Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Miss my family and miss sabah

Nie dua urang harapan keluarga mau sambung study di England....kira pandai lah..ikut cam angkol dia..LOLZ!

Ini inda tau cam mana...hopefully pandai juga..

anak buah yang keja nurse di Serdang hospital suda kawin ada got baby boy..angkol dia bila lagi?

Anak buah sedang sambung study di UiTM buat Banking..

I was very disappointed when Japan lost against to Paraguay yesterday. The only country from Asia that I thought could have the chance to be in at least top 8. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it when they lost with aggregate 5-3 (p). I was hoping Japan will go through at least to quarter semi final and probably will meet up with Germany. Anyway, It was a bit sad day for me yesterday when my sister told me that my Dad is unwell at the moment. So I decided to go back to Malaysia in July and probably in the third week or fourth. I should be back in England again in August and school will start again in September 28.

I’m sitting (fat ass..lolz!) on this sofa and my fingers are busy updating my blog telling peoples that i miss Sabah badly especially the evening panoramic in Kota Kinabalu City and of course in Tanjung aru. For Hell sake!!! I can’t enjoy myself in the evening here because it will get cooler and cold after 7.30 PM. So I was browsing pictures when I was in Sabah last year and I found many interesting pictures of me and my family makes me feel so sad and just want to jump on the next plane to Malaysia.

I published some of the pictures when I was with my family in Malaysia.....enjoy it bebs...

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Some pictures from Harrods' summer sale

This is a sculpture of Al Fayed the ex owner of Harrods. Unfortunetly he sold Harrods this year to the royal family of Egypt (if i not mistaken). When i looked at this sculpture i thought it was real. The art was bloody fantastic..

Somewhere in telergaf (if i not mistaken..not sure how to spell the name). We were going back at home after very tiring day. It was really bloody tiring but as I said I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's me made up my mind to buy the t-shirts but still looking the hand bags for my sisters.

Because of my "stupidity" I forgot my camera when I went to Harrods last week. Luckily, my friend took all those pictures using his i-phone otherwise there is no pictures of me in Harrods while doing shopping (Mau juga bah..LOL!). Talking about Harrods' summer sale, I've got a few messages from my friends asking me about the sale and of course they want to do shopping in London within this week as well. I have been invited one of my Arabians girlfriends but I cannot go this week because I am on duty. Well, I have just finished my meeting with the company and this week would be my last week working with them. Then I should be free and I do have the plan to go back to Malaysia in August if not this month. Mmmm...for those who want to go to Harrods' sale, last day is on the 11th of July which is on Sunday. I've been told mega bargains usually happen during last day of the sale.

p/s: I hate the chief programmer in the company...he is not cooperative at all...that's why am leaving.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shopping in london - It's Harrods' summer sale

Shoes..a pair of them is do the climbing and the t-shirts

It's me...standing with all those things i've bought

All the perfumes

Hand bags for my sisters

Shoes for my brother in law

Hello everyone. I hope everything is doing very well. I am doing very well and I am so excited to watch one of the biggest events on earth. I am sure if you are following FIFA10 you know today is the match between England Vs Germany. Historically, Germany should be the winner but people say the ball is round (of course) and the “direction” can go anyway left and right, or south and even to north. Since I am currently live in England, I’m hoping England will win against to Germany. Even though I know Germany has a better chance.

Anyway, I was in London yesterday did shopping in Harrods. Blimey!!!!! Real great reduction prices and this is NOT a fake sale. I mean usually what most malls do is increase the price and knock it down. So actually if they say 70% off, actually it’s only 20% off because they price has been increased by 50%. But Harrods don’t do like that. London is having a mega summer sale until in the middle of July. Many department stores such as Primark, John Lewis, Harrods, M&S, etc are having sale and it’s time to do shopping in London.

