Sunday, 30 November 2008

My Job offer..what shall I do?

This is the offer letter from them. Just a part of it.

Hello Guys, I am really in dilemma. Now I really want all blogger friends' opinion. What do you think? Actually the story is like this......last week i just applied a job from this website. I just apply and just in case if i get an offer from them i will think about it. So i saw their main core business in system development. So I said to myself...Wow...this is great!!! So I quickly search my CV and send it to them. Actually I really dont think I will get it. So....about 3 days later, I login into my Gmail account and i saw their Offer. So i said wow...suprisingly i closed my mouth with my fingers. After that I quickly replied the email and 2 days later, my mobile phone ringing and i saw my HP and it appeared "private numbers". So I answerd my mobile "Hello". And a nice voice answered and said "Hello, May I speak to MR. Andrik Please?". So i said "Speaking".....So..bla..bla..bla....we had a long conversation and lastly i know the call was from the UK. short...i got and offer as a programmer from the UK. The company is located in hampton, Middlesex. And this place is just next to London. So guys what do you think? shall i receive or refuse? For you information Accomadition will be provided and also transport. They will send the company profile + return way tickets as soon as possible and also the pocket money..My family did not agree but i am really excited because of this offer and i have to refuse my master degree as well...argh......this job? or master degree? help me bloggers..

I'm Lovin' it

Try some...i'm sure you want it more..

My friend just gone to his hometown Johor and he left us "these sweetie". Sorry guys i do not know what is this in english but in Malay we called it as "Asam Jawa". I still remember when i was in primary school i always buy "Asam jawa" and it taste very nice. So when my friend said "ambik ar" means just take it, i really thought i can't eat it anymore. But when i tried it just now it was really nice and now i can't stop my hand to take it again. Hehehehe..I know maybe some of you know this but maybe forgot already. But why dont you all try to find it and try some? hehehe...

Friday, 28 November 2008

Again....i am tension

Oh..shit!!! this IBM course really make me tension. I thought i could get some rest after finished my degree. But sorrow is still there and still tension. I do not know how to study 3 thick books within a month. Actually it is not a month..its just about three weeks because on 7th of DEC until 13th of DEC we will be having break. This means, within one week we have to cover 12 chapters and for me it is really redicilous and my mind really can't cope on it. The class is from 9 am unitl 1 pm and second section is from 2 pm until 5 pm. In fact the class is monday to friday. I am extremally tired. I saw the past year final exam and really difficult. In fact the other lecturer said he sat the exam twice than he certificed. So how about me and my friends? we are struggling every night and i really don't think i could do it. Argh...the lecture also very quick and somerimes can be quite boring. Ahhh,,,anyway..i still trying...going to have my dinner now..bye..hehe

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Currently study DB2 of IBM

When i'm get bored i will go to beck's blog...hehehe

I am currently sequeezing my mind/brain to study the fundamentel of DB2 and also the hardest part of DB2. Sorry, i thought this course from IBM is easy. But i was wrong and it is totally complicated and i think the most complicated database compared to Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access. I'm dying......i almost fed up and surrender. But my lover keep gives me support from the back.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I am in dilemma

Huh!! yeah....seriously i am in dilemma. I do not know how to start and how to start this post. But last night when i was laying on my bed my mind chaos and i got head ace thinking about it. I thought after finished my degree i will be free like a bird and will he happier. But!!!! i'm not sad just my mind is thinking like a wheel. I di not know what shall i do next. It is really, really confiusing me. Shall i futher my studies to master degree or find a job!!! If i want to find a where??? in sabah? KL? Penang? Outside of malaysia? OMG!!! If i want to futher my studies for master degree do i think my mind still able to handle it? Or my mind is really tired and need a rest? got so many questions on my mind and i really can answer all the questions. I mean i can answer it but i just not sure. Now i realize that being a non student is not really happy especially fresh graduate like me. Actually i received a few offers frm companies, but i just can't make any confirm decision at this moment. I emailed them all to give me time to think about it until by the end of this year. Mmmmm.....i know it is really hard to make decision. Because if i did a mistake means it will effect my next paths of my life. I don't know...just not in mood to think about it....I hope God will guide me to make the right decision in my life.

