Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Recent Project

I am currently is very busy doing my latest project about e-Learning application. Basically this interactive e-Learning application is a combination of two most popular social networks which are facebook and youtube. All i can say at the moment is it has been done with 30% completion or maybe less. Gezzzzz!!!! The thing is so much work i need to do for this project. I have about less than 2 months time for this and am not sure i have enough time for this project. Oh I hope God gonna help me me in this project.

I have been working for long hours everyday for my project and I think i still need a lot of time for it even though on my project plan it shows that i am very much advance but i still got this awful feeling that I will get stuck at some points. So i better do as much as i can. Anyway, for those of you who are interested to see the shot screen for my project then here is it (above :)x).

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