Yesterday I went to Harrods, John Lewis and Clarks. I bought shoes, hand bags for my sisters, perfumes, t-shirts, and many more. I posted some of my pictures as you can see above. When I got back last night I was fucking exhausted because so many items, these and that have been bought. For those of you who came early to London it was very pity actually because you came a bit early. Actually summer sale usually start in June to July, means it’s about one month period. Everybody knows London is fucking expensive place to do shopping but at this time of the year, it’s exactly the right time to buy things from London.

p/s: cam mana lah bill kredit kard ujung bulan nie ar???? ha..ha..ha...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Benci tapi rindu - Cerita cintaku...sebelum meninggalkan Malaysia

Ari nie sebelum sy mau pi mau meluahkan perasaan kecewa sia dulu...banyak kali suda bah di kecewa kan nie...susah butul...nie lah gara2 kalau talampau bermain cinta urang bilang. Sebelum sy sampai disini UK lah kan....berat juga hati mau meninggal kan urang yang sy sayang tuh...rasa cam inda mau pigi jah sini. Tapi pikir punya pikir lah kan...akhirnya sy pun buat decision last minit...pigi juga sy sini UK atau england lah urang bilang (lebih persis bah)...ingat lagi sy masa sy kasih tinggal KK (siok bah kk skrg bukan cam dulu lagi)...kakak2 segala anti and anak buah and of course my parents datang pi hantar di airport...masa tuh sy flew to Penang lah kan.

Sampai di penang i've got less than 24 jam bersama insan tersayang....masa tuh jam 8 malam...sibuk lagi mau finalise brang2 yang perlu di bawa di UK. Then...dia masa tuh di bilik suda bah kan...tenga mau tidur ngan plak budu nie..bulum lagi tidur...masih sibuk mengemas. Pas tuh..dia bilang...buli kah ko kasih kemas cepat rindu ko bah...i know tmrw u going to leave me...argh...pedas plak kata2 dia. And i said..OK, 5 mins. Pas tuh cepat2 sy kasih masuk ntah apa benda lah...pas tuh had my quick shower and clean my face and teeth. Pas tuh went to bed...pas tuh..bah..peluk labah kan. Mmmmm....masa tuh...i can see air mata dia mengalir...sia tau juga dia sedih masa tuh...sangat sangat lah pun menangis juga bah...kalau lah buli rasa cam sy inda mau jah pi airport penang the next morning. Sebab my journey from KK-Penang-KL-London bah. Ndak tidur semalaman sy masa tuh...sama lah cam dia juga...dia pun ndak tidur semalaman...

Pas tuh the next morning kan...bangun jam 3 pagi sebab my flight to KL jam 6 pagi. Argh....sedih plak tau......had breakfast di McD lah ndak makan pun..minum jah....sebab tiada mood bah..pas tuh dia pun sama..minum jah kami...pas tuh masa mau naik kapal tuh..i had to go...kira that's my ciuman terakhir bah...and also my pelukan terakhir sama dia. Di airport masa tuh...sedih lah..sebab sy kol dia....sbl sy naik siap menangis nangis lagi masa sy becakap on phone...apa inda dapat tahan pun menangis bah....apa sy peduli masa tuh...urang2 di sebelah sy tinguk sy...tapi...ndak sy kisah suda masa tuh...lelaki pun manangis jah bah...

Then kan...masa sy mula2 sampai disini..every week end sy sy kol or dia yang kol sy...sampai lah satu masa tuh....dia indak pernah sambut kol sy suda...pas tuh...kawan sy kasih send sy email bah...dia bilang "Andrik ko cari yang lain jah bah" lain2 hati sy nie.....bedebar debar plak sy rasa....a week later kan..trus...dapat email dari kawan lagi..dia bilang nampak dia sama urang lain pi makan di hotel oh.....



Thursday, 24 June 2010

Three mountains in less than 2 weeks

Highest mountain in England and Wales. Snowdon mountain

Rhinog Fawr mountain..the most difficult path among those 3 mountains

Cader Idris Mountain...very nice view

Huh..what a tiring week for me. I have just got back from London (from Wales to London) yesterday after my tiring week but I really enjoyed it very much. In less than 2 weeks I claimed three mountains in the UK, 12 KM forest hiking and the last one was 18KM east coast hiking. All those activities have been done in Wales. I love Wales very much because this bloody country is beautiful and i like the hills, mountains and the bloody beaches. Hahahahaha...

The first mountain was Cader Idris Mountain (probably 850m high and about 20KM the track/path) and really beautiful. The spectacular scenery made me feel like in heaven. Loved it very much. What can I say? If think you are fit enough, then try this mountain. Second Mountain was Rhinog Fawr Mountain (720m high and about 16KM the track/path) and the most difficult track among the three mountains. Not as high as the other but the difficulty level was fantastic, that's why only I and friends climbed the mountain.

