Saturday, 27 October 2007

ITS580 role playing video1 of 5

I don't want to talk about it anymore!!

I can tell by your eyes that youve probbly been cryin forever,
And the stars in the sky dont mean nothin to you, theyre a mirror.
I dont want to talk about it, how you broke my heart.
If I stay here just a little bit longer,
If I stay here, wont you listen to my heart, whoa, heart?

If I stand all alone, will the shadow hide the color of my heart;
Blue for the tears, black for the nights fears.
The star in the sky dont mean nothin to you, theyre a mirror.
I dont want to talk about it, how you broke my heart.
If I stay here just a little bit longer,
If I stay here, wont you listen to my heart, whoa, heart?
I dont want to talk about it, how you broke this ol heart.

If I stay here just a little bit longer,
If I stay here, wont you listen to my heart, whoa, heart?
My heart, whoa, heart.

>> I dedicate this song especially to my ex with a message "Why you did hurt me?? If you happy with your way, go ahead but please don't do it to your next, be honest and sincere"

Mandy moore sing the umberalla

In my opinion...this is better then Rihana...really..I love this version!!

The trio....god job!!

I love this song...they are really good!!! you can watch it can feel it!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The power of Photoshop

Wow.....i went to db blogspot while i'm in Singapore last few days and i found these fucking shit picture...hahahaah...yeah..these are really fucking shit...and here are the power of photoshop. Anywhere you can see here:

Here is "pah lah" Einstein version

Guess who? i will tell you on 25 of OCT

How about this one? Rafidah rite?? What happened with her hair!!

Lim Kit Siang as Punker!!

Abdul Hadi as urban hippie..yay!! ala-ala orang red Indian gitu..

And??? this is Gwen stefini Heliza AF4 version..

Bakal anak kandung angelina jolie and brad pitt (merged) sucks!! really

:: Disappointed ::

Wow....yeah..after long time I'm hiding myself of blogging now i'm back again. However, today i really, really disappointed with my final exam this morning. You know what? i couldn't answer some of the questions. I know it was my fault because i didn't cover all the chapters. Actually i've read all the chapter and i 've prepared myself all the chapter but, you know? some of the fact i forgot and some ..argh...................makes me feel sooooo sad you know? thats really fuck!!!! mmmm....after i finished the final exam i went to Sek 2 for lunch and back to home. Then, i send email to daddy said "I'm sorry if my result this semester is not really good because i couldn't perform my best this morning "...firstly i thought he will replied my email and said "(something made my heart hurt)" know? he replied my email and said "no need to cry to the split milk, it was done so you have to go to the next test". evening I'm still sad if i remembered about the paper, but what can i do???? nothing right? so just forget it and go ahead your life. Gosh!!!!! i know its not too easy but i have to do it. Anywhere Friends, so now you know what happened this morning to me..and now i have to go ya. I'm so sleepy and so tired. Want to have a nap. Bye!!! Good Luck for the next paper.

Monday, 15 October 2007

The Death at the funeral

Wow....what the fucking of my blog now??? something happened? ya..maybe i think so...."basi suda ne blog sia". Anywhere guys, i'm at singapore now and no internet connection. I have to go to cyber cafe then i can update my blog. Other then that, i quite busy with my revision, because our final exam will be started on 22 of OCT. So thats why i'm quite busy here...however..busy..busy pun i still have time to celebrate the hari raya here at my friend's house. Gosh....ya actually not too much different at KL. I mean the food also same and nothing different. Other then that i went to hospital becaus of ....(just a bit problems)...u all no need to know la...not your buisness!!! hahahahaah....and another one is..yesterday i sempat watched the movie titled: The Death at the funeral ...ya...quite funny, but one comment.....(komen ne memang i tak boleh lupakan sampai bila-bila)..u know what??? i paid the ticket $9.50 (if i not mistaken around RM 21)..and the show only 1 and half hours??? fucking shit!!!!!!!!! i'm not really satisfy the show...however...the seats...gosh...really first class...ya...really great....about the show again. quite funny...very (100 times) funny..u know?? the actors and the actress also...gosh funny!!! ya my opinion maybe mmmmmmmm 3.5 stars (this is my opinion, some of my friends said its only 2.5 stars)...anywhere!!! but i suggested u all to see this!!! (ndah rugi walaupun kamau pi tinguk) after this i wanna see the resident evils (the latest one)....

