happy. Correct? Because with your money you can go and travel around the world. You can go to any expensive restaurants and have fun with girls/guys. So there is hapiness actually. Maybe long lasting. But at least there is a piece of happiness.

So how about life without money? I WILL BE NOT HAPPY ALL THE TIME. I need chlotes, want to go to somewhere nice, want to eat at the nice restaurants. I want to enjoy my life. But how to enjoy life? NUMBER ONE IS WE SHOULD HAVE MONEY. I know we can enjoy ourself with other things. But sometimes, it needs money. Make love doesn't need money? YEAH correct, you are right but do you want to make love on a smell bed or on a terrible room? NO isn't? need a nice place then we could enjoy it (lol...mcm pernah).

So here is a little bit explanation about how important money instead of love. I did not say love is not important, but i'd say money is number one and love is number two. In this era of life, money usually come first and always come first. Well, i write this post because i had an argument with my friend which is or money. And i'd say money and he said love. How about you?

Esther OIAM 3 at KL Tower - Bleeding Love

First, the problem of the database connection that I had yesterday is solved! Yeah!!!

Now lets talk about this one of the very talented contestants in OIAM 3. You know, I really can't wait to see all the very talented (sorry sy kena guna perkataan nie. Why the becoz? all are talented but not all are very talanted) contestants to perform on friday. I put on my diary friday night is one of the most important and i shouldn't miss it. *LOL*

Anyway here is esther's performance during OIAM 3 conference (butul kah nie? yalah mangkali tuh) at KL Tower on the 13th of Feb (if i not mistaken). Singing one of the most popular songs in 2008 bleeding love shows her ability and shows her real talent in this singing competation. I know the sound is bad but at least you still can hear it and see how she performs bleeding love. This song is quite difficult and she sang it sucessfully. Salute to her!!!! *dapat bunga ros merah lagi...nah paul...wakaupun nampak tua tapi ada juga mau bagi bunga ros...ko ada kah yang mau bagi paul/sapinas(sebutan slang sabah)*

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Some of the visitors are fCUk

I am so tired tonight because i squeeze my brain for 8 hours in the office. Actually we have database connection problem. You know what i mean, the system could not retrieve data from database. OK! thats it!!! simple but i still cannot solve the problem. In fact the manager also feed up with it and left it for me. So tmrw i will do the same thing again.

Anyway folks, some of my visitirs are are shit and they came here just to drop me a nasty message or just to say something to make me feel upset. I was blogging for 2 years and since the first week of my blogging time i already been droped a nasty message from him. HIM??? yes him, actually i know him. I do know him from his Ip address and also from his blog. He has a blog as well. Shall i display his blog's URL? need (Nanti malatup plak dia punya laptop/PC). Actually not one, so far i detected 3 visitors (one of them is my ex-friend who stole my money) and the other two are blogger. Shitt to those visitors. I really dont know why they can't stand with someone else's life. Do you jelous because of my job? because of my offers? because of my money? because of my life? do you jelous because of my professional certificate? COME ON "PIG" your mind and stand up.

He said "NO..buat apa mau jeles..belambak lagi orang mcm ko di dunia". OK fine, so why did you drop me nasty messages? Why??? it is clearly explained that you can't with other happiness. I know lah you doesn't have professional qualification, i know lah your skills cannot compete with Westren's skills, i know you doesn't have the money (sampai pi curi duit urang), I know you are ugly (not like me handosme *GRIN*). So what???? you know you are not like just accept yourself...memang ditakdirkan ko tuh BODOH dan tak mampu dapat tawaran keja to oversea (I know lah gaji ko tuh murah jah inda cukup).

He said "Inda payah bah kasih taruh di blog pasal apa yang ko dapat"...Ohh...fucking SHIT!!! so what? This is my blog, this is what i want. Did i ever bother your life? NEVER PIG!!! I can do whatever and i can put whatever on my blog. It doesn't metter how i put it. Next time i will scan my ASB bank statement and put it on my blog so baru terbeliak mata ko tinguk. KOTOH!!!!! And i want to see what else those visitors can say.... friends told me about being a blogger. Just let them drop me their messages. I will happily read their messages. But...who cares? I dont care. THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE. SILLY PIG!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

