Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Unduk ngadau 2011 final

Tonight will be the unduk ngadau 2011 final and i have no idea who will be the winner. But i have seen the pictures of each of the finalists. It's difficult and it's unfair to determine who will be the winner based on the pictures. There are so many factors could influence the judges who will be the winner. I don't know anything about the criteria but I know that you must be able to speak your native language, wearing native custom and you must be beautiful. LOLZ!!!! Yeah....beauty is the most important thing i guess. So far my prediction based on the pictures gonna be Miss Ranau or Miss Beaufort I like the most. Maybe they look beautiful on pictures i don't know as i said it's difficult to predict based on pictures. But my prediction is 100% based on the pictures i've seen. I also love unduk ngadau Likas, unduk ngadau tanjung aru, unduk ngadau penampang and unduk ngadau Tuaran. Let's see if my predictions were correct. :-)

Mentor 5 final: Salma is the champion

As predicted in my previous post Salma will be the winner and when i checked youtube last night, guess what?? She was the winner. Fuhhhh!!!!! Overall marks are 85 compared to Shihah and Iqa who only managed to get less than 65 marks. Just imagine, she left the other finalists by 20 marks ahead. LOLZZ!!! That was so funny and really funny because the week before final, Salma was last but managed to climbed and distance herself with the other finalists. Yahoooo...really amazing news you know!!!! Just imagine the other two were just too small compared to Salma for Godness sake. Really!!! I must say that. We will see what will happen to salma in a year time? How about her new single? how about her career? She will be the true champion only when she can retain herself in malaysian music industry. Anyway...Congratulations to Salma and of course Erra for choosing the right protege. First runner up was Shihah followed by Iqa.

Monday, 30 May 2011

How to make very filling lunch??

Sandwich with cheese, mayonnaise
and eggs

Two slices of bread

These are all what you need

Don't forget the eggs

I think one of the problem with most people from the west is they tend to eat only salads or sandwich and these meals are not filling at all. As a result, they tend to pinch food or take nibbles in between their main courses such as eating a piece of cake, chips, biscuits, etc. They didn't realise they have consumed more than 2000 calories before dinner time. When they have dinner, they add another at least 800 calories. Anyway..my tips is to eat something filling for your lunch. It's gonna be sandwich but this is very filling if you finish it off with a cup of coffee or tea.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Who is Daddy?

When i got up this morning and checked my yahoo mails (I hate the most!!) i saw a few notifications and two of them saying Daddy is now connected to 3 people ......bla..bla..bla....
I was wondering who the Fu** is Daddy??? Shit!!! anyway my dad doesn't use computer at all and he is in a village in sabah. Still wondering who is Daddy..am gonna check his profile now...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cooking time!!!! Products from Waitrose

Well, well, well,...what a boring day in Hatfield huh?? I know..i know..really really boring. I don't know what shall i do. I rang my friends and thought they can go out with me but they said no they can't. Each of them still have something to do and some of them actually are working. So i can't really do anything. Mmmmm...this little room is so boring. So this morning i went to St.Albans and guess what...i went to Waitrose...WAITROSE???? yes...i know this is an expensive super market but they said the food quality is so good!.

So i thought, i'll give it a try. Yeah..give it a try. So when i was there i found few Malaysian products (Imported of course). Yuuummmyyyyy!!! I miss them very much. So yeah..I bought some of them and some other silly stuffs really like lemon grass and lime leaves. In sabah i don't have to buy these silly ingredients because they are a lot outside my parents' house. But here, well everything is money. So basically no money no talk. TRUE!

I also bought that baby bamboo or they call it bamboo shoots. In sabah we call it "Robung" or in Malay well known as "Rebung". Shouldn't really buy it but as i said...London is everything is about money. Mmmm....so tonight am gonna cook special fried ice with some meats and bamboo shoots. Also would like to make a sea food salads and red and green spicy prawns. Yuummyyyy..I can't wait.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Mentor 5 final: Who will be the champion? My analysis

Hello guys, am back again from my very busy week as i had to write 6000 words for the conference in Brighton in NOV 2011. I am one of the presenters and i need to write about my research, result and analysis. I managed to write 5800 words in four days. LOL! It was so tiring and i am very tired at the moment. I have just submitted it to my supervisior and i hope all will be all right.