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Your First Night With 8 Techniques!!

::All readers required to be open..if you can't get away of my blog!! As i told you i will teach you something stupid, will rape you, will bring you to unpleasent places and will do anything as long as i love it!!! So beware of me!!::

Malam pertama adalah saat yang paling diidamkan dan dinantikan oleh setiap pasangan yang baru bergelar raja sehari. Kesibukkan disiang harinya akan tidak begitu terasa memandang fikiran melayang kepada layanan yang akan diberikan oleh pasangan masing-masing.

Namun begitu tidak semua pasangan yang akan menantikan kehadiran malam pertama dengan penuh terbuka, sebaliknya ada yang belum betul-betul bersedia melayani kehendak pasangan masing-masing.

Awas! Harus diingat sekirangnya anda bertindak terburu-buru,keindahan dan kenikmatan malam pertama kemungkinan besar tiada ianya akan berubah menjadi suatu malam yang menyakitkan.

1. Jangan Terburu-buru
Malam pertama adalah memori yang harus diingati oleh pasangan masing-masing sehingga ke akhir hayat, maka haruslah lakukan dengan penuh kesabaran kerana anda perlu ingat anda masih lagi dalam peringkat saling kenal mengenali antara satu sama lain.

2. Tidur Secukupnya
Tidurlah secukupnya 3 hari sebelum malam pertama itu kerana ini membekalkan tenaga yang cukup dan janganlah lakukan kerja-kerja yang berat.

3. Jaga Kesihatan.
Jagalah kesihatan anda sebulan sebelum hari malam pertama anda. Ambilah vitamin-vitamin dan jagalah pemakanan anda. Vitamin yang cukup akan membuatkan anda ceria dan dapat mengelakkan anda daripada terkena penyakit. Pada siang hari perkahwinan anda janganlah makan banyak nanti malam kalau sakit perut…rugilah.

4. Pastikan Pasangan Anda betul-betul Bersedia.
Pada malam pertama nanti pastikan pasangan anda betul-betul bersedia dan sekiranya pasangan anda tidak dapat melayani kehendak pada malam pertama anda haruslah faham. Sekiranya terlalu mendesak, kegairahan malam pertama tidak akan dinikmati dan dirasai oleh pasangan masing-masing.

5. Suasana Romantis.
Wujudkan suasana yang romantis di malam pertama. Suami boleh mulakan dengan mengucapkan kata-kata romantis pada pasangannya. Isteri boleh mewujudkan suasana yang romantis dengan boleh mengenakan pakaian yang “daring “.

6. Jangan mengambil ubat.
Janganlah mengambil ubat dengan bertujuan untuk meransangkan pasangan masing-masing, lakukanlah dengan kesabaran dan penuh kasih sayang.

7. Jaga Kebersihan Diri.
Pastikan mulut dan badan anda tidak berbau. Seeloknya bersihkan diri anda dahulu kemudian pakai wangi-wangian untuk membangkitkan ghairah pasangan. Jangan pula guna wangian yang tidak digemari oleh pasangan anda, kerana ini akan menghilangkan mood untuk bersama.

8. Kurangkan bercakap
Elakkan berbincang hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kenduri di siang hari dan masalah-masalah yang berlaku sebelumnya. Anda haruslah memberikan fokus dan kurangkan berbual dengan pasangan anda. Sebaiknya gunakan sentuhan,rabaan,ciuman,kucupan dan sebaganinya untuk membangkit gairah pasangan anda.

Tips To improve Sex as your age!! To all readers, please be open..If you can't go away!!!


Many older adults say their sex lives improve as they age. Yours can, too. Improving your sex life requires more communication with your partner and small changes both of you can make, including:

* Expand your definition of sex. Sex is more than vaginal penetration. As you age, other options might be more comfortable and more fulfilling. Touch can be a good alternative to intercourse. It can simply mean holding each other. It can also mean sensual massage, masturbation or oral sex.

* Communicate with your partner. Communication brings you and your partner close together. Discuss the changes you’re going through and what your partner can do to accommodate you during sex. Maybe a different position makes sex easier for you, or other sexual activities, such as massage or cuddling, might interest you. Ask your partner about his or her needs and ways that you can also be accommodating. Communication itself can be arousing.