I need bloggers' help

Guys, i went to GAMA tonight just next to the KOMTAR. I'm sure you know that place those who lives in Penang. OK, actually i was looking for facial washer. Or something can remove (atau mungkin yang paling bagus ialah kurangkan) my acne problem. Everytime i look on the mirrior there are pimples on my face. Sometimes i feel so ugly and i feel so shy about it. So i went to GAMA and there was a lady introduced me this facial washer. Punyalah mansi mulut kakak tuh. Dia introduce bukan main manis lagi dia punya mulut. And lastly i bought it just because i kene 'pugai' by that promoter. For your information i am having acne problem since i 19 years old. Before that, i face is totally clean. Since i started my diploma few years ago pimples were like my face. I thought it was just because i tension. But until now, i do not have any stress by they are still on my face. BULLSHIT!!!! FCUK!!!I hate them so much. I've tried so many products. In fact i went to Singapore skin specialist when i was visiting that country 2 years ago. But it wasn't work at all. Now i am getting worried wether this is normal or illness. At this moment i take EES tablets (sorry i forgot the full name of it) but the effect is so very slow. I just bought the facial washer tonight and i will see what is the effect. But i got the feeling the product is bullshit and i got the feeling nothing happen (i got the feeling after i bought it. Its too late dude!!). Any of you had the problem before? Or maybe your friends? How did you clear them? Or maybe your friends? Please recommend me any products that you think can help me. I spend 196 singapore dollars last time at Hospital skin specialist. But nothing happen just BULL SHIT FCUK OFF!! Now i am desperate looking for a product can gurantee to clear up the pimples on my face.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sakit hati sia oh

Argh.....ari nie sia malas mau ber 'inggiris' atau ber 'melayu' sia mau berblog dalam slang sabah habis. Sia malas suda mau cakap pasal apa yang sia baru jah alami bah nie. Sebenarnya, sia kana buat review AI 8 bah. Tapi tiada mud pula sia tau. Ntahlah....sebenarnya ada sesuatu yang berlaku bah antara sia sama si dia nie. Sakit tul hati sia kana cakap mcm tuh. Ntah lah cm mana sia mau mula. Tapi pendek kata dia cakap pasal benda yang sia inda suka kana cakap bah.

Sia paham..sebenarnya siapa lah sia nie. Sia tau sia nie menumpang jah di rumah dia. Sudalah pinjam ini, pinjam itu. Banyak benda yang sia pinjam. Memang sia rasa kecil sangat tinggal sama dia. Tapi sia sebenarnya inda juga mau tinggal sama dia bah kalau dia inda ajak sia tinggal sama2. Tapi inda palah, sia janji sia akan bayar rumah sewa tuk bulan pertama after my first month salary. Sia memang suda kasih tau di yang sia akan bayar everything when i get i first month salary bah. But yang sia sakit hati kan, belum lagi sia terima gaji suda kena ungkit2.

Mungkin dia main2 mangkali bah tuh, tapi yalah kan? kalau suda banyak kali kana cakap kadang2 kita tersentuh juga bah kan? (biasalah labah manusia). Sejak dari apa yang berlaku petang tadi, sia rasa sakit hati sangat dan sia rasa mau keluar jah dari rumah nie. Sia dapat rasakan mcm kawan sia inda selesa suda tinggal sama sia. Tapi kalau sia mau cari rumah sewa lain, dia marah pula. Tapi biarlah..mungkin sia pun mudah tersentuh bah nie...jadi sia rasa better sia sendiri sendiri. Kalau sendiri2 tiada lagi yang perlu difikirkan. Tiada yang perlu dirisaukan.

"Eh..kaki ko nie kan panjang tul oh ko ingat ko jah kah yang mau dudk di kusyen nie?" mmmm...'eh..ko nie kan suka tul guyang2 oh'..banyak tul komplen tau...kanapalah kalau kaki sia guyang2. Ntahlah....sia sebenarnya bukan sakit hati dengan apa yang dia cakap. Bagi sia biasa jah tuh. Tapi tuh lah..bila nada dia tuh mcm mau halau jah dari rumah nie....rasa sakit hati plak. Ehhh...malas lah sia mau pikir pasal benda tuh..biarlah...bagus sia cari apartment sendiri mau sewa.

Bisuk mau karaja suda...kana pi turun site lain. Mmmm...