Followed by the next mountain was Snowdon Mountain (1100m high) which is the highest mountain in the England and Wales. In the terms of difficulty level, it was not very difficult because but the path was 28KM and it was really exhausting. So many climbers that time and the peak of the mountain was packed with people from different countries all over the world.

12KM forest hiking

18KM east coast hiking

After the three mountains we decided to go for 12 KM walk in the forest called Hafod forest and 18KM walk along the Aberswyth's east coast. Bloody tiring but hell on earth i did enjoy myself.

p/s: Just had my 5KM jogging this morning. Huh...going to watch football again today.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A dinner set in France

It says thank you for your visit and see you soon

Probably one of the best chicken dishes i ever had

This is real superb!

Mmmm...I went to one of the finest restaurants in a town called Calais (if I not mistaken) last week when I was visiting France. It was superb!!!! Really!!! Especially the seafood and the main courses. I had the seafood and the chicken when i was there. Basically this is my review about the restaurant. They are some good and of course bad about the restaurant. For those who want to visit France and probably want to try this restaurant, here are some of the good and down sides.

Let's start with the down sides first.
1. They don't speak English. Do you want to eat something that you don't know? and they can't explain to you what the course is...or courses are...
2. The menu is in French...I don't understand French and only a few words i know.
3. The dessert was wasn’t great

And the good are..
1. The appetizers were wonderful
2. Prices were reasonably good
3.Main courses were hell so delicious that's my review...

BTW, England won against Slovenia (1-0) and England played very well. I was a bit disappointed because there were many opportunities but England kept missing. I'm not a big fan of football but since I live in England at the moment I like to see England go through at least in quarter semi final. am watching Germany vs Ghana. I hope Ghana will win and go through. Hehehehehe....

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Arghhh...I lost in France and French stupidity

My 1.5 years french course in the U didn't help at all...lupa suda bah

I suppose to post this picture a day after trip to France but i was so busy with my climbing and hiking. Huh..that's another story of my life in the UK. I have climbed three mountains so far and my fourth mountain supposes to be yesterday but we cancelled it because we thought it was too much to have this kind of activity 5 days in a row (kalau telampau naik gunung nanti rusak nanti lutut). So we had a very lazy day yesterday and just messing around in the town.

Last week I went to France and we drove up to France with my friend's car a SAAB. I can tell very high performance car especially to accelerate or overtake other cars. Anyway...I have been warned that French don't speak English even though they know how to speak English. I find it ridiculous because most people around the world are striving to speak English or even to learn but not the French people.

For me, I find French people are very stupid!!! Am sorry this blog is very dangerous if you don't like it you better wipe yourself out from here. Yes they are very stupid....I understand if they don't speak English to English people but I am Asian and they can tell by looking at my black hair and eyes. I was trying to speak English and they were pretending they don't understand. The spoke to me in French and I said I’m sorry I don't speak French.

It was annoying actually because what do they think about their language??? a grand fantastic language??? Fuck Off French!!! I was struggling to buy something and asking about the product in English and they answered in French. I find it very annoying because they knew I am Asian and don't speak French but they never considered themselves to speak English to me.

So at last, i said..U WANT MY MONEY OR IF U WANT TO MAKE A SALE U BETTER SPEAK IN ENGLISH OR I WILL LEAVE THIS ITEM AND WON'T BUY IT (Marah sudah sy masa nie)...and at last they speak English to me. Thanks God!!!! But Hell on earth the French.

Monday, 21 June 2010

I broke someone's heart

The broken hearted songs

Hey guys what are you up to?? I am watching football match at the moment between Spain and Honduras. Spain is leading with a goal against Honduras. I got the feeling that Spain might win this match but as people say the ball is round and anything can happen at any time even in the last single minute. Anyway...yesterday i broke someone's heart when i told everything about me being away. I didn't want to tell this person about what i have been doing or what i have done but at last i could not hold it any longer and i decided to tell everything about myself.

I was going to tell the person since last month but i was so worried to hurt the person's heart. At last i decided to tell everything about what i have been doing through messanger. It was not a good idea tell something to someone through messanger but that was the best way that time. Otherwise i have to pretend to myself and i didn't want to pretend and it's better to just be honest.

