Thursday, 21 May 2009

American Idol 8 Final Result

The winner of AI8 is.........KRISS ALLEN!!!!


Two heros!!!

p/s: Seriously...nasib baik menang..kalau kalah i will buy him a dinner at traders hotel penang

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Malaysian Girl Caught by American Recording artistes company

Muahahah..kakakaka...funny eh when i used the word "caught". My friends did texted me and said "Andrik why did u write CAUGHT..seems like the girl has done something wrong". Muahahaha...what a funny. Anyway...lets talk about this girl. She is a chinese from Malaysia. She starts uploading her videos on youtube few years ago and last year she been flown to L.A by American recording artistes company. Honestly she has a fresher and unique vocals as well. Well, in my opinion her vocal is NOT POWERFUL but there is something unique about it which is you can reconize her vocals easily. Moreover, her songs also sound very new in a market and very easy to listen. You can listen it and the songs are easy to sing and easy to memorize the melody. In short, this is what i called art! To be a success singer is not necessary to must have a vocal range like Mariah Caery, Withney Hutson, Celin Dion, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, etc....BUT it is depends on how did u make your music/ songs. EXECTLY!!!!

Zee Avi is a singer and song writer who is currently staying in LA for her career in music industry. She was born in Miri, Sarawak and moved to KL when she was 12. She studies in Fashion design in one of the universities in London. Initially she uploaded her video on youtube for her friend to watch. Since she recieved potitive feedback from viewers around the world, she uploads more videos on youtube. After a year, she joined Brushfire Records after gained attention from this company. Well, what a lucky girl rite? reminds me about Marie digby as well. Anyway guys, check her video on youtube.

I like her song titled kantoi. It shows she is Malaysian and always remember her root. As i said before her songs are easy to listen and sound very nice. Bravo!!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Please do not fail - Don't do at home but in toilet OK!

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures
Please do not fail to advertise your website or telephone number. Otherwise it will be like this...Muahahaha...kakakakakaka...

And please do not do this at home!!!!
You are not encourage to have a look if you have heart attack!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Keputusan AF7 Final

Here is the AF7 result in grand finale

Juara: Hafiz
Naib Juara: Aril (As i expected and just like Linda AF2, Lotter AF4)
Ketiga: Akim
Keempat: Yazid
Kelima: Isma (opsssss...i heard that her votes sponsored by VIP)

Will be updated very soon.....Nampaknya gelaran juara still in Bornneo when Hafiz from sarawak won the title. Congratulation to him.

Friday, 15 May 2009

When popular artists fell on stage

I just don't know what to blog tonight. But this afternoon i was browsing youtube and accidently i saw the video's titled "Robbie williams falls over on stage...". I never knew he had that experience before. As he is one of my favourite singers, i clicked the video and watched it. was so embarrassing. I really have no idea how to cover yourself when you fall on stage. Even professional singers cannot cover it. Please take a look all those videos from youtube. As fas as i concerned, they are all professional singer. Tried to cover but its too late!!!

I think this is the worst among them. OMG!!!! she fell horribly. This is what i called NO WAY TO COVER!!! It was boyence's embarrassing moment. Hahaha...even though its hurt but she still able to shake her head and hair. It was funny!!!

Robbie Williams. Well, he tried to cover it but unfortunetly its too late. But he is cool to control it. But still cannot control it though. How shit!!!!

It is Britney. LOL!!!

Well, can find so many videos on youtube. It was so good to see but so embarrassing!!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Master Degree and My job in the UK

First this is my latter of offer for master degree. I should be doing my Master in IT at this moment. My course cose suppose to be CS770.

My Latter of offer for postgraduate studies...i misss it so much.

Here is the file has been sent by Orbix company. Everything is here all the agreement is here. I still keep the file anyway!

Its a letter for me to clarify about my position, salary, transport, accomadation, etc.

Look at the date 25th of NOV 2008. I was doing my DB2 professional certificate that time. I've been offered by a company from the England already. I was so happy and excited but it ends up with sadness when my family did not agree with my decision.