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy valentine's day

I just got back from my afternoon tea. When I got back this afternoon, i went to bed and laying down my body on it. In 5 minutes time, i fallen asleep (baru jer lepas makan...habislah perut pun jadi boroyiiiii.....) . When i got up it was 7 o'clock (i remember in sabah 7 o'clock it is dark alreday but here you still can play football). Anyway friends, I would like to take this oppurtinity to wish happy valentine's day to all couples in the world and may you happy with your lover and let your love is everlasting to him/her (ayat skema lagi nie...). sweet. To all bloggers and my visitors, happy valentine's day to you all too. God Bless!!!

I am going to have a nice dinner tonight. I know I had my afternoon tea and i really had enough. But when the darkness is come (malam bah kunun), my stomach is singing (lapar lah tuh kalau mcm tuh..hehehe). So maybe i am going to have claypot (with candle light? and cake?* LOL*), vegetable, steak (wah banyak juga? mampus lah kalau cm nie...), rice (nie mesti ada ...kalau tidak inda kenyang bah...hehehe).

OK guys, i better getting ready now, otherwise i will be late. Once again, happy valentine's day!!!

Review OIAM 3

Last night I watched OIAM 3 and also AI 8. So i am going to review both of these popular TV's show. But first of all, first come first serve, means i am going to review OIAM 3 first. We can see most of the contestants for this session are better compered to last session. I am sorry but this is my observation. Maybe because, half of them are recording artists. Oh..what ever!!!! I was wondering if an artist will win this session. Oh maybe like, Amelya AF3, Pija Mentor, Tomok New boys. If they win the one million ringgit, I AM DEFENATELY NOT GOING TO BUY THEIR ALBUM (seriousely....). Oh even the 'artis harapan baru terbaik'...sorry guys i forgot his name. Even him, i'm not going to buy hos album if he won OIAM 3. No lah....because they are artists and we already saw their seccess in this industry. In fact, none of their songs is popular. Isn't? Is any of their songs 'pernah jadi juara di carta era or hot fm?' NO!!!!

Anyway folks, i'm not a judge and i do not have any certificate in music or performance. But I AM NOT A TONE DEAF. Sorry ya. Last night it was very emotional time for them and very tough time for the judges. Some of the contestents did mistake. Such as Grez (the one from sabah) was a lesson for him because tried to be versetile. Oh pity him. I think next time he should shows and should stick for one gerne. In the other hand, (nah....ayat skema suda nie), the contestent from Sarawak called orange was very unlucky when she accidently hurts her jari kaki (nah matilah...sakit bah tuh..kuku dia tecabut lagi). I love the way she dance. It was excellent movement (ala2 gymnastic pun ada)..LOL. Actually, last night i was expecting something 'kezzzzutan' will happen but no 'kezzzzutan'. Boring kan? kalau rancangan yang straight to the point??? last night i was trying to make a comparision between OIAM and also AF. God!!! OIAM is much better instead of AF. YES, THATS FOR SURE!!! Sorry to say but most of AF's contestents tiada kuality. But I know not all of them. Some of them are very good though!!! OK, back to OIAM 3, i'm sure this time it will be tougher compared to last session. I think, and i really do not think why this one guy (no need to sebut nama dia...but he was ex band boy) choosen by the judges. No lah...he is 'sengau' lah. I know everybody knows he is 'sengau'. I mean is that means paull moss is sengau deaf? (instead of tone deaf....LOL...mesti lah paul bukan tone deaf!!!!),,oh please!!! i think maybe because he has the kara (AI 8) said, ''kalau mau ambik yang lawa..bagus ambik jah super model yang lawa2 instead of somebody who can sing (LOL!!!). But actually, to be a sucessful recording artist you really can't stand without a look. (not all but trust me....). For example recording artist like CT, she has the look and until now, she is still standing in dunia hiburan malaysia (sorry i am not fan of CT). But the first talent is your voice and followed by your look. If you have both of these, you are lucky. In fact, AYU (OIAM 2), who has the voice but doesn't have the look...lepas jah OIAM 2.....x banyak pun dia punya lagu yang meletup..(and suda keluar album kah si ayu nie? stacy suda keluar kan?).

Guys, i am going for afternoon tea now...i will write my review about AI 8 tonight, Bye......

Friday, 13 February 2009

I've changed my template

Today is very boring here in the office. I sick off the source code and i am sick off the sample given to me. I just doing nothing today and lastly i decided to change my blog template. Why? Because my old template is boring already and also because i did realize i could not load my blog when i use IE. That is why i changed it. I think, there are still a few gadgets i need to put on my blog. Especially my shout box. Guys, Please tell me weather you can access my blog use IE. Otherwise please drop me a message. Thanks...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

This is what I called SHIT!!!

