Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Canopy hanging bridge at Hot Spring Ranau

First of all is...it was best, fantastic and wonderful experience walking on a hanging bridge about 60 meters above the ground. Wow!!! I just loved it even though it was a little bit scary but such a wonderful experience. I never walked 60 meters above the ground on a hanging bridge before. Oh i think i had..it was Tamparuli hanging bridge but it wasn't that scary because it's on a river and the bridge is very strong. I mean it's not very shaky but walking on a canopy hanging bridge was very different experience and can be quite scary.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan, Sabah

Tambunan is probably well known by many sabahans because of its beauty. Last week i went to Tambunan for a short holiday trip with my nieces and nephews. From Ranau to Tambunan it takes about one and half hours or maybe less. I stayed at my sister's house the night before and the next morning about 10AM we departed from my sister's house and arrived at our destination just before half past eleven. The weather was hot even though the river was really cold that time. But hey guess what??? we did enjoy t very much. We had so much fun at Mahua Waterfall. The waterfall was not that high but the view was fantastic and it was really a good one especially for weekend trip holiday. Take a look some of the pictures taken that time...it was a great fun

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Small python at Tuaran Crocodiles Farm.

Mmmmm...wasn't really my sort of animal i like but because because my niece wanted it then i had to do it. She wanted to touch the snake...well it wasn't that big anyway. It was just a small python and i must say the biggest python was in Penang. It was about 3 years ago when i was working in Penang. It was a yellow and really big python and quite heavy as well. This one was not heavy at all...LOL!!!! Nevermind just for fun yeah...i don't like snakes....arghhhh...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Big crocodiles at Tuaran Crocodiles farm

About two weeks ago i had the chance to see some of the biggest crocodiles in Malaysia.
I honestly admit they are the biggest crocodiles i ever seen in Malaysia or maybe world. They are very very big and they look so scary because of their bodies' skins. Gosh!!! They were so ugly and lazy. All they do is eat and sleep. No wonder they are so big. But they are so wild and every single meat you put into their cage they will just eat it quickly. I did enjoy my trip to the farm. I paid rm10 per entrance. I find it a bit expensive actually because we were four all together and we ended up paying rm40. But i must say the crocodiles were really big and probably the biggest crocs i ever seen in flesh so far.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Kundasang Golf course with Kinabalu Mountain background

Guys, while updating this blog my feeling so low. For some reasons tonight i feel like my future has been destroyed. I know i should have be careful for every single thing i want to do. But recently i received a very sad news and it makes me feel very sad and i feel like i don't want to live anymore. I always want this thing but this time i didn't get it and it seems like i will never get it. I believe that i have what they want and i have the knowledge for it. I believe that i am flexible and i believe that my knowledge and skills will evolve as i'm in it. I have proved it when i get my fist class master degree. This is one of my ambitions and i have achieved it. Now i want to achieve one more..but it seems like i have failed to achieve it.

Anyway, last week was another fun holiday for me as i had the chance to go to Kundasang Golf course. It was a beautiful golf course because its becakground is kinabalu mountain. I wish i could have that sort of view infront of my house. Wow!!!! That should be fun. Take a look some of the pictures ya!!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Luanti fish massage in the river

I have been so busy with my holiday and i didn't have enough time to update my blog. All i did before was updating my facebook post but never on my blog. In fact, it has been almost three weeks since i last logged into my blog. I have been very busy doing my own things and planning what shall i do next. I know i should have time to update my blog but honestly i didn't have enough time to do that. Other than that, the internet connection at my village is sometimes a bit low and it made me lazier to update my blog. I hope to update my blog regularly soon. Last week i went to Luanti which is located in Ranau and not far from Hot Spring. I went there and i tried the fish massage in the river. It was a family holiday trip and we did enjoy it very much. Take a look of some of the pictures taken.....

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