I did realise what i have done by telling to the person it broke the person's heart. So i went out to town today and i was going to buy something. I don't know why i suddenly went to the CDs Department of the store. I was looking and didn't have the intention to buy any CDs. Lastly i ended up buying two CDs which is sentimental CD for a broken hearted and Mammia Mia the happening CD. Mmmmm...I haven't played them all yet but i knew i will like the Mamma mia but not sure about the second CD. But seems like the songs list compiled all very familiar songs.

First Item from Harrods' summer sale

Really it

Yeah...I managed to grab one of the items on sale in Harrods. First day was on the 19th of June and as I said I missed it because I was busy doing my climbing and hiking. I managed to get this perfume from a friend of mine. At least got the price after 60% just imagine if the price is about 50 pounds I paid about 20 pounds for it. I mean cheap enough ya!!! Compared to the initial price.

Well, the next bargain days are this coming Saturday and Sunday. I love it and i can't wait to go there. I will do some shopping of course but not to overspend it. I don't have much money but if i had i would like to buy a Rolex watch, a big house and a BMW or Jaguar. i am dreaming but I’m sure I can do it. Time will tell really.

Back to this perfume (tekeluar tajuk pula kejap), it smells says London JP. Wowo....what a name. It's really nice the smell and so smooth on your skin. Love this very much. This coming Saturday and Sunday i just need to do menswear especially jeans, t-shirts and also shoes. Well, depends on how much money I have and how cheap they are. I've heard those menswears are not very cheap. But we will see.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Harrods is having summer sale!!!!

I should be ready for the comming sale on the 26th and 27th of June

Holaaaa...I am back again from my 18 KM hiking on the east coast and had fabulous scenery and also view. Anyway..if you realise on facebook there is an advert about Harrods. Harrods is having summer sales and the first day of their sale was yesterday which is on the 19th of June. Unfortunately I missed it because I am currently in Wales having my climbing and hiking. What a tiring week but i really enjoyed it very much.

Anyway, the first day of Harrods' sale has gone and the next sale is on the 26th and 27th of June. looks like i have to do some shopping during summer and maybe buy some gifts to my sisters, nieces and nephews. I love shopping...hehehehe..but I don't shop for the amount that I could not afford.

Well, Harrods is very exciting place to do shopping and if you google about harrods, it is one of the best and finest shopping malls in the world. And unofficially Harrods is the most expensive shopping mall in the world. Wow...used to be all the business peoples and the Royal families to do their shopping. But am not sure in what year, they opened it to the public. Why? Because they realised the public do more shopping more than the Royal families and business peoples.

It's Fathers' day - between me and my dad

Just googled it and this might be something what he likes is fathers' day and I’ve got a message from my sister that my dad is feeling not very well. I was very upset because they didn't tell me or at least message to me. But actually he is all right and he is sleeping while am writing this post. I was going to call him and wish happy fathers' day but my sister said later when he got up. So we just exchanged messages with my sister. Anyway...talking about fathers' day...even though I had one "classed over" with my dad about 4 years ago but he is still my dad and of course I still love him. Well, I should not say this at here but just to let you guys know about what happened between me and my dad. But we are all right now. Well, I spent most of my childhood with my mum and my sister instead of with my dad.

Apart from he was so busy with work that time...he liked to spend his time with his friends but now he is spending most of his time with us. Unfortunately when I was 18 years old I speared my wings and flew to KL for my study. Since that time I hardly see my dad because I went back to Sabah only once a year. Even after I finished my study I decided to come up to Penang and find a job there. Well, I found my job and I spent my life for a year in Penang. Just after that, I decided to pursue my study in the UK. Until now I can tell, I’ve seen my dad just a few times since i was 18 years old. But there you go, at least he still here not like some people who never seen their father before.

Just only if my dad could read this then he knows how much I do care and love him. Happy fathers' day to all dads all over that work but very special to my dad who is currently unwell. God bless you and hope you will get better soon xxxxxx

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I am tired and I am hungry

Need this to energise myself

Going to have fish and chips tonight

Have you ever been so tired and you just don't want to do anything but eat and go to sleep? Yeah...if you had this kind of situation of experience then you know exactly what i feel at the moment. Huhuhu...I feel so tired after my 28KM track walking to climb the mountain and yesterday was another 12 KM hiking. The day before yesterday was about 15KM walking climbing the other mountain. I feel so exausted now. What's tommrrow? I don't know but if i not mistaken we going to have about 10 KM hiking. Well, only if the weather is good...otherwise we have to forget it. I mean just stay in this little room which i hate very much. I don't like being an indoor guy. Tonight i really fancy a bath and soak myself for about couple of hours. Just want to get refresh after a long and tiring day.