My discussion with my manager yesterday end up with >> I HAVE TO HOLD ON MY PLAN AND I COULD NOT START TO DEVELOPMENT SIDE OF THE TOOL. So he lastly decided to understand the logic and the relationship between the tool. I've done it many time and now i get fed up with it. I ask permission to access the database but he said i have to get license. OK fine! now he gave a bundle of source code and requests me to understand about it. So just imagine i have this is what i am doing.

n = 1
For i=1 to UBOUND(arrName)
if arrName(i) <>"" then
echo ""
echo "" & n & ""
n = n + 1
echo "" & UCase(arrName(i)) & ""
For x=1 to UBOUND(ArrDate)
for j=0 to UBOUND(ArrAllName)
IF ArrAllName(j) = ArrName(i) AND ArrAllDate(j) = ArrDate(x) THEN
nTotal = nTotal + 1
ArrTotalPerDate(x) = ArrTotalPerDate(x) + 1

IF nTotal > 0 THEN
ArrHC(x) = ArrHC(x) + 1
response.write(" ")

tmptotal = tmptotal + nTotal

echo "" & tmptotal & ""
echo ""
end if


No cry ya!!!! This is ASP source code and This is silly..reading and try to understand other's source code is silly because different people has different ways to program. In the mean time i am extremely hungry!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Philippines are the most romantic people in the world

Hi Guys, i am leaving my office soon. But before that i am writing the unsure fact i read from one article. Based on SWS survey, it says people of Philippines are the most romantic of all. The survey has been conducted last year and among 11000 people of Philippines 55% of them believe first love never dies ( dare and how romantic..LOL). The survey also report 78% of the respondents also said they have true love and will die for their pathner for love. (wow!!!)

P/S: This is just based on 11000 respondents (huge number and could be accurate enough)..Gotta go now..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yang Hot Hari ini

Yah,, sy nak berblog pasal politik di Malaysia dan juga tentang isu hubungan negara kita dengan luar negara. Mmmmm.....when i got at office this morning i went to the restaurant just next door to the building where i work. I had my roti telur and also nescafe ice (pagi2 dah minum yang sejuk). So i spent RM3.20 this morning. As usual i have to skip my lunch. So about 12 pm afternoon i have to go to maybank.

OK, lets start what hot in Malaysia. I think other then Mas AF2 news i consider Karpal news is the most popular. Why? because he letak saman on Sultan Perak. Ambik ko!!!! Sultan nak kene saman ke? (Habis lah sultan kalau cam nie). Kalau selebriti2 luar negara nak saman kompeni masing2. Tapi lain plak cerita di Malaysia. Peguam plak nak saman Sultan yerrr..Sy tertanya-tanya pagi nie, kalau Karpal tuh menang ape yang dia dapat erk? Pas tuh ape hukuman plak kepada Sultan yang kene saman tuh? Ish..ishh....memang tuh ader plak mulut2 sumbang yang nak mencadangkan tuk gunakan ISA tuk tahan si Karpal tuh. Kalau asik2 nak guna ISA, i think no more speech freedom kat malaysia nie. Yer tak? Just think lah...konon bebas bersuara, tapi kalau ader ISA..bebas ape bendernyer? KEPALA HOTAK DIA NAK BEBAS BERSUARA. Biasalah Malaysia....I did not blame and i did not agree what Karpal has done. Because he has the right to do so. Tapi yang sy rase nak muntah darah nie, kluar plak berita "segerombolan rakyat melayu" yang datang tuk menyatakan tidak kepada apa yang karpal buat. F**K *FF!!! Tak payah lah nak buat perarakan cam kambing biri-biri di atas padang gurun wahai manusia. Kalau memang apa yang Karpal tuh buat betual dia akan menang in the court. Kalau apa yang dia katakan tuh todak berasas, pasti dia jugak yang akan kalah. Daripada lebih 4500 'biri-biri' yang datang buat perarakan ari tuh, i am very sure only 10 orang jer yang tau cerita sebenar. Yang lain tuh just follow cam kambing biri-biri. For me, biarkan jer, kita tengok sejauh mane si Karpal boleh buat. Kalau dia menang so memang betullah dia betul dia akan menang dan sebaliknya kalau salah.

