Sunday, 31 January 2010

Class starts tmrw

Oh yeah...i really had a lazy week end after my long and tiring week days. I slept on the bed most of time and i didn't care about other things. In fact I started to get ready for tmrw's class about 7 PM tonight. Just imagine i went to bed about 6 PM until 8.30 PM, then i had my dinner about 9 PM (I cooked of course..a nice meal okayy....) and i'm off to bed again about 10 PM. Huh..can't believe it...i felt a bit dizzy..i don't know why. Maybe i because i think too much or maybe too much on my mind. Well, it's all about honesty and i hope He is able to guide me why i'm in the UK. I always believe that I am here for reasons and one of them is to chase my dreams.

Anyway...after i was off to bed last night i got up this morning about 11.30 a long sleep huh? was and it was really nice after my very very tiring days last week. Well, tmrw my class will start and i am so excited to start the first class even though the second class tmrw has been canceled by the lecturer but am still excited to go the first class.

I have to get up about 5.30 AM again this morning and never mind because it's only will be one class tmrw and next class is on friday (or thrusday but i hope we will be able to change it anyway...). I am writing this at 12.20 AM UK time and going to bed soon but have something else to do. After finished this..i will go to bed huhuhu...need at least 6 hours sleep..well...5 is enough anyway.

Huh...ok lah...that's it for today and see u again soon..bubyeeeee....

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Serius Lucu


Wakakakaka...lupa plak sy tau mana sy dapat nie gambar...i think i've got it form facebook if i not mistaken lah. Tapi this is really funny tahap gaban lh nie. Suda lah sy tengah tension masa tuh...skali nampak gambar nie..trus keluar air mata sy ketawa...


P/S: Having a very very lazy week end...........

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Another tiring day

Huhhhh.....another tiring day huh? I am updating my blog while listening Clarice's Song titled "Au" and i found this song from blog (Look under my sexy bloggers list..hehehe). I got up about 5 something (almost 6 i guess) and had my shower and breakfast as well. I went to class at 9 AM and as usual i lost my way because i could not find the room number. As a new student you know how is the scenario. Not to worry because i managed to find the class by asking a beautiful girl from middle east? or maybe India (doesn't metter as long as she looks pretty and sweet). Suprisingly i didn't expect she guided me the way to the class. I thought she just say where the class is by pointing her finger. But she's nice anyway.

I am currently in the LRC building doing nothing...gosh...the sofa under my bum is so nice..i wish i could sleep on it...LOL!!!!! I am sleepy + tired + sad + not in a mood. I need something to cheer me i need it so much. Life goes up and down here....sometimes up and sometimes down...but what to say? that's how life has to go...isn't?

Can't wait to finish this week until friday as i really want a very very lazy week end. I want to sleep from 10 PM until 10 PM tmrw morning. Is it 24 hours? Mmm..yea..i guess. Some other pictures were taken from LRC

FUCK OFF!!!!!!! i feel so upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I had my lunch in the Uni LRC

I'm browsing while i'm having my lunch...hehee..

Today is really a tiring day because i got up about 5.30 AM and it was a long day so many things i've done. Well, not that much but it makes me feel tired because of this and that. I spent most of my day in LRC and luckly the campus (or maybe the university) covered with wireless connections. The library is excellent, huge, flexible and very very comfortable...not like libraries in Malaysia..( sorry it doesn't mean i am insulting the libaries in Malaysia but it's a fact that the library on my campus is much better). Here are some examples;

1. In Malaysia, they allow you to take any food or drinks into library but in my campus, it does not metter at all. In fact, there is a beautiful cafe in the library. Isn't great?

2. There is no sofa for visitors, but in hert's library we've got beautiful sofas

3. You can't get wireless internet connection. But we've got wireless internet connection no metter where u are as long as you are on campus.

So there you go...i've got many more things to list down but it's enough for today because i knew that Malaysia is 50 years at the back compared to England. Anyway...i had my lunch and i had sandwich and chocolate drink. was very nice but as people of Dusun i still prefer a plate of rice with some "jinaruk bambangan" + "bosou" + "tuhau" + salted fish and some lemon + chilies...Blimey!!!!! i wish i could have it now.