* Make changes to your routine. Simple changes can improve your sex life. Change the time of day when you have sex to a time when you have the most energy. Try the morning — when you’re refreshed from a good night’s sleep — rather than at the end of a long day. Because it might take longer for you to become aroused, take more time to set the stage for romance, such as a romantic dinner or an evening of dancing. Try a new sexual position. You might find one that’s more comfortable for you and your partner.

* Manage your expectations. If you didn’t have sex very often as a younger adult, don’t expect to have lots of sex as an older adult. Maybe you and your partner expressed your intimacy in other ways when you were younger. Partners who enjoy frequent sex when they’re younger are more likely to continue that as they age.

* Take care of yourself. A healthy diet and regular exercise keep your body finely tuned. This keeps you ready for sex at any age. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. Avoid alcohol, as excessive use decreases sexual function in both men and women. Illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine impair sexual function, also.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

What the Fuck of those girls??

Mmmmm......i went to just now and i found this video from this site...what the hell? ya..memang girls now a day really, really ganazzzz......sometimes more then guy...sometimes guy plak yang lembut (shemale)....anywhere out this video clipz and you will wonder...i don't know either they just acting "main-main jer" or it is real....its up to long as sakit juga la..hopefully no more like this ya. According to "sumber yang i dapat" this video was captured in Times Square Shopping Mall in KL. I don't know true ornot..but u will see it

Look at them..what are they doing?? just like a cat and a dog rite?

Che'Nelle, the international Sabahan singer!!

Wow....what the hell....I really, really never expected this this all my Sabahan visitiors, we have to be proud of this girl...Ya really....Shes name is Che'Nelle..i try to google this name and i found her on and here are the info about this girl.

"Che’Nelle is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer signed to Virgin Records America. She was born on March 10, 1983 as Cheryline Lim in Sabah, Malaysia to a Chinese Malaysian father and Indian-Dutch mother." "Che'Nelle was raised in Perth, Western Australia. Her father ran a karaoke lounge, where Che'nelle began singing as a toddler. She played in bands and wrote her own music for years, but it was American music veteran Charles Dixon who discovered her music on her myspace page. Che'Nelle showcases the singing talent that Sabah is renowned for producing. Proof of this is the consistent good performances from Sabahans in Malaysia's talent quest television shows."

Ya..originally Sabahan beb!! to her post at will arange his schedule to perform a concert at sabah!! (Gosh!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait it...really, really can't wait it)...sumandak.....i love you!!!! muah...muah.....surprisingly..she still can talk in "loghat sabahan"..ya..very, very amazing and very, very unbelievable. And according to her post at mrbadak blogspot she will "pulang sabah" to visit her grandparents . And if she came to Sabah of course i want to take her autograph la...Che'Nelle..if you found my blog and read this post don't forget to post your comment ya. I've heard her song titled "I fell in love with the DJ", very mmmmmmmmm good..i love her song...(i want to buy her CD la). so here i uploaded some of her sexxxxxxxaaaaaa (sexy) funny la...she said when she came to malaysia she will "pakai baju kurung"..hahaha...(in my opinion you don't have to be like that, be yourself..orang kat malaysia nak kutuk pasal pakaian ko...don't care about them, just be yourself and do whatever you like as long as ko tak ganggu hidup orang)..thats all.. that is my principal of life. You can click this link to download her song titled I fell in Love with the DJ.

My New tickets "Balik Rumah" (back to home)..

