Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fat And Rich company

Someone gave this business card to my friend and he showed me yesterday. I cannot believe it when i read the company's came. Yeah..its fat and rich!!! To be honest...even though if i am a rich guy i do not want to be fat. It is better if rich and slim. Or at least not fat lah!!!! LOL!!! But if i was a fat guy and rich i will use the money to be slim.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Jalan-jalan di penang with my friend

Once upon a time...............

Vincent's apartment

Last Sunday I went to my friend's apartment because we were planning going to Penang Hill. He is so fancy to see Penang from the top of the hill because I told him that the view is nicer to see the island from there. So he rang me about 12.11 PM.

V: Hello sir, good morning
me: Hi, how are u? what do u think? (referring the weather)
V: Good.. i think the weather is pretty good
me: So we're going to Penang Hill?
V: Yes
me: Okey, I'll be there in maybe 30 minutes time?
V: Okey.I'll get ready now.
me: Bye
V: See u

He didn't know i was busy shooting

We met...................
V: Hi sir..
me: Hi...lets go and have lunch first
V: okey
I started and drove the car to one of my favorite hawker places.

We arrived and I ordered 2 bowls of LAKSA...yummmmyyyyy

Yeah....he is struggling with his chop sticks ..but its okey..

Last time we had curry mee and he likes it so much, as a changed i suggested LAKSA and he said fine...

me: You like it?
V: Oh yeah..i love it..very nice
me: good

Finished our lunch and went to the counter to pay

V: Oh..its ok..i'll pay
me: oh..okey thanks
V: No problem

It was heavy rain....so we canceled our plan to Penang Hill and and decided to new world

Here are some pictures of us at there

Its me...he took my camera and shoot me with my own lens

Yeah...Vincent is standing next to the deer

He is buying something to eat again. We just had our lunch and buns

V: You want?, I'll pay
me: Nope. TQ

Finished there, we went to a place near legal court where the Chinggay festival has been held. Since the place was so busy...we decided to take the back way...so we found this

NO ADMISSION??? (LOL!!!!) I thought NO ENTRY

Yeah..thats him....trying to take my pic..but i took his first..LOL!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Attention!!!!Google Chrome is not a stable browser yet!!!!

Here is one of the outcomes frm my stress test

Another outcome frm stress test

Attention, my friend told me that his GC (Google chrome) has crashed and unable to reinstall (i think the worst part when u are unable to reinstall it). He told m GC is not a stable browser yet!!! I said to him "No Way!!!" since I love google i tried to back up all their products. He hasked me to do several "stress tests".

So this morning I did a few stress test on GC and he was right when GC keeps prompts me this message. Oh Shit!!!!! NOT RECOMMENDED if you are browsing something important. Because GC doesn't have auto recovery. Trust me!!!! GC is not stable yet.

Don't use GC if ;
1. You are doing an online editing
2. You are shopping online
3. Have the intention to leave GC idle for more than 20/30 minutes

However, Do use GC if
1. You are browsing for reading purpose
2. When you are downloading something

Because GC is faster compared to the other browsers.

P/S: Stress test? how to do this? mmmm...try to run many programs as possible on your laptop and it affects your browser, means your browser is not stable enough yet. Other than that, try to open many tabs as possible and sometimes it will crash your browser.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Penang ChiangGay Festival

I went out with my friend Vincent last monday and we went to the place near Penang legal court. While we were there we saw there was a fastival and i am not sure what was it but if i'm not mistaken it was a ChiangGay Festival. Don't get me wrong, it is just a name and a lot of tourists at there and most of them from China, HK, Japan and Korea. We were busy looking at them and here are the pictures taken.

Do u see the flag is on his foot?

And he is going to kick it up

Yeah...kicking it up..

And the flag went up going to the second guy's head

The guy on the ledder is ready

Oh Yes...the flag is on his head

He is trying to balance it on a ledder...