Tmrw, i have to get up at 5.30 again and get's a busy week for me but nevermind as i am ready for it....

P/S: They said "You come to love not to find a prefect person"

Monday, 25 January 2010

Today i went to school...first day...

Finished...we're going back

Waiting for the head of international students affair

It wasn't a class but it was an introduction of the course. Well, whatever it was i enjoyed it and i made a few friends. Most of the students in the class are overseas students from Malaysia (only!), India, China, UK, and i'm still not sure about the others. I had say "hi" to them and as you know, new students are nervous because you don't know anybody in the class. However, some of the students are already friends because they come from the same country so it's easier for them to communicate. Even though i do have problem with their accents (especially Indians) but i enjoyed my time mixed up with them.

Anyway....the course that i'm taking is really fine and can't wait to start it because i can say about 70% (no in detail) i knew the subjects. This makes easier for me to understand. When the lecturer distributed the list of the subjects and i looked on it straight away made a little smile on my face because i have learned most of the subjects. But of course for master level it will be deeper in detail and i'm sure it's more specific.

Tmrw i have to get up early again (even earlier than today) and have to catch up the earliest bus from where i live to the campus. I am a bit tired tonight but i have something else to do, so i really need to open my eyes until about 11 or 12 am then i will be in bed.

Mmmm..i am still a bit "SICK" and not very well (sick and not very well? isn't same???) but i'm sure i'll be okay soon..ok, going to do something now and ta..ta....see u in my next posts.

P/S: Still thinking to cook at home and take it with me to the campus for my doing this maybe i could afford a BMW??? who knows...huhuhu....

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My course starts today

Mmm...i have to hide it from other students..

Hello everybody, i can't write too much as i am still not very well. I am fine but not on my top health condition. Anyway, last saturday i went to Lindop building just to get the schedule for the orientation programme for overseas students. So here what i've got from them...ha..ha..ha....

I have to keep this tag on my wrist to make sure i am an oversea student. Well, the good things are i will be able to get a student rate for my bus fees and get free drinks at their cafe. Anyway, i don't really care about the cafe but by getting cheaper rate for my bus is seems like a good idea.

Tmrw which is today in Malaysia, i will be at the department of Computer science and engineering just for an introduction for my course and the subjects. I am excited but at the same time i feel nervous. Well, i'm not very well but hopefully i will be able to mix up with them quickly.

P/S: I feel so bad at this moment...don't know why...

Friday, 22 January 2010

Something must know if your don't know

Ha..ha..ha...first of all what you have to know is

1. Bill Gates worries about his microsoft product because microsoft is getting obsolete due to the rapid technology development of Apple/Mac Operating System. The microsoft software is obsolete and in Japan about 72% using the technology going to replace it.

Here is the article that i've read but not sure what is the URL

Secondly......jeng...jeng...jeng ...soon facebook will charge monthly fee 3.99 pounds sterling per month. Agree? what the fuck!!!! what the bloody facebook thought about their social network? I think they just want to ruin their business by charging 3.99 pounds sterling a month. Anyway..if they do then i do not hesitate to close my account. It does not mean anything for me...join the group to oppose this...

Here is the group that you might want to join..

P/s: I had my hair cut and i am not happy with it..

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Poor little snow men

As I said in my previous post the snow has gone. This means that my little snow men has gone as well (poor him). So here are some of his pictures from I was building it until he melted. By the way, based on the forcast, there will be more snow comming up next week and it doesn't sound good for me because my orientation programme will be start in next week as well. I do hope that the snow won't come as i hate it and i do not need the snow..LOL!!! If there is snow next week, means I might be struggling to warm up my body along the way to Campus Lane. I crossed my fingers hoping that the snow won't come.

Beautiful snow men

After a few days ago..he was melting

Poor...him. Look at his nose..dropped on the base

Bye..bye..bye...bye..(MC's Song)

OK guys, gotta go know for a dinner and thanks for reading...bubye...

