Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Someone Told me....was it true?

Hi All, just a simple and short post...just want to ask you all. Was is true that another part of love is to let it go from you and let it go to someone else? And they said, its the hardest part of Love. Really???


C.Alv.B said...

True to me.. we cant have it all in LOVE that we thought for..

dje' said...


kalau dia dah ada pilihan yang lain, tak kan kita nk paksa jugak dia dengan kita..
dia tak akan bahagia kalau macam tu..
dan of course la kita tak sampai hati nak biarkan orang yang kita sayang sangat tu rasa tak bahagia..
so it is better to let he/she go to his/her choice..

and it is really hurt..

but if he feel that he will be more happy with that person, what else we can do..

just pray for their happiness.. :)

kuai said...

*luar tajuk soalan sa ni*

u terminate ur chatbox? hehe

i miss 'u' lol... lama nda blog hoping this..:)

good day!

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