M..ok.ok "abis satu keje" (i've done another task) know what? report counseling to HKL. We just submitted to Prof just now, and now home and I'm thinking what topic should i post today. So.."thinking punya thinking" (no translation in English..but it can be something like "rethinking")..lastly i found topic.hehehe. Actually i want to upload a some videos during role playing part two last Thursday, but i didn't get converter to convert form MOV file to WMA file. Anywhere..i'll try again..if you all have this converter please send me link ya...or send me to After that, i will upload the movie then you all can see how funny my class during the "role playing part two". Anywhere guys...This "selasa" (Thursday) i will go back to home at singapore...(i didn't go back to Sabah because too far away la, however i will go back to sabah the end of this year to celebrate new year and Christmas maybe at Singapore also). However the end of this semester i will "melancong to kelantan" (if my money is still available...hehehe you know what i mean la kan?). Hey...guys long time not "balik sabah la"..since last year until this year..(oh...No.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sisters said i dah lupe diorang), i don't know what happened to Sabah..if i go back there at the end of this year, i want to loafing at the beach (i love bitch very much...opps....not bitch but beach..hehehe). Yesterday, i went to KL form Shah Alam 5 pm and arrived there around 7 pm (if i not mistaken)...Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what the hell............"trafic jam"...(sialan!! dahlah aku berdiri drp shah alam) my legs get tired, fucking shit!! You know what i've done there? mmm..of course withdraw money to get some cash. You know for what? of course "bayar rumah sewa, bill air, bill api" and of course pocket money to Singapore (so imagine la how much i withdraw yesterday)...another thing is i changed my ticket. Originally i depart to Singapore suppose to be today at 2.30 pm, but since tomorrow i have database presentation and on Monday also i have HCI presentation, i have to extend the date to 9 of OCT (ari selasa)...and will be back to Shah alam 22 of Oct. And i have new know what? "andrea" funny la..the Chinese girl at counter ask my name and i told her andrik, when she printed the tiket..i saw my name "andrea"..fucking the girl....shit her!!! anywhere...i don't care and don't mind as long as i get the ticket..fugh!!! so tired la..tommrow i have database presentation...(tak siap lagi, baru siap buat database) shit!! hopefully tonight me and my group can finished it...mmmm....sleepy la plak!!!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Presentation e-property! next post is about our e-property presentation last Wednesday (peer to peer evaluation). Here i don't want to comment anything la..but i just want to upload some of our pics during the presentation. So funny la...suppose to be presentation but..i don't know "sempoi plak" giler!! are some of our pics during the presentation.

Spice girl..versi malaysia..tengah posing maut!! frensz....they are all sporting maut!!!!

Osz....apasal ko tak kiss jer si miss tomato?! haah

Pergh.....dorang kalau depan kamera...hancucszzz..aku punyer pixel kamera..

ne group yang group aku evaluate...don't get upset ah..because too many comments..heheh..keep smile baby!!

hey dude..what are u all doing there? cam arip kene belasah jer..deco plak wat bodoh!! hahaha!! all sporting!!

Aks!! all my friends la..arip buat muke comel, osz buat muke macho..miss tomato buat muke ayu..

Cik D'vutsu..heheh...comel plak deir...shes funny la

Pergh....Nis..gayer ape tu? nak kate iklan jam tangan tak jua..nak kate iklan baju tak gak, nak kate iklan body shop tak gak,,,,iklan ikan kut!!!

Boleh la..aku bagi 20 cent seorang..ok tak?

kumpulan blue edisi malaysia..pepandailah korang bagi name each of them.

kumpulan spice girl edisi tu korang bagi la sape2..maybe dari kiri adibah nor, sarifah aini, Dina MI1 dan paling kanan is aisyah.

ok ne plak 2 orang model peserta malaysia yang gi antar resume tuk menyertai American top model...but terpaksa pulang ke tanah air setelah tersengkir sebelum uji bakat dijalankan. Kini 2 orang peserta malaysia ne akan meneruskan perjalanan dalam dunia permodelan di filifina bulan depan (Philippine next top model)..harap-arap kali ne dorang dapat masuk uji bakat..mase kat US dorang disingkirkan mase sesi review resume...