Three days in a row i have been doing extreme activities and now i feel exausted. I need Isotonic i bought about 3 bottles when we were passing by the shop from the mountain. Huh!!! Bloody hell I need a bar of chocolate as well just to energise my exausted body. So i bought a bar of chocolate as well. There you go....I had it and i feel a bit better but i still need to eat for my dinner. Otherwise i will be dead soon. Hahahahaha.....

OK..ok..i better go now as am so tired and need to go to bed very soon (of course after my dinner)..

P/s: Happy fathers' day and i love you papa xxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

Wah..lawatan ke negara perancis

Nah kan..kami bayar dalam euro..

Sedap nie ayam sy makan

Nie lagi lah sedap..seafood..

Ari tuh, sy pi negara romantik yang di panggil negara perancis. Wah...kekawan and me pandu kreta dari London ke Negara perancis. Wah...siap naik kereta api yang masuk dalam laut lagi. Apa diorang panggil? tunel? gitew lah kan. Siok sy melancung sana..walau pun hanya 3 hari 2 malam jah tapi rasa cam lama sangat sebab asik bejalan jah ngan kekawan.

We all pi pantai...gila sejuk lagi pantai dia tuh...angin punya kuat..urang putih bilang..awww..very windy. Pas pi pantai kami pi into 3 towns. Mmmm..ntah apa lah nama town dia tuh. Tapi best lah...oh ya..before that kami pi cek in dulu pi hotel plak. Ala..bukan hotel mahal pun hotel yang moderate jah..lagi pun teda hotel mahal (kalau ada pun bukan juga kami pi sewa..hahahaha)..Anyway...lepas cek in..cepat2 kami kluar from the hotel pi cari makanan..kelaparan bah.

Lepas jah dapat makanan (french chips pula..hahahaha..), trus pi pantai..pi cuci mata dulu kejap. Then kami pi lah di tugu peringatan kan...lawa tugu peringatan dia...second most popular after michael angelo. Lepas tuh pi di bar..pi minum coke jah. Mmmm....malang tul..ndak dapat stay lewat malam. Kebetulan masa tuh kan sejuk bah. Ndak lah sejuk sangat bah tapi cukup sejuk lah untuk malaysian.

Pas tu kan...kepenatan..had my shower and trus tidur...o ya..malam tuh sempat lagi plak tinguk movie up (cartoon movie). Siok juga tu movie..hahahaha..
Bangun pagi2 pi breakfast di hotel lah kunu...berabis sy makan nie..makan apa ko pikir? sausages bah. Sedap plak kalau french sausages bukan cam malaysia punya hot dogs. Hehehehe...lepas tu kan..kami pi lah di satu kawasan tempat bikin kapus...wah...very menakjubkan...sebab memang batu2 dia semua kapur. Kalau di malaysia lah kan..memang senag jah mau cari kapus..ndak paya beli. Lepas jah pi tempat tuh..trus kami pi shopping bah kan. Wow..memang best oh..berabis sy membeli..walaupun ndak banyak sebab takut abis duit bah..hahahahah...tapi ada lah sy bili baju sy and buah rantai untuk mummy sy. Puas hati juga....lepas shopping pi makan ais krem..sedap nie!!!!

Hahahaha...ok..ok..ok..banyak suda sy membebel plak...bisuk mau pi naik gunung nie...1100 meters. Ndak lah tinggi sangat tapi bikin sesak napas juga kalau naik..hahahahaha...mau pi tidur dulu...baru jah abis 12 KM punya hiking ari nie..huhhh..penat juga lah. Kemarin sy pi naik gunung about 720meters. Boleh lah!!! before that sy pi naik tu gunung dekat jah ngan gunung yang sy naik kemarin. Yang tuh tinggi dia about 850meters. Kira gunung yang sy mau pi naik bisuk nie paling tinggi lah so far 1100 meters!!!

P/s: Gunung kinabalu paling tinggi sy naik 4095meters.

Clips during Queen's birthday - Take a look

Talking about Queen's birthday i am still feel very proud to be a part of the crowed last Saturday. It was really wonderful and not everybody can see the Queen in person. I have seen the Queen in person and that's something that i can be proud with considering with the time been here in the UK (5 months). Some people have been living here for years or even 50 years but never seen the Queen in person.

