Thursday, 31 July 2008

Snap a Job

Yesterday students of Information technology and quantitative science went to PWTC for Snap a job (hunting for a job lah kan)..well you year student and hopefully will finish by the end of this year lah. So me and my classmates of course went that place and it was so crowded...and interesting thing is most of the company they are hiring IT company you know oracle, Microsoft, maybank, standard charted bank, maxis, and some of the local lah. But doesn't metter as long as i can drop them my resume. LOL..actually i'm not ready for interview..not because of i'm not ready to work but i'm planning for my master degree..hehehe..however if get offer from multinational company and the salary given RM3000 and above (Gosh...not bad for fresh graduate like me kan?). The bed thing is my name is one of the lucky winner BUT I wasn't there at that time (i was outside pi makan)!!!!!

Having a lunch

early morning..still ok

Barisan software engineer

crowded and tiring

And this one barisan IT specialist

Ha...bakal2 software engineer for DELL company

crowded gitu..

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My life Vs Programming Language

JUST FOR FUN (those who knows programming language they know what i mean)
Public andrikLife (string condition)
string busyness;
if (semester == '3')
{busyness="interview + documentation";
condition = 'ok';
return condition;}
else if (semester == '4')
{busyness="Interview + documentation + 9_subjects + dev_of_eproperty_system";
condition = 'frustrated';
return condition;}
else if (semester == '5')
{busyness="documentation + research_proposal + dev_of_eproperty_system (testingStage)+ dev_of_JavaGame";
condition = 'trauma';
return condition;}
else if (semester=='6')
{busyness="Assignments+ finalReport+Thesis+System+learnNewProgrammingLanguage+LearnNewSyntx";
condition = 'dead';
return condition;}

{ var busyness=0;
condition = 'happiness';
return condition;}

System.out.println("Your current condition is"+ currentCondition.andrikLife(condition))+"!!!";

So what is the output???? ok..the output is "Your current condition is dead!!!"

My current current busyness..

Ok..ok...yesterday was my very tiring day. Finished my classes at 7 pm and i got home about 7.30. I had my dinner and call my dad. Then i went to bed and got up about 11.30 pm and i checked my blog. Something wrong with my layout and i did changed it. Ok lah..after that, "by hook or by crook" i have to continue to develop my system. So after about one and half hours my brain can't think properly (macam jadi gila pula). I need a break. So my break is snapping the source code my system. Last semester i was so frustrated with Game development used Java. BUT..this know what? with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP (and maybe with XML)...all those programming languages should be integrated in order to develop my system. Thats Shit!!! So here are some of my source code.

Ambik think easy uh?

Nah..initial value for my CSS template

Oh...this one is source code from CSS template

Gosh...this one is engine to merge the data entered by user and CSS template

And the most difficult...color pick color from user

Another engine to search template in database.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Blogs of the week

Holllaaaaaa....i'm back again with my blog of the the result from (20-27 of july 2008). Jeng...jeng...jeng...ok..for this time i will list down according to traffic i received. If your blog at the top means your blog gave me more traffic...Thanks so much..

Blog of the week

Holllaaaaaa....i'm back again with my blog of the the result from (20-27 of july 2008). Best...

Blog of the week

Holllaaaaaa....i'm back again with my blog of the the result from (20-27 of july 2008).

Sunday, 27 July 2008

7 facts about myself

Got this tag from kengkaru. Thank you Kengkaru!

Here’s the rules:
A. List these rules on your blog.
B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

You’ll have to read on for my 7 facts and see who I tagged.
1. I love holiday (someday tour around the world)
2. Simple but clean and picky
3. Love cooking and singing also eating good foods
4. Study for money and for a good job not for knowledge
5. Money is very important however, love come first
6. Very ambitious and want to be a millionaire
7. Loving, caring, forgiver, honest, good boy(sometimes funny).

Next Reno, Wel, urangranau, eeda-ny, sisca, tolundus, maslight

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jacyln Victor jatuh atas pentas

Auhhh.....wuahhh...what a very unlucky evening for her ha. No lah...i mean if you are a model maybe it is usual but since you are a singer i think maybe unusual if you fall on a stage. She is performing her No 1 hit song "gemilang" however before she starts to sing unfortunately she fell on the stage (i think dia terpijak baju dia kut) it here dude..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blogs of the week

What is the criteria ?? based on traffic i received. This means these blogs give me higher traffic compared to the other blogs. (excluded direct traffic). For you information 55% of my visitors are come via direct traffics.