Presentation BEL490 Part 3

wo..wo..wo..look at this..look at this...everybody!!! we are the champion...(apasal tetibe jer ne)..hehe actually i'm bit happy, because not too much work we have to do's only 4 days more (i know some of you maybe 3 days more to free). Tomorrow we have proposal thesis presentation, then on saturday my group have to submit report, and on Sunday we have database presentation and Monday our group have HCI presentation (still sick la). OK forget about it for a moment....check out my blog first!! last Wednesday was presentation for BEL490 part 3.
So the first presenter was arip...ya it was arip..if i not mistaken, since i came to class late. But i don't know if there was another one before arip. Anywhere, arip.....he talked about Microsoft surface..firstly..this topic was very, very professional (in my opinion). How ever not all people like this topic. For me..i "sedang-sedang aja" love this topic, even though i know this topic was good. OK..another were voice projection not bad, slide...also quite interesting, good introduction (but make it shorter next time), font.mmmmm good. But arip, i'm sorry to said here...i really, really don't like your intonation during your presentation. I hope you know what i mean. firstly i thought i'm the only one said this thing..when i moved my seat to the other...they also agree with me. I mean your intonation was "boring la".."mendatar jer" people will get boring with your presentation and your topic might "moved" to unprofessional. However your appearances was good and i think u didn't look too much on your slides, and for me that was good. OK the next presenter was Firdaus G...hahah..programmer beb!! he talked about what ah? if i not mistaken it was about something like DVD, CD and memory i rite? ya i think so. Mmmm..i'm sorry voice projection was "flat".."i tak dengar la bang kat blakang tu". Then you "masuk rumah tak ketuk pintu" you just come infront of us and said " you said today i want to talk about..."..K? i hope you know la. But one thing i love was your slide..i think the best slide (kalau diberi anugerah)...ya i think so. And one big mistake was you didn't see the audiences...this is the most important thing for presentation. Anywhere...third presenter was firdaus (sep)..First of all, appearance totally failed, voice projection out....oo noo...."tak sanggup nak komen"...why do you like to put you hand inside your pocket ah?..please don't do that...your hand must be free....please...please..."sedey aku tengok". Anotehr read your text too much la bang. I don't many things should be improved, maybe you have no enough time to prepare kan? but..i think you should do that early la bang..then "taklah jadi cam ne"..anywhere..actually i can comment many things else..but, i should stop here for him. i want to go to the next was arm..people called him i call him arm la..but how to spell it I don't know "asalkan sebutan sama pun jadilah". If i not mistaken he talked about network topology. Some good things here are voice projection was good, i can hear it clear and loud, body gesture also not bed..because i think you're static and not too much movement is good. But your appearance totally failed....i'm come arm? "you did know that day is your presentation......but nape tak preape baju? tak yalah baju baru....enough kemas". And one more things is please..please don't forget the audiences. next was Zubir in da house..heheh. I think your body gesture was OK. Slides also good (i mean standard)..and i think that all. The things that your should improved is why do you read and look to your text too much? I think this is the problem of students when presenting their topic. U know what is the causes of this problems? according to my experiences..the first one is "student takut sangat buat kesilapan"...when you too worried about the fact that you want to talk will feel something wrong you and not sure the things that you want to talk. Another problem is..."student tak biasa bercakap di depan"..well this is common thing la...but the way to improve is please talk in front of the mirror. And talk in front of your friends (practice before present) is because not enough preparation. so when this situation happened..students will get nervous and will forgot things. another one is because students prefer to memorized then to understand. So please don't do this. NEXT was "tok wannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"...for your info...the sexiest presenter of the year..(bagi pandangan one of my friends)..should i tell you the name of that girl? no need la long as you know "she" not "he" tau..hehe..ok i think...mmmm not too much la..because the same problems with the rest of them. Voice projection was OK, but appearance totally failed, slide OK..body gesture she said sexy (really? i don't know my friend say this) didn't look to next time..look to the audiences. Don't put you hand into you pocket bang..ok? try again la....OK thats all..nest is Deco...heheehehe..mmm i think deco is good. for your of my friends said deco is the best presenter last Wednesday...really?..maybe..but we will see at the end of this topic. Deco....good voice projection, good slides, good body gesture but your appearance was totally look to us, but too much depend to you slide and please do not put you hand la into your pocket. This is please.....please...i think most of the guys..they like to put their hand into their pocket la....maybe this is trade mark of "student lelaki" kut!! However i feel enjoy your presentation deco...good luck ya. Mmmmm...the last presenter but not least was "papa bean"..actually shahril la...ya. Mmmm...if i not mistaken he talked about something like mobile technology...(i think so.) But...i don't know maybe "tak prepare kut"...appearance totally failed, cam nak kluar pi bersantai di tepi pantai bersama girlfriend (berdasarkan pengalaman penulis). hehehe...topic a bit boring, but slides was good..the design and the font. But voice projection mmm...don't know...not clear and too much depend on you text.."kalau present cam ne...baik buat pertandingna membace jer!!!" hehehe..sorry..
So according to my opinion its hard to pick two of them..which one is the best presenter. I think if i choose arip...(my friends said membosankan ngan intonasi yang mendatar)..but if i choose deco (i plak tak setuju sebab pakaian failed and banyak sangat bergabtung slide) ever like this la...jeng...jeng...jeng....jeng...i buat ne cam pertandingan erk? so....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The story of love in my life!!!

