Friday, 27 November 2009

Bungkusan Langsat dari sabah telah sampai..hehehe...

Dig dong!!! Someone pressed the apartment's bell. I was with my laptop that time busy with my things. Ding dong!!! the bell pressed again. I said to myslef...argh...i don't care who comming i want to do this. But strangely nobody open the door. So i slowly moved away frm my laptop and try to look outside trough the other window of the apartment. I saw a guy holding something and i was wondering if it was a guy from the other floor wanted to give something to me. I opened the door and i did not know the guy and i said Yes..may i help you?". And the postman said..."yes is Mr. Andrik here?" and i said "Yes am Mr.Andrik ". He looked at me and he said "Ok..ada bungkusan untuk kamu" and he handed the pack to me. I looked on it and i say my name and my sister's name were written on it. So i signed the form that i need to do and say thank you to him.

I went to the kitchen and took a knife and started to open the pack. Wow...i cannot believe it. LANGSAT BAH DALAM DIA!!!!! and i straight went to my bedroom took my HP. I rang my sister and i said.. "uiiii...kamu kasih kirim sy langsat kah?". She laughed and i am so happy..lastly i can eat langsat after a few years i didnt. I guess we can find the langsat in penang but not sure where. At once i thought i've seen it but dont remember whether it was in Penang or in Thailand. you gooo laju..only one day from sabah to penang

dalam kotak kasut bah..hehehe

Wah...can't wait

P/S: I cannot watch shows its 4.43 am but my eyes say don't sleep!!!!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The good and bad working with Motorola. Based on my experience

Since my last post about Motorola acceptance I've received quite a few emails asking about this company. I've been working with Motorola for almost a year and i can say it was good but not excellent. I mean there are good sides and bad sides (not really bad sides but i just didn't enjoy it). Anyway i enjoyed my programming and also my web applications development parts. Lets talk about -ve and +ve sides of Motorola in Penang.

The +ve sides

- I love my role as a software engineer and i feel so proud of myself with every single project i've completed.

- No need to punch card. No worry about red mark or black mark on your card. No punch card anyway.

- Flexible time work. It does not matter what time you arrived at the office as long as you work 8 hours per day!!!! thats fine!!

-Salary increment is twice a good. Even bonus also twice a year. For example if your basic salary is RM3500 and your performance for the last 6 months was 90%. It means your salary increment is 0.09 x RM3500 = RM315. If you can maintain your performance in the next 6 months 90% means your next salary increment is 0.09 x RM3815 (remember your basic salary became RM3500 + RM 315) = RM 343.35. This means within a year your salary increment could be RM700!!!
My last performance was i'm glad of it!!! Buli lah cari makan!!

-You can work from home as long as you can submit your work on time.

- A lot of fun at the office. I mean dinner, team building, moto mania and many other activities.

- I've learned something which is very valuable to my future career. They called it Automation Testing. I've learned the script and the process. Wow...i loved it a the beginning but after sometimes...i felt bored.

The -ve Sides
- Motorola is a huge multinational company and since i am a new engineer with them. They don't really care about you particularly when you are exchanging opinions with the senior engineers. No matter how good your opinions are, they will put it to the lowest priority.

-Since i am the only "hard core programmer" (pheweeeitttt!!!) in my department, i felt a bit lonely and stress especially when i am developing a web application that required me a lot of hard work and skills. The other engineers don't really know about programming because they are specialized in doing testing. So when i asked about the development side...they don't know. Pity me!!! I squeezed my brain for every single project I've handled.

- I did not have the chance to strengthen my programming skills because there is no someone better then me in programming part in my department. So i just slightly above from where i was. I was expecting to learn more in Java but no one could program Java in my department. So a bit disappointing actually. It's a pity actually because Motorola Penang is specialized in doing testing instead of development.

Anyway, there you go...i've listed some good and bad things working with a multinational company and maybe you would like to consider my review about Motorola. Think about it friends!!! I didn't say they are good or bad but i said they are pros and cons.

P/S: I am still counting my day to leave Motorola. In 2 weeks time I will be leaving!!!!! At this moment so busy with my visa applications going to the UK. At the same miss sabah so much. I knew i don't have time to spend in sabah because i might be leaving for the UK in the first week of Jan 2010.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 Akhir @ AJL 24 final

Here you go. I've got all the info from Who will be the next AJL?
Do not forget to watch one of the most "extrem" singing competations among malaysian artists in JAN 2010. Oh Gosh...for sure by that time i can't watch it live (might be in England) but i will watch it frm youtube.

Do not forget, the competation is on the 10th of Jan 2010!!!!!!

