Sunday, 31 October 2010

Piala Malaysia 2010

Credit to utusan for the pic



Happy Halloween day

Hi all, Just want to say happy Halloween to you all. I don't really know about this and why they do celebrate it. But I googled it and here is a short story about Halloween. Mmmmm, by the way the picture was taken from google. I suppose to buy a costume for myself but i didn't see the point for myself.'s very very interesting to know about this party. So you might like to google about it. I'm gonna be busy this week and I have a test tomorrow. I hope to make it my best and wish me luck guys.

State Agent in Dallas

Hi all, this post is dedicated especially to people in the USA. If you guys looking for a property in Dallas or even moving to Dallas and need a new house then I would like to recommended Dallas Real Estate agent. They are one of the biggest and most successful state agents in the USA. I actually discovered this website through my friend who is currently living in Dallas and used USA reality services state agent for his new property. He has five bedrooms house with a big garden and garage. He said it was all about “ Dallas Homes for Sale ”, well I never understood what did he mean.

He used the agent last year and he was very happy for the services given by them. In fact, the company has so many choices of properties especially houses and apartments. From seven bedrooms to one bedroom you can find them all through this agent. I then googled these keywords which are “ Dallas Homes For Sale ”. I managed to find the agent’s website. I took my 5 minutes to “walk through” on the website and now I understand what my friend meant. If you want to know about it then you should try by yourself and you will see what I mean.


This guy is wanted!!! Ha..ha...ha...ha...Sorry guys but i am really busy working in the library with my project. I have been spending my time hours and hours in the library. I am hungry and I am really tired. Gotta go very soon. BTW, good bye October.....and welcome November!!! Writing another chapter of my life.

London Tube Underground

For those of you who never been to London or have been to London but forgot about about the map of London's underground. I would like to recommended to go to their website and print this out. If you are in London, you must have this map unless you are an expert and already know all the stops or the lines name. If not then you will loss your way just like I did when I first traveled to London. This map is very important and you must know how to read it. It should be fairly easy but could be hard especially when there is re engineering work.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Two very interesting Facts

I would like to share to you guys these two interesting facts. The thing is we are the users but sometimes we never wanted to know about these things until one day we realized that actually we have missed these interesting facts. Here you go guys, the first one is about facebook. Do you know that there are 500 million users on facebook? Remember the world has 6 billions people and facebook has 1/12 of the world's population.

Secondly is about youtube and probably the most popular website on earth so far. I haven't done my research about this yet but i will let you know. But one thing for sure, youtube has reached 1 billion subscriptions. This means, it 's about 1/6 of the world's population.

Don't you think they are interesting? Mmmm..i like these two fact because it makes me wonder how much users o google and or even

I hope GBP/JPY has reached its bottom

As you can see on the graph, I have two opened positions and I have unrealized losses at the moment. However, I do hope that GBP/JPY pair has reached its bottom. Pounds are increasing slowly recently since last Friday and I do hope that this pair will reach at least half way. It's very scary but I hope it's gonna be a good news. It seems like the market is recovering slowly started in Nov. Fingers crossed!!!!

All That!

All That!

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

Nickelodeon used to have a show called All That! This show was popular back in the mid-1990s when I was between the ages of 12 and 15 mostly. It was a show that was like a kid's version of Saturday Night Live. It was hilarious for kids. I think my parents even thought it was funny most of the time. They even had a musical guest come at the end of each show just like on SNL and they had tons of funny sketches and recurring characters just like SNL.

Speaking of SNL, one of the stand-outs of All That!, Keenan Thompson, is now a regular on SNL and has been for a few years now. It was weird when I first started seeing him on it because I still saw him as a Nickelodeon star. It was even more weird when I heard him say a curse word for the first time, even though by then I was already 20 years old.

Amanda Bynes was another stand-out who went on to do big things. She has been in several big movies and has had a couple hit TV shows on Nickelodeon and the WB. She is now retired from acting, though. All That! was overall a pretty cool show and I think you can still watch it on satellite TV from if you want to.

Repair your bad credit

Yesterday, I was looking for a company or someone who can provide credit card services to improve credit score. It's quite difficult to find the right one because you really need to consider it very carefully in many different aspects. In my case, I would like to hire someone who is available at anytime or at least five days a week. So once again I asked for our brilliant uncle "google" using the keyword The Credit People and I found so many websites provide this kind of service. What service? Well, sorry I forgot to mention but it is credit repair service. You might want to google it and there are so many and I can tell it's not easy to find the right one.

So here is one recommendation for you if you want to Repair Your Bad Credit then you might want to consider this one. They have many different services on such as personal identification, late payments, bankruptcies, etc. You won't disappoint with their service because they have very good testimonials from their current customers. I actually thinking about this and I really like to do a further research about these two websites. So what are you waiting for? Go and take your five minutes time to browse their website.

