Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Coldplay Part in Lurve

First of all happy new year 2015. Yeah I know it's too late to wish. From my last post back in Oct 2014, I have been to Italy and Portugal (both for biomedical conference). In fact I've just got back! Have planned to stay in Portugal a but longer but I thought 10 days is quite a good time. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed both places but I think Italy is a better option for a holiday but Portugal is actually not far off in terms of food, cultures and architectures.I will talk about it later..probably in another post when I feel I want to talk about it.

.......LURVE is something most people have experienced. The science of Love always fail to define the coldplay part of love. Sorry doesn't mean anything in that coldplay box of love. Your tears never mean anything to some people. Separation is something like easy come easy go! Falling in love with someone could be as easy as cheese and cake...but when it comes to leaving or getting apart, the pains never come apart but always as one.

.......LURVE is something not many people realise how painful it could be until it hits you to the very end of your heart. You met people and the next day or maybe next minute of your life you never know what would happen to them. You invested emotional feeling on someone who you think you could love for the rest of your life...after a few moths you realised that it would never work. You try and try to make it work. You invested so much effort on it hoping it will work but then by the end of the day you realise it was only you working on it.

Because LURVE is like dancing a tango...and the reality is to tango it needs two people. If one doesn't work it would never work. Every night you cry and sometimes say a prayer, so someone up there would open a small hole or perhaps gives some lights. Sometimes you don't know what's the best until you've lost it. You might feel regret but some people want to move on in life. Once it's over it's a memory. But I know some people who love to live in their memories..which is fine..

LURVE is something that could be quite demanding in many aspects. Some people want an unconditional love but some people never really cares about it as long as they feel love.

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