I really can't explain how beautiful the event or the parade was. Take a look on the clips and you know what i'm trying to say. Especially the troops, they look very very smart in their uniforms. Even smarter when they are on the horses. Love it love it love it....

Really worth your 4 hours time to wait and see the parade/event!!!Dont't forget this is at Buckingam palace.....

Another clip is above!! Don't miss to play it. Very nice clip especially if u want to see the queen in person.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A gift for my mummy

Nothing much mum..

I hope she loves it

Yeah...talking about how much I love my mum, I can't explain it with words or verbally. But only God knows how much I love my parents. I am the youngest in my family and I spent about 15 years with my mum before I moved to my sister. When i was about 18 years old i went off to KL a big city. Just a big move of a small guy like me who comes from little towns Tamparuli/Tuaran. Huh....when I confirmed my decision to come to the UK, I realised there is even bigger change in my life. Not only the culture but also the fucking weather in the UK and of course the culture. However, as the weather is getting better, I'm falling in love with the UK. Apart from the weather everything is fine...but talking about perfection..there is no perfect place to live! So i have to cope with the fucking weather.

Anyway..about 2 days ago I was walking on the street and was having window shopping and accidently I passed by a jewellery shop. I looked at inside of the shop from outside and it reminded me about my mum who is fancy a medallion gold for her chain. Then I went inside and this particular gold looks so beautiful. After making comparison with the other, I decided to buy it. Then I bought it for my mummy...I hope my mum loves it.

P/s: Mahal gitew pricenya...huhu..kena beli dari perancis masa holiday 3 hari 2 malam....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This is what I call fantastic!!!!

Scary silver pirate

Scary gold men

Scary silver girl

This kind of acting is really blew me away. I mean i really like it and i know it's not easy to do it. Not only because of the challange but because of your ability to freeze yourself without blinking your eyes or even to laugh infront of many people passing by. This is not easy to do but it needs talent and of course need to be practice to make it look so real. After the Queen's birthday parade last saturday i went to Covent Garden in Central London. A friend of mine suggested to go there. I never been to Covent Garden before. When i was there are so many street entertainers and i didn't want to move away from one act to another act. That's what i call an entertaining place to go because you really feel like you are not in your country and you feel like you are in somewhere completly different. Huh...I love Covent Garden!!!!!

For those who has the plan to visit London, Covent Garden is highly recomended by me!!!! Please don't miss this place. It's so interesting place to visit.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Queen's Birthday - Trooping the colour

The Queen and her husband

One of the regiments

They look very smart with the uniforms?


The bands

Wow...yesterday i went to London with friends and saw the Queen's birthday parade or what they call it as trooping the colour. It was very nice and it reminded of Malaysia back to 200 year ago. The horses, the Queen, people, flags, bands, cars, etc..everything was really fabulous! Really good and well arranged. I went to Buckingham palace and went to the barrier and we were standing about 1 hour before the event started. It was quite tiring but we must come early otherwise you can't see the queen. We arrived to Buckingham palace about 9 am (if i not mistaken) and the even officially started about one and half hours later. The first regiment went by and it was so fabulous and followed by the second regiment. Every single moment was really fantastic and the marching was perfect!!!!

About 11.30 am the Queen came but before that prince Harry and prince Williams came passed by first. Both of they were in the Bentley cars and followed by the Royal's relative and family members. All of them were in very posh cars such as Jaguar, BMW, Royal Royce, Bentley and Merc. There were so many people come from different countries and races and even religions. They were very proud and waving their own country flags to the Queen.'s difficult to describe how beautiful and fabulous the event was but you have to see it by yourself and then you'll know how it feels to be a part of the Queen. Some British never seen the Queen in person but I have seen the Queen in person. So that's something that i can be proud with.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Just got my exam results, it makes me dancing

I wish i could fly to celebrate it

I got up quite early this morning about 8 am (if i not mistaken)..then i went to town to see the "morning market" as i never seen morning market in the UK before. I was thinking about my exam results the night before. The good thing is i didn't even think about it last night. I fallen asleep quickly last night. I think because i was very tired last night. Thinking about this, that and all sort of things. My heart is still bleeding and i am still hurt but i just hope one day there will be time for me to erase all the memories even though i know it's something impossible to forget. I really thought the person was honest to me and and trusted all the promises. But there you go..they were all rubbish!!!

