Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oh...shit!!!! masalah lagi pasal Visa pi UK..buduh tul...

Oh...no..this is another problem. I met a girl in Cititel Hotel last saturday during the exam. She is going to Australia for her master in Chemistry and i had quite a long conversation and fortunetly she asked me where would i like to go. I answered "UK and i said maybe manchester, sheffield or hertfordshire." She asked me again..have i booked the place. I said nope until IELTS exam result revealed.

Mmmm....as usual, chit chat punya chit chat...i suddenly asked her about student visa application and i asked what are the required documents need to be attached. She said...first of all, you should not have any loan in this country unless the country won't let you go out. Oh..shit!!!! less then a second i asked her...how about my student loan., which means PTPTN. She replied ....you must pay certain amount of money and at least quater of your loan. Oh....FUCK OFF!!!!! buduh tu...banyak juga mau di bayar tu kalau cam tuh....gia tul oh....i am very very upset at this moment.

I rang my sister for help. She silent and she said let me think about it. I rang education consultant for an advise and maybe for help...who knows they would be able to appeal. He is dealing with the problem now and i do hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible. Oh....no...it is not as easy as what i thought. My fingers are crossing hoping for a miracle.

P/S: It's been two weeks i didn't go to the gym. I went to the gym last night and i thought i overdone it. Now my abdomen is hurt and very very hurt. But still need to go tonight...ouch......to keep slim..bukan macam si babi gumuk...pemalas mau pi gym. Sedarlah diri tuh sikit!!!!! Kalau gemuk handsome inda palah..nie hudus mcm babi tua.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Ish...anak sapi ada dua kapala..di sabah lagi tuh

KESUKARAN seekor lembu melahirkan anak di Kampung Lobong, Nambayan, Keningau, Sabah, semalam akhirnya terjawab apabila anak yang dilahirkan didapati berkepala dua. Menurut penduduk kampung yang dikenali sebagai John, lembu tersebut dilihat terbaring di tepi jalan pada pukul 7.30 pagi dalam keadaan lemah dan kaki anaknya terjulur keluar.

"Demi untuk menyelamatkan lembu betina itu penduduk kampung cuba menarik lembu berkenaan tetapi gagal. "Bagaimanapun penduduk akhirnya berjaya mengeluarkan anak lembu berkenaan selepas mengikat kaki dan tanduk lembu betina itu sebelum ditarik menggunakan kereta," katanya. Bagaimanapun, anak lembu itu didapati sudah mati

Sumber drp utusan

P/s: Baru jah sia abis IELTS exam sia ari enam yang lepas. Buli lah...tapi reading section punya susah...sikit lagi ida cukup masa...ntahlah..cam mana...tinguk jah lah result.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Berita utusan ketandusan customers!!!! Sungguh memalukan!!!

LOAN SOLUTION TEAM <pengarang@utusangroup.com.my>

ATTENTIONS. Our agency give loan at a very cheap rate of 3%,Any interested person,Irrespective of your country. Contact us now if you are in need of loan read below.

Loan Solution Team

I never thought utusan group has the intention to spam people. Seriously...it shows how desperate they are looking for customers. And i hate spamer so much....they cause my mailbox becoming "heavy" @ full. In fact, the worst thing is they use other name "Loan solution team"..why they didn't use from utusan group? or berita utusan? Such a shame to them huh???

BTW..napa inda kasih iklan jah di website diurang? mau juga kah kasih send email to all? buduh punya utusan....

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ku Bongkar Rahsiaku semasa di Thailand!!!! Oh tidak!!!

Ops...it sounds he77!!! anyway!! Well, nothing interesting actually but i would like to share this situation happened to me (and some of my friends) when we were in Hadyai Thailand.

Mmmm..that night we were going back to the hotel and just had dinner. So we didn't plan anything instead of straight to where we stayed and have some rest. So we were in hurry going back and about 20 meters from where we were we saw a group of girls. Well, we didn't expect anything because we thought it might be a pub and the girls probably the waiteres (sebab memang tempat tuh a small pub bah!!).

So when we were approaching that place, the grils waving their hand to us and my very naughty friend waved his right hand (mimang nakal yang kawan sia satu nie). So we were there and there were about 5 girls at there (ngam2 kami pun lima urang bah..).

