Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pictures from Trip in Hadyai Thailand

The car we drove to Thailand

Ohhh...what a tiring week end? It was a long journey from Penang to Perlis and up to Hadyai in Thailand. The journey took about 5 hours drive and it was very very tiring. Luckly five of us can drive and we rotate drove the car. We departed from Penang island about 12 PM last saturday and hoping everything will be fine. We drove Hyundai Sonata 2.0L which is very good car.

Carefour in Thailand

Every hour must be different driver. We arrived at Thailand and Malaysia border about 3 o'clock and it was conjested. We have to queue the car and we spent about 2 hours in the border. Hell!!!!! the rainy day caused we have to run from one station to another to get this and that. Anyway..first of all, we need to fill in the form for ourself and followed by the car. Must register the car at the border just to avoid stolen car pass trough the country.

The hotel where we stayed

One of the parks in hadyai

Just standing at the traffic light

Hadyai train station..15 hours to BKK

We arrived in hadyai about 7 o'clock. O ya...there is one hour different between Thailand and Malaysia. Means, if the time is 6 o'clock in Thailand, the time in Malaysia is 7 o'clock. We checked in to the hotel and it costs about 850 Bat per night. Just about RM80.50..well, not bad at all!!!! I considered cheap but i'm not really satisfy (sia mau 5 stars or at least 4 lah kan...). We didin't know about the place, so we saw this hotel and we just came and asked for the price and we thought it was okey. Ndah palah..lain kali we know which hotel is better.

D'Otel Siam Center

Anyway...here are some good and bad about Hadyai Thailand.
The positive sides;
1. Basically, the local food are cheap. Tom Yam soup in penang is about RM16 but in Thailand just about RM9.
2. The buffet in the sky restaurant is so cheap. It was about 147 bath per person about RM14.70 (where can you find a buffet for this price in Malaysia???). Another restaurant offers RM30 for their buffet.
3. The people are friendly especially the sales girls. They say sawadekap...we suppose to answer kap. LOL!!!!
4. You want to do shopping? Original brands??? Please come to Thailand..because you will find such a lot of different designs and fashions.
5. The city is alive in a night time.....you can see a lot of girls and guys selling "tutttttt" (u know what i mean)

The nagetive sides;
1. They did not speak english. Some of them did but very very limited and if you speak more then 5 words in a sentance..they can't understand you. They will end up blinking their eyes.
2. Thailand is not really a cheap especially the original brands. In fact the drinks are so expensive. I paid RM4.50 for my Iced lemon tea and you can get RM2.00 in Penang.
3. The hotel services were not that good (well, what do you expect for RM85). But the hotel looks grand and quite "roomy" but the services were dissapointing.
4. Since they don't speak english, you can't really buy something and negociate about the prices because it will end up "better don't buy". Very fustrating really!!!!!!!
5. The city is dirty..opss!!!!! seriously..sabah is hundreds time better. The development of the city are very good..you can see quite a lot of building...but the most of the buildings are dirty and mossy. In short, most of the people at there are not enviromentallist (eh...cam mana gia mau eja tuh???)

Conclusion...it was okey to visit!!!! especially if you just want to buy something cheap (even the girls..LOL). But for a luxury or at least 4 stars vacation..Hadyai is not a place for you. Phuket might be a place for you.


C.Alv.B said...

Thailand is my next visit..if masih panjang umur..

Andrik McVean said...

ok bah sumandak...siok juga mau visit kalau tpt beli barang2 yang murah

Wel^Beiolman said...

i've been to thailand (bangkok and pattaya) but never been to hadyai but I suspect hadyai is smaller than bangkok and pattaya..less night life? true about those things above...we'll just have to learn couple of their words..

Mrs Shaka said...

andrik beshnya ko jalan2

tq for this entry yg sgt informative...(mo bookmark) manatau mo pi kan boleh refer entry ko ni

anywayyy hebattt gilakkkk korang drove that car!

Andrik McVean said...

@wel..next trip i have to learn at least "how much your price?" or something like "bagi murah ndak buli kah?"

@Mrs shaka...bah kalau ko bwa husband ko..hati2 ko...jangan bawa dia di tempat2 yang gelap/....nanti kena grab dia oleh thai girls...LOL! nangis ko nanti

Mrs Shaka said...

actually we've plan before tapi tulah menakotkan bah cerita those gadis2 Thai...menangisss aku nanti kan! hahaha

bah jadi ada cewek2 thai grabbb ko?? haha

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