P/S: I feel nervous to start the course................. back again school....wakakakaka!!!

Hello to all my blog readers. Good Evening/Morning and i am sorry because i didn't update my blog for a few days. Reasons;

1. Lazy
2. Not in a mood
3. Cold (it's 2 degrees here now)
4. Busy (was it??? might be)

Some parts are under renovation

Anyway..whatever the reasons are here is my new story again. My boring story maybe...OK..OK..last sunday it was beautiful sunny day and i went out and had a look around my campus (campus lane in hatfield okay...). Mmmm...i was a bit upset because i could't find the computer and mathematics department even though the campus is quite nice and organized (oh yeah?) but most of the buildings are under renovatation. One thing i've learned that day was the name library which is very comman in Malaysia is used as Research and learning centre in campus Lane. OMG....I just laughed to myself when i saw a huge building and it stated "Research and Learning Centre" made me asking to myself "what the heck of that". When i arrived to the building and stood in front of it, it was a libarary. Bloody hell, I just laughed and laughed to myself...(I bet you..if you were me that time you wouldn't know it was a library)....

The Library

So this comming saturday i should be in Lindop Building for the Orientation and on Monday the orientation programme should be start. Mmmm...I hope I will find friends :)

OK here are some of the pictures were taken when i was having a tour at campus Lane....

Todd's building

I forgot..what's this building

OK guys, thanks for reading and see you soon...Ciao....

P/s: If the pound does fall, Susan Boyle better hope that she's getting paid in dollars.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

To whom it may concern

Gosh....what an intresting post title. Skema gitew.....anywhere..i was reading Dr.M's Blog (it reminds me about MELAYU mudah lupa...betoi tu.) about pengunaan nama "ALLAH"controversy. He explained everything there and i agreed some of his explanations and he got the point there. Unfortunetly some of his points are "out of my BOX" and i have to say i disagreed with some of them. Anyway..not to worry...then i continued reading the comments under it. Blimey!!! I saw and I read it and i feel wow...that is brilliant. You know what? I just copy and paste it here and you read it. Take a look...

Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat. Kiriman pendek setelah di pecah untuk lalu sekatan.........

Tuduhan bila membantah:-

>>Pijak kepala.
Merayu pada mahkamah pijak kepala, melaung dan memekik tengah jalan hak dalam perlembangaan?
>>Senda Allah.
Mengguna perkataan yg sudah lama di faham di M'sia Timur dan Indon mempersenda Allah, mengheret kepala haiwan suci sebuah agama penghormatan?
>>Mengusik hati.
Sebuah majalah menulis pada penganutnya mengusik hati orang, seluruh penganut ini di terkam dgn tuduhan liar, menjaga hati orang?
>>Haram dan kufur.
Jika wajib melarang agama lain memakai nama Allah, maknanya berjuta Muslim Indon, Arab, Mesir berdosa.
>>Mengusik hak istimewa
Di M'sia Islam sudah jadi mangsa ketuanan? Tuan Islam ialah bangsa ini, bukan saja Allah atau Quran? Agama dan kepercayaan sudah jadi hak berebut?

And next....

Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat. Kiriman yg sudah dipecah untuk lalu sekatan dgn izin....

............MENYORONG API

Buka mata, siapa yg menyorong kayu api kemudian bersedia dgn baldi? Siapa yg sibuk melebarkan kontroversi, meluaskan kecoh, membesarkan isu, membakar hati.

Yg untung mrk ini, bukan Islam. Yg rugi maruah Islam (bila perbuatan tak baik berlaku), yg meningkat martabat mrk. Sayang nama Allah bersabar, beriman, bertekun. Sayang nama sendiri bermegah, sombong dan bongkak. Sayang nama sendiri atau nama Allah?

Sayang Islam ditindas, pergi Gaza di mana Islam di pijak, di hina dgn teruk. Kenapa tak riuh tentang masjid di sana kena bom tapi ribut krn perkataaan di sini? Berpada padalah menonjol diri.