Anyway, let's go back to Mentor 5 final. Three the best contestents at last have been selected by the juries and voted by the public. Well, i always miss this performance because i am in the UK but i watch their performances on youtube. First of all, all i can say about them is they do deserve to be in the final. Based on their performances every week, i hve predicted these three will be in the final. The question is, who will be the next mentor's champion? Well..here is my prediction and analysis

Salma will be the champion because - She has the most important asset. Her vocal is the most powerful among all of the finalists. She is a combination of ziana zain and jac. Her performances were consistent every week. She can song many types of songs. It has proven based on her weekly percformance.

Salma can't be the champion if - Well, if i not mistaken she's gonna sing Cinta, listen and her new single. All these songs required her to sing it very carefully and need lots of concetration as well as energy. She might be exausted after singing the first two song. Listen for example requires her to sing the song in a huge range. In fact her new single seems like exploiting her vocal range. So she has to becareful here. Otherwise her performance gonna be a disaster!

Shihah will be the champion because - allthough vocally she is second after salma but i have to say she has a beautiful smooth vocal. For me her voice is so smooth and her new single is 100% fits with her vocal range and that's exactly types of songs she suppose to sing in the final. So bravo to Datuk! Well, she's cute? and good looking? well, yeah..she is of course. So basically her talent and look combined together perfectlly. This could be the main asset of her to win this competation. I believe she will utilise it and make her performances perfect vocally.

Shihah can't be the champion - Well, her vocal is not good enough to be the champion compared to salma. If you look at all the winners from 1st session to the 4th, all of them has really powerful voice. Pija, FiQ, Black, Mohd....you name it...Fiq and Black for example were finalist of juara lagu.

Iqa is the champion because - Well, honestly i see very litle chance for this girl to be the champio. But guess what...who knows? She could be the champion because of eddry KRU. KRU is very popular and used to be one of the biggest names in Malaysia. Many people know them and of course eddry has a huge influence of the malaysia music industry. He is creative and knows how exactly what is the current trends of the music industry.

Iqa can't be the champion - Well, her new single was not as interesting as the other two. I played once each of the contestent's new single and i can't even remember the tune for Iqa's song. In fact, i am a bit worry because there might be a pitching problem during her performance in the final. Her vocal is not that unique and for me her vocal is just the same standard with some of the af students.

So that's my analysis lol! I would say Salma will be the champion, second sihah and followed by Iqa. We will see in mentor 5 final this weekend....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

What turns you on and off???

Sorry for this post but guess what ha..ha...i found these pictures somewhere on facebook and it really makes a huge difference between what turns you on and off. LOL! I think these pictures are ridiculous hillarious. Do't you think so? He..he...he.....look at the second picture, she does looks digussting horribe....yucks LOL!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

McD time with friends

Hola...i was with friends having lunch in McD. Dind't know what to do, I then called my friends and we went out to McD and had our lunch over there. Wow!!! That was really nice and really enjoyed it very much. I was very full and felt sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's me sliding on the snowed mountain in Scotland

Check it out..it's exciting!!!

I just love it very much ha..ha...ha.....ha.....I wish i could do it again. I really want to do it again next year. Yeah!!! Next winter. But if i got a job already next winter i don't think i can do this sort of things anymore. But nevermind....we will just wait and see :-) This video was taken in a mountain in Scotland (Oh jesus!!! I forgot the name) and i really liked it very much. It was last winter and i was very busy with my thesis that time but still managed to climbed two mountains LOL!!!!!! Naughty boy!!! I should really be doing my thesis but i did enjoy myself very much. But Guess what...i still managed to do my thesis successfully..yippieeeeee

