Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Warm chlotes from my friends for the UK

Wow..save my money...:)

With a scarf and rain coat

A warm regards from me to all my friends..merry x'mas

Mmmm...Thanks so much to my friends for buying me warm clothes, rain coat and also a scarf. Huh...they went back to the UK last month and got back in MY they bought me all those stuffs. Wow..what a surprised!! I told me once not to buy warm clothes in MY because they won't work in England. Yes i know what he meant...no matter how thick the material is, it still doesn't work when u wear it in the UK. So they bought me some..wow...i feel so happy. Anyway...i am excited to celebrate x'mas this year before going to the UK. Feel very very nervous...seriously.....

P/S: The song says: Salahkah aku menyntaimu walau ku tahu ku tak di hatimu >> It means to me so much!!! (tears....)

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