Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day: Time to delete all of those memories

Well, here I am again...writing another post about what most people have experienced. It's almost Valentine's day. Well done for those who are partnered and huge congratulations to those are are married (I mean happily married LOL!). I am in the vgvLab at the moment monitoring my experiment while it's running. Spotted an error just now and quickly fixed it. I knew there must be some but I didn't expect that part.

Well...while monitoring the progress of this bloody experiment after about an hour it kind of boring (i mean really) because all I can is numbers and code I thought let me see some photos taken on my mobile in the last three or even four months. Well, you know what..those many of them. It's like every single folder there are a few photos which I really hate. Breaks my heart..almost dropped tears but hey...I need to be strong. I mean really's not the end of my life..I have lots of things to think about other than my memories.

I cried not because of the split up because the lies. Just too much lies. The more I think about it..the more I try to remember every single word and promise..the more I hurt and the more i realise, they were all bullshits. All of those things just make me sick! So I decided to delete all of those pictures...I don't've lied just so much just too many's time to move on in my point of view...this time Paloma was spot on when she said 'only love can hurt like this'...but life is too short and remember we only live here once. So make the most of it :-)

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