OK ah, and the latest news is orang-orang malaysia yang nak pi UK tak payah visa. Just guna passport. O YES!!! this is great. Tak payah lah aku susah2 nak pi UK punya pejabat kat putrajaya tuk wat visa. Just buy the ticket and use passport. Actually, itu adalah salah satu faktor why i refused my job from the UK. Sebab banyak tul benda nak kene wat. O yes...for your information, So far i am doing nothing so much at my cube. Just messing around with my new Laptop. OK lah, bye folks..see u soon...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sexy belly

OK, its lunch time. But as usual i skipped my lunch because i do not want i will get a cute belly like the picture above Well, actually i was looking for a calender software to be installed into my laptop. So i can look at it and keep remind me about my schedule. As usual i am busy always with my new job. But is long as i enjoy it. So i went to that site and i saw this advert. I was laughing because her belly look very ugly. OMG!!!!! this pic remind me why i skipped my lunch when i'm at the office. My work is just with my laptop and doing analysis, gather requirement, developing, meeting, etc. So more to mentaly instead of physically. So if i take my lunch maybe i will get an ugly belly like the pic above. I have to control my weight and make sure maintain. Hehehe. Wow!!! it doesn't mean i am dieting, actually just to avoid an ugly belly.

Monday, 9 February 2009

My wonderful dinner

Oh...yeah..this is raw nice..

Char kweh nice with fish and chicken

I just had a glass of red wine..


The most expensive and most delicious..huhuhu

Oh..i am very tired tonight. You know why? because i was so busy doing nothing in town. I have day off today because it is Thaipusm. Since i am in Penang so i'm having off day. Anyway folks. Last night i was so bored and lastly i decided to call my friends and we agreed to have our dinner at the E&O hotel. I was wonderful evening and i had a glass of wine. I ate so much and i had all the nice foods. When i got back, i took off my chlotes and i really feel tired (tired of eating) and i fallen asleep. Means i went to bed with my schoks and underwear without clean my teeth. OMG!!!! teribble. I didn't drink much, i just had a glass of red wine and the wine knock me off. So i fallen asleep about 9.30 pm. Well, this morning i suppose to got up at 7 or 8 am. But what happened? I got up at 10 am. Gosh!!!!! After had my shower i decided to walk around in town and went to the beach. But before that i had my swim as well. So quite busy actually. Well, anyway...tommrow i will be busy with my work. In fact i have a meeting with the manager from other department.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

My new car

Hello guys, since i was so bored last night, so i decided went to Gurney plaza on my own. I went to Toy City and just to look around. So guess what??? I so keen and "fell in love" with this car. I bought this car RM80. I had RM 85 in my wallet. Oh...shit!!! means i have to withdraw some money to "keep me going". So here are the pictures of my new car. This afternoon i will be busy to play with it...i also would like to the beach and play with it on the beach.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

My lazy weekend

OMG!!! what a laziest weekend!!! I really dont know what to do today. I tried to do something interesting like went to the beach, shopping, eating but i still didn't enjoy it. So you know most of my time today i spent it on the bed..hehehhe..tmrw my plan is i want to buy something...wait for me.....what i will buy..hehehe

Friday, 6 February 2009

Yeah...its friday and week end is coming

I just want to be happy

Ah Saw (my friend from German style..actually I see but that's Germany's slang) it is Friday and week end is coming. Honestly, i just started by job complete in a week but i can feel the stress and the pressure. Why not? I was given only a month to develop the tool. But i said to myself ....what a wonderful world ...huhuhu...anyway..tmrw is holiday and i'm going to spend my time on the beach at pool. Hehehehe..

I am doing my report...want to see?

Hello guys, here is a part of my report today. Huhuhu.....take a look if you are interested....

Task 1
• Understanding what is CQCM, Tetra Dashbox and TCEO.
• Understanding the basic concepts of CQCM, Tetra Dashbox and also TCEO Metrics.
• Set up Citrix into a laptop and explored.
• Tasks completed on 4th of Feb 2009.

Task 2
• Understanding how CQCM and Tetra Dashbox work each other and the relationship between these tools.
• Mani explained in detail about the relationship between the tools and software development phases.
• Understanding in detail about the 12 TCOE metrics and 1 TCOE supplementary metrics. Exploring each of the formulas and find out the relationship between TCEO metrics and Defect Tracking Management Tool (the name of the tool that I suppose to develop- the concept is based on the existing incomplete tool named Tetra Dashbox).
• Figure out the relationship between CQCM, Citrix, Database and also Dashbox by sketching it on a diagram.
• Tasks completed on 5th of Feb 2009.

