Thursday, 30 June 2011

Buah dada terbesar didunia - The biggest breasts in the world

Before i went for my run yesterday's evening, I suddenly saw this on yahoo page. This is the picture of a lady who has the biggest breasts in the world. You may would like to know more about her, so please click the source link above. I really don't believe it but based on the source i've read on yahoo page, it says that she has the biggest and they are original. LOL! I mean they are without surgery. WoW!!! by looking at the picture above it seems uncomfortable. Don't you think so? Well i think so and i would not want to have it if i were a girl.

p/s: WoW!! It's shocking!!!! I mean they are very huge and look so uncomfortable

Makan najis manusia - Human shits are now eatable

Today my post is about najis manusia dijadikan makanan. I think Japan or China is one of the most creative countries (am i right? lol) when it comes to food production. Once, i've heard about how babies are eatable, then next i've heard how many part of human body are eatable. Recently i've heard about shit or human wee are eatable. Oh my Gosh!!!!!! What the hell!!! They never stop producing their own food. The picture above is shared by a friend of mine on his facebook and i just saved it on my hard drive then blogged about it. As you can see above he is displaying the final product processed from human shit or wee. I could never imagine and i could never thought about this. Anyway i never wanted to imagine how it taste anyway. It sounds and even now i can feel it must be disgusting. But hey, guess what...if no ones tell you, i bet you will eat it. LOL!!!! Do you want to makan najis? LOL!

P/S: Is this halal or haram for the Muslim people? I wonder...

My sweet memory in Penang

Cheese cake and chocolate cake

Seafood soup

Duck and i can't remember what's the red colour

Smoked salmons

The salmon and oysters i think


Before i came to the UK in late 2009 i was in Penang used to work with Motorola as a software engineer. Then,i got the latter of offer and financial support from the university to further my study to another level. Well, penang is one of the must visit places in malaysia and i loved the food variaty very much. When i was there, E&O hotel is my favorite place to eat. I will treat myself at the hotel twice a week every Thursday and sunday. So many food at there. Wow..still love it and when i go back to Malaysia maybe later next month i am planning to treat myself in a hotel again. I should try Sutera harbour this time. Yumm..yummm..yumm....

p/s: E&O hotel is one of the 5 stars hotels in penang which offers lots of buffet food.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Taliban : World's number 1 enemy group

Credit to uncle google

I was on yahoo page just now and a new news published few seconds later. The title of "10 killed as Taliban storm Kabul hotel" and i was saying to myself ...arghhhh...another bastard Taliban!!!!!! Seriously, Hitler was one of the worst criminals even happened on earth. But in the last 15 years or maybe 10 years Taliban has been on top of the chart (yes carta era lol!). I think this group is the most stupid group i ever known because they kill their own religion and they own race!!!!

The news are about a group of Taliban members commuted suicide by blasting themselves in the hotel. Nak bunuh orang2 yang ada dalam hotel lah tuh..

Here are the link about the news. First , second and third

P/S: Seriously bodoh lah this group tak abis2 buat dosa nak bunuh orang. You think you will go to heaven by blasting yourself to kill people? You letupkan diri you sendiri you bunuh kanak2 yang tak berdosa u tau tak? then you think you will be in heaven by doing this???? BODOH !!! Then God will say to you "You killed children when you were alive. Why?" Then do ya Taliban think they gonna say????

Baby soup for a better SEX - Sup Baby

Look at the ingredients..I bet they are herbs
Oh No!!!!!
It's very expensive in Chine. If i not mistaken the source says 40 USD per bowl (RM 150)

Again, someone emailed these pictures to me few nights ago. I am not sure where did he get these pictures but these are gross!!!! I would never have this and would never eat this in a million years. According to him in China one of the restaurant's regular customers said he like baby soup because it increases his sex drive. He is 69 years old who has a 19 years old girlfriend. According to him again, his girlfriend loves him very much because he's good in bed!!'s so funny but i bet many men want to keep their sexual drive maintain no matter how old we are.

p/s: I think Chinese in China are very popular with their weird eating habits or menus. Don't you guys think so?