Mmmmm..last night i couldn't sleep until almost 6 a.m then i can close my eyes. Today i want to tell you something about my life, i think something secret. But anywhere i want to share to you all, i still remember when i was 10 years old, i was falling in love with this gurl she's not beautiful but not too bad, but i love her because she carrying about myself. She's the only one understand for what i want. But i think, that is not a love...i still looking for what love is, until when i was 15 years more time I'm falling in love with this girl. I still remember the sweetest memory with her was when i hold her hand and she ask me to sing for her...and i sang the song for her. I returned to home and i couldn't sleep because of her. Do you this that love is? mmmm...ya maybe..but at the end of the year we break off and i didn't contact her until today..but I'm not feel so down, and i didn't feel so sad. A year after that i found other girl in my life, and i know she is here. And i still contact with her, but not too close. only couple of year (almost)...the same thing happened, break off one more time. and i still feel, that was a normal thing..and i still can run and bring my life. I don't think that is love. Ya..i don't know, why I'm in love one more sad...i felt a bit down with her. This situation was happened in UiTM, a few years ago. However i still can run my life. O my God, too many things happened here, most of my life disappointed because of love. Love is hurt..until finally i found this person in my life..i think this person can give me happinesses forever, can share my sadness and the joy. I was wrong...because i put too much hope to this person until now i found myself so much down..o my me..what should i do..should i bagging for this person or should i break it off or should i kill myself? what should i do? when someone you really, really love in your life leave you in the middle of your will feel life is just s shitting thing. Ya really. If i could turn back the time, i promise to myself, i won't meet this person, i won't let my down just because of this person. I won't accept this person to knock the door of my heart. I've done to many mistake in my life because of this moment..i hate girl..i hate much....they are all liar. They leaved me in the pouring rain. They took away my life and threw it into the river and let my love drown in the middle of black sea. I don't know how sad is my life i just can't run my life..i don't know....
"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky. Make a wish, take a chance, Make a change, and break away. Out of the darkness and into the sun. But I won't forget all the ones that I love. I'll take a risk, take a chance, Make a change, and break away"

Monday, 1 October 2007

My favourite video clip this week

To all my friends, when you down, until you cried every night, until you get sick, until u lost your mind, until u think life is painful, until you don't know what to do, until Death is the solution...I'm sure you have to watch this video clipz, it was by Kelly Clarkson, and i think this is my favourite video clip this week until my sadness gone. It so sad leaved by someone that you really, really love....just because of small thing...anywhere my friends...check this out and you will found the meaning of sadness and you will know what life is and what love is!! Click here to watch this Video Clipz.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Role Playing ITS580 Part 1

