Friday, 24 July 2009

Sipadan Island did not make it in the final

Oh...what a very sad, sad news i've read form this blog. It says, Sipadan island did not make in in the final. I wonder what are the criterias to be in the final. I voted Sipedan many times before. I have 4 emails and I used alll my emails to vote Sipadan. Unfortunetly, Sipadan still did not make it in the final. I bloged about Sipadan, I promoted this island to all my English and Malaysian friends so they can vote this island. I am sure they did. But it ends up a horrible result when Sipadan did not make it in the final which are 28 islands.

Last time i saw Sipadan was in 5th place. So i really cannot believe this island drop to 29th place. CANNOT BE!!!!! DO THEY SELECT THE 28 ISLANDS BASED ON VOTES? OR SOMETHINE ELSE? IF SOMETHING ELSE ...WHY DID THEY ASKED TO VOTE???

Current mode; relaxing in a bath
Longing: Someone in the UK
Missing: Someone who touches my heart
Wanting: Would like to buy a canon camera DSLR EOS 400D

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

When Mariah Carey sang her songs so pitchy

Well, it was last week and I've watched MJ memorial. So there were two singers (actually only one) who impressed me so much. I considered their vocal haven't change at all frm what i've heard and watched before. First was Jennifer Hudson (incredible...) and a boy born from BGT Shaheen Jafargholi (wonderful for at his age). However, i was terribly dissapointed with my favourite singer Mariah Carey. She sang I'll be there original song by MJ (correct me if i'm wrong pls...) and Hero, one of her most beautiful and popular songs. Watch it and judge you think she is still at her best???? No Way...

Correct me if i'm wrong but frm 0.23 - 0.26 seconds, her voice slip. In fact ever single beat of the song she's struggled to sing it. Some of the parts she changed the notes to make it lower. can see at the higest note of the song, she's struggled to sing it. In fact, she's now has a short breath......she can't hold the notes anymore...huh!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Got this from someone and it sounds so sad

Who said life is fair? i know exactly how it feels to be BROKEN.I have been married to a man MUCH older than me.And i have tryed to get him to love me for who i am.But he seems to not either care or is in love with someone else. He makes me feel like im not even here anynore.And ive done WAYY more than any other woman esp. my age would do for him..So yes i am BROKEN..but i am pretending i am okay.....when he said i don't want it anymore, then u know what does it mean.....

P/s; Oh...i feel so sad about her.......i hope she will be all right soon...

Pengumuman Najib sempena 100 hari sebagai Perdana Menteri:

1. Diskaun 20% kepada pengguna kad prabayar Touch ‘n Go dan SmartTag yang menggunakan tol lebuh raya 80 kali atau lebih dalam sebulan bermula 1 September 2009.

2. Penyewa Program Perumahan Rakyat di Wilayah Persekutuan dibenarkan membeli rumah yang disewa.

3. Potongan diskaun 50% kepada peniaga kecil di Wilayah Persekutuan memohon dan membaharui lesen perniagaan.

4. Tambahan RM150 juta bagi dana TEKUN dan RM15 juta untuk program pembangunan usahawan muda kaum India.

5. Tambahan kira-kira 3,000 lagi permit teksi individu dalam masa tiga bulan akan datang.

6. Komited untuk mengurangkan kadar jenayah terutamanya ragut dan kecurian kenderaan.

7. Mempergiatkan usaha bagi memastikan bilangan pendaftaran lewat kelahiran dapat dilaksanakan dengan segera.

8. Menyegerakan usaha menyelesaikan masalah kewarganegaraan rakyat.

9. Usaha menambah baik akses kepada kemudahan asas seperti pembinaan jalan dan penyaluran bekalan air serta elektrik di kawasan luar bandar terutama di Sabah dan Sarawak ditingkatkan.

10. Mengurangkan kadar bayaran permohonan lesen motosikal kepada RM211 berkuat kuasa pada 1 September depan.

11. Menubuhkan Amanah Saham 1Malaysia dengan saiz sehingga 10 bilion unit dan terbuka kepada semua rakyat Malaysia berumur 18 tahun ke atas


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Someone Told me....was it true?

Hi All, just a simple and short post...just want to ask you all. Was is true that another part of love is to let it go from you and let it go to someone else? And they said, its the hardest part of Love. Really???

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Things happened to me today

1. My friend suggested me a very complex SQL query to solve my problem
sql="SELECT TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle,TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle_id,
WHERE TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle LIKE 'MR5.8.11'
OR TETRA_TETRA_MAIN_DB.cycle.cy_cycle LIKE 'MR5.8.10'
ORDER BY TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle, TETRA_TETRA_MAIN_DB.cycle.cy_cycle ASC"
Some of you don't know this but if you really wanted to be a dangerous hacker you must know this stuffss.......Unfortunetly it doesn't solve my problem

2. I got strange error of the system that i've developed

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80004005'

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Well, the problem was because the query was too long. How to solve?? contact manager blur..LOL

3. I am tension at this moment but the good thing is my friend invites me to have dinner at the E&O hotel tonight. So i will go of course...

4. I went to c.Alv's blog and i found a song titled if i forget on her blog thouched my heart. It's really a wonderful song and represents about myself at this moment.

If i forget to say I Love you, It doesn't mean that i don't (what a beautiful lyrics huh?) ...i think i fall in love with this song.

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