So there you go..this men has the points and he is very very true....I 101% agreed with him. Anywhere...TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN this is for you

Tuhan memberikan minda untuk berfikir dan emosi untuk bersimpati bukan minda untuk mengada-ngada dan emosi untuk berselisih

P/s: Lu pikiq lah sendiri

Good bye snow

A few days can see the snow all over the place's been a terrible week for me when the the snow all over the place for a week. I felt so damn trapped in a cage. I really cannot go anywhere and cannot do anything outdoor. Luckly i still can go to the nearest gym and also play badminton. At least i'm not so bored!!!!

I woke up this morning and it was raining (as expected from the weather forcast). Blimey!!!! is that means tommrow i'm gonna have a sunny day? Hell..i hope i will as i miss the sun so much. I really hope that tmrw will be a better day for me. Oh yes..almost forget to tell you guys that i'm going to visit hatfield tmrw and maybe just want to walk around..hehehehe...i can't wait to do it.

Anywhere...the snow has gone and it's time for me to say good bye basterd evil snow..ha...ha..ha..ha. Sorry but i hate the snow now..I used to love them but not anymore.

Yeah...i can see the grass....

Sorry to all my family members because i could not reply to your message. It's bloody expensive here..well, i mean 20 pence per SMS? About RM1.08. Silly isn't? mmmm...I'm out of credit now and i will text you guys as soon as i topped up my credit.

P/s: I think i found a nicer way to play the forex market...:)
Am going to try it next week....

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My little snow man...

Cute isn't?

Huh..i am getting bored being indoor. I loved the snow but not anymore..because i can't go anywhere...i want to walk, i want to go somewhere. I used to be an outdoor guy when i'm in Malaysia but not anymore in the UK. Huh..I've seen the snow and I've played it. Now i don't want the snow anymore. A week with snow is fine for me but not for couple of weeks or even a month. I have built my snow man and i have pictures with him. So enough....i want sunshine..i want the warm i want the light. I am writing this post about 6 PM GMT (UK) and it's getting very dark outside. I can't see anything but neon lights. Huh...when i'm in Malaysia this is a perpect time to go for a sport. I woke up in the morning about 9 or 10 am and it was miserable...i was waiting for the sun to come and it didn't. So sad..i want to have a walk...unfortunetly i can't because it's bloody "hot" here. I miss much...I am fed up being indoor most of the time...i don't want to wear a thick shirts all the time. I don't want to wear jeans all the's uncomfortable.

Anyway...another bad day for me when i lost quite a lot of money from forex...they released the crude oil inventory and the market dropped about 80 pips within 30 minutes. Haishhhhh..i lost quite a lot. I hope i will be able to recover soon.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 Final

Oh..shittt I missed Stacy's performance. I was rushing going back from the gym this afternoon. I did not realize the time has gone so fast. I did enjoy my time in the gym with a friend this afternoon. I hahe just got back and i started my laptop and tried to connect with AJL website. Unfortunetly i could not get through at the begining and i tried and tried again. Lastly i got it and it was black's turn. Oh nooo..i am very dissapointed when i knew i have just missed stacy's performance. Mmmmmm.......anyway....i am still watching AJL 24 now even though i am a bit tired after a long and hard work out but still i cannot miss this.

Here is the result

Best Vocal: Black
Best performance: Aizat
Winner : Aizat
1st Runner: Yuna
2nd Runner: Faizal Tahir

No doubt Aizat is the winner i love the song and i love the idea when he mixed up with a little bit indian cultures. Another 1 malaysia spirit...

Congatezzz to all winners and for those who did not get anything pls try again next year..LOL!!!!

P/S: I still cannot believe and hate those who involved in destroying the churches. Come on lah..the word "ALLAH" is universal and God is universal. God or ALLAH loves everybody in the world.

I ask this and pls answer it for me: Is there any statement in the al-quran saying that only one religion can use the word "ALLAH" ? and if there is other people want to use that name you must destroy their church or temple or whatever it is.