Monday, 24 November 2008

My first IBM class

oh yeah...i think i'm not ready read this books Fish!!!

I thought something intresting...when i opened this box..its really wanna puke!!!

I'm going to tell you something about my first IBM class. First of all, I really tired because the class was from 9 am until 5 pm. Second, we had only 1 hour break from 1 pm until 2 pm (oh..shit and fuck!!!). Third i really get schocked with the books given to us. If i not mistaken its about 1000 pages. Hell...they think we are robot? Hell and shitt!!! I dont think we can finish 1000 pages within one month. Fourth the lecture was very very boring and made me feel so sleepy and made me feel wanna go for holiday. I really did not enjoy it. Sorry to say but that are my opinions. Fifth, come on lah!!! we already know what is database and what is DBMS, and bla..bla...please do not repet the same things. I was expecting the course will directly jump to coding we i can improve my programming skills. No lah! i just really worried if we didn't finish the syllibus and lastly everyone fail. Oh shit!!!! please no...i want to get the title "Database specialist in DB2" i could demand my salary up to RM8000. was my first day and i really wanna feel fed up and feel wanna go back to my holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go to bed early, so i can concetrate the lecture tmrw....

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pre graduation dinner

yah...thats it...



mashroom.. was great..

mmm.....i want more..

Hello guys...i just dont know what to do. I'm bored. Oh....gosh!!! I want to sleep but i can't sleep. I want to go shopping mall but i have no enough money to buy something. I want to wash my dirth clothes but not in mood. I think i just have to listen the music and relaxing...huuu. For your information i just applied a job in the UK as programmer. I do not know why i should do this. I know, so far my plan is to futhure my studies for master degree. But if i get this job, why not? and they will pay me in pound sterlling. Wow...thats great. But i have to think twice about it. Because if i tersilap langkah hancur segalanya. Anywhere guys...thats not the main thing i want go say. But about my pregraduation dinner at concorde hotel. Anywhere just look and see me rambling ya...hahahaha...

Final year presentation

Hooollllaaaaaa.....i'm back again on my little blog. Hehehehe....I had a short break after my final year presentation. For your information my final year presentation was good. Really enjoy explained it. Wow...even though at the initial stage i'm a bit nervous but i just clam down myself and lastly i found it was a great presentation. YES!!!! Ok guys..after my presentation i just "jump" to the train went to KL and gone off to somewhere..hahahaha. Went to Serdang and also Malacca. What a great short break. Mmmm.....i just got back from Malacca and i had my chicken rice just now and now writing this post. Huhuhuhu. Just called my dad and sisters as well and they asked me go back to Sabah. But i said do not have time. Tommrow i have to start my professional certificate. Oh...Gosh!!!! I have to squeeze my brain again. But its ok...have to do it and hopefully i will pass my professional certificate. I know its not easy but at least i try. So let me post some of the pictures on my blog. These pictures were taken during my final year presentation last week.

smile everybody..hehehehe

in action...fiza with guys..

they are my classmates..

yesszzzzaaaaaa... action with outsider

me in action..hehehe action with other presenters

nis...with her go

Am...the macho..

shahril...with his camera for face detaction..

Arip..with his touch screen..for usability engineering

Decho...always peace

anwar...still with his thumb up

osz..and sin chan with their roses...LOL

Ayep..with his devices...huhuhu..

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Just got back from final year presentation

Guys...i just got back from final year presentation and it was really tiring day. How about you guys? What have you done today. Me? I presented my research project students and also lecturer and also a few companies. OMG! I was in that class room at 8 am until 4.30 pm. Oh Shit!!! What the fish! really tiring me you know? Last night i didn't sleep well. You know why? Too excited to present my research project. Anywhere guys...i'm going to get some rest now and see you again tommrow. OK bye! keep fun on your blog!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Payday Loan

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Me...going to pre graduation dinner at Concorde Hotel