My nose was bleeding

My nose bled and it wasn't hurt but it was bleeding. I don't know why but when i was browsing my facebook, suddenly i felt there was something crawling on under my nose. Mmmm...and i use my finger to touch it and when i looked at the fingers, i saw blood on it. I was very shocked and it was a bit scay because i never had it before since i came in the UK. Anyway, i just managed to wipe it off using the tissue on my desk before the blood dropped on my pant. After wiping my nose i went to the bathroom and washed it up. Few minutes later i felt my nose a bit sore. Mmmm...but an hour later the sore in my nose was disappeared. Thanks God! Or i will go to the university for a medical check.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My running/jogging route

I have been taking serious about fitness recently as i don't want to get fat. Oh NO!!!!! It has been about a month i have my regular run 6 times a week with 9 KM to 11 KM distance per session. As you can see my regular route in London along the river. In total distance about 11KM but sometimes i did 9 KM depending to my fast. If i ran fast then i would have 9KM otherwise 11 KM. All i need to do now is to buy the calories burned watch so you know how much calories you have burn while you are running. I think this is very good tool which i think i should get very soon. Usually on Sunday i will take a day off from my run. Yup!!!! I can't do it all day otherwise i will be exhausted.

Nenek Kena Rogol - 90y/o Grandma raped

Source from

Nenek kena rogol is one of the most popular keywords which come from Malaysia. I mean millions of internet browsers googling this keyword everyday and i don't know what are their intentions. I did the same just because i want to see how popular this keyword is. Surprisingly!!! very very popular!!! Back to the story of this post, since i was in Malaysia i heard about many cases about Grandma raped by teenagers or rapers. Even in the UK a civilized country, there are still a few cases where grandma was raped by teenagers. For example in the US there are hundreds of cases reported last year.

Recently is about a case in Indonesia where a grandma about 60-ish year old was killed by a 27years old bloke. The worst thing is the grandma's private part was burned by him because she refused the bloke's request to have sex with her.

p/s: Wow!!!! What a bastard guy he is.

My new running "tools"

Went to summer sale in Oxford street few days ago and I bought these (as you see above). That's my new running shorts and shirt. Yeah!!! Black and blue. They are lovely and I have tried them out. I mean they made my run 1 minute faster. Ha..ha..ha....even though it wasn't much improvement but guess what?? It was still an improvement. I missed my run (intentionally) on sunday and i will have my run again this week started monday until saturday. My next thing i would like to buy is ......

This is the next thing i want to buy. It's a watch which you can see how much calories you have burned while running. It's a fantastic tool especially if you want to get involved seriously in Marathon or want to lose weight or even get fitter. I saw in Harrods last time and it was 90 pounds.

P/S: The shorts and shirt costs me 40 pounds (RM200)

Healthy noodles - watching my calories intake is my lunch.

Being as a researcher is not that easy. I mean since i came to the UK in dec 2009 i gained about 3 kgs (if not 4kgs) until now and i realised it early this year. I must say the food here are so tempting and most of them are full of calories. That's why so many fat people here in the UK. What i mean fat here are really big people. You will see chubby girls everywhere here and fat people are also all over the streets. I'm telling you this not to let them down but hey say what??? if you don't want to get fat why don't you watch your calories intake? like what i'm doing right now or maybe do some exercise? i must say so many junk food here also. But first of all don't blame the junk food but blame yourself for being so tempted eating those junk food. Do you know we can't consume food which more than 2000 (female) and 2500 (male) calories daily? if you do then you need to do exercise. Like me i do jog about 15- 20 minutes per day and watching my calories intake very carefully.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Thai singer with male and female voices

This is the video link from youtube sent by a friend of mine from facebook. Well, i kind of didn't understand it at the beginning. I mean when she started her (or his) singing i was like, 'it wasn't that good but it was okay'. Then few second later her voice completely changed to a male's voice. I was shocked!!! I mean i thought there was a backup singer then it there weren't any. So i think you guys should watch this Thailand Got Talents clip!!! It's amazingggg LOL! I just impressed but when i think back about what how she was, then i can accept the fact that she can sing with a male voice.

P/S: It's hilarious seriously!!!

