Friday, 23 October 2009

Jalan-jalan di penang with my friend

Once upon a time...............

Vincent's apartment

Last Sunday I went to my friend's apartment because we were planning going to Penang Hill. He is so fancy to see Penang from the top of the hill because I told him that the view is nicer to see the island from there. So he rang me about 12.11 PM.

V: Hello sir, good morning
me: Hi, how are u? what do u think? (referring the weather)
V: Good.. i think the weather is pretty good
me: So we're going to Penang Hill?
V: Yes
me: Okey, I'll be there in maybe 30 minutes time?
V: Okey.I'll get ready now.
me: Bye
V: See u

He didn't know i was busy shooting

We met...................
V: Hi sir..
me: Hi...lets go and have lunch first
V: okey
I started and drove the car to one of my favorite hawker places.

We arrived and I ordered 2 bowls of LAKSA...yummmmyyyyy

Yeah....he is struggling with his chop sticks ..but its okey..

Last time we had curry mee and he likes it so much, as a changed i suggested LAKSA and he said fine...

me: You like it?
V: Oh yeah..i love it..very nice
me: good

Finished our lunch and went to the counter to pay

V: Oh..its ok..i'll pay
me: oh..okey thanks
V: No problem

It was heavy we canceled our plan to Penang Hill and and decided to new world

Here are some pictures of us at there

Its me...he took my camera and shoot me with my own lens

Yeah...Vincent is standing next to the deer

He is buying something to eat again. We just had our lunch and buns

V: You want?, I'll pay
me: Nope. TQ

Finished there, we went to a place near legal court where the Chinggay festival has been held. Since the place was so busy...we decided to take the back we found this

NO ADMISSION??? (LOL!!!!) I thought NO ENTRY

Yeah..thats him....trying to take my pic..but i took his first..LOL!

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