Girls: "Sawadekap...please come in and have some fun"
Me: (bah..matilah ari nie...)
My friends: Uiii..marilah kita masuk jah...kita minum coke jah bah..bukannya minum beer. So mau inda mau..terpaksa jah sia ikut (mimang mau pun..tapi berdebar2 dah jantung sia..).
Girl (one of them): She grabs my hand and took me inside the pub. (dalam hati masa tuh..eh..ada duit kah sia nie ar...bikin malu plak kalau bayar ngan kredit kard).
Me: Looking at the back and i didn't see my friends (ntah manalah diorang..mimang kejap jah kena telan thai girls)
Girl: Would u like to have a sit here? or you prefer a private room?
Me: Oh..here is fine (berpeluh uda tapak tangan....cepat jah darah sia mendidih masa tuh). I looked at the girl and i knew she wants something frm me. Then, want to gantlemen kunun...so i said what would u like to drink?
Girl: Well, beer is fine.
The waiter came to me and said: May i take your order sir?
Me: May i have coke and beer please?
Waiter: Big one?
Me: Nope!!! small is fine.
Girl: She put her hand on my back neck and she said...so...what do you think? u like me?
Me: Oh Yeah...how much? (nah..masa nie mimang darah suda mendidih naik atas kepala sia)
Girl: 20 dollars
Me: You mean 20 bath (dlm hati wah..murah nie!!!)
Girl: Ops.....i don't accept in bath sir..only dollar
Me: You mean US dollar??? (pukimas tul tau..jual mahal plak dia)
Girl: Of course
About 10 mins chatting, the waiter come and served the drink and I paid about RM 20 for the beer and RM 10 for the coke. Nah...melayang 300 bath sia malam tuh.
Well, since the girl said in USD, i said i must refuse it and yes I did. But the girl grab my hand and won't let me go. Hell...FUCK punya perempuan....BAU lagi napas dia tuh..kurang asam tul..

So i continued the chatting and after about 15 mins later, i said
"Excuse me...i would like to go to toilet..i'll be back in a few minutes"
She said: OKEY...btw, do you know where is the toilet?
Me: Oh yeah..(padahal....ndah pun sia tau).

So i stood up and went away frm the girl. Went out of the bar and straight to the hotel. I saw some of my friends were in the hotel already and two of them arrived later after me.

Pesanan: Thai Girl doesn't mean she is cheap...
BTW, my job is getting boring...can't wait to quit. LOL!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pictures from Trip in Hadyai Thailand

The car we drove to Thailand

Ohhh...what a tiring week end? It was a long journey from Penang to Perlis and up to Hadyai in Thailand. The journey took about 5 hours drive and it was very very tiring. Luckly five of us can drive and we rotate drove the car. We departed from Penang island about 12 PM last saturday and hoping everything will be fine. We drove Hyundai Sonata 2.0L which is very good car.

Carefour in Thailand

Every hour must be different driver. We arrived at Thailand and Malaysia border about 3 o'clock and it was conjested. We have to queue the car and we spent about 2 hours in the border. Hell!!!!! the rainy day caused we have to run from one station to another to get this and that. Anyway..first of all, we need to fill in the form for ourself and followed by the car. Must register the car at the border just to avoid stolen car pass trough the country.

The hotel where we stayed

One of the parks in hadyai

Just standing at the traffic light

Hadyai train station..15 hours to BKK

We arrived in hadyai about 7 o'clock. O ya...there is one hour different between Thailand and Malaysia. Means, if the time is 6 o'clock in Thailand, the time in Malaysia is 7 o'clock. We checked in to the hotel and it costs about 850 Bat per night. Just about RM80.50..well, not bad at all!!!! I considered cheap but i'm not really satisfy (sia mau 5 stars or at least 4 lah kan...). We didin't know about the place, so we saw this hotel and we just came and asked for the price and we thought it was okey. Ndah palah..lain kali we know which hotel is better.

D'Otel Siam Center

Anyway...here are some good and bad about Hadyai Thailand.
The positive sides;
1. Basically, the local food are cheap. Tom Yam soup in penang is about RM16 but in Thailand just about RM9.
2. The buffet in the sky restaurant is so cheap. It was about 147 bath per person about RM14.70 (where can you find a buffet for this price in Malaysia???). Another restaurant offers RM30 for their buffet.
3. The people are friendly especially the sales girls. They say sawadekap...we suppose to answer kap. LOL!!!!
4. You want to do shopping? Original brands??? Please come to Thailand..because you will find such a lot of different designs and fashions.
5. The city is alive in a night time.....you can see a lot of girls and guys selling "tutttttt" (u know what i mean)

The nagetive sides;
1. They did not speak english. Some of them did but very very limited and if you speak more then 5 words in a sentance..they can't understand you. They will end up blinking their eyes.
2. Thailand is not really a cheap especially the original brands. In fact the drinks are so expensive. I paid RM4.50 for my Iced lemon tea and you can get RM2.00 in Penang.
3. The hotel services were not that good (well, what do you expect for RM85). But the hotel looks grand and quite "roomy" but the services were dissapointing.
4. Since they don't speak english, you can't really buy something and negociate about the prices because it will end up "better don't buy". Very fustrating really!!!!!!!
5. The city is dirty..opss!!!!! seriously..sabah is hundreds time better. The development of the city are very good..you can see quite a lot of building...but the most of the buildings are dirty and mossy. In short, most of the people at there are not enviromentallist (eh...cam mana gia mau eja tuh???)

