Saturday, 5 December 2009

Shopping before leaving for Sabah

Yeah..i spent my money like i drink a glass of water..LOL!!!

Yeah..Master this brand but sometimes i thought some of the prices are overpriced. not malay...quality come first rather than quantity.

My dutch friend just sat on the seaty and i guess he was sleeping while i was looking for what i wanted.

Wow..i did some shopping last week!!! I spent quite a lot of money. Hehehe...seriously i didn't realize i spent that kind of money and i never did it. First time and i hope never again. Unless i have a lot of money..heheheh...

Update from KL:

Mmm...currently i am in LCCT airport and in just 1 hour i will be in Penang. Huh..4 days in KL and i had terrible days. I had so many problems with my Visa application. Actually it wasn't my fault. Their fault..because they didn't update the latest format for bank reference letter. Queensbay maybank branch gave me a letter (the previous format) and the university representative checked all the documents before i left penang and everything was all right. But when the people (shall i say assessor?) in Visa office checked all the documents, he said the reference letter from the bank was incomplete. Oh Fuck off!!! I went to maybank branch in Ampang park and they said they do not have the authority to produce a letter to support my application. What a dick?!!!! It was really annoying. It means i have to go back to penang to get a letter from queensbay maybank. Why? because i opened my account at there. This is redicilous..wht if i opened my maybank account in Sabah? Anyway...i solved the problem at the end because i went to maybank HQ in puduraya. Thanks God they are very helpful and very very efficient. Anyway...i have to go now....the plane has landed.

P/S: I am tired and i need to get some sleep as well. Very very tired......but i feel happy when my visa application has been accepted. I was nervous when i tried to resubmit 3 times and there was always something incomplete. Lastly my 4th attempt...they accepted it. What a relief!!!!!!!!!

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