Pictures of Merapi Mountain on Java Island Indonesia

"Rescuers scoured the slopes of Indonesia's most volatile volcano for survivors Wednesday after it was rocked by an eruption which killed at least 30 people, including an old man who refused to abandon his ceremonial post as caretaker of the mountain's spirits." Source less than 48 hours Indonesia has been shocked again with Tsunami in East Sumatra Island. Oh My God!!!! God please make them stronger and help them.

Sorry guys but i missed this news a few days late. A Merapi Volcano on Jawa Island area blasted on the 25th of OCT about 6PM.

Web hosting

Hello guys here I'm back again with my blog and today I am going to recommend another web hosting website or a company but bear in mind because this website or company is only for small and medium sized business companies. First of all, it started when my friend who is currently in London asked me if I know any companies who are currently having a reasonable discount. Last week, I asked uncle "google" and found this company and they are currently having a great discount up to 50%.

It's basically a managed hosting and if you are looking for colocation types of services then you always can use their website. They have reasonable high quality and good reviews and ratings from their existing customers. They are good in the terms of speed, power and quality. In fact they have superb services and with their 30 days money back guarantee you should not hesitate to try their services.

I have sent the link to my friend who is in London and he was quite happy with the service and support provided by the company. What are you waiting for guy, they have been established since 1996 and they have been in this business for more than 14 years. You success might begins from here.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween costume safety

Guest post written by Danny Earnhart

As much as I like to run around and scare my kids in these kooky looking Halloween masks, I prefer for them not to wear stuff like that because it's harder for them to see and breath in them and it's already tough enough to see out in the daylight so I let them buy them, just not wear them out at night.

I was online the other day trying to come up with some scary looking Halloween makeup ideas to put on my two boys who want to dress up as zombies when I saw some info about a wireless internet service and decided to order clear 4g internet because it seemed like it would be better than the service we've been using forever.

I found all kinds of great costume safety resources and ordered some Halloween makeup that will be great for the zombie costumes. I showed the stuff to my boys and they approved of it once my wife did a practice test on them with it.

I saw sun in a darkness

This picture is taken from my little room in Hatfield. I got up this morning at 9 am and i saw a bright sun shine went through my window. I thought it was a summer again. Wow..I missed the sun very much. It's autumn in the UK at the moment but it's cold and when the rain comes, oh my God. It's even colder!!!! In fact sometimes I actually feel cold in my room. I hope i will be stronger again this coming winter. The last winter changed me to someone else. Now is autumn and in a month time, winter is coming.

Cooking time

Ha...look at that.

Busy cooking

Yeah, it was last week end. I went to London to my friend's flat and I cooked for him and the other two friends. I cooked duck, chicken, some vegetables and prawns. Yummy...and so lovely. They liked my cooking very much. Wow...I never thought that i'm not a good chef. I left all my books and notes for about three days and went to London. It was a nice meeting and of course something to remember. One of them was Brazilian and the second guest was a French. Really nice dinner and what surprised me the most is I never thought the French can eat my spicy dishes especially the dish duck. I went to blue water shipping mall to buy my contact lenses and its washer. Later I will post you guys what i did in Blue water shopping mall. BTW Blue water shopping mall is the biggest mall in east London.

Can't masturbate when it's cold

What the heck, I have no idea how can this keyword hits my blog. I was with nuffnang and looking at my keywords' popularity. I never written about this topic even though i have written about masturbation but not this kind of topic. Can't masturbate when it's cold??? What the heck!!!! It's so funny of course and It makes me think there are so many naughty or horny people on the internet. Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..

Btw, Autumn is on the way well i think it's here already but it's so cold in Autumn. Sometimes it reaches 1 degree Celsius and this is winter temperature.

A Total Surprise Meeting

Guest post written by Bill Chigron

It all started with a simple trip into town so I could get my Miracle Ear hearing test, and it turned into an amazing fun-filled fall day. How? Well, immediately after my appointment I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things for NancyÑshe needed a few extra items for dinner. Then, out of nowhere, I ran into my old college roommate! Right smack dab in the middle of the store! What are the odds? Especially since he lived an hour outside of town even then!

Since the run-in seemed so fortuitous and fateful, we decided to go out to have a cup of coffeeÉwhich turned in to another cup of coffee, which turned into a trip in to town for our annual fall festival. Turns out he was just visiting some old friends for the weekendÑand that ended up including me. What a great surprise! WeÕve made plans to get together sometime next month, tooÑnext time on his side of the state. Things really do happen for a reason, they say!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Do you notice the difference?