First of all, I really hate to publish these two things. I really wanted to forget about it because .....honestly, i did incorrect decision this year. I really don't know why refused these two gold oppurtunities. I should not decide to take the job in Motorola. What can i say????? I hate for what i've decided. I hate myself and i blame myself and i never forgive myself for what i've done. This is what i call regretness. As my previous post about 5 things make you sad in the world, and one of them si REGRETNESS. Should I blame my family as well because they did not encourage me? Or should i blame myself because i wasn't independent at that time? FUCK OFF LIFE!!! Now i'm feeling very sad. Now i realize that what i've done is BULL SHIT!!!!! I should take my master degree or take the job in the UK. God gave me oppurtunities but I REFUSED IT GRUMPLY!!! I should say sorry for GOD. He gave me the best choices but i was so stuborn to make my own way. God gave me the best ways but i wanted to create my own way. I was so grumpy that time. Now i'm feel regret. Its too late!!!!!

But i promised to myself i will never let the second chance to go away. I will grab it! I know i have the skills i know i am brilliant and i know i am good.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Five things make you sad in this world

My previous post it was about five things make you happy in this world. But for this post i would like to clarify about five things make feel sad in this world. Lets go based on the ranking each of them.

1. Love
When you love someone and he or she decided to leave you that cause "hurt the most". In fact if you she or he is your first love that cause "the first cut is the deepest". Love means not necessary to you lover but also to your friends and family. Includes things you love the most. Becareful with love, because if you are on the wrong track he will kill you easily.

2. Failure
When you failed in your ambition you thought you are useless and hopeless. I remembered one of my sadest memories was when all my best friends accepted in Labuan Matriculation but i am the only one have to go for my diplomma. That time i felt useless, hopeless and i felt very very down. But everything happened for a reason. Now, i can say i am the most stable among my friends. In fact the probably the most high paid among us.

3. Death
Well, actually death suppose to be first. But i consider about the frequency. Because death usually will happen once for every 20 years or maybe twice for your lifetime. But love maybe will happen twice a year or maybe once a year. Failure? well...always happened. Maybe 5 or 6 times a year. When someone left and never come back will hurt you so much.

4. Regretness
When you have done something will defenatly cry so much. Something that you cannot undo and you can see the consequences of what have you done. You might regret on it but its too late to regret.

5. Money
Money comes both sadness and hapiness. How can you be happy without money? Well, maybe you could but....its not long lasting. In this era of life, money is one of the most important things and we cannot deny its importance in our life.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Five things make you happy in the world

Here are things make you happy in this world. Maybe if you lost one of these things, you might be all right. But you cannot denay yourself by saying "YES I DO NEED ONE OF THEM". At least you need one of them. Without one of them there is no hapiness in the world.

1. Money

In this era of life we cannot escape ourself from money. Everything is about money and we do need money. If you do not have money i am sure you will not be happy in your life. With money, you can buy anything. Love???? bullshit!!! nowdays you can buy love with money. But wether it is honest or fake??? its uncertain!!!

2. Love

Next thing made you happy in this world is Love. Love is an essential in this world. No matter who you are you need someone to lean on, to tell, to confess, to cry, to laugh, and so on. Why? To release what the happy and sad. Each of us needs love. Even an animal, they need love. In fact, love should be the first but since in this era of life....everything need money. It shows money actually is the most important but love come first.

3. Eats and Drinks

After Love, we need an energy. In order to get an energy we need to eats and drinks. Why did i put eats and drinks are two important necessaty? Because you cannot get happiness without foods and drinks. To laugh you need to shine. And you cannot be shined if you in a hunger or tirsty. In fact, some people now days making eating and drinking as a hobby. Especially westreners, most of them drinks. Why because it makes them happy or at least forgot for a while their sorrow.

4. Sexs

We all need sexs. Sexs is fourth most important in your life or made you happy. Who of your dare to say sexs is not important? or sexs made you sad? Put up your hand and send me an email and tell me why. IF YOU DO SO MEANS YOU LIE YOURSELF. Sexs makes you feel happy and fun. It is one of humans' necessaties.

5. Sleep
Sleep is one of ways to make people get rest. Resting is very important to energize youself. In fact, most teenegers now days like to make sleeping as one of their hobbies. Sleeping not only to get rest and energize youself but also to keep you young.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

AF7 konsert ke-9

Well, as i expected tiada penyingkiran di minggu konsert yang ke-9. And i'm not suprised at all when Aril's name announced by AC untuk diserap masuk semula ke dalam Akademi. I knew it has been planned by Astro. But anyway i do enjoy with all the performances oleh semual pelajar minggu nie. In fact, mush better compared to the first 3 weeks. But the only i can say they are too laid back. Minggu ke-9 baru nak start up. Huh....!!!!Lets go to the ulasan.

