Monday, 19 October 2009

I will go!! go!! go!! go!! to the UK

Gaze my future because nothing is certain but death. Before go to Metrojaya to buy suitcases, i went to the reclaimed area and think again should I? or Shouldn't I?

Yesterday, I've bought suitcases for my stuffs

Anyway, after a long thought, lastly I've decided to go to the UK with difficulties, sadness, hapiness, nevous-ness (lol!), worry-ness, oh whatever-ness....anything ending with "ness". However, if God says NO....then NO (this case might happen only if my visa application refused). I've emailed to my sponsor and they going to pay my tuition fee this week, once paid they will send the receipt to me so i could start my visa application. Anyway, "finger crossed" hopefully everything will be okey. I have a lot of things to do today, ironing, cleaning and might go to penang hills.

P/S: After my master degree i might continue my PHD in the UK as well (I hope different university), need to discuss this with the scholarship sponsor. O ya, btw i addicted with idayu's whistle register (kasih yang terpisah)sharper than Nikki's but i think Nikki uses her whistle register better than Idayu.


eLSa said...

bah kalau sampai sna krim slam sma alex ferguson ah...:)

William said...

yea...yea...yea...very good! You will not regret the decision! That, I am sure.
Lets turn all the negative "ness" into eagerness and faithfulness in Him!

dje' said...

GO GO GO andrik!
wish u best of luck

Andrik McVean said...

hi elsa..yeah..i will send your best regrads to him...hehehe

william...i have turned off all the negative "ness" and looking forword for it...

@dje..thanks for your wish..wish your success in MY as well

William said...

Forgot to tell you, go to apply for a student card immediately. Go to MSL Travel Sdn 66 Jalan Putra FAX: 4043 3707 Tel:03 4042 4722
They will arrange for you and get a good ticket for you.

Also, apply for 30KG allowance. If it is Emirate, they gave 30KG now.

Don't buy winter clothing here. But going in Oct, you do need a wind breaker and that is all.

Do ask me if you need more info.

Andrik McVean said...

@ wow..thats pretty nice..ok..ok..i will IM you when i booked my flight...

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