This is my brochure

I wear this pink shirt and tie suggested by my nices

Guys, i'm back agaian. Today what i've done are met my lecturer, checked who is my examiner for tommrow, went to look around final year presentation for CS220 (BSc IT) and also i was so busy prepered my brochure. It was great!!! Their project are so great and very..very intresting. But what made me bored is when most of their system using SMS notification. I mean seems there is no complexity and just similar concept. However, it was great. Tommrow is my turn and i just can't wait to present my system that i had developed. But, tonight i have to attend Pre graduation night at concorde hotel. I do not know what shall i wear. Mmmmm..i want to buy something new but i just really out of budget. Because i now i have so many other things to buy. Its ok! Just formal i guess. With pink colour. Actually my nieces suggested me to buy this shirt. I said to them i do not want to wear pink colour. But they said it is good and the shirt is nice as well. So i ask for their suggestion which is great and they pick up the pink shirt. So??? what can i do? Just wear lah! nevermind. Tonight will be the first time for me wear pink shirt. But its ok. LOLZ!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My poster

I'm back again. Before i want go to bed, let me post these my poster on my blog. Herere...I AM READY FOR MY FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATION!! i'm looking forward the 20th of NOV. Will be one of my nervoust day..hahahahaha!!!!

Evervess....good for health

I do not know about evervess before. But since i went to Penang last time, i saw these drink and i started to try it. Firstly, i thought i was OK. Second time i tried it when i was on the bus from penang to Shah alam. I was very tired and so sleepy that time. Lastly i decided to drink it. So i drank it about 30 minutes, i did realise i'm not sleepy anymore and i said to myself..." was a good drink to avoid u feel sleepy and it seems recover my energy"....hahaha...after that, i started to drink evervess and if you really tired i would like to recommend you because it will recoved you energy. For me this is an alternative drink instead of 100 plus.

My research project

really tiring know..

Look...this is the first copy..about 500 ++ pages

God...dont want to think about it anymore..

Look at the title..

OK friends, i've been so busy for the last two weeks. So i had rest as well for 3 days. I think it was enough for me. I did stop from blogging for almost one week. Actually i did checked my blog but i just can't reply any "drops" from you all. Sorry ya. So i did completed my research project and it was 500++ pages. GOSH!!!!!!!!! can u imagine? i have to submit two copies. Means 1000++ pages and it took about 12 hours to print them all out. Silly actually. I thought i was dying that time. But thanks Gosf because of his blessed i completed my final project sucessfully. So here are the pictures of my final report. After final presentation, i will reprint them all and binding it with hard cover (Like book..hehehehe).

Friday, 14 November 2008

He is resting............................

Yes...Currently this guy is resting in his little bed with his teddy bear on his chest.
After all the constrains, he is looking forward for his thesis presentation on 20th of Nov.
To all bloggers, keep fun on your blog.

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Monday, 10 November 2008

Currently I'm very sad ...

I do not know who to tell and where to go. But I am very sad at this moment. But what can i do? It is my very difficult time. I have to face it and its life. I hope with this message on my blog, i wish all internet browsers know i'm currently feel very....very.....sad. Last night it was a very sad evening. Until i got up this morning, i thought i will be recover from it. But its getting wrost. Now i'm pretending myself to be happy even though deep inside my heart there is a sadness causing me a millions of pain. I have another paper to go and seems like i can't concentrate on it. I need bless from God, the only person who knows my sadness. It is really hurt how to describe it but just imagine if your lover loves someone else. I feel cheated this time. Will it happen again?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kek lapis sarawak

When i was at KL sentral, i saw a little stall at there. And i saw she was selling sarawak layer cake. Wow...i know it is a little bit expensive. But since i really fancy that cake and think their cakes are better than Secret recipie, so i decided to buy one. So when i was busy completing my thesis at the same time i'm eating this cake. What a delicious cake....yummmyyy....this is the best cake i've eaten in my life...seriously....

Sunday, 2 November 2008

I like bowling...and you?

Hahahah....all these pictures were taken during me and my nieces having gathering. So we decided to play bowling. Huhuh....yes....i won two usual, it was my happening week end again. Sorry guys I suppose to post these pictures last week, But i was very busy and have no time to post the pics.

The Arts of Depavali

I went to KL sentral and MINES mall at Serdang last week during Depavali. And Look at that! these are the art created by the staff of the mall (I guess). They were wonderful and beautiful. At the fist time i saw it, I really impressed and really get schoked because of its creative arts.

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