Excellent performance from him. The vocal is so clear and very very nice. From the begining of the song until the end of the song, he sang the song fantasticlly. In fact, the voice projection is very very good and the rendiation also quite good (even though not too much). Even though it was a slow song but i can see the energy going out from him. Bravo and the best performance so far from him. Overall 8.5/10

I jsut love the song and he sang it excellently. But i wonder if he really had use the guitar or it just a gimic. LOL. O ya i notice ada tergelincir sikitlah at one part. When he tried to hit the ohhhhhhh....OK, he looks rileks on the stage but what can i say? honestly there is noting special actually but the voice is serak serak basah was a unique to sing this song. But as AF7's level, it was good. Compated to Amylea OIAM far..Amylea's OIAM 3 is much better. But for him...and his level it was great. 8.5/10

First of all her low note is very very weak. In fact sometimes sounds like a bit flat.Mmmmm...there were some parts sumbang actually and not strong enough actually. I'm not keen with her performance. Her voice projection last night was weak and banyak part yang pitchy. Huhuhuhu...kesian!!!!! I don't know who keep votes her. I'm sure tomok's fan or family. Overall i jsut able to give her 5/10

First of all, dia punya transformation is very very slow. Dah konsert ke-9 but the vocal is improved just a bit. He sang the song banyak sumbang and so pitchy. I don't really know why he has to stay in akademi. There is no natural feeling in his singing. Semua like terpaksa menyanyi. In fact the voice wasn't that good. Overall i give him 5/10

My weekly ranking


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At last but not least, I strongly recommend visiting this site since it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to buy a car online. Be a smart customer by using this site to buy your favourite car.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Cool korean guy sings touch my body by Mariah *Must see better than Mariah*

oNe WoRd = bIZZARE!!!

Who can beat him???

As usual, when i'm feel boring in the office i will usually browse youtube and listen KADUS songs from there. But accidently, i clicked this video and i was speechless when i saw and listen his singing covering Mariah. It was really fantastic from him and he looks great in singing this song. Well, you watch it and you will know the truth. 

Here is my rate based on the "UNIQUENESS"
Dictions - A++
Tempo - A
Pitching - A
Style - A+
Movement - A++
Flasetto - A-
Voice projection - A

Overall = "FANTASTIC" 


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Punca utama Esther kalah ditangan Tomok

Esther tumpas kerana peminat!!!

Huhuhu...the title is so classed. Don't you think so? Well, tidak habis dengan rungutan daripada banyak pihak mengenai kekalahnnya . Banyak pihak yang mengatakan sebab Esther kalah ditangan Tomok kerana TV8. Saya menyolongkar "dokumen-dokumen" yang ada di internet bagi mencari jawapan tersirat dan tersurat. Setelah membuat analisa mengenai kekalahan Esther di tangan Tomok, saya dapati dua alasan utama yang dilontarkan oleh peminat esther kepada TV8.

Pertama, peminat esther mendakwa bahawa TV8 menutup talian undian line Esther. Means, no matter how many votes you sent to vote esther the system would not accept your votes.
Bukan kerana talian sesak tapi kerana line for esther disekat/ditutup. How pity kalau lah benar this thing kan??

Secondly, peminat-peminat Esther menuduh TV8 merancang kemenangan Tomok. In fact, undian tomok yang terendah pada awal rancangan hanyalah gimik semata-mata agar kemenangan Tomok seolah-olah bukan dirancang. Wah...dangerous nie!!!!

Mmmm...another one i found Esther hanyalah dijadikan bahan boneka bagi meraih undi daripada penduduk sabah. Yalah, rancangan realiti di sabah kan popular. No one can deny has proved it. You can see it from my last post.

Terdapat juga alasan-alasan lain yang diberikan oleh peminat-peminat esther. Seperti
1. Pemilihan lagu yang kurang menarik
2. Lagu baru tidak mencabar vokal esther. Malah kebanyakan not-not tersebut berentak sederhana and tiada climax.
3. Judges berat sebalah dalam memberi pujian para peserta.

Wah...what a briliant comments!!!All thoe commnts remainds me kekalahan Faizal Tahir ditangan Suki. A day after
OIAM 1 final, lots of comments i've read saying that Faizal Tahir kalah ditangan Suki because of line undian/talian ditutup.

But from my view of points actually the mistake was comes from Esther's fan. Why????? because they decided to choose 3 in the final instead of only 2. Well, i knew this things will happened when esther's fan blog suggest 3 in the final instead of two in the final. To be honset, me myself i voted more than 20 times on the 8tv pool and i choose only 2 in the final instead of three. But what to do???? When 90% have decided 3 in the grand final. I wanted to blog about this actually, but i just so busy last week and i did not have time to blog about my opinion
wether should choose 2 or 3. 

