Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I feel so proud.......yes i do.....it's time to tell them

Mmmm...well, i read a news from this blog. It says Tony Blair is currently in sabah on his (of course with wife) holiday. Wow..wow...wow.....as sabahan, i feel so proud about this news. I never knew that he will go to sabah. Such a small place and far at back compared to where he comes from. This is what i call, an appreciation to our beloved Sabah. Mmmm..i dont know if he's been to Penang..but i think ......never. If i not mistaken early this year, ex president of America....Bill Clinton was in penang and he stayed in five star resort..Rasa Sayang Resort (just about 1 km from where I live). Anyway...so this is another point i would like to say to all my eroupean friends about how beautiful sabah is.
I been to all states in Malaysia except Kelantan (which i would like to go but to really keen on it). I rated Sabah always on my top three best places to visit in Malaysia. Not being bais...and never..but I can say Sabah has everything you want naturally.

Here were some answers by my eroupean friends when i asked them like this
Me: Have you been to Sabah?
My Norweign Friend: No...but is anything intresting at there? Because i went to Sarawak last time and Kuching is very laid back. In fact about 30 years at the back compared to Penang. So i was expecting sabah must be about the same.
Me: You were wrong...KK is far better then Kuching. I went to Kuching and i admit...the place is quite laid back. But we are KK is far better then Kuching.

Me: Have you been to Sabah?
My British friend: No! What do you have there? Anything intresting?
Me: Oh Gosh!!!! In the term of development..of course penang is much better because this is just a small place, so you can see all the sky scrapers all over the place..but the beauty..you cannot find it in Malaysia. You will find a true beauty of Malaysia if you go there.

Me: Have you been to that place (which is refer to sabah)?
My Scottish friend: Nope..but i been to kuching and it was ok..but nothing special. In fact my bf doesn't like it because there is no night life. Is sabah like Kuching?
Me: Oh no.....not at all. Totally different. The city is on the east coast and you can see a beautiful sunset while drinking a fresh juice on the beach..because most restaurants are on the beach.

Well, quite a lot answers from other friends. But what i said to my friends...what you can get in sabah you cannot get it in other places in Malaysia. We have beautiful mountains, we have a beautiful sunset, beautiful sunrise, beautiful city (except the pilak hanging around KK), beautiful beaches, beautiful islands, we have hot (KK) and cold (cool) (kundasang) places...and beautiful resorts, etc......So there is no place in Malaysia which is better then sabah.


HoneyBUZZin said...

Indeed Sabah is a beautiful place. Take for example, Tip of Borneo...it is beuatiful. Reminds me of a place in New Zealand where one can view the seals.
Islands like Pulau Tiga offers natural surroundings with untouched beach. You can view a whole school of fish right at the jetty. MArvellous!
Taking a boat ride along the wetland Klias is yet another experience. Macam pi Zaman Jurassic..huhu..
Nice Entry..I think we should all promote Sabah in our blogs! regards

C.Alv.B said...

Sabah is truly Asia...

Andrik McVean said...

O yes honey...sabah is so beautiful and the natural beauty is so much better then the other states...

c.alc.b..thanks ya..sabah truly asia...hehehe

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