I cannot imagine how to do it. I mean just immagine if the flag went to your mouth and break your teeth? Don't you feel regret for the rest of your life? Hehehehe.....Or if the flag miss landed on your eye...isn't scary? Huuuuuuuu....don't want to take the risk!!!!

P/S: After so many friends asked me whether i have a facebook or not and i keep answered NO I DON'T HAVE ONE. Lastly, i created a facebook account and i started looking for friends from that site yesterday.

My Resignation Letter

Dear Mr.Boss,

I am so sad to inform you that i want to resign my job as a software engineer.
After a long thought, lastly i have decided to quit my job because of a few unavoidable reasons.

First and for most, I am so regret with the salary you paid to me. You know I am very hyperactive and I have 12 children. The youngest one is a month and the elder one is 12 years old. With the salary you paid to me, it was insufficient to cover my family and my expenses. In fact, I sold my BMW 5 series and bought a little Kancil 650Ex. This is so embarrassing and dropped my water face.

Secondly, I am so disappointed with my salary increment in last couple of months ago. I worked too hard and always reached my best, but when i received and read the evaluation report my salary increment was RM29.99. Mr.Boss, don't you know this is the price of cheap AirAsia's flight ticket from Penang to Kota Kinabalu? How dare you gave me such a small increment after all I've done for you.

Moreover, since I worked for you I have no enough time to spend with my family particularly with my wife. She always complained, that my shoot is no longer sharp and accurate. She is very disappointed with my current performance and wants to divorce me. I love her so much and I do not want to disappoint her anymore. I do not want she complains I'm not being sexy to her.

Other than that, you are so strict with your employees and you are ungracious with us. For example, last month i tried to make a joke to you and you did not laugh at all. In fact, you pointed into my eyes and blow your horrible breath to my face. Because of that, I was hospitalized for a week and i was unconscious almost 24 hours.

Mr.Boss, With respect I hope you will be able to accept my resignation letter, otherwise I won't go to work anymore. Regarding to my salary this month, please remember to pay back RM19.90 for the printer ink I bought for the company last week and RM 9.90 for the A4 paper. This means, you owe me about RM 29.80 and if you realize its almost the amount of my salary increment. Oh, by the way, do not forget to pay back the lunch I've bought to you yesterday. It was Nasi Lemak about RM 1.80.

I have explained all the purposes of my resignation and I hope you won't ask me anymore question . With happiness and regretfulness I am leaving your company.

Your most gracious employee,

P/S: Yes....I don't know how to start..what do you think if i send this letter to them? LOL!!! oh...btw i feel happier and less stress now. Yeahhh...i'm leaving soon...the faster the better!!!! can't wait....want to go back to sabah!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

I will go!! go!! go!! go!! to the UK

Gaze my future because nothing is certain but death. Before go to Metrojaya to buy suitcases, i went to the reclaimed area and think again should I? or Shouldn't I?

Yesterday, I've bought suitcases for my stuffs

Anyway, after a long thought, lastly I've decided to go to the UK with difficulties, sadness, hapiness, nevous-ness (lol!), worry-ness, oh whatever-ness....anything ending with "ness". However, if God says NO....then NO (this case might happen only if my visa application refused). I've emailed to my sponsor and they going to pay my tuition fee this week, once paid they will send the receipt to me so i could start my visa application. Anyway, "finger crossed" hopefully everything will be okey. I have a lot of things to do today, ironing, cleaning and might go to penang hills.

P/S: After my master degree i might continue my PHD in the UK as well (I hope different university), need to discuss this with the scholarship sponsor. O ya, btw i addicted with idayu's whistle register (kasih yang terpisah)sharper than Nikki's but i think Nikki uses her whistle register better than Idayu.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

David Archuleta over acted like a Diva

I've got this picture from my friend when i logged into my yahoo email this morning and i just cannot stop laughing and i said to myself that i must post it on my blog. LOL!!!! Anyway...i know this is just a photoshop or a nicer word is faked. But i feel so funny and this picture made my day.