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lake District England

Wel, probably this is one of the most beautiful lakes in England and guess what???? i was here for just a few hours for a lunch when we were driving up tp Scotland that time. Ha...ha.....ha.....We had to take that very long route just because i wanted to see this lake. All i can say is yes the lake is really beautiful but i am sorry because on the pics above it doesn't look very beautiful. But it is actually very beautiful. I wish we stayed there a little bit longer or overnight. But i did enjoy my trip to Scotland tho..he..he...he...Lake district is still a fantastic place to visit.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My luxary summer holiday plan on Borneo Island

Fabsss!!! Fantastic!!! gorgeous, hot and beautiful...only in Sabah. The only and only beautiful and fantastic tourism destination in Malaysia is exactly located in Sabah. If you want mountain, we have the highest mountain in south east asia, if you want beach we have world class beaches in sabah, if you want island we have top five stars rated islands in sabah, if you want to see the lost world we have one of the oldest jungles in the world, if you want to do shopping we have the biggest shopping mall in borneo...what else do you want? Spending your 2 weeks vacations in sabah never be enough because lots and lots of things you can do and see here in sabah. I am currently live in London but i am sabahan YES of course. For me going back to my hometown is always a holiday for me..I have been to many places and all states in Malaysia but not to promote my own state but i have to say that Sabah has the most exciting destinations places to visit. Kepalai island gonna be my next destination this summer, it's in east sabah...i can't wait.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

My ridiculous delicious lunch

Guess what..as you guys know i have already successfully completed my master and i really hate my room now because i spent lots and lots of time here. Yes i did actually and i don't like it anymore. LOL! So what i did was i cooked. I went to asda and i bought lots of vegetables and prawns. So i cooked prawns and made cheese salads to myself for my lunch plate. :-) I love cooking and i do enjoy cooking very much. Yeah i really love it baby!!! As you can see the prawns on the pictures, it looks so red and wow....it was so yummy!!!!!! loved it very much xxxx

Friday, 20 May 2011

How my thesis looks like??

250 pages (1st copy) + 250 pages (2nd copy) + 400 pages (source code) = 900 pages!!!

Hello everybody i am officially want to be active again updating my blog. Well, I have been trying very hard to keep this blog alive for the last few months but i couldn't not make it due to my busyness with my MSc final project. Well, well well....i still managed to kep this blog alive this month tho but using auto publish tool. Well, after my thesis submission i was very busy with my VIVA preperation. Yes i was really busy and just today i finished my master degree and completed it. Well, what can i say? I am very happy with everything. Every moment went very smooth!!!!! Well that's how my thesis looks like before i submitted it on monday afternoon. It's 650 pages and the thickest report i every produced in less than 4 months. All i can say is guess what???? I am very happy because it has been accepted by the Organise of Europen Conference 2011 and I will be in Brighton in Nov 2011 to present my work. Wow!!! i am very excited!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

She needs your vote!!! Please vote now!!!!!



Wednesday, 18 May 2011


**GREAT NEWS OF MY THESIS**I am pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled 'The Design,Development and Evaluation of a Social Networking Application for Interactive Learning' has been selected for submission as a paper to the 10th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL-2011).**GREAT NEWS OF MY THESIS** !!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the font in red colour, that's it. That's the message i got from the European conference organiser. It was in the morning about 9 am. I just got up and with my half asleep brain started on my laptop. I was still very sleepy that time but i don't know why i insisted myself to get up. Anyway, I opened my university's email and i saw there were two unread messages. I clicked the unread messages and i saw one from my supervisor and second one is from the event organiser.

After reading both of the emails i was really happy and posted on my facebook's wall about this news and i got many congratulations wishes from my friends. I am really happy because only God knows how much time i spent my time on it. Only God knows how much effort i put on it. I was really tired and i went to bed 4am every morning and get up at 9 am every day. Yeah, i did lots of things and i feel so proud of myself for this achievement. This is probably one of the biggest achievement i ever did in academic field. I am really happy.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Facebook is now in KadazanDusun language.YEAH!