Task 3
• Self exploration on CQCM and Tetra Dashbox in detail by running the tools.
• “Plays” with the tools
• Find out the relationship between SR and CR with Dashbox. Find out on how to retrieve data from CQCM’s database to be display on Dashbox.
• List a set of questions as preparation to meet up with Mr. KG
• Tasks completed on 6th of Feb 2009.

Non Project Related
• Attended NIOSH course on 3rd of Feb 2009

This is confidential but only this one. The rest of the contains are hidden..hehehe

Thursday, 5 February 2009

My first project is to dvelop a support tool

Now my time is getting busy in this very cold office. I had a meeting with a cute engineer this morning and she explained me all the things that i need to know. I had about 2 or maybe 3 hours meeting with the the engineer who supervise me. I know the project is not easy as i have to develop a tool to support CQCM tool or defect management tool. That means, i the toll should be able to communicate with the CQCM tool. Oh..goosh!!!! In fact i have to develop the tool using ASP programming language. I suggest to her about PHP but when she spoke with the manager. He said PHP unable to support some features provided by CQCM. Now i am getting a bit nervous because i was given about a month to plan, design and develop the tool. Oh...MG!!! Means..i will be very, very busy this month. I hope i could find the solution and i wish i could complete the project sucessfully. If i completed this tool succesfully, this means i started my job with a good perormance. Wish me luck friends. My office is very cold and i forgot to bring my sweeter this morning. Gezzzzzzzzzz...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I was given a task which is out of my expertise

This is my what i am feeling today

Guys, my first complain regarding to my job (lol..) but this is true. My SV gave me a task which is out of my expertise or what we call it i have no idea on how to do it. She gave me the file yesterday and i started to explore it since tmrow evening. She ask me what is the solution for the problem. I was trying to to thinki about it since yesterday. But this problem is something unexpectable. Oh..shit!! I just blame myself about this problem. I am getting nervous now. Because i suppose to be able to solve the problem. But now the clock shows i thought the solution more then 24 hours and i still "buntu"...argh...i just met the other engineer just now and she will give me another tasks. Oh..NOOOOO!!! this is so busy. But you know. I choose this job and i have to be brave and be confident. I know it is noty so easy to find the solution but i will still think about it. My brain keep thinking about the solution. Its like a puzzle. Oh..oh...oh....

Monday, 2 February 2009

First day with Motorola

The white one is my old laptop HP new laptop..

O bebe! I got up this morning with a bit nervous feeling and at the same time i was a bit excited. I got up at 6 o'clock and and had my shower. I didn't take my breakfast at home because i'm worried i will be late. So what happened? I drove a car from where i live to my company. I tell you what. The traffic was so packed. was so packed. I depart from home about 7 o'clock and God seek! traffic is very bad. Luckly i arrived about 7.40 am. Too early isn't? Hehehe..I was outside until 8.20 am. So after tired waiting outside i contacted Mr. cheah and told him i was outside and waiting for him to report myself. He replied and said go take my breakfast first. So i went to the restaurant just next to the building where i work and had my roti telur and also nescafe. So lastly, i went to the company's lobby and meet up mr.cheah there. So he invited me to his office and also introduced me to some important staffs. After that i have to set up my email, i have to know where the toilet is(so important ar), and met the scretery of the compan, met some others engineers, and lastly i met the service engineer (forgot his name). Then he taught me how to set up the computer, create my account, set up password (God set up password it took 30 mins.), etc..etc...lastly register for my new laptop. And lastly after i completyed all the processes, then he allow me to take the laptop. Wow...i got a new laptop. It is HP bebe!! So now i got 2 good ar?? hehehehe (well..its not really mine but as long as i work for this company i have the authority to carry + use the laptop). This means, i have to leave my laptop at home. Pity..but my new laptop is not too bad. It was excellent and it was great. So fast ar...O ya one of my managers is Spanish. ( spoke to his friend on phone). Other employees are white men and other are indians, chinese, malay and i think i am the only KadazanDusun here in this department. Anyway is he pic of my laptop. And as usual for the first time i have nothing to do a bit bored. But at 2 o'clock i have something to do from my SV.

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