P/S: I bought suitcases today and quite a lot of money....Hummmmm.......

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I never knew i could take this pictures

I was having my dinner at the E&O hotel (the best place to dine yourself in penang) last week and while i was busy putting the food into my beautiful mouth (wakakaka!!!!), i noticed an ant was crawling from the other angle of the table and going straight to my glass. So i didin't care at first, in fact i was so busy eating. Anyway..after a few minutes...i saw the ant was approaching my glass.....so i took my camera and snapped it.

Look at him..he is approaching the glass..

I focused and snapped again..

OMG..he is thirsty and i snapped again..

He is drinking..LOL!!!

Oh yeah...finished...he is crawling away....bye ant!!!

P/S: Addicted to nikki's new single titled "Belas mu"..in fact, her second album is supreb..i thought he has brought our music industry to another level...i love her whistle register. It is so clear and so effortless.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Letter of offer from hertfordshire university

MSc. Software Engineering

Mmmm.. I've got the feeling..that tonight gonna be a good night. Opss..sorry pinjam kejap BEP punya lyric lagu. Yeah...i came to the office about 10 am (wow..what TF?) because i dined myself t the e&o hotel last night and was chatting with someone regarding to forex trading. So i got up this morning about 8.30 am...so thats why i was late. Anyway..when i logged into my Gmail account, I've got this letter of offer from Hertfordshire University. Mmmm...i did not surprise at all because but i'm surprised because it was too quick. I submitted my application last monday and I've got their reply today in same week. Wow...what a great service...if Malaysia could do like this..i bet Malaysia would be a developed country by 2020. Still thinking shall i go or not...i know it is silly after all the hustles i went trough and suddenly i refuse it. But at the same time, i am really in dilemma. Seriously....i feel so "stucked "!!!! I feel happy, sad, nervous, excited....all mixed up and they are playing on my mind. Help me...................please.....

P/S: Masih memikirkan keputusan yang terbaik before i submit my Visa application in 2 weeks time. I am really stucked in the middle of my life. This is the biggest decision i'm going to make in my life. I am afraid!!!!! I'm cold and i am shaking...i don't know why.....

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wah...my birthday's presents!!!

Yeah....my birthday this year was really fun and most enjoyable. I celebrated my birthday in the E&O hotel with some friends. They came to my borthday and they gave me presents...OMG!!!!!!!!!! I feel so happy. In fact, when i was in the hotel i can't wait to open the boxes so i will know what the presents look like (memang...nakal...i was really impatience that time.) Then, we hang out until about 12 AM. Wow...seriously..some of my friends were drunk...i mean not too drunk but i considered they were drunk that time. Even though when i wasked them, "are you okey?" and he said "i am fine"LOL!!!! sedangkan mata merah sudah bah.

Anyway, what i've got from my friends were chocolate, t-shirt, long sleeve, camera book and a few cards...oh i forgot..something very valuable...secret...secret....hehehehehe....so what can i say is it was the most memorable birthday party i ever had in my life so far..

Mmmm..ok lah...i will post another post soon about a thirsty ant. Serius...this is very very unbelieveable......

P/S: Masih lagi tengah pikir2 nie..butul2 kah mau pi UK nie...excited but at the same time i feel nervous. Mmmmm....oh ya...at the same time i am playing or more precise word is trading forex..baru jah belajar..hoopefully will get the concept.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Aku yang terus keliru mau pi UK kah inda nie?

Petang tadi lepas balik dari keja...sy baca2 lah buku nie tuk postgrads punya panduan..tiba2 jah i asked myself...

Eh....andrik butul kah ko mau pi UK nie?

I cannot answer the question....ish..mimang labah...takkan mau tolak pulak?

Eh...best kah? ko buli hidup kah di sana? cukup makan kah disana? jadi??? takkan ko kasih tinggal si anu?

