Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Update when i was in KL - Makan-makan d'KL

Huh...updating my blog again..boring in the office..doing nothing. So..i think better i update my blog. Mmmm..at the same time busy watching the market..LOL!!!! Anyway..i was in KL last week and i had terrible day...really..so many things happened to me. I really don't want to tell you guys about this. I really don't want to think about it because it's done so no more to think about my visa. Am looking forward to buy my flight going to the UK. Can't wait it...and i really cannot do anything at this moment until i got back all my original documents.

Okey..i was in KL and as usual my niece always wants me to buy a dinner. LOL!!! thanks God i got the money otherwise i have to withdraw some money. We went to D'Mines shopping Mall and it was packed. Even it took 1 hour to get parking space. Mmmm...very tiring but luckly my brother in low drove the car..so i just closed my eyes and waiting the car to be parked. Went to KL and my niece fetched me at the airport with her husband and the baby was with her baby sitter at home. So we had good time that night..

Look at my niece..and her husband...hehehe..time to eat dinner

Believe or not she said she skipped her lunch that day because i was going down to KL

Mmmm...everything was nice except the Hailam noodles i had. It was horrible!!!

P/S: Mmmmm....can't wait to meet them again in Sabah in DEC for x'mas....i can't wait to go back to sabah. Keep my fingers crossed for my Visa.


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