I love having fun in front the camera. Yesterday I got a split class. It should be only one class but usually the lecturer will split it to two classes. First half is from 11 to 12 pm and second half starts from 1-2 pm. Well, 12-1 pm is our lunch time. My friends and I usually go to the forum or the university's biggest cafe. I had my milk chocolate shared by my friends and the other had their sandwiches. Anyway, the first pair is karen's glasses and the second glass is hash's glasses. Since i took my camera with me anywhere and everywhere, they tool those pictures with two different glasses. Mmm..which one is better?

Lady gaga is the first artist reached 1billion view on youtube

Mark down another first for pop singer Lady Gaga, who goes into the record books as the first recording artist to reach one billion views on YouTube."We reached 1 Billion views on youtube little monsters!" she wrote yesterday in a Tweet to her 7 million followers. "If we stick together we can do anything. I dub u kings and queens of youtube! Unite!" . If you're handicapping how long her Ladyship can hang onto her cyber title, keep in mind that Justin Bieber is not far behind with more than 962 million views. Source

Very impressive and I never thought the fact that her page on youtube has reached 1 billion view. This means she is even more popular than Mariah Cery, Withney Hutson or any big pop stars from all over the world. What the heck!!!!! I love Lady gaga and honestly, she is my favorite female singer together with Beyonce, MC, WH, etc. I am still waiting for her next album to be released. She is damn popular and give a huge credit to her song writers and composers. Love most of her songs. She is fucking great artist. Very different and distinctive. Surprisingly, Justin Bieber came the second. I'm not really into this boy. I am sorry but his vocal is very immature to be a singer.

I got this from the University

I got this from my university and it says you can save up to 50 pounds a year by using this. Wow..that's a lot because it's about RM250!!! Anyway, how to use this is very simple. All you need to do is just to put this packet in your toilet basin and it will last up to a year and will reduce the amount of your usage water. Very good invention!!!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Web hosting guide

Hello folks, if you are looking for a web hosting company but can't make up your mind I would like to recommended web hosting rating dot com probably one of the best unbiased review off all popular web hosting companies. The website have different ratings and reviews for different web hosting companies. A friend of mine who changed his free sub domain to a full paid domain used this website to get the best deal in the terms of price, reliability and also services.

There are so many things you could get there such as Linux hosting, windows hosting, hosting guide and tips, etc. In fact you can get the best 10 cheap web hosts in 2010. Whether you are an individual, small business or enterprise you still can use this website as a guide. As I said before they have hosting guide which are very accurate and very helpful especially to beginner.

On the other hand, if you are a web hosting company and want your service to be reviewed you can submit your company and the team will review it. After they reviewed your company, they will display it on their website and other people who your current or previous customers will review it also. From here you would be able to know the quality of your company.

Too many posts in a month

I think I have written so many posts this month. Yeah, I mean this october. I have another few days to go but i already exceed the 30 posts. In fact, at the moment I have 67 posts which means that I post at least two posts a day. Oh My God!!! This is terrible, I thought I need to concentrate my study. All i'm doing is blogging. I know I have written many sponsored posts as well. But You know this is one of the ways for bloggers to get a little income. As a part of hobby, you can make a little extra income. Becoming a full time blogger is anot a bed idea but make sure you have a very good number of visitors. Otherwise..forget it!

Yeah I've got my 3 mobile broadband

Well, in Malaysia they have digi broadband, celcom broadband and maxis broadband but here in the UK we have 3 broadband, O2 broadband, Vodafone Broadband and??? Well, i'm not very sure what are the others but i'm sure there are other two or three I missed here. So i got this today and yeah...I am so happy because i can get online anyway and anytime. Even sometimes when i was on the train i will can get online and access my email and my blog of course. The good thing about 3 broadband is they have modem dongle which allows you to access the internet three users simultaneous. You can't find this feature with other broadband providers. So i am using it now and i will give my review from time to time if i've got the time.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The world from different mirror


Fuck off the girls

Yeah that's my reaction or the first thing I said to the girls next to me in the library when they were so noisy and at the same time i was so busy concentrating writing my project descriptions. It was very annoying when they never considered about others. I mean they knew the place is a library and it's a place to study not to have a party. Even if they needed for a group discussion they suppose to go to a room discussion.

I have no problem with them apart from the noise they made. There was a PhD student in front of me that time and she was so upset with the three Arabian girls. Oh come on girls, don't make shit. I hated fucking much!!! I felt i just want to slap each of them. I had the exactly the same experience but it was on the bus. There was a group of Arabian girls and made noisy like fuck!!!

Thinking to buy Gold

One of my friends in Oxford is a silver and gold coins collector. He goes to an auction in Oxford at least once a month. He is very busy person but because of his hobby he always tries to find his time for the auctions. In fact, last month he went down to London for one of the biggest events this year. He bought lots of gold bullion and gold IRA. I went to his house couple of time and he has a great collection of gold coins and also silver coins. It might be a bit expansive but if you are really into this hobby then I don’t think this is a problem. In fact, the more you into it the more you want it. You can get addicted with it but some people just could not afford to do it.