Don't say kemenangan tomok dirancang atau talian/line esther ditutup/disekat because it was RUBBISH and alasan-alasan yang lapuk dan tidak bernas. Saya sebagai orang komputer dan sangat-sangat memahami selok belok komputer atau network, ingin menjelaskan bahawa "packet" yang yang memasuki server is too much the line could be conjested. 

Just imagine, line is ibarat jalan raya and  packet (atau mewakili message yang dihantar) mewakili kereta. If too much packets or cars on the line or road, what happen to the road/the kelajuan? WELL THE ANSWER IS THE ROAD WILL BE CONJESTED (JALAN AKAN SESAK) AND KELAJUAN AKAN MENJADI PERLAHAN. So the same situation was happened last friday.

As a result??????? so many undian yang disekat especially maybe esther line. Well, actually no need to blame third parties!! blame yourself first because you choose three contastents instead of two. Just imagine if you all choose only two contastents, means Tomok have been voted out and for sure Esther will be the champion. But what to do?Its too late!!!!!! too late to regret! For me i do not regret because i spent quite a lot credit to vote Esther. But i did get upset because Esther's fan choose 3 contastents instead of only two. Now???? rasakan lah.....oren or cocola?? peace!!!!

Ops...and the worst thing i've read someone say "Woi...TV8 upgrade lah teknologi tuh supaya cepat sikit (it sounds something like that)". Wah....what the hell???? x paham how the telecommunication works memandai jer cakap nak upgrade. Let me tell you ya......actually before the packet masuk ke dalam mesin untuk mengira undian, you have to know yang packet will go to satelait first. Satelait yang malaysia lancarkan tuh....and from there,  satelait akan hantarkan packet yang kita hantar to the right server or mesin. So jangan salahkan TV8 sebab undian tak masuk, tapi salahkan kerajaan malaysia and ask them to upgrde the kelajuan satelait. you think malaysia is so stupid just because rancangan reality TV they will spend millions ringgit to upgrade? Lu pikiq lah sendiri. Better spend the millions ringgit untuk membantu rakyat sabah yang miskin. 

My review is no personal attack, just my opinion from the deep of my heart and soul (cheeeewahhhhh...hahahaha)!!!! U don't agree with me don't drop me a nasty comment because i will kick you ass!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Tulung hari monday nie gila oh!!!

Punya main siok kalau sia dapat holiday mcm tuh perempuan di atas...di atas japal layar nie...ada spek lagi...mesti siok tuh kan? hehehe

Nah, mimang lah ari nie sia bilang sia makan gaji buta. Punya main busan sia di opis nie.
Ntah lah, usually on monday i will be one of the busiest motorolans. But today was totally bored. My manager just called me couple of time and he just want me to do something very small which is very easy. After that, i have nothing to do on this office.Well, maybe because my manager realized i completed my tasks earlier, so its ben 2 days i came to the office just to tunjuk muka. Padahal, was so boring. Sometimes, i thought...mmmmm kalau siap awal nie karaja bosan juga  nie nanti tiada yang mau dibuat. So what i've done today is mostlycalled here and called there. And i don't like it because i will end up with rm0 cridet. 

Huhuhu..kalau mau kacau kawan pun...yalah....durang kan buat karaja takanlah pula sia mau pi kacau kan? hehehehe. So i just messing around with my laptop and browsing internet. So i was looking for  servised apartment in KL just now since my family will be coming in KL on the 28th of May. Besalah bah graduation day bah kunun. And kalau sikit ndah palah..nie 12 urang yang datang.Terpaksa sia ambik serviced apartment 4 bedrooms. Tuh pun no one available. Kalau adapun yang jauh-jauh ngan twin towers. So by hook or by crook i have to book 3  bedrooms apartment and the cost is RM450 per night. Alahai...matilah sia membayar. Kalau one night jah i don't mind lah..nie 4 nights beb di KL. Durang bilang mau jalan-jalan lagi kunun.

