Monday, 10 August 2009

Susan Boyle "Make Over" = "Makeup Over"

OMG!!!!! who knows after BGT shows and been advertised by local and international TVs melimpah-limpah pulak rezeki si susan boyle. For those who watched BGT shows this year, I'm sure you all know this lady. This pictures emailed by my friend and he said "tinguk bah si susan boyle...ko inda tepikat kah?". Oh Gosh!!!! matilah kalau macam nie!!! Hebat ...mimang hebat tapi urang putih bilang "you are not my taste" or "you are not my type" or apa-apa jah lah. I forgot to post about her recent news. Eh inda juga bah recent sangat tapi because it was last month but i forgot to post about it. I've read somewhere (ntah mana suda tuh) said, she got a contract to produce an album dengan berkonsepkan opera songs. And fortunetly, if success...lah kan, enable her to earn up to 7 Million pounds!!! Nath....mau kawin lah sama dia nie kalau cm nie..banyak duit nie tondu nie!!! Hehehe..telebih suda bah susan boyle nie...

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