When we talk about golf bullion or any particular gold, they can be traded. This means that the price for gold can be up and down depending with the market. Sometimes they can be high and sometimes can be down. However, the price for gold has increased constantly in the past 15 years. This year is the gold has reached its highest price. Therefore you might want to consider selling or buy bullion for an investment. Last month my friend who lives in Oxford was looking for a company which buy gold bullion. He needed cash to buy his new apartment in Swindon.

I am going to further my study in Oxford University for my PhD

YEAH!!!! That's what i was thinking about. BUT after reading this news i felt nervous and it make me to think even more..shall i? shouldn't i? I don't want to end up like the student. I do understand his disappointment but i think he took it too much!!!! I am afraid if i lose control and did the same like him. OMG!!!!! Please don't push me!!!!!

Good bye to my contact lenses

I've got 3 pairs of contact lenses but a pair of them was worn out. Or you can say expired already. I bought those 3 pairs when I was in Sabah last summer and I paid RM50 if i not mistaken. I over used this first pair because I forgot how many time I have been wearing them. So it's time to wear my new pair of contact lens. My worst experience with contact lens was I accidentally torn one of them at first the time. I didn't know how to handle them and I was very rough that time and stupidly I made a holy and torn it. Silly me!!! The next day my sister showed to me how to handle them and look after them lol! It was embarrassing.

Monday, 25 October 2010

What is education?

Nowadays, Education is very important and it is a weapon for some people to determine their feature. Everybody concerns about their feature and of course education is not everything but everybody needs education as a first step in their life. When we talk about education, do not misunderstand about what education is. Education could be in two forms which are informal and formal education. The informal education is something that we learned through life experience. Formal education is something that we learn from a teacher or tutor. Formal education has different levels such as primary, secondary and university. They are so many universities from all over the world such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Walden University, and many others. They offer different levels of certificates such as diploma, bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate level.

In fact they are many different recognized organisations offer doctorate level, master degree and bachelor degree. Over the years, the internet technology has changed rapidly and students’ life becoming easier in the terms of searching information. For example, The Chronicle of higher education is an example of website offers so many information about education. By browsing this website you can find news, opinions, idea, facts, figures, jobs and advice. In fact they have forums to as a discussion platform for all registered users.

Going to Bella Italia restaurant in Galleria

My friends and I will be going to the restaurant for a dinner. We've got our student cards and vouchers. We will get 50% off for each of our meals. Yeahhh...lovely. A very good deal actually. He..he..he..At the moment we are waiting our friend Hash who is in the class at the moment. He will finish the class at 6pm and from the library we will be going to the restaurant. The average price for the menu is about 9 pounds.

Do advertise your service here

Advertising is one of the ways to increase your business success or even to get attentions from the public. Without advertising the public do not know the existence your business. You need to drive traffic to your website if you have an online service. Otherwise you need to drive attentions from the public to tell them you have something to offer. My brother in law has a massage and he was thinking to advertise his clinic on the internet or in a public area. Last week I helped him to find an online advertising company via google search engine and I found “That! Ad Agency” is the best company for him to do what he wants. By using this company you can one hour free consulting. By doing this, you can get an overview about this company and determine whether they are suitable for you or not. There is nothing fancy with their website but they have years experience in advertising.

There are so many Advertising Agencies all over the world and if you search them via search engines you could find thousands of them. They offer so many different services and prices. However, it is so difficult to find the right quality and specification that you really want. Therefore here I am going to suggest an Advertising Agency which is not only reliable but effective and efficient. “That! Ad Agency” is an Advertising Agency offers many different services. They have very good reviews and ratings from their existing customers. So if you are looking for an advertising company I would recommend this company to you.

I am fuc*ing busy arghhhh!!!

OMG!!!! What can I say? I am very very busy at the moment with my study. Doing revision, reading articles, research..bla..bla..bla..arghhhh..i feel a bit depress at the moment. I hope after this week I will be able to hang out with some of my friends and have a drink. DRINK???? I hope not too much. Drinking is sometimes good for your blood circulations. Trust me!!! But not too much beer or wine though. I drink wine only about couple of glasses with friends sometimes. Just for social but never smoke. I mean drinking is acceptable but never smoking. I think smoking is killing yourself than drinking. Some people smoke a lot but don't drink. They actually risking their life more than anything else. Anyway...Not to worry because as far as I concern, people will say as long as i am happy..that's the main thing. TRUE!!!!! I am studying my software engineering methodologies and processes within them. Mmmm...I always like the processes.

millatFacebook??? what the heck!!!

I was reading an article about social networks competition in these days. At last i don't know why but i found this I really thought it might be a mistake before. I clicked the link and a greeny webpage displayed. It's like facebook well, actually exactly like facebook. The think i don't like about it is it's very muslimic. Why it has to be like that?

