Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's summer (NOT YET)!!!!!

Do you want this or???

this one??

Hurrrahhhhhh!!!!! It's summer yeah it is even though it shouldn't be. I mean summer usually in the middle of May? or early June? Yeah i guess so. But it seems like everything came very early this year. It has been 2 years in a row UK had terrible winter and this coming summer (I think it's already summer) gonna be a fantastic session ever!! Yahhhh!! (i hope so). Anyway...I can wait to have a lay on a beach or to have a walk in a jungle (maybe forest a better and safer place). Whatever!!!! I want to enjoy the sun very very much but i fuc**ng can't at the moment because i am busy writing my thesis...arghhhhhhh....hurry up!!!! I can't wait to finish everything. :-)

Friday, 29 April 2011

Have you heard about wikiLeaks?

Have you heard about this site? This site has been months and i have heard about it before. My indian friend told me about it but it never triggered me to browse the website. Until today, few minutes ago i did!!!! well guess what? lots and lots of information and i am very impressed + surprised. In fact, i thought i was reading P&C documents on the site. Could be a bit scary tho. But hey, it's all about sharing and this site's intention is to make the government a public which i agree in certain points. For those of you who want to know about it do check out this site and you will say to yourself "Wow...i can't believe am reading this."

P/S: I can imagine they have professional agents who are in many organisations and sending those documents from one region to another region. They also accept documents from the public and they will approve it. I think this is the most dangerous part (accepting documents from the public). I do not care as long as i enjoy reading it.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

International conference on e-learning - My thesis is nominated

Wow!!! Check it out check it out guys... After a long strive a good news came to the corner. Yeah..My supervisor is so impressed with my thesis and he took the abstract of my paper and submitted it to the international conference on e-learning which will be held in Brighton in Nov this year. Wow!!!! What a surprise and i am so impressed!!! I never thought my thesis is as good as that? Well, it seems like if my project is finalized then i will be in Brighton in Nov this year to present my thesis. a bit nervous tho. But i hope i will manage for it. LOL!! Anyway..i know i can do it and i feel so excited about it. I am still busy finalizing my thesis at the moment and i hope i can write a good report analysis. OK guys..since i got an email from my supervisor about this my feeling is always over the moon and what can i say? nothing but i feel like "did i really do that?" and "am i that good?" ....well....whatever....i am ready for anything. Bye all...see you in my next post. :-)

Cheapest tickets are available now

Check these links out my friends. Yeah..i know i know i am busy and don't really have the time to go for any concerts or shows at the moment. But guess what i hope to finish very soon and will be available until next year perhaps? OK, ok..anyway..a friend of mine emailed to me these links last night and he said check these out. Very affordable!!!! He said we paid lots of money for shows last time and it's time to change for the cheapest. Yeahhhh!!!!!

For those who are looking for John Edward Tickets please take a look this link. I remembered we paid lots of money last time even though the it was really great but when you think back about the money you spent you don't really want go for it again. But guess what, the link will redirect you to the cheapest tickets not only for John Edward but for Dave Matthews Band Tickets and Lewis Black Tickets and it's real. Now i feel like i want to go for the shows every weekend now. Yes i will do after i finish my master thesis. I kind of very busy at the moment and doing my data analysis. Arghhhh...i need a break.

OK, ok...for those of you who fan of Mary Poppins Tickets and Million Dollar Quartet Tickets then what are you waiting for mate??? Hurry up grab the their cheapest tickets online. I don't think you can get any cheaper if even if you go to another website. I never been to their shows but i will do soon. Join me if you want the cheapest tickets on earth :-)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Check out my current project (Master Thesis project)

Wow...yes...for the second day i successfully managed to update my blog. LOL! For those who are interested to know what i have been doing in the last 3 months check out the link above. That's what i did. I kind of developed an application based on facebook + youtube but for e-learning purpose. If you check it out...well, you have to create your account and you will be able to login and watch all the videos uploaded there. Anyway..i took 1.5 months to design and develop the application and and also writing most of the pages in 3 chapters (develop, design and testing). I have to say this is the hardest and probably most complicated source code i have ever done before. Mmmmm...fantastic tho!!! I mean i never thought i can do such things. OK...guys..i got to to go now and i hope i can update my blog again tomrw. We will see :) Oh by the are you interested in earning a master's degree as well? Check out online masters degrees . Great ones! :-)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I am back (Just for a moment) - What's up to me

Hello everybody, boys and girls...i am back again today but just for a few moment. I am currently very very busy doing my master thesis since early this year. I missed my blog really. I do...sometimes when i was in the library all i can do is just to have a look of my blog. I have been so busy since in early Feb and getting busier . In 3 weeks more time it's gonna be my thesis submission (16 of May). Yeah!!!! The day that i should remember really. I can't wait to finish my study and i really want to travel to Europe after May. Arghhhhh!!!!!! I am under pressure at the moment and I hope i can cope with all of these.