Anyway..I got back from the "morning market" about 10 am if i not mistaken and i quickly turned on my laptop and clicked mozzila firefox. I browsed studynet to check my exam results. Mmmm..was a bit nervous but i was okey i guess. Slowly i rolled down the laptop's touch pad and i saw my result with distinction. Wow....what a day? even though i was a bit disappointed because there is one subject where it didn't reach my target score.'s a flying colour result....

I am sorry to some of my friends. They are a few of them failed their subjects and even some of them got very low grades. We did, we laughed and we enjoyed together even clubbing together but the exam results are totally different...

p/s: life is so tiring...but i really want to enjoy it before it came......

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Last night's story @ Cerita semalam

Just last night...

Last night was sad, too sad for my life, a life that i don't want to be again..
Last night was full with tears, tears that i never thought would come to visit me, me with myself when i'm on my own..
Last night was a history, a history that I never thought would be a part of my life, a life that teaches me to be stronger
Last night was silent, silent everyway even though i was sleeping next to the road, the road in the middle of London city
Last night was very dark, dark everyway even though i've open my four eyes
Last night was blood everyway, blood that you could not see
Last night was another story of my life....the saddest story in my life
Last night was a memory, a memory that i could never forget
Last night was hurts me so no more tommrrow..
But... they say time is the greatest healer
So i hope last night will never come back to me again....

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My heart is cracking

It's breaking..what shall i do?

I've got a sad news from my friend in Malaysia today. She told me tht...bla..bla...bla..bla...and it broke my heart so much. But i have to learn to accept it because tht's how life has to be sometimes. I feel sorry, gutted, sad, broken heart, happy, thankful..everything is in my head at the moment. I am sad but at the same time i feel happy as well. Hopefully the person will be happier.....thanks to my friend for telling me this. She was sorry for telling me and for me but i said, she should not be sorry for it. I do hope we still friends tho even though i've been left behind.

p/s: silent doesn't mean you don't means you taking time to think about something..silent doesn't mean you don't love...

I thought it's summer

My heart is so cold..i miss the hot weather..

I was indoor most of the time today. Can't do much with the horrible weather today. The heaven was opened since 6 am in the morning. I was waiting the rain to stop so i can go outside but it didn't stop. Well, it stopped for about an hour but i didn't have enough time to get ready for it. By the time i had my shower, put gel on my hair, bla..bla..bla...the sun gone! Huh..what a weather. I really thought it's a summer because we are now in june. Unfortunetly, this is changes like you closed and opened your eyes. least not too cold like winter. Mmmm..I do hope it will change soon tho...

P/s: My heart is to mend it?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Arghh...I've got headache

Argh..i need a pain killer

Oh..I was doing my work today from 11 am to 3 pm. I'd knew something wrong with my head when i went to bed very late last night. Huh..when i got up this morning, it wasn't very bad tho..but i just forced myself to do the work that i suppose to do. I've got emails from Usman (the chief programmer) this morning and he was asking me to submit something today. So that's why I had to work today even though i didn't feel very well. But there you go..because work is work.....and i emailed everything about 3.30 pm. That time i felt very very sick!!! It was..i wasn't very well and i went out to the town and just walked around...huh..nothing interesting...just a the same!! huhhhh....

Now am going to do something for my brain and head are too heavy....

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Work and work and work...

After about almost a month i was on holiday..I've decided to be a part time programmer with a company somewhere in Heathrow. I went the interview twice and i've got the job. I work from home most of the time and go for a meeting once a it seems easy me when i say the job is not's bloody difficult. Huh....i never seen something like that before. Just imagine a system that has been developed by more than 10 engineers and now only one engineer going to modify it. Means you have to understand 10 heads/brains that developed the system..and you only have one brain to handle it...tht's silly isn't? it is....

Anyway..i'm not moaning just feel a bit depress (depress??? really??LOL!). Well, not depress i just upset to myself because it causes me to complate the tasks a bit slow. am going to enjoy my week end and hopefully tmrw i will feel fresher and feel better...hehehehehe...

You know what i mean if i say i'm going to enjoy means i'm going to the club..LOL! not to drink honestly....just to look around and dancing...yeah of course..i love dancing! hehehehe...

OK..ok..i gotta go now...need to sort out my friend's mobile phone..going to the nearest shop..hehehe..buye....catch up soon xxxxx

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