Wednesday, 10 October 2012

First update after a month rest.

Hello guys, I am back again after almost a month I didn't update this blog. I have been very busy with so many things such as research, visits for data collection as well as get involved in several sports. My research is in the final stage to achieve the first objective but it seems like this is very hard and I must admit that I didn't do much since recently. Firstly I was a away from my office in Norwich meeting with the Radiology Department last week and since I came back to Aber I wasn't really into my best mood to do my research. In fact I'm loosing interest which is a little bit worrying actually. After a massive enjoyment in Norwich I got back to Aber with my brain half asleep. Until today I still feel a little bit lazy and not really interested to put enough effort into it. Every time I come to the office there is always something distract my concetration.

This week I did read about Principal Components Analysis which is probably very helpful to analyse high demensional data. This is exactly what I'm doing for my research. Trying to manipulate high demansional data to detect prostate cancer on MR images and also diffussion MR images. I'm still not sure how successful this research could be until I achieved my first objective. It's too early to say at the moment and I really hope I am able to achieve my first objective by the end of this year. I have been reading about Principal Components Analysis but I'm not sure how to use and and what does it mean after implemented it. I know this is a method which is able to identify data pattern and also able to identify redundent data but how this could help my research? How does this could help my clustering process? Mmmmm..I am still a little bit blur at the moment. It has been about 3 weeks I'm in the same stage from where I was. I hate being stuck and it seems like I didn't anything whereas I did several tests except this week which is very unsual for me. For some reasons I feel a little bit unmotivated I think because I'm getting involved with too many sports clubs. Not too many but three are enough because they make me do sport every day. Each of them have different sessions of training and all together make it Mondays to Sundays. But I don't really want to go on Sundays because that my only time to have a rest. I will go and do some work on Saturdays as well at the office. Quite busy at the moment but I'm enjoying doing what I do. It makes me active physically and mentally and stop me being a fat pig LOL!

Okay..okay...I have signed up for three different clubs which are running club, badminton club and also  volleyball club. I wouldn't expect to attend every session of their training but 2 hours or less than that would be more than enough for me. I mean my PhD research is still my first priority. I want to make sure that I can finish my PhD in three years time instead of four years time. Basically my scholarship is only for 3 years and it's would be very expensive for me to do another year. My main purpose to join those clubs is to make new friends but it seems like the it's not that easy to make friends in running club. Maybe because I am too old. But hey being 27 is not too bad i would think. But I understand the fact that most of the runners in the club are between 19-23. So I am probably the oldest member among them. Being a PhD student also doesn't really help. I mean when they asked what am I studying and I said I'm doing a PhD in computer science they were saying something like huh??? with their funny face. Maybe I should have told them that I am an undergraduate student but then I would be too old.

On the other hand, I am making several or maybe many friends from the badminton club. I like the fact that I can have a rileks conversation with lecturers and also some other students without considering their status or even what they at the university. I mean we are all the same as long as there is a respect the world would be a better place to live. But it's never as easy as this because people are different and the differences make the world chaos. Anyway, I'm not a winner of peace Nobel prize so I don't really want to talk about it like I have been one of the finalists for this award.

Changing the subject, I went for a run about 8.20KM today with a physic lecturer Dr.Balazs who I known from the playing badminton at the sport centre. The whether wasn't that good but not too bad because the visibility was okay and I enjoyed the run although it was probably a little bit tiring. I'm sure we could have done better but then we didin't run in a full strength although I thought I almost did. But I'm sure Balazs can do faster then me during the race. I think I would finish the race in 1 hour 5 minutes because it was actually 11.6KM instead of 10KM. So maybe finishing 1 hour 5 minutes for 11.6KM is not too bad but I am hoping to be able to finish it in less than an hour. It sounds hard actually.

Anyway, after that 8.20KM run with Balazs, I decide to go to the sport cage after getting a message from a friend that today was the selection process for the university team. I was pretty exhausted and I left my rackets in the car and I come to the cage with my jeans. I played probably twice and I lost both games. The first game i lost 15-17 ad the second game I lost 4-15. Then the university's best player said I wasn't good enough whereas I wasn't in a position to show my best performance after that afternoon run and playing with my jeans on rather than with my short? Fuckin was very unfair and also I was using the cheap racket provided by the university. It was heavy and the string wasn't good enough to return the shuttle to your opponent. The worst thing is playing with my jeans on rather than with my short. So it was very unfair. Nevermind, because I have another chance to show what I have on Friday which is the next training. After all, I would say Friday is the Jungle Boy's revenge. I'll be back with my full strength. I hate being looked down by someone if I wasn't in a position to show what I have especially after 8.20KM up and down hill that is pretty tiring.

Anway...huh!!! I;m rambling and I've just finished it. I'm going to bed now....zzzzz

p/s: This is an unedited post...

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