Waw!!! ahhhhhhh......i'm still sleepy and yawn, even though i woke up afternoon. Last night i didn't sleep until 7 o'clock am doing e-property system. What the hell of my world...i can't wait until next week..daddy i want to go home......!!!!!!! After i finish my blog i want to go to SACC Mall..u know whay? i want to buy something..hehehe.."kasut ler, aper lagi" (shoes) week want go back to "i nak pakai kasut baru (kwang..kwang..kwang..kwang)". No la..actually another one Daddy's birthday is coming soon so..want to buy him sport shoes as present to him. Hopefully he didn't browse my blog and read it..otherwise he will get upset..because last time he said "you said you are busy but you still have time for blogging", Gezzz.....i couldn't do anything, just hear him and try to close my ears. Originally i want to buy tie blue color..but since he got too many tie..mmmmm, i think not a good idea la isn't ? And I've planned to buy cake of secret recipe for daddy's birthday..mmmm..."sedap nyer". OK stp here..actually i want to talk about role playing last Wednesday. Firstly, i never expect miss faezah will ask us to do this. Ya really..but what can we do? we must do it to get mark..(reda..jer la kekawan) . However, i love know why? because i've took out all the stress in my head and threw away it. the first group was fiza, dije and their gang actually, but i'm surry dude..i forgot to take your pics because i'm too excited to see you all.
But if i not mistaken its all about server...then server down and how the network communicate between the client and the server...hahaha...something like that la!! OK, next was our group...there were 3 sections..the first section was hafiz explaining about Java RMI with his slides..then followed by me with my poem. funny because actually the poem i just do it during BEL presentation. But actually the poem is not too good la, because i took just took a couple of hours to do it..But, thank to Mr. Arif because assist me with his instrumental..."caya la Arip"..
Originally i've planned to play the song by samson (bukanlah diriku)...since i thought instrumental is better so i've changed my planed. The third section was role playing on how me (as RMI) become a "post men" between the server and client. Anywhere..i enjoyed that...And look at mr.arip he is playing with the guitar for my instrumental...furhhhhhh....Gosh!!!! Love it!! Next group was nana, yus, ana, nis and mui (if i not mistaken)..mmmm....of course happy go lucky, with the slides (i think funny)...i think the beginning was good. Then too much talk each other after that....but one thing is their intonation..(ape lagi ngan nana..pergh cam mak datin dowh....cakap pergh ber "style")..anywhere all of u are funny!! "kalau la every week wat cam ne...pergh, hilang la tension aku" i uploaded some of their pics here..aks!! aks!! Look at them..they were driving car...then..accident..hahahahahah...and the other two at the back laughing each other...and look at nis...with her hands..controlling the steering and look at nana..."mak ai...pergh..gelak tak ingat dunia". And how about at the right side? ana talking something to mui and what happened to nana? hahahah...."menahan gelak la tu"!!!huhuhuhu...And how about this one? i think its time for yus talking something....the..look at nana..ngan gayer mak datin (bak kate os)...ibarat mak datin tengah bercakap!!!!cakap!!cakap!! bercakap!!!!!hahahahahahah....and at the left hand side is mui..ok thats all for this lets go to the next group!!! well....well.....wowowowo...yo..yo..yo.....lets go, lets the next group....check it out..check it out!!!bebe!!! i never expected this gurl can do like this...ya really....well...people..rite?..but i really, really enjoy their their was yati!!!! yati..i never knew you can do the "yo..yo..yo" hahaha....hip hop style....anywhere yati..good!! make it more then that next time..i want to see more form you..look at the right "yo ing..yo ing"hahah...mmm....."tak sangka ya"...anywhere,,but they acted about java bean? am i right?
i think so..yati transformed to Miss Bean..and how is Mr Bean ah?? ya..thats rite..who is Mr. Bean?????where is Mr. Bean...hahahahahahahaLook at the right they perform about java lets look the other one....i think the mama bean..hahah..mama? but not enough fat...usually, mama is fat..she is not thin...not suitable to be mama bean..but good la u acted like that..but who is the papa bean??? hhahaha..i think sharil is be papa bean. And here is tomato..heheheh...i still wonder why shes name is tomato...but when this gurl said "you want to know more about me?" the guys at the back dirty minded..and laughing each other..hahhahah...even me pun gelak gak! aks... well...she said like that..of course well all laugh at her..heheh..but really...shes sexy..aks..(batal puase aku!! plak) now lets go to the last was arip and the gang..heheheh...but about what arrr??mmm..i forgot la..i'm sorry ya...but the other except arip...put the "birthday hat" on their head..(surat kabar plak tu)..pergh..."so creative" hehehe....ya really.."nasib baik ko tak pakai topi tu arip, kalau ko pakai pergh cam....penyanyi pro". Look at firdaus G and deco...they try to control handsome...hehe. And look at these guys..too much different ya...ya..sharil can be a papa bean...and how about this pic? arip playing good ah..if arip ask me to sing with him...pergh..i want it..i love it..because i love singing....hahhah..ya really...but good job simple but interesting. Hahahahahaha...muaaahhhhhh!!!....gezzzzz!!!but one thing happed last wednesday was....nana and dare they go beside arip and gave arip a flower..(kalau ade bunga tak daun jer...hahahaha..kesian arip..)..however, ngan slamber deco took it...and ngan slamber arip meneruskan nyanyian nyer...miss faezah...also laugh at that time...and we all too. Look at the right side....i think this part is the funniest ...ya really...look at those two girls..they were kneeing beside arip..hahahha, and arip only can laugh and continue his dare u gurls do like that. Anywhere you all "memang sporting"!!!! Go..go...Ok i think thats all for today and i will write again soon tired la..u know i spent couple of hours for this topics..however for me..posting this topic will satisfied myself and i feel free to write and taking of my hobbies is taking photos..ya..really..if you look into my computer...lots of my pics, other pics, family pics, 18PL, 18 SX...semua previous cam was canon, and was broken..i mean still functioning, but can't display the pics i bought new camera, it was Panasonic FX12..sticked LECIA far i satisfied with my cam...small, comfortable and powerful beb!!
OK now i want to take shower and will get dress..Then want to go to SACC mall...pas tu nak buke puasa ngan hapis kat luar kut...heheheh....anywhere, good luck you all and have a nice week u all!!!!!!!

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