I don't like this;

Welcome to MILLAT Facebook Ummah’s very own, first social networking site., and a place to Unite Over 1.57 Billion Muslims and Peaceful people from other Religions.

My comment: Does it necessarily to mention the muslims word???

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The barrels

Hello everybody, I am back again after my long week end and it was a chaos day for because I have to do lots of things for myself. Last night was c chaos for me and my friends at home. Oh my God!!! You know what? There were was no water and we still wonder why. Anyway, we suppose to be able to have a shower at least because of the tank in the ceiling under the roof. Unfortunately, we were three and it was enough only for two persons. The thing is because the tank was too small to keep the amount of water for three people.

Today we have been searching rain barrels for sale on town but we could not find one. It was very pity actually because we need rain barrels because the tank on the ceiling is not enough for us. Therefore we searched these two keywords on google which are rain water barrels and rain harvesting. There were so many websites displayed. We browsed most of them but could not find the right one in the terms of price, quality and the size that we really want. We found simply rain barrels as the best among of them. They not only have very good quality and price but they have the size exactly what we wanted. So we are going to buy our barrel from the company.

Cars and Insurance

Last week I went to the nearest garage with my house. I was thinking to buy a new Nissan car but i could not make up my mind what sort of car I would like to buy. When we talk about cars, there are so many things that we need to consider such as prices, quality, customers’ rating, customers’ review and your compatibility with the cars. I searched for nissan quest cars on the internet and also its reviews. Car Reviews are very important because for me they represents they real quality of the car. There are many cases where you find the cars are beautiful but when it comes to quality they are very poor. In fact, when we talk about quality it’s not only about the prices, but we need to consider about the performance and also the value for money. Spending USD20K on a car is a big deal and we need to consider carefully.

Furthermore, when buying a car we need to consider the car insurance. This means that we be able to compare car insurance with one company to another. Car insurance is very important to protect your car with any claims just in case if there is something happen in the future. Of course it’s Your choice for whatever types of car you want, insurance, quality or even performance but it is better to get an advice from the car connection dot com. They have many to offer to you and they have a professional team to assists with every single step.

OMG!!! Don't kill the cat

Another picture emailed by a friend of mine. Hah!!!! That's the monkey with a cat. I never seen something like this before but certainly i like this picture. The monkey is not killing the cat but i think he is finding lice on the cat. cute!!!

I was crazy on my facebook

Huh...It's very late here but still updating my blog. Anyway, I was crazy putting a silly statement on my facebook. I said "Andrik is studying with a cup of thick black coffee and listening to a dang dut music"...I don't know what is dang dut in english language but basically, it's one of music's ranges. It's like ballad, rock, alternative, country, etc and dang dut is among one of those. Got a few comments from my friends lol. But never mind, let them enjoying my comments on my facebook. It's fu**ing cold here. I don't know what's wrong. I have turned on the radiator and my two candles but I still feel cold. Mmmm...I hope I will be OK the next day.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Beauty and the beast

Favorite Movie - Beauty and the Beast

Written by Sherri Hicks

Our family's favorite animated movie to watch on television is Beauty and the Beast. My daughter loves to watch Belle transform from a commoner into a princess. The characters are funny and so full of life even though they have been transformed for a very long time. They are fun and witty and play off of each other perfectly. I love the story teaching my kids that we shouldn't judge people by what they look like on the outside. We need to see people for who they are inside and not what they look like outside. Even though Belle is terrified of the Beast she still shows him what true love is and how to be nice. I also love that Belle is a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let people know what she wants. I think she's a good role model for my daughter. The animation is wonderful and the picture quality is great especially on our satellite television from The songs are fun to sing with and even dance along with during the movie.

Condom Advertisement - what the heck

Which size is yours? lol



I received an email from a friend of mine who is currently in China. Wow...what the heck. He said in his email, look at these pictures. Then i downloaded one by one. Then open each of them. Heck!!!! I was laughing like crazy!!!! Those pictures are so funny. I will give 10 marks out of 10 for those who contribute ideas for the condom advertisement.

My blog's ranking on main web search engines

Bing puts me second
Yahoo puts me at first

Google put me at 6th?????

I'm not sure how the search engines rank my blog's position but I am sure there have the algorithm. Probably based on the blog's popularity yeah? Is that means that my blog is more popular on yahoo search engine compared to google search engine and also Bing? I think so but I'm not sure how the algorithm works. I can google it but I don't bother at the moment. I have just finished my revision and i don't want to put more pressure on my head. I am tired and I really need to go to sleep. Yeah...i like sleeping. Anyway, actually i am thinking to buy a domain for my blog but i am still thinking about it. I don't want to buy it and ended up not be able to update it regularly. I want to make sure I can update my blog regularly and hope to be able to make some income with my new domain. Income???? Sorry i was joking. How could I possibly make income if I don't have many visitors???