Nah...ndah ko merasa?sewa jah mau RM2000 bah sia abis...huhuhuhu...pas tuh diurang bilang mau makan di restoran KL tower. So i made my survey and it costs about RM98++ per head. Kalau 12 urang campur sia lagi...13 urang nie....dinner jah pun abis RM1300. Atuk....ndah ko sakit kepala mau pikir? Anak anak buah sia lah tuh..diorang bilang uncle suda karaja so diorang minta spend banyak-banyak. Huhuhuhu....but even though i spent quite a lot but i don't really mind because i spend the money to may family. Mind you even tambang tiket jah pun sia abis RM5000 bah...trus sia layak menyertai praduan Standard Charted Bank. Kalau menang dapat TV plasma kunun atau, home theatre atau iPod MP3 player.

Kalau menang salah satu..mimang rezeki lah tuh..even though i never trust about luck atau rezeki nie. Cuz i knew i never have luck or rezeki except i strive too much.Oh..whatever!!! nie mau pulang suda rumah....bubyeeeee....

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ulasan AF 7 Konsert 8

The begining of the song he sang is powerfull. But at the first stanza of the song he sang it a bit not clear. But still OK. After the first stanza, the voical projection was very good, loud and clear. He looks so different. He sang it dramaticly and the feling was there. Very good performance from him. So i give 8/10

As usual, her voice projection is very good. But i font really the drama when most of the performance just keep talking. It doesn't show the ability in singing. More in acting. Aishah's part was great. I just don't understand when the datuk said it was a great duet performance. I am sorry i'm not really keen on the duet. 7/10

Oh...i think the into is too long. Kalau lucu i don't mind..nie..ouch....langsung tak lucuh. In fact, looks like terpaksa. I am sorry but i felt i want to puke when i see him acting like a playboy but the looks hampeh...yucks!!!! As expected, mesti pitching problem punya. The vocal wasn't that good. I can say it worst than Karaoke version. Huh!!! i jsut don't understand with the judges because they seem like it though. But not my type of coffee. 5/10

Well, the acting was good though. I like it....hahahahaha....but i got goose pimple watching the drama. But it was good right. Don't u think so? Huhuhu.......Oh...her low notes were not so clear. But last night's performance it sounds very much like siti nurhaliza. Where is the originality? huhuhuhu...Tomok is a millionarrie. I am sure Isma will be in final and maybe win this competation. No pitching problem at all, my only complain is not so clear. But great voice but no originality. Sorry folks!!! but i like it though. 7.5/10

Ohhh....what a romantic sketsa? heheheh...good. See when both of the actors good looking, i have no problme to watch it. But if the actress is good looking but the actor is ugly...i wanna puke beb. But the performance is so dramatic. Huhuhu....In fact, claudia's vocal also very good. The feeling was there, the drama and the whole combination is almost perfect. O ya, one more.....voice projection is great. J'arode (means..i love in french).7.5/10

Ouch....part yang awal tuh sumbang lah. But nasib baik he improved after that. Wow....did u all realize yang he look like sultanish plak kan? hehehehhe...i mean with her muka yang bersih and good looking. He deserves for the costum. Performance was ok but vocally its just all right. 6/10

Well, you can see my weekly ranking based on their score. By the way....sedy plak tengok yang berbakat terkeluar especially claudia. I think Yazid should go out. Ntah...nape lah and sape lah yang undi mamat nie...ish...ish..ish

Friday, 1 May 2009

OIAM 3 Grand Final -Tomok Juara Esther Kecundang

Tomok Juara OIAM 3

Keputusan baru saja diumumkan sebentar tadi. Ternyata Esther tidak mampu untuk menggugat kehebatan Tomok. Kalau dari segi persembahan pada malam ini, saya sendiri memilih Tomok sebagai Juara. Bukan kerana berat sebelah, tetapi ternyata Tomok terlalu hebat bukan saja dari segi vokalnya tetapi dari segi persembahannya.

Tetapi tidak saya nafikan, saya amat meminati persembahan Please don't stop the music daripada Esther. Persembahan yang amat bertenaga daripada Esther bagaimanapun tidak mampu untuk memikat hati rakyat Malaysia apabila beliau gagal untuk meraih undian daripada rakyat Malaysia. Dalam pada masa yang sama, saya amat kecewa dengan persembahan Esther yang agak tidak professional semasa manyanyikan lagu barunya.

Esther menyanyikan lagu barunya seolah olah terpaksa dan tidak "smooth". Dari segi vocal pula, Esther tidak menunjukan keunikan yang luar biasa pada malam ini. Walaupun Esther cuba bangkit pada persembahan keduanya, tetapi sudah terlalu lambat kerana undian Tomok sudah berada diatas pada masa itu. Ada beberapa bahagian lagu, esther hampir tidak mampu mencapai not tersebut sehingga terpaksa menarik mikrofon terlalu jauh ke bawah.