Wow...for the first time ever.. I've seen this. Facebook is now available in KadazanDusun language Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..Well..well..well..ok..ok i know it has been photoshoped and i wish this is real. I know it's not real i just like it very much and did you notice it sound funny when English translated to Dusun? LOL!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Yahoo I have submitted my thesis

HISTORY: 16/05/2011

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tmrw is my thesis submission


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sale of Goods Act

I have just finished my thesis and well, well, well, i cannot wait to submit my thesis. Wow!! wish me luck because i am going to present it next week. Anyway, any of you know about sale of Sale of Goods Act or specifically Sale of Goods Act 1979? Well this is very important for consumer information. Sales of Goods Act is probably one of the most crucial things for each buyer must know to avoid being cheated by shops owners. Especially in second world countries, so many shops are trying to cheat their customers by selling fake items with ridiculous prices.

I remember one of my friends who bought an an expensive Rolex watch with a slightly cheaper price. He thought it was a genuine Rolex shop. He paid hell lots of money to his watch. After a year, he went to a Rolex shop and asked for a service to clean the watch. He was very surprised when the Rolex specialist told him that it wasn't a genuine Rolex. Wow!!!! Just imagine he paid lots of money for it and realised it wasn't a genuine. He tried to trace the shop but after a year, the shop has closed.

Anyway, if you are looking for sale of goods and services act or if you are using google search engine, alternatively try to google sale of goods and services act 1982 and you will find lots of them on the internet. However, they are not as clear as whatconsumer.co.uk. I have read it and visited the website. I give it 4.6/5. Take a look guys.

Plockton Shores -We had five stars sea food

After a disappointment....we were redirected by a local to have the best seafood restaurant in north west scotland. Yeah..i was very excited to have it. Well, this restaurant is really in a rural area and we had to drive probably about 30 minutes in the nearest town. Owh..we had to stop many times to ask the locals there where the restaurant was. This restaurant is very well known and that's why we managed to reach the restaurant. Not so easy but not that difficult. Anyway..I had seafood set and a soup as a starter. WOW!!!! The best sea food set i every had in my whole life. Yummyyyy..everything is so delicious. But....well sorry to tell you guys..but it's expensive. In average we paid about 30 pounds each for a lunch. I think for this price, it's already a dinner price in London. But QUALITY was SUPERB!!!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

I thought it was a lunch time

After a long journey in north west Scotland I felt like wanted to eat something. Well, yeah i was hungry because we had drive hundreds miles. Mmmm...so we went to the island on the other side of Scotland mainland. We found a nice restaurant and in front of it as you can see there is sculpture of a Scottish worrier. Well, I don't know his name tho. But it says a Scottish worrier. After we took a few pictures outside of the restaurant, we went inside and there weren't anyone there. After few seconds we realized the restaurant is actually closed. SHIT!!!! Why didn't they put a CLOSE signboard or at least business hour outside??

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A life as a Landscape photographer

That's it!! A life as a Landscape photographer. I am not a photographer lols! But what i try to say in this post is about how do i think a life of a landscape photographer. The thing is ain't i look like landscape photographer? with a camera hanging on my neck with a beautiful landscape background? Lovely mountains, hills and forest. Love them!!! Looks so lovely. That is why i lovvveeeee Scotland!!! :-)

Next Mountain is Ben Nevis?

I have been thinking and really looking forward to finish everything. My thesis submission is on the 16th of May and it's almost there. Ben nevis is the highest mountain in the UK but of course it's not as taller as kinabalu mountain. I can't wait to climb this mountain and hope i have enough preparation before the time. Mmmm....am hungry lolszz

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beautiful Landscape in Scotland

The pictures as you can see above were taken last months. I was busy with my thesis that time achieving my fourth objective i guess. Yeah! Even though I spent my 3 days time in Scotland that time but it was never a waste. In fact i am so grateful had the chance to see the country. It was really a lovely country. I think the landscapes in Scotland were prefect. I would really love to live there but one thing certainly can turn me off is the cold weather. Am sorry but i just don't like and i never like the cold weather. Spring is fine for me but winter is horrible. For me, when winter comes, it seems like you can't do anything outside unless you are already get used to it. But someone like me, no way and no chance to love it. When winter comes all i can do is to sit indoor and do boring things over and over again for 3 months. Gezzzzz..i really cannot take it. But i love Scotland especially the landscape.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Beautiful Scotland