Friday, 22 October 2010

Simple day with a simple meal

Well, i am busy at the moment so what i had was just rice and those deep fried eggs. It reminds me about my life 10 years ago. Eating eggs and rice was really nice with some tomatoes ketchup. It does not cost a lot, simple but very filling. So did it again today because i am busy and i didn't have enough time to cook a nice meal properly for me. Instead of going out to KFC or McDonald it's better to cook at home with very simple meal.

Tv by direct

I Use My DVR to Always Have Something to Watch

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

I have been interested in recording technologies ever since the introduction of the VCR in the 1980's. Since watching television is my number one hobby, it is important to be that I watch as many shows as possible. When cable television was first introduced, I was the first one one my block to get it installed in my house. Unfortunately, cable television leaves a lot to be desired nowadays.

Since I always want to have the absolute best television setup, this means that I have to constantly change and adapt. Rather than using a VCR, I now use DVR. This is far superior to VCR in every respect. It records in picture-perfect digital clarity, and I can record multiple shows at once. This is particularly useful during the prime time hours of television. The major networks all like to schedule their best shows at the same time so that we are forced to pick between them. I get around this by recording them all with my DVR. The only television service I will use with my DVR is, which gives me access to hundreds of channels.

With this potent combination, I am never without a show to watch. If nothing seems to be on TV, then I just look at all the shows I have recorded. I always find something that looks interesting.

Windows box planters

Do you guys still remember my previous post about my sister being fussy about her garden? She has a beautiful garden now and she is thinking to put some plants in her house. As i told you before she has a great big house with five bedrooms and of course has plenty of spaces. She is thinking to buy window boxes for flowers or window boxes for plants. She has been looking for these boxes for a week but she could not find the right one. I helped her to find the best website because she is not only looking for reasonable prices but also reasonable quality. A friend of mine who is currently living in New York emailed me the link for the website where I can suggest my sister to find window boxes for her house. I took five minutes tour to see the website and they offer many different boxes for flowers.

Anyway, other than window flower boxes, she also need flower boxes. They are many different flower boxes on window box planter company where you can choose from different colours and sizes. They are very good and reasonable prices. Either you have wooden, metal or fiberglass window, they always have something to offer to you. The good things are they have low price protection before and after a purchase and the most important is their 30 days no hassle return policy. Very good value and very good deals. What are you waiting for folks, just visit them and buy your stuffs from there.

Oh Come on nuffnang!!

Oh damn!!! I could not access my nuffnang account because of server maintenance. Mmmm...i think nuffnang's operation has not been smooth for the very the last two years. This is not the first time i got this message but many times already. But today i decide to post this on my blog because it has been many times and very annoying. Maybe nuffnang should upgrade their server or system to a new one which is more reliable. I waited 3 hours this time to access this blog. OMG!!! What a time huh??? I hope nuffnang will make their service better or people might move to some other sites like mangga ads or innit. Mmmmm....think about it nuffnang.

Imagine this

OMG!!!! Lovely fish

I copied this picture from an album of my friend on facebook. Huh...I will give him a credit. Type in wendy anddy and you will find his profile. Anyway..just imagine how nice this one!! You can touch the fish and the fish will suck/bite your legs smoothly. It's like having a massage in a pool but done by fish. Well, well..just imagine how wonderful. I think this picture is taken somewhere in Ranau Sabah. I'm not sure because it could be somewhere else but i am certain it's in Sabah. I had the plan to do this thing when i was in Sabah but i was so busy with many different things. At last i just leave it and of course i will try to do it next time when i get back to Sabah.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Finger pulse oximeter

My uncle who is a doctor wanted to buy finger pulse oximeter because the previous one in his clinic is very old. He asked me where to get new finger pulse oximeter. Unfortunately I didn't know because i never used this stuff before. He needed new finger pulse oximeter because he has more patients coming in his clinic. In fact, there is a new doctor in his clinic which is his ex classmate when he did his Bachelor Degree in Medical. He is a very nice guy anyway. I googled the keywords and i found so many of them listed on the internet.

Most of the websites offer quite pricey and of course I wanted to find the best with resonable price for him. At last i find this concord's website which offer huge selection of oximeters and of course much cheaper compared to the other websites. Concord is a health supply company suppling many different hospital products. They are currently a four star company reviewed by their current customers and has a very good rating. So what are you waiting for? Order it now or contact them for more detail.

The Old Trick

For those of you who ever received an email like this i'm sure you already know this is a trick or scam. Anyway, I just think that the sender of this email is so "old fashion" and didn't use his or her brain at all because this is an old tick or style. Ha..ha..ha..ha..

