Saturday, 27 November 2010

Don't be silly and Happy weekend to all


Life Insurance Available for you

I never had insurance before and I think it’s time for me to think about it seriously. I have another a few months to go then I will be finishing my study. When we talk about life one of the things that we need to consider is life insurance and properties insurances. They are very important to protect and cover what we never expected to happen. Therefore today I would like to talk about insurances and how important they are. When we talk about insurances, they are so many types of insurances and they could be very tricky you need an expert to explain each of them.

One of the most popular topics in insurance forums is about life insurance. We need two things in life insurance which are Life Insurance Quotes and Life Insurance Advice. Life Insurance Quotes is more into your budget and how much would you be able to pay per month. On the other hand, Life Insurance Advice is more into consultancy. As i said early you need an expert to explain each of the insurances because they could be very tricky. At the moment, I found this particular website which offers Over 50's Life Insurance and of course it is a great variety options. If you are looking for exactly what I was looking for then this website is the most suitable for you.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Richest Asia Countries based on GDP per capita

I don't know how did i come across this website but i just click it and looked through page by page and i found a paged titled Richest Asia Countries. Well, enjoy it guys. I still wonder how cam china came the 10th place?? But maybe because they have so many population. So even though ythey have 8 trillion dollars in their account but remember how many population in china? huh...However, kudos to Malaysia being in the 5th place and of cpurse Singapore and Brunei are leading the ranking in Asia. Brunei is a very rich country. So, kudos to the people in Brunei.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chinese buffet Restaurant in Hatfield

Lovely prawns

I'm hungry can refill the drinks as much as u want

Karen went there with me. Well, the others can't make it. Pity!

I look happy
Last week on Monday we went to the Chinese buffet restaurant. Yeah, Lunch time! Only 6 pounds and you can eat as much as you can. Very good value for money especially when u are a student. Yeah..the food was fantastic! Of course it wasn't as good as 4/5 stars hotel but for the price of 6 pounds, was so cheap! You can eat as much as you want can drink as much as you want (additional 2 pounds). I forgot the name of the restaurant but we will go there again with some some other friends and i'll take picture of the restaurant's entrance. Very restaurant and the service also quite good. I like the food selection the most. Worth to go!!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Project prototype submission

ROAST! is the name of my system that am going to develop. It's a short form of Restaurant Online Advertising System Tracker! short form of ROAST! My friend who did has a PhD in forestry suggested to me this title because it's easier to remember and the name is related with the purpose of the system. is my previous interface and the two pictures above are the latest interface that I've submitted last night. I developed those with VB.NET programming language and I am newbie in this programming language. I just hope that i can improve my skills in doing this. I like VB.NET but I think it's a bit strange some of the syntaxes because some of them are not make sense. Doh!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fun - National Computing Museum

Last Wednesday was fun for my friends and I because we went to the national computing museum in Batchely park. I was a bit unwell that time and I can feel my body was not good enough that time but i don't know why I still managed to be happy looked like a happy a kid. It was very much fun and of course it was cold and actually after few hours I started to feel weak and weaker. In fact i started to get headache and felt very cold. It was fun but it was not a good trip for me. But as you can see on the pictures above i looked happy and it seems like i was very well. But actually i was not that well. It was a horrible trip for me even though the food was nice.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Online Gambling. Am I in it?

Hey guys, I’ve just got back from my dinner and we had it in nando’s with some of my friends. It was really nice and one of the things we’ve chatted about was online casino. I never gambled before but I do play cards. My friend who is a Dutch plays a lot of cards and he does gamble a lot. The thing is he actually very good in it and he knows how to predict the opponents’ cards. He is a master in playing cards and gambling. Then I asked him which is the best website to practice when playing cards because if you Google it, you probably find hundreds of them all over the internet. So i guess it’s better to ask an experience person.

He was not sure but he recommended to me the online casino spotlight as the best guide to know which is the best site to play. Basically, this site will tell you top ten best sites to play cards. They are based on reviews by customers who had played it before. So it’s gonna be a good guide for you especially a newbie like me, I need some sort of starting point. They have many different games there such as poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, craps and video poker. I liked all of them but the most is blackjack.

Commercial Mailboxes

Talking about Commercial Mailboxes, I think I have been reviewing so many companies and also websites selling mailboxes on the internet. Even if you Google it you actually can find so many websites on the internet selling either Cluster Mailboxes or CBU Mailboxes. Well, if you are not sure about these mailboxes then would like to recommended for you to read the whole post of just simply click one of the links in the post. A friend of mine who have just bought an apartment in London was not very happy with the mailboxes at his apartment building and thought it might be a good idea to change it for better mailboxes, more attractive and securer without spending a lot of money on the replacement. He then texted me his intention as he did not know where to find the best place to go. Because he knew I do a lot of reviews on products, he asked an opinion on this matter.

Initially, I would like to suggest to him the previous companies or websites that I have reviewed before as they are very good. However, I wanted to try something new and would like to discover something different. I used “ Apartment mailboxes ” keywords on Google and there were so many websites displayed. It was very difficult to find the best and the right one because you not only considering the quality but the price. Of course I managed to find the best one for my friend and he is very happy with my recommendation.

