Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I'm leaving Malaysia today going to the UK

Oh gosh!!!! Its been sometimes i didn't update my blog. I was very busy with everything. Yesterday i was in sabah and last night i was in penang and now i am in KL. Wow....what a journey...i just hope that i could get some sleep when i'm on the plane. I just had my breakfast (KFC), and i hate my KFC because they had very limited menus. Yeah..i know its only a breakfast.

Well, its a long and very sad day when we know we are going to somewhere far away from our family. Yesterday my family took me to the airport (terminal 1) KK-KL and many of them, smiled and waved their hands and shaked my hand...each of them wished my success in the UK. was really sad and i said to made my family proud.

My aunty (my mom's younger sister) went to the airport as well with her sons and daughter. Unfortunetly her husband won't be able to come because he had a meeting. I met her 3 years old handsome and cute hyperactive...

Leaving KK yesterday was horrible and it was really sad..tears on my eyes but i can's show it to them..i have to be very strong. Iarrived in KL about 5.40 PM and up to penang about 7.10 PM. Arrived in Penang about 8 PM and my friend was waiting for me at the airport.

Once I arrived at the condo, i went to my room and i looked my packed suitcase..Wow..i said to myself...i am very sad to leave my family and my friends. But i have to go and i must go. THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR A YEARS AND LASTLY I'VE GOT THE OPPURTUNITY AND I DON'T WANT TO LOOK BACK ANYMORE. I ironed chlotes about 4 o'clock this morning and one more time my friend took me to the airport. One more time, tears on my eyes, very sad...

Wow..i never had this situation before...i really feel so nervous even though at the same time i feel so excited to start my new life in a new place. Well, guys i have to go now and its 9 AM my flight is 10.30 AM.

P/S: I can't stop crying since yesterday...its really sad....this is too much for me but i know i can cope with it. Di-iringi dengan SMS-SMS yang sangat sedih membuatkan hati ini sangat sedih...
To all my family members...i won't dissapoint you all.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Update when i was in KL - Makan-makan d'KL

Huh...updating my blog again..boring in the office..doing nothing. So..i think better i update my blog. the same time busy watching the market..LOL!!!! Anyway..i was in KL last week and i had terrible many things happened to me. I really don't want to tell you guys about this. I really don't want to think about it because it's done so no more to think about my visa. Am looking forward to buy my flight going to the UK. Can't wait it...and i really cannot do anything at this moment until i got back all my original documents.

Okey..i was in KL and as usual my niece always wants me to buy a dinner. LOL!!! thanks God i got the money otherwise i have to withdraw some money. We went to D'Mines shopping Mall and it was packed. Even it took 1 hour to get parking space. Mmmm...very tiring but luckly my brother in low drove the i just closed my eyes and waiting the car to be parked. Went to KL and my niece fetched me at the airport with her husband and the baby was with her baby sitter at home. So we had good time that night..

Look at my niece..and her husband...hehehe..time to eat dinner

Believe or not she said she skipped her lunch that day because i was going down to KL

Mmmm...everything was nice except the Hailam noodles i had. It was horrible!!!

P/S: Mmmmm....can't wait to meet them again in Sabah in DEC for x'mas....i can't wait to go back to sabah. Keep my fingers crossed for my Visa.

Warm chlotes from my friends for the UK my money...:)

With a scarf and rain coat

A warm regards from me to all my friends..merry x'mas

Mmmm...Thanks so much to my friends for buying me warm clothes, rain coat and also a scarf. Huh...they went back to the UK last month and got back in MY they bought me all those stuffs. Wow..what a surprised!! I told me once not to buy warm clothes in MY because they won't work in England. Yes i know what he matter how thick the material is, it still doesn't work when u wear it in the UK. So they bought me feel so happy. Anyway...i am excited to celebrate x'mas this year before going to the UK. Feel very very nervous...seriously.....

P/S: The song says: Salahkah aku menyntaimu walau ku tahu ku tak di hatimu >> It means to me so much!!! (tears....)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Shopping before leaving for Sabah

Yeah..i spent my money like i drink a glass of water..LOL!!!

Yeah..Master this brand but sometimes i thought some of the prices are overpriced. not malay...quality come first rather than quantity.

My dutch friend just sat on the seaty and i guess he was sleeping while i was looking for what i wanted.

Wow..i did some shopping last week!!! I spent quite a lot of money. Hehehe...seriously i didn't realize i spent that kind of money and i never did it. First time and i hope never again. Unless i have a lot of money..heheheh...

Update from KL:

Mmm...currently i am in LCCT airport and in just 1 hour i will be in Penang. Huh..4 days in KL and i had terrible days. I had so many problems with my Visa application. Actually it wasn't my fault. Their fault..because they didn't update the latest format for bank reference letter. Queensbay maybank branch gave me a letter (the previous format) and the university representative checked all the documents before i left penang and everything was all right. But when the people (shall i say assessor?) in Visa office checked all the documents, he said the reference letter from the bank was incomplete. Oh Fuck off!!! I went to maybank branch in Ampang park and they said they do not have the authority to produce a letter to support my application. What a dick?!!!! It was really annoying. It means i have to go back to penang to get a letter from queensbay maybank. Why? because i opened my account at there. This is redicilous..wht if i opened my maybank account in Sabah? Anyway...i solved the problem at the end because i went to maybank HQ in puduraya. Thanks God they are very helpful and very very efficient. Anyway...i have to go now....the plane has landed.

P/S: I am tired and i need to get some sleep as well. Very very tired......but i feel happy when my visa application has been accepted. I was nervous when i tried to resubmit 3 times and there was always something incomplete. Lastly my 4th attempt...they accepted it. What a relief!!!!!!!!!

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