Aberarth Jungle tracking

There was a small waterfall in the stream and decide to take a picture

This is without zoom

We found a swing and thought i would have a try. I loved it. LOL!

Thought i should try to climb the this tree

This is the starting path i guess

After my 5Kms running on the coastal cliff this afternoon i had my lunch and decided to have a jungle tracking as suggested by a friend of mine. Initially we wanted to see the cottage owned by a witch about 100 years ago. The thing is that the cottage has been left for years and no body bother to find it. Well, my friend and I decided to try it. Well at last we couldn't find the cottage (we should really bring the map with us). Anyway, along the journey there were so many interesting plants and things which i never seen before. I love the stream and there are salmons fish in the stream. I soaked my legs in the stream and it was bloody cold. Enjoy the pictures of mine when i was having my jungle tracking guys. Like it please if you like :-)

Summer Ball event 2011 UH

Very stylish. I love this picture
I gained 2KGs since i came here. You might notice i am chubbier

It was few week ago. I think 2 weeks ago. Well, I was in pink shirt with my black reddish waistcoat together with my blue dark jeans and black leather shoes. Wow..what can i say? i think i was the only one in the ball wore this sort of fashion. Some did very well as well but none of them i seen wore pink with black waistcoat. So basically i was unique that night. I had so much fun with my friends and with the other girls. I really loved the event. In Malaysia, we don't have such events. But here it's so open and so many things you can do easily. But even though they are so open about many things, the academic things are still on top of everything. This makes the universities here in the UK are always visited and first choice by international students. I remembered the university in Malaysia. It was UiTM well..bloody boring.

You can't do these and that which i understand. Because of religion reasons. But that's fine for me. Still be very thankful to UiTM. The university is actually the my future's gateway. I re-stared everything from there when i didn't do very well with my SPM or in the UK equivalent to GCSE. Instead of taking STPM (in the UK is A-Level) i took diploma in computer science. Everything was started from there. i am here in the UK and just finished my Master and hopefully will be doing my PhD in few months time.

Do you know belacan dan paku?

I think every body or at least many people know who are belacan and paku. They used to live in Sabah and Sarawak worked as volunteers with the churches. Living in Borneo for a year is enough for them to learn Malay language. If you want to know more about these two guys here is their facebook. I copied the posters above from their facebook just to promote to guys about who they are. I like and respect for all the efforts they have done in learning Malay language. Another interesting thing is that they fell in love with Malaysia especially Sabah and Sarawak and since then they visit Malaysia at least twice a year. I really think that they should be given credits for what they have done not only being volunteers but their enthusiasm to learn the local languages. They also made few clips and watchable on youtube. Just google search belacan dan paku in youtube and you will find them. If you like them, like this post too :-)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colourful beautiful hair for ladies

Ha....someone emailed to me this picture! He said ask your gf or your wife later to try it out. LOL! Isn't it funny? you ladies can try this out. Honestly in London when you go out at night you will see this sort of hair. I mean the the girls here...most of of them have lost their mind (opppsss..shall i say?) or maybe because it's a trend or fashion? Well, maybe but not for me tho. It looks funny and you will look like a clown. Yes like a clown! I remembered when i went to London last month with my other friends, i saw there was a group of girls had this sort of hair. It looks funny but they didn't care what the other people say about them. In fact, they didn't looked embarrassed at all but looked so proud of themselves. Well, i never seen someone in KL had this sort of hair. But in London's all over the place.

A monkey on the tree in the UK

Tiring..can;t remember when i did it last


Wow..i enjoyed it

I just finished it and asked my friend to take a picture

it was quite high

This post is the continues of my post about my jungle tracking. When we were in the jungle i just suddenly wanted to get on on the tree. I just wanted to test my skills if i still can do it. When i was a little boy i used to go up on trees every day which i find it very enjoyable and i like the fact that when i was on a tree i look above many things. LOL! Anyway, it was quite difficult to be on the tree and to climb it because the branches and tree are full with mosses and it makes the tree's surface slippery. But i managed to do it. Yeah!!!!!

P/s: Not many young people in the UK can do this thing you know? Because they fill up themselves with junk food.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cleaning up my laptop


Shopping in Harrods. Summer sale!!!