I was tagged by Oiga

LOL...selalu sia kena tag...its ok..never mind..i like it. So here are the answers from oiga's tag.

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?


2. What's your favorite kind of cake?

Chocolate cake

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?

Of course. I bought them something. Like flower (LOL), teddy bear, t-shirt, shoes, many.

4. What's your favorite holiday?

Holiday is very matter where do you want to go..i always say yes..favorite??? ALL

5. Are you going on holiday this year?

Yup...i been holiday many times this year...coming soon maybe Australia. LOL (masa tuh i dah abis degree)

6. What was the best party you've ever been to?

Gathering with family...

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?

Getting married? Not so important for me..let me enjoy my money first..kalau ada lebih then i will get marry.

8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?

Ish..cuddling (malu sia mau cakap nie..tapi suda kana tag kan..cakap jah lah)

9. What's your favorite girls' name?


10. What's your favorite boys' name?

My name : Andrick (thats actually my original name but ntah cam mana orang yang buat IC sia dia tetaip Andrik..don't u think this name own by a romantic guy?)

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?


12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?

To be honest..none of them..i think miss USA 2008 yang jatuh atas pentas ari tuh lagi lawa

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?

George Clooney

14. What is your best character trait?

Patience n passionate :D (sama pula kita oiga)

15. What is your worst habit?

Lazy :D (lebih kurang makan tidur makan tidus lah nie)

Reno, Wel, Tolundus, Eedany, Urangranau, Maslight

Amazing acrobat in Japan

First, before continue to compile my system i would like to post something first lah. Hehehehe..bored..and tension actually. LOL! Yeah..yeah..about my thesis..??? in progress..and i've completed about 1/4 of it.

A men in Japan showing incredible his skills cycling on bottles. Wow...just imagine it.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Two incredible news

First, Ikan pari gergasi Mekong ditangkap (440 kg and 4.2 m width) it biggest ikan pari??? Full story here

And, crocodile killed by leopard..first time i heard this news...crocodile kills tiger is usual but this is unusual. Full story here
And old news....leopard tried to kills a man..Full story here

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wonderful week end at bukit cerakah

Yesterday me and my classmates went to Cerakah hill and we had BBQ there. So nice and so wonderful with jungle sceneries. Even though just we were loafing there but still happening..heheh..ok lah..i'm so sleepy now and off to bed now..bye


come on arip

this is our house..

osz..what happened??


Man In Blue...its me

model adabi..LOL


look at arip..very hardworking

with umbrella..ela..ela..

Busy eh?



Friday, 18 July 2008

Laugh competition in pattaya thailand

The bettle has began...and the winner...jeng..jeng...

A male

A women

The winner was a female teacher, Mrs. Jittarat Wongsomboon, 55, (20) who laughed for the longest time: 12.26 minutes, with a decibel loudness rating of 110. She received Bt100,000, a gold certificate and many other prizes. The first runner up was Mr. Gowit Sripong, 32, (19), from Thailand, who laughed for 11.26 minutes, with a decibel loudness rating of 112.2. He received Bt10,000 and a free gold ticket to visit Ripley's. He also won the national costume contest with a Bt5,000 prize.

1st runner

And this is the winner..LOL!

Look at the prize offered...its about (rm10,00) + masuk repliez you believe it or not

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Blogs of the week

What is the criteria ?? based on traffic i received. This means these blogs give me higher traffic compared to the other blogs. (excluded direct traffic). For you information 55% of my visitors are come via direct traffics.

I miss the sunset at Tanjung Bungah Penang

Mmm...i'm not in mood to do my thesis tired and really...really bored with it. OMG...just with a cup of coffee..i'm updating my blog now. Don't know what to do..tried to push myself but i just can't do it..its ok..maybe posting you my rambling pictures..

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Poster yang menggambarkan keperibadian PM Malaysia

Keperibadian sesorang adalah lambang kepada watak dan sikapnya terhadap sesuatu perkara atau isu. Sebagai pemimpin, masyarakat bawahan akan sentiasa melihat dan mencontohi kepimpinan di atas. Baik buruk peminpin akan menjadi buah mulut semua orang, apa lagi kalau peminpin itu bercakap soal kebaikan.

Pikir pikuirkan lah...hehehe

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