I've got a lot of muslim friends and i am happy be with them but when i read a few news about churches burnt, it makes me so sad and feels that those people is even wrose than Satan.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Playing with the snow

It was last thursday (if i not mistaken..sorry because i lost the time) i went out to the garden and because of my excitment to play with the snow, even though it was very cold i enjoyed it so much. Well, typical Malaysian....we don't have snow in Malaysia and we only have one season troughout the year. Isn't boring? hahahaha....maybe it is for some people. BUT, i bet you if you are here in the UK at this moment with this cold weather, you will appreaciate the hot weather more. This winter makes me stuck indoor most of the time. Yeah..really...sometimes you feel you wanted to go somewhere nice but you really can't because of the weather. You want to go for shopping? You can't because everything is too expensive here (1 pound = RM5.6) especially when you are earning in RM. But if you are earning in Pound Sterling, well that's fine and i could consider cheap enough. I went out to the town a few days ago and every price i saw made my brain to do the calculation of currency conversion. Every single penny i'm going to spend i have to convert it into RM. It makes me feel everything is too expensive. Beach with a sun on you? can't because too far from where i live. A nice garden or park? Sorry you can't because you can't see anything. The trees and plants are covered by the snow. I am really looking forword this comming season which is Spring. Must be nicer than winter and at least i can see flowers and sunshine.

I've touched it and i liked it

I've ate didn't

The garden isn't look beautiful because everything is covered by the snow.

P/S: My lips are's hurt!!! Pardon my english because i never make correction of any grammar error on my blog. I don't really care because this is not an academic purpose. I certainly be very careful of my english if it is for academic purpose.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Horrible week but i might be like it

Wow..i didn't believe it because i'm currently in a horrible week. The weather forecast shows that this week will be a horrible week and it was expected that tmrw will be snowing. Must be very excited to see the snow but at the same time i don't know if i could be strong enough to cope with the cold. Mmmm...just wait and see. This afternoon and went out with a friend and just looked around the town. Well, it was very cold about 1 degree celcius but i enjoyed it so much made me a bit stronger then i thought. Hehehehe...

Standing on the war memorial

Mmmm..this is very new for in a cold country. Everything is so wired when i look at the poeple, culture, buildings, seems like here is very quite. I remembered when i was in Malaysia, i can tell that the environment at there is quite noisy. Not like here..poeple don't like to talk each other and i think maybe its a part of their caltures. Well, maybe because of the weather.

At the back is st.peter church and aged about 1000 years..

The car that i would like to buy one day..or BMW? heheh

Beautiful view of the church

You know? when i look at the church and a friend told me the church aged 1000 years. Made me thinking about how Malaysia looks like 1000 years ago. There weren't even a single building that time but UK already had this beautiful building. Mmmm...just imagine how far ourself at the back compared to them.

P/S: I lost quite a lot of money on Forex..don't cry xxxxx

Monday, 4 January 2010

A big moves of A small guy

Here is another post copied form my Diary.

Wow..the map on the TV screen shows the we are currently on Berlin and nother 1.5 hours to London. I opened the window next to me and i looked outside, I didn't see anything but thick clouds and a besutiful sun shining welcomes my arrival to Europe. I have just finished my dinner and its about 10.40 PM in Malaysia and my heart is still crying. In fact i can't get sleep very well on board because of my brain can't stop thinking.

I don't know how london looks like and I don't know how my life would be in London. I have no idea how am I going to start my life at there. People say London is a big city (yes it is) and could be a nightmare experience and could be awonderful experience as well.

I looked far away from the window next to me and it reminds me about when i was 7 years old time. I never had or thought the experience to study oversea. I don't even know about London that time. I was 9 and my nieces were 9-10 years old that time. We went to school together, walking and acrossed hils and rivers.

It really reminds ame about jalan kakai pi skolah dulu. Pocket money was about 30 cents and sometimes none. Bawa bekal pi skolah...dengan air milo..sometimes kopi pekat yang hitam doesn't metter at all as long as manis. Then bekal pula bawa nasi goreng dengan telur goreng. The distance was about 3-5 KM. Maybe not so far...tapi as a child that time..even 1KM and merentasi bukit pula tuh...terasa jauh sangat...Jalan we had ikut the bukit and i still remember there were two rivers and jambatan pula diperbuat daripada bambu yang usang. Sometimes...babmu tuh patah...then we had to ikut jalan raya which is twice the distance.