This picture was taken last month (again! yeah). I was kind of busy that time but i don't know why i still managed to climb a mountain in the middle of my dissertation. In fact, I had a day tour of north west Scotland and all i can say is WOW. Probably one of the most beautiful landscapes i ever seen in my life. I love beaches so much but I must admit that I love forests and mountains as well. Scotland has all what I wanted to see which i never expected it really. That's on the picture is me standing on the bank of the river and they are using this river as a hydroelectric power to supply the some of the areas over there. I just love the landscape and if it was not cold that time i felt like i wanted to take my clothes off and jump into the rive and swim with the fish. LOLS!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

McDonald with friend

This picture was taken last month when we still had the time although at that time we were kind of busy. It has been a month since i we last met and wow...time flies and just didn't realise it. I am almost finish my master degree. It has been one and half year since I came here. In NOV it will be two years then. Yeah!!!!! Well am missing my friends and want to go out with them.
I don't know what to do but if i not mistaken after 16th of May everybody should be all right and has the time to go out. I will be finished my master and my friends will start their thesis then. Wish them luck!!!!! Now i am sitting on my bed and wondering what to do today. Mmmm..i want to do the slides for my presentation but i'm just not in a mood. LOL!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A day with friends

This picture was taken i think two weeks ago when i was struggling with my thesis. Arghhh....yes it was, or maybe three weeks ago. I can't remember and am not sure but it doesn't matter because the thing is we had fun. I went to Nando's restaurant and decided to have a lunch. It was really great. I was doing my thesis and struggling for something that time but when MO (the guy in the yellow t-shirt) rang me and invited me to have a lunch with them..i said to myself "all right time to get some rest". And yeah...I did have a rest. In fact I was actually tired after the lunch because i ate to much and ended up getting sleepy. Anyway..probably this is the latest picture of me with my friend and i am really looking forward to meet them again probably next week when they all finished their exams.

Friday, 6 May 2011

It feels so nice after I finished my master's thesis

Wow, I do feel so nice after I finished my thesis. It seems like the world is so good and I don't have to worry about anything anymore even thorugh I do worry about something. It's gonna be very scary to hear what grade i will get for my thesis. I do expect either A1, A2 or A3 tho. But How knows? nobody knows about this thing. I must get any As for my thesis to graduate first class. I am badly want to get first class for my master. I really do want this. LOL! I wanted to get first class during my bachelor degree but it was so difficult because i didn't managed to maintain my pointer in the second semester. I mean i got 3.06 in the second semester to that's why i ended up with almost first class. It was not first class degree...so i hope this master is a revenge for me tho. Ha..ha....In fact, if i get first class for my master, it's gonna be very good and i would have a chance to do my PhD easily. I haven't maku up my mind yet what to do after finishing my master but it's either job or PhD tho. Whatever comes first then i will go for it. Well, Hertfirdshire university has offered me a place for my PhD but most probably i want to try a different university? I am happy with the current university where i am at the moment but i think it is better if i had the chance to do my PhD in a different university. But if a job came first then i will be happy to go for a job as well. He..he..he..he....at the moment i am waiting for my upervisor to confirm my presentation date. I am so excited for it he..he..he...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jogging improving my stamina

This is me at my first jogging this year LOL!

I have been jogging in the last few days after i finished my thesis. Now i just need to re check and make sure everything is all right. Here is my current report of my last jogs;

1st attempt in average i did 2.6KM = 25 mins Note: I thought i was dying. After a half kilometer, i felt i wanted to vomit on the ground and i felt my head was dizzy. Arghhhh...it was terrible. In fact i felt my tummy was aching and my legs were painful. Jesus!!! it was horrible

2nd attempt in average i did 3KM = 22 mins Note: Well, i felt the same exactly like when i did it first time. But the difference is the pains were not stay long. At my first attempt, the pains stayed all the way when i was running. It was terrible. Arghhh...Because the pains didn't stay that long, i managed to go a bit further and made 3KM instead of 2.6.

