Sunday, 13 March 2011

Work or PhD?

Hello guys and girls. I think I am back again after i was disappeared for weeks. Yeah i was rally and very busy with my research at the moment. I have been looking for a job here in the UK as well because i will be finishing my master degree in May. But you guys know how difficult it is finding a job at the moment even in a developed country like England. I actually found jobs in York and i really like the job. But the thing is as an international applicant they want to see your Visa. The worst thing was you must have at least two years left on your visa. I personally find it very annoying. I went to the student center to apply for my post graduate study visa and the staff at there said i can't apply for it at the moment until i finished my study. For haven sake!!!! Why is it so much hassles? Gezzzz!!!!!! last i decided to do my Phd (i think so..not confirm yet!!! LOL). But where? I was hoping to get a fund for my PhD and hopefully they can pay at least 70% of the tuition fees. not sure if i can that tho but you never know until you try. I have submitted my PhD scholarship actually and i hope to get it. Because i already (well green light) have a PhD place but now am looking for funding resources. Mmmmm.. I hope to get it :)

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