Tired Eating because I was hungry

Just a joke

It was few days ago, we've just finished our class and we went straight away to the university's cafe. Yeah!! I was hungry that time because I did not eat for about 24 hours. All i had was just a small nibble. I had water and that's all really. I was not hungry that much when am tired but when i'm relax and on my own, i actually eat a lot. I like cooking and most of the time i will cook at home. Anyway, for the price I paid about 3 pounds I had some vege, chicken thigh and some rice as well. It was very nice and i really thought it was the best food i ever had for long time. I know why. Not because the food was nice but because i was fucking hungry. Just after i finished my lunch, i felt i wanted to have something else but i don't want to be fat for hell sake!!! Have to control my figure of course.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The five wanted robbers

It's me

Can you see the hat? Yeah We had so much fun with the hat and of course they love the hat. It looks so nice and cute. Oppssss....funny of course. The pictures were taken from different rooms (on the road, uni's cafe and bella italia restaurant). I gave the huts to Karen and Harsh. :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

9-10 hours driving to Scotland

Wowo..what a very very tiring day. It was last week when i went to Scotland with my friends to climb the mountains in Dunkeld. Maybe I spell it incorrectly and I'm not sure how to spell it. Anyway, the journey took about 9-10 hours. Actually it depends how fast you drive your car and how many times did you stopped. We were caught in New Castle traffic and it was raining. We drove up from London about 10 am in the morning just after the rush hour and arrived in Dunkeld about 8 or 9 pm. It was a long and tiring day! We climbed the mountains in the following day. It was very very difficult. The total distance was 30KMs and it covered 3 mountains.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Today is our project's prototype submission

Today is the due date for our prototype project's submission.
This is what am going to submit for my project's prototype.LOL!
Just a simple one because this is the prototype.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

3 mountains in a day attempt - part 4

Yeah..i loved it!!!
Yeahhh...I did it..what a relief

I was going to do the third peak

This is the last part of my 3 mountains in a day attempt. I am now thinking to do 4 mountains in a day..or 5 mountains in a day. But it has to be done in summer for this because the day light is longer.

World's happiest countries

Please click here for the source

I was digging MSN just now and i saw this very interesting story about world's happiest countries. I looked through each of them and surprisingly i never thought some of the countries listed in top 12 could be one of the happiest countries on earth.

Before that UK has been rank 17th the most miserable place on earth. What a shame because i like UK but not the weather.

12. Panama with 58% happiness score
11. Switzerland with 62% happiness score
10. Australia with 62% happiness score
9. Israel with 62 happiness score
8. Canada with 62% happiness score
7. Costa Rica with 63% happiness score
6. New Zealand with 63% happiness score
5. Sweden with 68% happiness score
4. The Netherlands with 68% happiness score
3. Norway with 69% happiness score
2. Finland with 75% happiness score
1. Denmark with 82% happiness score

P/s: The happiest country does not mean it's gonna be the happiest for you. In fact, i doubt how MSN did the survey/research.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

3 mountains in a day attempt - part 3

The second peak
Yeah baby..i did it
Look at that..with some snow

I was really tired here..LOL!!

The starting point for the second peak
Can you see the track for the second peak?

Well, well, well,, it's my post about the three mountains again. I am very tired at the moment and I need to go to bed. I will go to bed shortly yeah...but let me update my blog first. Can you see the path heading up on top of the second mountain? Well here it was very very challenging because after the first one you did, you really need an energy to bust up your spirit to do the second one and third one. I did it!!! YES!!!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

3 mountains in a day attempt - part 2

Am going to do the second mountain
I slipped on the frost
it's me the Buddha
I have reached the first peak
Yeah..I believe i can fly

This is one of the most stunning view in Scotland and I really enjoyed it. My first attempt ever to do three mountains in a day and the longest path i ever done in my life, 30KMs covered 3 mountains. In fact, one of the most difficult track i ever done in my life so far. I did it successfully. Something to be proud with. First peak has been reached successfully.

Chocolates for X'mas

Fantastic Autumn Assortment

Christmas is coming very soon so I am very sure that all of you who celebrate Christmas are very busy for the preparation. I have been busy as well. I like to decorate x'mas trees with the bling bling rainbow colours. One of the presents that I would like to give to my friends is chocolate and I also always like chocolates. I have been searching so many website to buy chocolates but it's quite difficult to decide which one is the best. However, last week my friend who is currently lives in Scotland emailed to me a link where to buy chocolates for this coming x'mas.

Well, well, well...she recommended to me and all her recommendations so far never disappointed me. I took the chance for it and this website is really wonderful. You can simply make your order and they will deliver to you. I’ve ordered my Autumn Assortment from See's candies website and it was fantastic. So what are you waiting for folks, try it out and you will see what I meant. They have very good reviews from their customers and huge varieties of chocolates.

Bella Italia Restaurant Galleria AGAIN

Sean and Karen we talking about something

Me and Sean waiting for our food

Karen and Sean were eating their food

It was Monday and time to treat ourselves in Bella Italia Restaurant. As students we deserved the 50% discount which are very nice. We ended up paying about 7 pounds for each of us. Well, I guess not too bad actually. LOL! Actually we suppose to pay about 15 pounds for each of us but only 7 pounds for students. After finished our dinner we'd realized that actually we've missed something. Guess what? Well, next door of this restaurant is a Chinese restaurant serves buffet and for lunch it's only 5.95 pounds. Heck..we must try the Chinese restaurant another time...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Fun in the Lab

Harsh showing his model

And me of course LOL

Moe showing his diagram

It was father's x'mas class in the Lab. Well, a practical session! We were building a model called Account balance. Basically how to model a system but that day we were building a model about account balance. We needed to consider so many different factors that might effect the balance. By modeling it as a system we could have more understanding or even can see the whole system from its top. This means, we can see how each of the elements works and related with the others.

3 mountains in a day attempt - part 1

You can see was cold but as you go along the path you actually feel warm and warmer because your body temperature increased
Getting higher

I actually can feel my breath getting faster

I am still OK here but i felt a bit nervous

Mountains in first ever attempt to do 3 mountains in a day and OMG!!! It was tiring. The longest climbing path I ever done in my life so far and it was 30KMs. One of the most difficult hiking path I ever done in my life and of course one of the most difficult climbing I ever done in my life. It's worth it though.

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