1. Aku Scandal (Hujan)
2. Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang (Alyah)
3. Aurora (Estranged)
4. Bengang (Akim)
5. Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu (Black)
6. Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna)
7. Rindu Terhenti (Tomok)
8. Pakai Buang (Stacy)
9. Kau Aku (Aizat)
10. Pergi (Aizat)
11. Situasi (Bunkface)
12. Bencinta (Faizal Tahir)
13. Cinta Adam & Hawa (Misha Omar)
14. Masih Jelas (Hafiz)

My horses are named with red mark

P/s: Currently i am very busy and i am counting my day to officially resign my position from Motorola

Friday, 20 November 2009

How to cook noodles? Believe me this is much better than using boiled water.

Huh...I think its been a week i didn't blog because i was so busy with the new project requested by the manager. Unfortunately, i am the only one hard core programmer (pheweeitttt!!!) in my department and i have no choice to escape form it. So i really have to stick on it and this week is really horrible for me because i have to struggle to finish the project within a week. Not really actually..i mean i do have 2 weeks time but i wanted to finished it this week because i will be busy after 21st of Nov for these and that. Anyway...i wanted to post the pictures of mine cooked something but i didn't have the time. And today, i finished my work this afternoon and yeahhh.....i'm free now!!!! Last week i cooked special noodles with some salads (i cooked it..dare u to believe?LOL!) egg and also sausages...oh yes..another one is baked beans and of course the chili paddy. Okey...okey....lets have a look what I've cooked.

I love this kitchen...even though i used it occasionally

I love cooking
With an egg..i love it
Wow...i started it
Wow...nice baked beans and egg
Mix em' together...dare to believe?
Omg..they were melted on my tongue with a glass of fresh milk..
Wow..look..can u see something on the top???? chilies...bebe!!!

P/s: Its been 10 months i didn't cook and i missed it so much. I'll be back to sabah in Dec and cannot wait to cook more dishes for my family. BTW, i am counting how many days more to go before leave Motorola for the UK!!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

I've got my visa Letter today.

Yeah...after a long wait. Lastly i've got my visa letter today and i feel so happy. By the end of this month i will go down to KL for my Visa application. Hopefully everything will be fine. I feel so happy today...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

I bought handbags for what!!

Shocked?? Yeah i went to Thailand and i bought two of them and went down to KL last month and i bought one the blinking one. And today i bought the creamy colour two at the back. What for? What else...for my sisters. I've no idea whether they like it or not but i told them i bought some and whether they like it or not...i don't care. They said a present for x'mas. Gosh!!!! I have 6 sisters and i still need one more. Plus my mum...means i need to buy two more. I am dying anyway.....

P/s: When i was a kid, each of my sisters gave me a present. Means, i used to received 6 presents + one from my mum. But now i have to give away 7 presents to them. Mati lah kalau mcm nie...

Went to coffee Island at Gurney Drive again

Yeah, I was so tired last week and this week end i am looking for somewhere to get some rest of my horrible days in the office. Last week end me and vincent went to one of our favourite places. It was Coffee Island!!!! the cafe facing the sea and we love the athmosfera over there. I think Sabah is much better ins't? I mean plus the boradwalk (correct me the name) that has been build and also facing the be wonderful. Anyway..i am going back to Kay-kay as soon as i get my Visa. Mmmm...can't wait...I rang my sister and mum....

Me: are u?
Mum: I am okey but your dad is not doing well. He is unwell. He been to the DR anyway.
Me: Okey....(I've spoken to my dad for about 10 mins and he passed the phone back to mum)
Mum: How are u anyway?
Me: OK jah sy nie (I am fine..). Mie, cam mana suda tuh bambangan? bebuah juga kah?
Mum: Bebuah juga tuh...banyak buah dia.......
Me: Kamu inda buat jinaruk kah?
Mum: Buat lah nie....kakak ko sedang buat
Me: Wahhhhh....bah kamu buat banyak2 mau bawa jinaruk pi England nie...
Mum: (she's laughing)

Anyway...back to my "report" LOL! We went to the place again and as usual we spend most of the time just looking around and eating..

Vincent is eating his noodles..

I am the rileks guy....I had it!

Here is the cafe..Nice but i think KK is better!!

See the creamy Mocha...and a bowl of soup

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Over night with my Dutch friend

Oh right....i canceled my trip to Thailand this week end so what i did was stayed over night with my Dutch friend at Gurney Drive. Well, we love the place and we decided to stayed up until 4 am (or probably 3.30 am) that night. U know what? I drank and ate a lot. Gosh!!!!! But mind u, we enjoyed ourself there. Just a quick post as i have a meeting with someone (actually me and Vincent and other stranger..LOL!). Here are the pictures that night. Fist went to Coffee island and went to Mr.Pot.

3 am we had heavy breakfast..Vincent had that beautiful spegetti

He started to put the food into his mouth..tasted it

M.mmm..nice? hehehe

We went to coffee island at gurney drive and had those stuffs..LOL!

I had watermelon juice first and he had lemon juice?

Mmm...he is thinking

EE IS is becomes coff land..hahah

P/S: I miss sabah so much...i am dying coz i miss bambangan, tuhau and bosou..where could i get them in penang? Please..i am crawling missing those dishes

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