3rd attempt in average i did 3KM = 18 mins Note: Much better this time. I didn't stop many times. I think i only stopped twice in 3 KM and managed to shorten the time to 18 mins instead of above 20 mins. Yippieeee...that's great.

I can't wait to do my fourth attempt. He..he..he...he..

Road Traffic Compensation

This topic remind me about something when i was working as a software engineer with a multinationals company Motorola. I used to drive approximately 40 minutes from where i lived to my office. Honestly, I must say the drivers in Penang probably the worst drivers i ever experienced or seen. That is why Penang has one of the most highest traffic accidents in Malaysia. Don't ask me why because it's unexplainable!!

Talking about Road Traffic Compensation, I don't really know which one is the best as i am also new here in the UK. However, few days ago a friend of mine who is currently living in London emailed me a link about his accident consultant. Based on his review, the company guarantees 100% compensation without any hidden costs. All you have to do is to follow these four simple steps (please click the link). He had two accidents since he moved to London years ago and he always happy with the services provided by the company. They are very efficient and effective! And the most important and I really like is about the fact you don't have to pay anything whether you win or loose. Would you like to give a try? I will certainly give it a try.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The royal wedding pictures in London

Here are some of the pictures form the Royal wedding. I didn't attend the wedding tho but these are pictures of my friend of managed to attend the wedding. Yeah..he did attend the wedding. I was busy with the thesis so i thought instead of going there i better finish my thesis. He..he...he...well i managed to finish my thesis at 4 pm. YES....if u look at those pictures don't you think the he looks so old for his age? How old is so actually? Honestly i really thought he is early 30-ish and the girl looks matured as well. I thought she is around 30 or maybe 31. Sorry maybe they are early 30-ish..but i thought they were in the middle of 20-ish...mmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead

I bet so many people will be happy and so many people feel the other side as well. Osama bin Laden the US's number 1 public enemy was shot by a small group of America intelligent agents few days ago and said that he was put into the sea instead of buried under the ground. So i guess the sharks have eaten him. As you can see on the picture, i don't know where did i get this i can remember. I think i got it from an email. I don't know the truth and i don't care. But based on what he did on sept 11th, He deserved it. I still feel very pity to those family who dead in the twin buildings in America few years ago. I've read somewhere that some of the children lost their parents and trauma.

Monday, 2 May 2011

My stamina is very low

Isn't is lovely jogging on a beach?

Yes..what can i say? It is very low at the moment and i have tested it. Oh dear.yesterday i went for a run and guess what. I did in average 2.6 KM for 25 minutes..that was really bad tho. I must admit it was the slowest time i ever recorded in my life. But what do you expect after spending months in my room doing my dissertation and all of the sudden o went for a run? I felt like i was vomiting on the ground. I had headache as well. For goodness sake it was terrible. Anyway..i want to go for a jog as well today but the weather seems so terrible yucks. You know what i mean, it's windy and miserable LOL! Yes it is actually..really miserable. I wish i was jogging on a beach...must be very nice tho. I really like it. But i live in the middle of a town. Mmm..no beach :-(

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Struggling with my Data analysis

I am still doing my data analysis at the moment. I've been doing this thing since monday this week and still doing it. Struggling really. I don't really have the problem with quantitative though as it was easier but the qualitative data analysis is really pain in the ass. LOL! It seems like we need to interpret when does it mean if the user writes like this. Or if she writes like that what does it mean? I have to figure out the relations with some other theories. Mmmm...i find it a little bit difficult. I have six data analysis to do with different purposes for each of them. But thanks God i managed to analysed 5 of them already . I have one more left and guess what..this is the most difficult among the five. In fact, this one part as difficult as if i combine all the five data analysis i've done before. I can't wait to finish my thesis...i really cannot wait for it..i want to have a rest and enjoy myself. :-) then think what i wanna do next :-)

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