Friday, 30 May 2008

Beaches in Penang are some of my photos on the beach. I have hundreds on my hard disk again...but here is some of them...heheh..can't post them all...otherwise you all will get bored. Ok..ok...i want to sleep now....i have to go somewhere tmrow. I need rest...

Looks wonderful...the sunset..

the beach....wah...lovely..


peaceful place...

wonderful....wonderful...wonderful beach...hehhehe

"Life is too must enjoy yourlife"

A wonderful dinner at E&O hotel

Yohhh....once again i had my dinner in the E&O hotel. that time. I didn't eat for a day because i decided to have my dinner in the E&O hotel. So..??? what else? i just drink plenty of water for the day to avoid me feel so hungry. Well....since the price is a bit expensive, i must eat more to make sure my money worth with the foods. This are part of what i had in that hotel. The rest I will post later. Because i need to compress them all, otherwise my blog became "heavy". So...anywhere guys, here are them.....yummmmmyyyy....

My friend's salmon fish..he asked additional prawns

the presentation also very nice

Yeah....reserved to Andrik...heheh

My fav salmon fish...very expensive

Look..they are so fresh salmon fish

Haha...this is some vegetables, friend mee, rice, beef, etc...don't remember the other...but i mixed them all


As a result.....i'm getting fat!!!

Unduk ngadau 2008

Here are the contestants of Unduk Ngadau Sabah state level 2008. Taken from dBos-fm, thanks to him. Mmmmm...i think this year just ok lah. But not HOT like last year and 2 years ago. This year's contestants are just OK and nothing so special. I don't know ...maybe that is just on picture...Anywhere you go..and enjoy them.

Choose one of them...which one is the most beautiful??

Thursday, 29 May 2008

I Love You Chocolate is my I LOVE YOU chocolate. Very..veryswet this chocolate. Hehehehe...I like and love it so much. If you want to give this chocolate to you lover...well...this is the correct one to show how much you love your lover. Don't only...only RM 5.90. Hehehe..
I love you

RM 5.90

Very sweet

Me and the beaches in Penang

I can't deny the beauty of beaches in Penang. So for this post between me and the beaches in penang. What ever lah kan? As long as i enjoyed my holiday very much. Even though one person only but i still like it and i never feel bored even in single moment. Very nice weather, beaches and the sceneries also "fomida". So here are the pictures..
Alamak....terlebih sudah!!!

Once again..if you want sun is your place

the beauty of beach in penang

Para shoot!!!!!

Ops its me..sitting on the rock

Beaches in Penang

Hello guys here we go again with my hot pictures from penang. Since i love to take lots of photos, especially during my journy and holiday maybe i will create another blog (photo blogging). I don't know, but i really fancy to display all my pictures on blog and let all peoples around the world see my pictures. Well, so for this post i want to show you all about the beauty of penang beaches. As an island of course there are lots of beaches and here they are.....
This is gambling ship...huge ship...i wish i'll be there someday
Yeah...very beautiful...don't you think so?

The beach with para shoot

Very peaceful, wonderful, exciting and beutiful

If you want sun problem bro...everything is here...

the whiteness of the sand

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The king of cobra are another photo from me during my holiday in Penang. I went to Rasa Sayang Hotel and had walk on the park and around the pool. Just want to see around. So i was walking and busy taking picture and suddenly, i heard something wired such as clapping hand and so on. And i saw lots of people at the other side of the pool. So i went there and i saw these...

King of cobra is playing with his cobra

Trying to calming down his snake

Ready to kiss the snake

calming down his snake

Here you go careful

Kissing his snake

Wonderful lunch at Lone Pine Hotel

Last week i went to Penang and I had my wonderful launch at Lone Pine hotel. Just want to try something new. To be honest i never try claypot before. So that time, i went to Lone Pine hotel and i choose ala carte instead of buffet. She gave me that list of menu and i took almost 20 mins to choose the menu. Of course, rice is my first choice but what next? Eat rice with what? Lastly i found this very claypot, very familiar but never try this before. So "X'kius me"...the waitress is coming and i said "may i have chicken claypot with vegetables please". She replied "sure sir". You need anymore sir?...mmmmm yes may i have vegetables salad and a glass of plain water please. Thank you sir.
Salad and Vegetables...not so good.
RM 16

If you fill hungry I'm sure you won't satisfy

Wow...very, very wonderful. The taste like you are in heaven, even though i never to heaven.

RM 18. Not so expansive and of course not cheap

White Rice RM 1

Wonderful furnitures

So here are some wonderful furnitures, that you should know. They look very cute with the style right? where do you choose? I like the tiger one.

A chair, men are prohibited to sit on it

yooyooo...very cute


Modern brief

Ladies and gentlemen, here is modern brief in 22 centuries. Be pleased to measure you cock size and ask the toiler to swing for you.

Scary but funny

When your cock is too big

"you are too good to be true, can't take my eyes out of you...." VS "your cock too big to be true, can't take your cock out of me"

Genius Book of Record - Smoking

This guy is trying to break the world break the genius Book of record by smoking more than 300 cigarette simultaneously

Mr and Mrs Ugly

Here are Mr and Mrs ugly in the world. Just some of them. Sometimes you appearance shows your internal side. Maybe people said don't judge the book by its cover. Yes! correct, but how about them??? The ugliness of their faces show what they did. So be careful, you better judge someone by its appearance before he kill you...

Sexual Battery on a Victim Under 12



Unknown Identity

Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Kidnapping

Disorderly Conduct

Obtaining Property with a Worthless Check

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