Anyway, I am doing the evaluation of my project at the moment and it is actually the final chapter of my thesis. I have 9 chapters all together and wow...each chapter consists of around 30 pages and some of the chapters have more pages. I was like what the heck???!!!!! Yeah i can tell you that i am dying but pretending to be okay (I'm a great pretender...LOL!). Well, actually my Becholar's thesis had 500 pages..but of course it was much easier. This master project is development and research = much more complicated.'s a warning to those students who want to take engineering courses. But if you are Interested in software engineering as well, Learn more at great engineering degrees for the very best suggestions.

Since i was busy since early Feb this year i think i have missed lots of interesting reality TV shows? Yeah..such as American Idol, BGT, Mentor and AF....and lots moreeeeeee.....i just sometimes can watch them from youtube but guess what..i don't really have time to watch all clips..only my Favorite contestants. The rest? I could not care more....Ohhhh.....i am now eating my crips and a cup of coffee...mmmmm..sounds like a great combination really. Anyway....see you again soon and i promise to update my blog very slowly starts today LOL!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Trade gold now!

Hello guys, It has been sometimes since i post something on my blog. Wow..i have been so busy with my thesis and once i finished it then i will be back blogging again. I missed my blog so much but i can't do anything about it. I have so much commitment so far. Anyway, the market since has been like a "yo-yo" since 2009. Last year (2010), people thought it was a recovery year especially for pounds and EUR. Guess what? Nothing improved but the economy became even worst. I bet thousands of traders who had burnt their fingers. Even early this year, everybody was ready to go for buying instead of selling.

Guess what happened? Japan "attacked" by Tsunami and their nuclear power stations were blasted!!! Wow!!! nobody know so we have to be careful. Probably at the moment the best investment is buying gold IRA or also called as IRA gold. Some people prefer to call the first name and some prefer the other name. It doesn't matter because they are just the same and carrying the same value. The most important is that the value is so stable and we can see the trend for it is increasing since 1970-ish. It shows that gold IRA is favorable capital for in investment among traders.

How about gold 401k or also known as 401k gold? I never really heard about this but if you want to know more about it then i would like to recommend gold coin gain website. They have a vast information and explanation about this gold including the current price for buy and sale. In fact they have gold IRA transfer service if you wanted to do it. They have very good rate and quote for what you want to sale or maybe buy. Well guys, what are you looking for? The opportunity is there and guess what? it's time to do so :) See you soon! Bye x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The royal wedding

Here are some of the pictures form the Royal wedding. I didn't attend the wedding tho but these are pictures of my friend of managed to attend the wedding. Yeah..he did attend the wedding. I was busy with the thesis so i thought instead of going there i better finish my thesis. He..he...he...well i managed to finish my thesis at 4 pm. YES....if u look at those pictures don't you think the he looks so old for his age? How old is so actually? Honestly i really thought he is early 30-ish and the girl looks matured as well. I thought she is around 30 or maybe 31. Sorry maybe they are early 30-ish..but i thought they were in the middle of 20-ish...mmmmmmmmm

Friday, 1 April 2011

Looking for the best car insurance?

My friend has been looking for a new car which is a BMW 325D series. Wow!!! And of course he wants the best Car insurance which means an insurance that can offer the best deal for him. Well, he managed to find it because a friend of him who is currently working in Australia directed him to take a look the buzz insurance. He is very happy with it and really told me how good their services are. My friend who was thinking to buy a BMW before was looking such services for months and could not find any until his friend asked him to check the website. One of the most interesting features on the website is you can get a quick quote in 3 easy steps for your car and also you home.

My friend who is currently in Australia told me that thebuzz is his best insurance deal so far with very reasonable prices. He is currently working in Australia and he said they are so many insurance companies offering cheaper rates to the public but in reality they have more expensive hidden charges. That is why he said thebuzz is the best car insurance he ever had so far because there is hidden change and cheaper prices with great returns.

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