So many spammers visited my blog

OMG!!! When i logged into my blogspot account this morning I saw so many spammers visited my blog. You can see the picture above. They were about 10 spam comments on my blog but I rejected them. Oh shit!!! I hate spammers and I just don't like it. do i feel so weak today? I feel like i have no enough energy to do the things that i used to do. I think i'm sick and i can't go out. I just feel i want to stay in my little bedroom. I don't know what is happening to me but i hope this is not a spam. LOL!!! Anyway, i think those messages or comments have been broad-casted by spammers to thousands of blogs on the internet. I wonder how they do it. Oh..i feel so tired and need my rest now..bye folks xx

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Online games

My little nephew is addicted playing online games. He spends hours on the computer and I am a bit concern because he suppose to study because his final exam is getting close. I told him to do some revisions but sometimes he just ignored me and I was a bit upset with him. One day, he was playing a game online after his revision. It was about 10 o’clock at night already and he supposes to be in bed. I asked him what he was doing and he replied playing a fantastic online game. When he said a fantastic game, I knew it must be something very interesting. He showed to me the game and it was something like a war game. I don’t actually remember because I’m not into computer games.

He showed to me the website and within five minutes with him I felt like I wanted to play. They have many different games and if you are into online games you will find they have what you want. You won’t be disappointed with this website. In fact they the user interface or the graphics are fantastic. It’s almost like you are playing in 4D game. So what are you waiting for? Go and check it by yourself and I can guarantee you will like it.

Security choice

Costume Shopping: My Story

Contribution by German Flowers

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. I plan nearly year round what my costume will be for the next and how to out do the last Halloween.

The process is easy, once you know how. The first step is deciding what costume to buy. I like to think of movies I've seen that year and get inspiration from there. Historical figures, or fairytale characters are also among my favorites.

The next step is finding the store you want to find all of your components at. Personally, I like They have a huge variety, along with reviews from other customers on all costumes and they are very clear about what all comes with the costume you like as well as the price of additional accessories. If you don't have time to wait for it to be shipped, somewhere like American Costume or Party City are great options as well.

Keep in mind, you can rent a pricey more elaborate costume so you aren't shelling out hundreds of dollars.

Lastly, its good to have someone to come with for a second opinion. I like going shopping with my husband who is also a big Halloween aficionado. Before leaving on our quest, we always set our home security alarm from, you can never be to safe.

Halloween is your chance to be anyone you want so have fun.

The naked truth

Last week I went to a friend of mine who lives in London and i saw this magazine about culture. The highlight is the naked truth. Wow..very interesting!!!! I love those naked pictures on the magazine. Well, I haven't got the time to read it yet but stay tune with me because i am going to read it shortly and will let you know what it's all about...ta..ta...ta..

p/s: i suddenly feel hurt!!! I hate this feeling...

The most expansive cake in the world

This is the most expensive cake in the world. I used to stare it and wonder whether it's a virgin or not. LOL!!! I am sorry but i got this picture from wel our fellow blogger who currently in Penang. Credit to him. I love this picture but i don't know whether I can eat this cake or not. Can you imagine this cake in front of you? When i first saw it i cannot stop laughing and I thought it was hilarious.

Stay tuned with me, more stories coming up next

Ho..ho..ho..I have been writing so many posts but I can't publish them all. So what I did was scheduling them to a certain period of time. So most probably, what you will be reading next is my auto publish post. I might be very busy a few days time so i don't have time to update my blog. But thanks God because I managed to discovered blogspot's auto publish feature. I think this is very good innovation from google huh. I'm at the moment getting very busy with my study especially with my modules because I've got assignments, tests, projects, discussions, etc. So much...and the weather is getting cold here in the UK. I never thought it's gonna be as quick as this but this is UK. The weather changes every single minute. Anyway, I should not be moaning with this country as i am living here and would like to stay here for a little bit longer. I like the pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can say i am money minded lolz!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Recommended Online Broker

I have many friends who are trader and they trade money most of the time from their desktops. They trade differently in Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed incomes. We are very different because I trade money in Forex and of course it’s even riskier. One day I asked my friends about the best brokerage because I am thinking to try my luck in stock market investment. We talked and discussed many topics such as Online Trading, Stock Trading and IRA Accounts. That time they were not sure until days later my friend recommended to me an Online Broker called firstrade dot com. Firstrade uses a slogan born to invest and has been in the market for 25 years. They have many to offer such as tips on how to invest, tools to assist you to trade your money wisely, latest stock market news, a professional community who will support you and many others that you need to look by yourself.

In addition, this company enables you to do Mobile Trading. This means, as long as you are connected with your mobile, you can watch and monitor the market all the time. Don’t you think it is very easy? I think this is a very good innovation introduced by the company. It is very important to monitor the money you invested in the market most of the time. I have done enough research about this company and it is recommended by professional traders. In fact, they have very good review and rating from their current customers.

Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue sky Scrubs is an established company selling nursing uniforms and Surgical Scrub. If you are looking for hospital uniform or hospital uniforms then I would like to recommend Blue sky Scrubs because this company has high rating and reviews from their customers. In fact, they are well established because of their high quality products. You can get free shipping on orders of $155 or more. If you need as assistant from them then you can contact them directly either by email, phone or live chat system. If you use these keywords which are discount scrubs, discount scrub or discounted scrubs you will find they are on top of the list.

I managed to find this website after my brother in low asked me where to buy medical scrubs. I didn’t know until I googled it and there are many of them online. However to find the right one in the terms of services, quality and prices are very difficult. However, Blue sky scrubs offers reasonable prices, good product quality and fast delivery service. These are all what we want. Therefore, you are very much welcomed to visit their website at for more detail.

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer disease that has been discovered years ago. It’s a sort of tumour that affects the set lining of chest. Even though it’s a rare types of cancer but thousands of people from all over the world have been reported by Cancer Research UK in 2002. Some people call it as Mesothelioma Cancer because of its affects towards human’s body. If you are seeking more information about Mesothelioma, Surviving Mesothelioma: A Patient’s guide is a recommended website for you. They offer huge number of information about this disease.

For those who are suffering this cancer, please visit and get your free copy about how Paul Kraus who is the author of the book runs his life as a Mesothelioma Cancer patient .I have friends who are plumbers and had Mesothelioma cancer before. Because of their job they are more likely have high risk of this cancer. This is because they are exposed to asbestos which is one of the factors triggering this cancer. I would like to recommended this book to those who suffer from this cancer because it is a good start on how to run your life as a Mesothelioma Cancer patient. You not only need support by your family or your friends but also from your own motivation. Find out all of these from Paul’s book.

Video Converter

I am thinking to buy a new Mac laptop. In my previous post I did mention about how I'm falling in love with Mac. I am using my three years Acer laptop and I do not want to give it to someone else because I love this laptop. The only problem is I don't like the operating system. It's Vista and everybody hate Vista. It's Slow, Ugly and just unreliable. Anyway, I hope I will get my Mac laptop very soon. One of the software that I was looking for last night was a Video Converter software for my Vista and hopefully for my Mac.

I took a little bit longer for to find a Video Converter for Mac. Having said that, at least I found it and now I can buy my Mac. Oh God!! I can't wait to get my Mac laptop. I dreamt it almost every night ha..ha..ha..Last week, a friend of mine told me if I buy my Mac this month online I will get free iPad. This offer sounds very interesting and it's really tempting. This means I have to find an iPad Video Converter. At last I found this website which offers very various video converters. You can use it for free with limited functionalities or buy it with only $29.95 to get full access with the functionalities.

Buying Blue Diamonds

Everybody knows that diamonds are beautiful and I am sure if everybody could afford to buy it they will buy diamonds. When we talked about diamonds, it reminds me a friend of mine who is 60 years old and she loves diamond very much. She travelled to Africa two years ago just because she wanted to buy diamonds. She went back to Malaysia two weeks later with a lot of diamonds. She told me that diamonds in Africa are reasonably cheap. It was very tempting but the thing is I am not so obsessed with diamonds. Ha..ha..ha..

Anyway, blue diamonds are one of the most expensive and very valuable for money. If you are thinking to buy blue diamond I would like to recommend buy blue diamond dot com. I mean, you might like to read about blue diamond first. Basically this site provides general information about blue diamond and the ranging prices. I did not know anything about blue diamond before but one thing is I was sure that blue diamonds are very expensive. Blue diamonds are beautiful and expensive. So if you are thinking to buy as a present then why not spend five minutes of your time to get some info about it.

My Hugo Boss jeans I bought RM499 each

This is my new Hugo Boss jeans I bought last two weeks. Blue colour and very well fitted to my legs. Sometimes, you don't really care about the price you paid because it looks so nice and it fits you exactly how you want. Anyway, I bought this new Hugo Boss jeans because....

Oh by the way this is my previous Hugo Boss jeans I bought about four months ago. Oppss...sorry i have just revealed something. Yes, my waist size is 30cm so far and I used to be 28 before. LOLZ!!!! I am getting fatter and of course i hate it very much. jeans!!!!!!! I was lifting something and i didn't realize there was something sharp in it. I heard "retttttt" and I said "OMG! don't tell me my jeans is torn". Then i quickly look at my jeans and i found it on my knee. OMG!!!! I was fucking upset to myself for being careless. I bought my jeans for just about 5 months and it's still very new. I was very very upset and that's why i did buy another jeans with same brand because i am fan of Hugo Boss

P/s: The price in pounds = about 97 pounds each = RM499 approximately

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