Thursday, 2 July 2009

Things happened to me today

1. My friend suggested me a very complex SQL query to solve my problem
sql="SELECT TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle,TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle_id,
WHERE TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle LIKE 'MR5.8.11'
OR TETRA_TETRA_MAIN_DB.cycle.cy_cycle LIKE 'MR5.8.10'
ORDER BY TETRA_TETRA_MR8_6_BARTEX_DB.cycle.cy_cycle, TETRA_TETRA_MAIN_DB.cycle.cy_cycle ASC"
Some of you don't know this but if you really wanted to be a dangerous hacker you must know this stuffss.......Unfortunetly it doesn't solve my problem

2. I got strange error of the system that i've developed

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80004005'

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Well, the problem was because the query was too long. How to solve?? contact manager blur..LOL

3. I am tension at this moment but the good thing is my friend invites me to have dinner at the E&O hotel tonight. So i will go of course...

4. I went to c.Alv's blog and i found a song titled if i forget on her blog thouched my heart. It's really a wonderful song and represents about myself at this moment.

If i forget to say I Love you, It doesn't mean that i don't (what a beautiful lyrics huh?) ...i think i fall in love with this song.


C.Alv.B said...

Hahahahhaa..the computer/software man..

dje' said...

very complex ker andrik?
nama dbase tu yang panjang sangat.. :p
sebab tu nampak begitu complex

Andrik McVean said...


oh yes...very complex....i am dying

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