Believe it or not these what i bought from Harrods. For those who don't know Harrods i would like to refer to this link. Anyway, it's summer sale at the moment my friend and i have just managed to go there this afternoon and bought few things. What what i bought were teddy bears, a box of chocolate and shower gel. Ha..ha...ha....

We might going there again sometimes this month or maybe next week. I love shopping!

Oversea students' life - Malaysia Universities are Boring????

Fun fair
They lost control ha..ha..

One of the night clubs


Dancing on the ball
Everybody was enjoying themselves that time

Yeah shake it baby

It was last month party of we call it summer ball which means it's a dancing party. My university has 5 night clubs, 10 bars, lots of food stalls and games (that time) and casinos. Probably the most exciting and enjoyable university in the UK. it really Malaysian Universities are Boring? Well, i shouldn't deny it because the truth is yes is is boring. Maybe not maybe yes but in my opinion is yes. When we talked about party in Malaysian universities especially a pre-graduation night we know exactly what would happen. Tidak lain tidak bukan DINNER. Almost every year or every semester gonna be DINNER. But here in the UK because the students come form all over the world and students come from different backgrounds, dinner is something boring already. If it's party then it has to be party. Wanna know how the party looks like? The pictures above!!!! People are just dancing and do whatever they like as long as you don't get violence. Just enjoy yourself and nobody cares. It's only a night so just enjoy and do it!

p/s: One of the reasons why oversea students are much more open and intelligent is because their life is very open.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Sepah Maharaja Lawak winner 2011

Sepah is the winner and Johzan came the first runner up followed by Nabil and then who is the fourth place? Was is Jambu? Yup! I guess so. Anyway, I haven't watch it yet as i just got back from my jogging. Congratulations to all of them. I will take my time to watch their performances tonight or tomorrow morning. I think the most interesting is the prices. I mean Sepah took away RM350,000??? Wow!! That a lot isn't it? Even the fourth place won RM50,000??? That's still a lot really!!!!! Seems like the total price are about half a million Ringgit?

P/S: Great congratulations to Sepah and sorry to Johzan, Jambu and Nabil.

Winner Maharaja Lawak Akhir 2011

Maharaja Lawak Akrhir 2011 who will be the winner???? Here is my predictions.

First of all, LOL! Why? because i don't know why i blog about this TV show. Honestly i never seen this TV show and i don't know why the heck i'm blogging about this. Seems like so many bloggers are blogging about this. Maybe because it's very interesting program. Well, i can;t watch it from the UK but i am certain that the videos will be uploaded to youtube by tonight so i can watch it when they have been uploaded. Mmmmm...looking at the contestants, seems like the best among the best are in the final. I recognize some of the faces and in the final seems like all familiar faces for me especially Nabil and Zizan. I kind of remember Jambu as well but am not sure who is sepah. Maybe i lost track of this program. Anyway, seems like tonight is the final? yeah tht's why they don't display the current votes at the moment. This is typical system or style to attract more votes from the public.

I wonder how was the last votes standing? Was Jozan or Nabil or Jambu or Sepah first? am not sure but for me by looking at the comedian's establishment i still think either Jozan or Nabil has the possibility to win. Why? maybe because of their establishment or reputations? Well i don't know i am just forecasting here.

Johan Maharaja lawak, Jambu maharaja lawak, nabil maharaja lawak or Sepah maharaja lawak will win? We will see :-)

UFO in London came down yesterday

Isn't it beautiful? The view from the cross of the river

That's the one i thought UFO. Actually was my camera lens.

How London look like in the evening.

Actually it's not UFO. It was last night when i was having my dinner with vegetables and duck. Well, it just happened my friend notice the sunset and he said take a picture of the sunset. I wanted to take it yesterday but i missed it ha..ha...ha....So when i saw it while having a dinner i quick took my camera and without wiping the lens then clicked. Ha..ha...very funny when i displayed it i saw a small thing on the picture and it looked like a UFO plane. I thought it was a real UFO then at last i realised it wasn't a UFO plane.

P/S: I went to Harrods yesterday for a shopping and it was quite busy. I bought teddy bears. He..he..he...

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