Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My Resignation Letter

Dear Mr.Boss,

I am so sad to inform you that i want to resign my job as a software engineer.
After a long thought, lastly i have decided to quit my job because of a few unavoidable reasons.

First and for most, I am so regret with the salary you paid to me. You know I am very hyperactive and I have 12 children. The youngest one is a month and the elder one is 12 years old. With the salary you paid to me, it was insufficient to cover my family and my expenses. In fact, I sold my BMW 5 series and bought a little Kancil 650Ex. This is so embarrassing and dropped my water face.

Secondly, I am so disappointed with my salary increment in last couple of months ago. I worked too hard and always reached my best, but when i received and read the evaluation report my salary increment was RM29.99. Mr.Boss, don't you know this is the price of cheap AirAsia's flight ticket from Penang to Kota Kinabalu? How dare you gave me such a small increment after all I've done for you.

Moreover, since I worked for you I have no enough time to spend with my family particularly with my wife. She always complained, that my shoot is no longer sharp and accurate. She is very disappointed with my current performance and wants to divorce me. I love her so much and I do not want to disappoint her anymore. I do not want she complains I'm not being sexy to her.

Other than that, you are so strict with your employees and you are ungracious with us. For example, last month i tried to make a joke to you and you did not laugh at all. In fact, you pointed into my eyes and blow your horrible breath to my face. Because of that, I was hospitalized for a week and i was unconscious almost 24 hours.

Mr.Boss, With respect I hope you will be able to accept my resignation letter, otherwise I won't go to work anymore. Regarding to my salary this month, please remember to pay back RM19.90 for the printer ink I bought for the company last week and RM 9.90 for the A4 paper. This means, you owe me about RM 29.80 and if you realize its almost the amount of my salary increment. Oh, by the way, do not forget to pay back the lunch I've bought to you yesterday. It was Nasi Lemak about RM 1.80.

I have explained all the purposes of my resignation and I hope you won't ask me anymore question . With happiness and regretfulness I am leaving your company.

Your most gracious employee,

P/S: Yes....I don't know how to start..what do you think if i send this letter to them? LOL!!! oh...btw i feel happier and less stress now. Yeahhh...i'm leaving soon...the faster the better!!!! can't wait....want to go back to sabah!!


William said...

Just write a very nice resignation letter. Have a word with him first. Remember that for any resignation, always thanks them and be grateful. Because you never knew when you are going to cross path again. So, never burn the bridge behind you.
We have a colleague who thought that she will never come back again. She literally refuses to work in the last month and tell the boss that "why should she listen to her?". You know what, after a year, she wanted to return and no one wanted to consider her. Enough is enough!
Ok, good, you have decided. So, go go.... hahaha. I am feeling happy for you.

C.Alv.B said...

Draft a simple but valuable letter to your bos. Remember, the hardest parts of the job are the secret weapon for your future. Trust me.. anyway, cub ako try2 hantar tu drafted resignation letter dlm post ko ni sama bos ko.. lepas tu bagitau sa apa dia cakap.. hahaaa

Andrik McVean said...

hi william..oh yes i am still looking for a sample of resignation letter

@ sumandak...mmmm....i will try to send it to him..LOL!!! i have no idea what he will say...

jcyboy said...

Hi andrik...your resignation letter is funny..tell me it was a joke tough...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at andrik-mcvean.blogspot.com could post it.


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