Conclusion...it was okey to visit!!!! especially if you just want to buy something cheap (even the girls..LOL). But for a luxury or at least 4 stars vacation..Hadyai is not a place for you. Phuket might be a place for you.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I'm OFF to Thailand

Currently he is not available OFF to Thailand
During weekend

I Never been to Thailand, well...just south Thailand and not in BKK. At least can escape frm my horrible days in the office. Seriously i am very very tension with my IELTS exam, university application, and Visa application. Thanks God my sponsorship is confirmed!!

Sebelah kaki suda masuk..tinggal kaki kanan lagi mau langkah..LOL

Friday, 4 September 2009

Semalam yang suram

Malam masih muda..tapi kemalasan yang teramat sangat memaksa ku lontarkan tubuh ini diatas tilam empuk dibilikku....aku melihat tepat kearah lampu suram berwarna kuning yang menghiasi salah satu sudut bilik ku. Tiba-tiba perasaanku berubah menjadi sayu. Kenangan silam yang pernah melanda diri ini memaksa empangan mataku untuk pecah kerana derasnya limpahan airmata. Ku biarkan ia pecah dan terus mengalir membasahi pipiku. Sesekali ku salahkan diri ini kerna apa yang telah berlaku tapi tetap tegar dengan pendirianku yang mengatakan aku tidak bersalah dalam hal itu. Airmata jernih terus mengalir mambasahi pipiku. Cadar berwarna biru yang menghiasi tilam empukku memahami perasaan hati yang pernah terluka ini.

Malam itu...hujan lebat yang turun seolah-olah memahami perasaan hatiku. Deruan angin kencang yang memukul apartment mewahku seolah-olah faham akan kerinduanku padanya. Sesekali tempias hujan membasahi cermin tingkap yang berada disebelah kiriku mengingatkan aku tentang airmata yang pernah kujadikan bukti tanda cintaku padanya.

Aku mula menyedari betapa sukarnya menjalani kehidupan ini apabila orang yang kita cintai berada sangat jauh dari diri ini. Dia..insan yang ku sanjung kerana cinta agung yang di berikan padaku. Dia memberikan aku seribu janji yang menjanjikan kebahagian hidup. Dia menjanjikan pelayaran hidup yang bahagia. Dia memberikan segala apa yang dia mampu berikan padaku.

Malam semakin tua....tapi aku terus memikirkan segala kenangan silam dan situasi yang sedang berlaku dengan diriku. Ahh...benci dengan hidup ini....tapi terpaksa aku teruskan. Perlahan-lahan ku mengapai tisu diatas meja laptop ku lalu ku kesat air mataku yang masih mengalir. Dia terus menghantui fikiran ini. Kali terakhir aku berchatting dengannya ialah minggu lepas. Masih teringat lagi kata-kata terakhirnya "I Love you lots my Dear". Aku tersenyum sinis bila mengingatkan kata-kata terakhirnya. Hatiku terus menjadi suram merinduinya.

Lalu ku gapai handphone ku yang kuletakkan diatas rak yang dibeli bulan lepas. Perlahan-lahan ku membuka inbox dan satu per satu ku baca message-message darinya yang ku simpan. Oh...tidak....aku terlalu merinduinya...aku terlalu sayang dan tak mampu hidup tanpa dirinya. Terasa diri ini disayangai oleh seseorang bila membaca message darinya yang berbunyi "Hi Darling I hope you are OK, Can't say much in a text, So will email later. Love you and miss you very much. xxxxx".

Ku terus menekan keypad handphoneku tuk mencari message-message darinya. Message ini mengingatkan aku tentang salah faham yang pernah berlaku antara dia dan aku. Lalu aku redha dan meminta maaf dengannya dan mengatakan "Thanks for still loving me". Dengan jarak berpuluh ribu kilometer, dia kirimkan message yang berbunyi "How can I stop Loving you? You're embedded in my heart xxxxx". Ibarat hidup ini sangat indah..

"Ding dongggg..." jam dinding yang tersangkut di ruang tamu berbunyi menandakan tepat pukul 12 tengah malam. Aku paksakan diriku untuk tidur.....walaupun masih masih ada seribu kenangan yang bermain dikotak fikiranku. Kesejukan semalam memaksa ku menarik selimut tebal di kakiku dan kuletakkan diatas dadaku. Aku menutup mata ini dan tanpa disedari....aku terlelap ke dunia maya.