Ish..jahat juga sia kan? sampai hati sy kasih tinggal.....ish...dilemma plak lagi sy nie tau...

Bagus ko pikir no kamah....

P/S: Tengah pikir2 lah nie....butul kah sy mau pi UK nie? ish...takkan sy kasih tinggal si anu...jahat gak sia...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dengan Bangganya I passed my IELTS exam result


P/s: Satu lagi cara mau kasih jeles si babi gumuk...nanti dia bilang "show off" lagi. Apa sy peduli? yang penting sy bahagia bukan cam dia gumuk cam babi...buduh!!!!

BTW, bukan senang juga mau lulus nie...my friends took the exam 4 times tuk qualify.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Faktor-faktor napa urang jadi gumuk *LOL!*


Ntah lah...why suddenly i like to post about this. But whatever lah....i don't mind...for those who
feel so hot and spicy (ala..ala..tomyam maximum punya pedas lah kan)...who cares? don't drop me a stupid message but just *berambus of this blog*. Well, yes i know...he is fatty like pig. I mean Mr. Piggy instead or Miss Piggy..LOL! BTW, i know he is reading this blog coz i can see his track..LOL. Anyway lah kan....mana2 jah lah. Yang penting sy bahagia, one of the factors of fatty is RICE, RED MEAT, CHIPS, KFC, McDonald and SUGAR. So? Apa lagi...please try to minimize the amount of these things in your meal. OTHERWISE SOMEONE WILL CALL YOU MR/MRS PIGGY.

Sugar..bikin gumuk nie...

MM.....bikin gumuk juga kalau banyak makan

Nie ok lah....inda bikin gumuk...

Nie..mimang kalau makan ari2..kijap jah kana high blood

Nie..pun bahaya juga... particularly yang red meat tuh...


p/s: Bisuk sy kana pi KL, pi jumpa lecturers sy. Pas tuh kena submit application. And yang paling merisaukan..bisuk keluar uda result exam IELTS sy. Arap2 semuanya ok kunun..kalau inda ok..nah..sy pi bunuh diri terjun sana bangunan komtar pas tuh kalau inda mati terjun sana jambatan pulau pinang..LOL!!! Oh..i love my birthday this year..it was wonderful..banyak hadiah sy dapat.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Antara Forex dan Jem merah

Yummy....and sweet

Oh Yes....went out this evening and bought some jem and a book called forex trading. Well,
not sure i would to gamble or not but i may be or may be not. But between that red jem and the book...which one is more popular? LOL!!!

I have no idea why did i buy the book. I went to Gurney plaza today and it was boring. I don't want to go back otherwise i will end up with my computer. Oh SHIT!!!! so what i did was i went to MPH bookstores and read books. Mostly about investment...i don't know why i read the book. I guess because i'm too obsess to be a millionare LOL!!!!!!

I have no idea why i bought this book

So after read a few books (ala...bukan abis pun..baca2 taih ayam jah)..i decided to buy that book and went back to home. Well, actually i used to play forex before but i did not use the "correct ways" to trade. What i did is just for fun. In fact i lost my USD 30 or USD 40 in my last attempt to trade in forex. But i said to myself, i need knowledge so i guess maybe i need to read this book. So thats why i bought it. Hehehehe

P/S: Bisuk ada opoinment pula dgn consultant about my Visa problem...oh Cis!!!! i hate this...BTW, i think i found this and i think very romantic..

dia.. andai anggapanmu aku ini hanya kawan, perlakukanlah aku hanya seperti seorang kawan.. jika aku ini sesuatu untukmu, pegang tanganku dan jangan lepaskan, tapi jika aku bukan kedua-duanya, suruhlah aku berlalu pergi dari hidupmu.. namun, andai kau masih keliru siapa aku, mintalah padaku sedikit masa dan.. aku akan menantimu walau seumur hidupku.. (source)

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