Pas tuh masa ari isnin pula. Usually most kawan-kawan kasut and baju diorang bersih sangat severy monday. But we are so different. Why? Sebab jalan kami aslo jalan for the babi and also kerbau. So just imagine lah..lumpur all over the place....kalau budak-budak kan...usually very careless...lebih-lebih lagi budak like me...huhuhu....Sometimes lumpur kerbau on the trees or daun-daus. Tergesel pula pi baju skolah..habis baju skolah yang putih jadi kotor. Ish..ish...
Sometimes ingat pula zaman budak budak dulu...since we used lampu pelita..letrik pun tiada masa tu..bangun pi skolah pagi-pagi cuci muka and sampai di skolah..lubang hidung hitam. Sangat memalukan..but what to do...??? i have nothing to be proud with when i was in primary school but my academic result.

Tapi kalau imbas kembali zaman 15 years ago, i really cannot believe what we have achieved at these days. I am pursuing my master degree in England, Edit works as a nurse at Hospital Serdang, BB works as pegawai pentaksir dengan lembaga hasil dalam negeri and Lydia works in the field of denistry. As i am very ambitious guy, i still wish i would have the oppurtunity to do my PHD soon. Thats another ambition that i want to achieve.

P/S: Its freaking cold here...-7 degrees!!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

My first photography in the UK

Well, it is still very cold here in the UK. I am quite surprised when i saw a guy walked on the road with his shirt and a jeans. It was unbeliveable. Every time i went outside i was frozen by the whether. Its about 4 or 5 degrees outside and about 20 degrees indoor. Went out to a supermarket today with a friend and bought something for a dinner. I was walking on the street and my Gosh!!!! I thought i am lips are breaking and my face felt frozen. I saw a few people walking with their dogs. A kid playing with his cute. Hehehehe...

Went out this afternoon for a short photography just wanted to take the sunset from a hill. The pictures are not very good because i can't concetrate to find best view through my the camera lens. It was freezing cold and my hands were shaking to take pictures. Huh....very chalangging for me. I don't know why some of the poeple was doing glading this afternoon. It was freaking cold and i was wondering how the managed to do that activity in the winter.

I can't believe it because in a winter there is a beautiful sunset like this but still very cold for me

Some other people on the hill

Another random picture

I like this one because it looks so fresh

The way that i followed to take some pictures

Another beautiful sunset

Beautiful isn't?

I gess this is better..

P/S: Am still new but i noticed a lot of difference between this country and Malaysia. Apart from the weather..i am happy staying here so far. But it still something challanging though.

Some pictures at KKIA terminal one

Here are some of my pictures when i was at KKIA in sabah. Before i left them all one of the saddest days in my life (probably the most). Leaving a big family going to somewhere i never been to start a new life in a new place. Might be very strange..well, it is actually....I miss you all. Thank you for the pray and mom...looked so strong that time but my dad did cry. Mmmm....

Me and my cousin

My nephews and brither in law...sempat lagi diorang main game di laptop uncle diorang bah...

My aunty..she look younger than her age...isn't?

Me, sister and niece..sempat lagi ckeck the currency

Wow...dangerously in love

Waiting me for a boarding

Might be my last smile in sabah before i come back in 2011

P/s: Its cold here......later of today maybe i need to go out to take some pictures.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Some pictures along my journey to England

Here are some of the pictures were taken along my journey from Malaysia to England. I hope you enjoy it. I will take some more pictures about where i live and will post them later.

Just landed in the UK

KLIA ready for boarding

MAS the plane i flew with

KLIA...having my breakfast at KFC..

I had turkey when i was on the plane...sop yummy..i loved it so much

The imigrration form...and my 2009's Diary also 2010's Diary

The screen shows the map...

I have just finished the meal..

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