I Miss you very much dear..i will be in the UK next year and we will be together...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Why mosquitos tend to favor on some people?

When i was young (ceh...macam lah sia nie suda tua..umur baru jah setahun sayur sawi..LOL) i never thought about this. But when i get older (walaupun indak tua sangat) and my friends asked me once about why mosquitos like to bite them. This happened paticularly in the jungle (mimang lah tiada kalau tengah laut..) when we were camping. Quite interesting isn't? yahlah..just imagine...about 5 of you di tengah-tengah hutan and sure punya one of your members mesti paling banyak kena gigit nyamuk. I never thought there are some "silly billy" researcher attempt to prove their theory that mosquitos tend to favor on people based on the body's chemical odors.

Not very sure about body's chemical odors, but if i not mistaken...like carbon dioxide and latic acid are among their favourite (and many more i guess..about 300-400 types of chemical odors in our body). And based on the research (not finalize yet..kira nie kajian awal lah nie) actually mosquitos use smell to communicate. Memang hebat kan? and it says nyamuk boleh berkomunikasi sesama sendiri lebih kurang jarak 30 - 40 meters dengan menggunakan deria bau.

So back to the article i've read this afternoon, it says each of us produce different quantities of body's chemical odors. So the more carbon dioxide and latic acid your body produces, means the higher chance for the mosquitos to "SUCK YOUR BLOOD". I think this is true because...i remember last time my friends were first time went to the jungle and they were a bit nervous. Remember if you are nervous...you absoultely sweating....butul kah indak???? then...when you are sweating.. means your body is producing lactic acid and more carbon dioxide. So that's why....nyamuk lebih cenderung untuk hisap darah u all. However...the initial research says when the combination of your body's smell are too much it could misslead the mosquitos. This means, one of the way to avoid mosquitos when u are in the jungle is put some perfume on your body (remember...not on your chlotes...because it doesn't change your body's smell).

Nah....don't you think is it interesting fact?????? for me it is very very interesting and i would like to try it...

BTW...they are doing a research about whether the blood's taste could influence the mosquitos. Kalau lah is mempengaruhi...perghhhh...memang malang lah nasib orang yang mempunyi darah yang manis dan digemeri nyamuk..LOL!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lastly i have a lil'bit time to update my blog..u know y?

Hi to all my loya readers! After all the problems (shall i say obstacles? mana2 jah lah) i had last month, lastly i managed to update my blog. Seriously, i had very very terrible August. My colleagues enjoyed their August but i had my August terribly and i struggled so much for it. Anyway.....as i said before about my loan/scholarship difficulties. They were shit and the worst i ever had was, all overseas students must return to Malaysia and work at least 3 years.

At last, i do not have financial difficulties anymore because my scholarship is confirmed!!! BUT they can refuse anytime if i did not go through my IELTS test. So last week i went to British council in penang (just about 15 mins drive by my little car). So i paid RM1000 for the preperation course and the exam. Ops...lupa pula sy bayar trial test lagi. Then, i sat the trial test about 2 weeks ago (kalau inda silap lah). There are 5 different levels elementry, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. I don't know if i missed it but no one score advanced level. Mine was Upper intermediate which is fine (buli labah kalau kampung-kampung).

A few days after the pretest, i registered for my preperation course and the exam. Total cost was RM1000 (mati sia mau bayar) and i said to myself what a wonderful world (cam taik jah...punya mahal..bagus kalau dapat band 6). Anyway...the requirement for english is at least band 6.5 for master degree. However, there are a few universities will accept if your english is band 6. So i was so busy troughout the month and i almost give up for doing it. I was required by my sponsor to choose three universities in the UK and my choice are

1. University of Manchester (MSc. Software engineering)
2. Sheffield University ( MSc. Software Engineering)
3. Hertfordshire University (MSc. Software Engineering)

Mmmm...i sent an email to my sponsor about my analysis and choice. Anyway...at the same time i was busy reading more and more blogs about experiences study overseas (manalah tau kan??? kalau ada rezeki...yalah...sponsor suda ada..). Banyak gak cerita reka yang sy baca and it was okey, interesting, challanging and some of it bikin takut.

Anyway..i am so excited to go to the next steps of my life. I must prove to all that i can do it!!! BTW my IELTS exam is on the 26th of SEPT just about 3 weeks frm now. Wish me luck guys...

Study overseas is one of my biggest ambitions other than to buy a BMW/Merc car.

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