Esther kecundang di tangan Tomok

Bagi persembahan Aweera pula, sememangnya saya melihat peningkatan yang agak ketara. Beliau bukan sahaja menunjukkan peningkatan dari segi vokal tetapi beliau juga menunjukkan kepada malaysia yang beliau boleh berkomunikasi dengan penonton dengan amat baik.

Mengulas mengenai persembahan Tomok, seperti yang saya jangkakan apabila beliau mendengangkan lagu yang berentak perlahan dan pastinya beliau akan mengubah tempo lagu tersebut dengan "arrangement" yang suda diduga. Walau bagaimanapun, sememangnya Tomok merupakan jejaka yang mempunyi ramai peminat di seluruh negara yang tidak berhenti untuk mengundi beliau. Apabila saya mendapat tahu yang Tomok akan mendendangkan lagu yang dicipta oleh Aubrey, saya sudah menjangkakan yang ia pastinya sebuah lagu yang sungguh mantap. Mengulas lebih tentang persembahan Tomok, beliau telah menunjukkan persembahan yang sungguh mantap pada malam ini.

Agak sukar untuk saya nafikan, apabila persembahan tomok pada malam ini telah memukau saya. Mutu vokalnya juga jauh lebih jelas dan sangat bagus. Saya membuat perbandingan antara Tomok dan Esther. Bagi saya masing-masing ada kelebihannya yang tersendiri. Bagi Tomok, saya tidak menafikan bahawa beliau mempunyi satu suara yang jelas dan walaupun beliau cuba untuk mencapai not not yang agak tinggi, ia masih jelas kedengaran. Esther pula, keunikan vokalnya memang luar biasa. Tetapi apabila beliau cuba mencapai not not yang tinggi, vokalnya menjadi terlalu nipis dan tidak kedengaran. Kadang kala esther terpaksa menarik mikrofon untuk cover vokalnya. Kalau saya lihat persembahannya pada malam ini pun, banyak bahagian-bahagian yang amat jelas mendedahkan kelemahan yang saya sebutkan tadi.

Aweera kalah di tangan Tomok

Berbeza dangan persembahan Tomok pada malam ini, beliau telah mendengangkan lagu baru beliau dengan peruh perasaan, dramatik dan beliau juga telah menunjukkan kehebatan vokalnya apabila dengan peuh dinamik beliau mengalunkan melodi tersebut dengan jelas dan merdu.

Kecundangnya Esther di tangan Tomok tidak bermakna berakhirnya perjalanan seni Esther. Ia sebenarnya baru sahaja bermula. Saya ucapkan Tahniah kepada Tomok dan kepada Esther anda semangnya sangat berbakat cuma anda telah membuat sedikit kesilapan apabila anda tidak menunjukkan kekuatan vokal anda. Kepada Aweera, jangan bataskan bakat anda kerana "you have your own brand".

Kalau saya diberi kuasa untuk memilih siapakah yang saya akan pilih untuk menjadi juara, saya tidak ragu-ragu untuk memilih Tomok. Ini adalah berdasarkan persembahan malam ini. Kalau berdasarkan konsistent setiap minggu, saya akan memilih Esther. Tetapi saya akan mengambil kira persembahan pada malam ini untuk menentukan juara.

Berikut adalah ranking saya di grand final OIAM 3
1. Lagu baru Tomok
2. Please Dont stop the music oleh Esther
3. Madely oleh Aweera
4. Hanya kau yang mampu oleh Tomok
5. Lagu baru Aweera
6. Lagu baru Esther (when i knew sharon paul is the composer, i said NO to myself because i knew the song is not as nice as Aubrey..sorry)

Mungkin ada diantara yang tidak setuju dengan ranking saya pada malam ini. Tetapi ini adalah ranking saya apabila melihat persembahan para peserta. Ulasan saya tidak bersikap berat sebelah. Sememangnya saya mengharapkan Esther untuk memenangi OIAM 3 tatapi melihat kepada persembahan Tomok pada malam ini, beliau telah membuktikan kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia bertapa hebatnya beliau.

Opsss......i am very sure my Sabahan friends will get upset when they know i write this...but i'm sorry guys...Tomok's performances were EXCELLENT tonight and Esther and Aweera is Good.

But i am defenately very sure there will be a recording artists company to take her!!! Thats for sure!!!

Who will be the next OIAM?




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